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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, July 09, 1915, Image 2

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l'iiiie 2
By Walter L. Johnson
Subscription )si .50
Official Paper of County and City
An )11 1 mail lias am|itn
a lly-killing I«•
111«•. which
we hope will 1 aiIi|itciI Iy
I ia hl-licai lei I men in Si:
of Hies. Tl
he learneil tl 1:
now means I,
weeks as an aid to llv-swat-
antomoliilist Service
a piihlicatioii printed
at KitnsasCity publishes map
of the I'nitvil Stales of rcvom
mcnileil highways hv the An
tomohile I I ne Hook", and
there is not one in South 1 a
kota, except the north and
south line from White Kock
to Yankton, Not withstand
ing the recent record from
Chicago to Seattle, the state is
not credited with good roads.
It is to be hopeiljthat with the
new law requiring dragging
which goes into effect next
month, the roads of this state
will be greatly improved.
Local members of the
Modern Woodmen of this city
are deeply interested in a suit
now 011 iu Bloomington, 111.,
as to whether or not the order
can be forced to pay taxes on
money and securities held
with which to meet death
claims as they arise. The or
der holds that it is a fraternal
not. operated for profit and
not an insurance company,
and so it is not subject to the.
same laws as would apply to
the latter. It is predicted here
that if the courts hold against
During our career
newspaper magnate we
Crooked Teeth Society," and
that was the straw that broke
the camel's back. We quit.
If they are going to carry the
"anti" business that far, we
may look for some more damp
hole junk along most any old
line that may be hatched up
by some person with nothing
else to do but toconcoctsome
thing of that kind. Fact is,
there would be no limit.
Crooked teeth With one of
the best dentists in the state
right here in town to look
after the teeth of our people,
we don't propose to spend our
time and substance propund
ing the doctrine of some jig
ger who finds time hanging
heavily on his hands.
Sisj-e'.on, iy 2-1. 1915.
where tIhtv i- plenty 1
tcrial tu work iijum
where an earnest iI•
inu mil I'nrt 11 In i'i I the
ti i\s
1 1 im lan hen
,1)110 |e-s (111
August 1. 111 *elari"i 1 he wnnM
wear 11 thin coaling of ninlas
KI S on Iiis hal'l lieail for two
Co. Commissioners Proceedings.
The Hoard nt County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment,
members prcM-nt I Iarrv oanbiiis.
.lolm Holl.mil, Allien Herried and
M. L. Satcren.
Petition f10111 Norway and lios
sko towni-hips signed liv residents
and taxpayers, petitioning foi
county aid lo build a road begin
ning at I he north east corner of
section five, 12 7- 5
2, thence south
between sections 1 and 5, ,S ami 9,
16 and is, to the nullh east corner
ol the south east quai er, see. 17
1 J7-5J. )u moiion SJ.Sii.no was
Petition signed by freeholders
of Kuterprisc township, |iel it ioning
for coimty aid to build road fioni
the south west coiner of section 7
1 27 51, thence north to the north
wel corner of sect ion 6-127 51 On
motion #25o was allowed.
Vel ltiou signed by freeholders of
Norway township, petitioning for
county aid to construct a road from
the north east corner of section 9
and continuing south two miles to
the south-east corner of section 16
1 28 5J. On motion $50o.oo was
Bond for time deposits of the
Vast Savings & Trittt Co., Sisscton,
of Slion, with the Northern Casu
alty Co. of Aberdeen, S. I)., on
motion was approved.
liond of the Farmers Security
Hank of Rosholt, S, I)., for county
deposits foi the sum of #4ooo, with
the Northern Casualty Co. ol Aber
deen, on motion was approved.
Hon«! for time deposits of the
Roberts County State Bank of
Corona, S. 1)., of $2400, with the
Northern Casualty Co. of Aber
deen, S. L)., on motion was ap
Bond of First State Bank of Wil
mot, S. I) with the Western Sur
ety Co on motion was approved.
Petition signed by residents and
freeholders of Springdale township,
petitioning for $-50 aid to con
struct road commencing at the
south east corner of section 12 and
west as far as money will go. On
motion petition was rejected.
freeholders in Bossko township
the order there will be a
movement started to move I
the headuuartcrs to some oth- ,.
ei state Sioux I' allr- .lout lial iownsi)i|) between sections ,"5 and!
as a
wete allowed.
Hi motion Board adjourned as a
board ol County Commissioners
and met as a Boaid of Kducation.
Count Superintendent Thomas
called the meeting to order. l'eti
Hon signed by patrons and free
holders of Victor school distnet
No. .i, petitioning the board to
change the boundarx lines of Victor
school disl net No. 5 tu include ihe
uA of sections 7, S and and nA of
section 28 and all ol section 2! all
in above mentioned township and
range. I lue notice having been
petitioning for county aid to con
struct a road from the north east,
corner of section 2.1-128 52, run
ning north along section line be
tween sections l.i and 14, 11 and
12 and 1 and 2, 127-52, and ex-
tending said road north in Norway
50, 25 and 26, to east of section 26-
128-52. On
jeceived all sorts ofitl vitations Oll motion Board adjourned tm-
for the publication of "free"
stuiT. Anti-saloon, anti-cig
arette, anti-tuberculosis, anti
this ami anti-that, and etc.,
ad inlin., propogandu have
found their way to our editori
al table. And to a greater
or less extent we have given
our space to spread the doc
trine advocated by each. Hut
last, week we received a "re
quest' to assist in disseminat
ing the views of the "Anti-
til 9 o'clock a.
May 25th.
nlTiccrs of districts effect
lis being the inie set foi
and a committee being
it Ii I rom Victor No 2 and
given all
!ed, and I
present tu
I No. 5 and after both parties having
been heard ami after due consid
eration upon motion duly seconded
changed the boundary lines of Vic
tor school disti ict No. 5 to include
ill of section .io. njt and swj of sec
tion 21 and the liw.t of section 28
12^ 49. Motion carried, all mem
bers voting aye
On motion Board adjourned as a
Board of Kducation and met as a
Board of County Commissioners.
Petition signed by residents and
freeholders of (Goodwill township,
petitioning for $250 county aid in
grading a road between sections 16
I and 17 and I 7 and 20 of said town"
ship. On motion petition was re
I Petition signed by residents and
freeholder- of Dry Wood Lake
town-hip, petitioning for county
aid ol $5011 lo be expended on tue
Meridian road lying south of the
north-west corner of section 25 of
said township, on motion pelion
was rejected.
On motion Board adjourned un
til 9 o'clock May 26, 191 5.
Board met as per adjournment,
members present II. Oranbois, M.
I.. Satercu, J. Heiland ami Albert
The following resolution was
passed: Whereas the county is
holding a number of tax certificates
on city and town lots in the county
and in some instances the taxes are
more than the lots are worth and
tor the liest interest ot state, coun
ty, city or village, as case may be,
that the county take tax deed on
said tax cirtiticates and that the
taxes be abated as piovided in sec
tions 2222, 222-i and 222 1, 1915
Political Code, !o such an amount
that the lots can be put up lor sale
and gotten back on tax list. Reso
lution passed, all members voting
May 25th, The Board met as and tax on certificate of #86 55.
per adjournment. Members present Lots 9 and lo block 91, Sisseton
Harry V.ranbois, M. L. Satercu, J. city, abated interest, penalty and
O. Holland and Albeit Herried. jlax of #54.77 and subsequent tax.
Petition signed by residents and Lots 15, 14 and 15, block 88,
freeholders of Knterprise township, Sisseton city, abated interest, pen
petitioning for appropriation of ally and tax of $26.00.
$150 to build a road
freeholders of Victor township
petitioning for a 5 foot culvert 24
feet long, to be placed between sec
tion 6 128-49 and sec. 51-129 49.
On motion petition was granted.
l'etiton from supervisors of Lien
township, petitioning for one 5 foot
culvert 24 feet long, to be placed
between section 36-129 50 and sec
tion 31-129-49. On motion petition
was granted.
Petition signed by freeholders of
Summit township for concrete cul
vert with cement wings, between
section 33 Summit township and
section 4 Farrington township. On
motion a 6 foot culvert was grant
ed with cement wings.
Petition signed by residents and
freeholders of Summit township,
petioning for county aid to build a
road and purchasing culverts, be
tween the north-west corner of sec
tion 35-122-51, running east be
tween sections 26 and 35 of said
township for a distance or one mile
to the county line between Roberts
and Grant county. On motion $250
'. 7
Vit 'f'/V
taxes were abated as
aye and
I follows:
motion petition was
Lot 12 block 91, Sisscton city,
and penalty of
$60.59, subsequent lax of $8.40
section line! Lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, block 68,
between nej of section 2 and liw.} Sisseton city, abated interest and
section 1-127-51. Oil motion was penalty of $8.44.
rejected. Lot 18, block 58. Sisseton city,
Petition signed by residents and
abated interest and penalty of
Lot 11, block 122, Sisseton city,
abated subsequent tax of #1.12,
interest and penalty 66c.
Lot 8, block 122, Sisseton city,
abated tax of 66c, inrerest and
penalty of $1.12.
Lot 22, block 74, Sisseton city,
abated interest and penalty of $3.64
and tax of $12.42.
Lot 10, block 75, Sisseton city,
abated interest and penalty of
Lots 1, 2 & 3 block 79 Sisseton
City abated interest and penalty of
S 5.28.
Lots 7 to 12 inclusive block 48,
Sisseton City abated interest and
penalty of $
Lot 5 block 40 Porters addition
Sissetion City abated interest and
tax of $28. 35.
Lots 19 to 24 inclusive block 97,
abated interest and penalty of $4.08
Lots 13 to 18 in block 54 Sisseton
City, interest, penalty and tax of
$14.40 adated.
Lots 19 24 inclusive block 54
Sisscton City, interest, penalty and
tax ot SI 54..to abated.
Four fvet south side of east half
of lot 10 east half of lot 12 block 1
Sisscton Ci'v, abated interest and
tax of #147..Si.
Lot block 6 Sisscton City, abat
|cd interest and penalty of SI .01.
Lots 20, 21 and 22 block 2 Sis. etou
City, abated interest and penalty of:
Li its 1 5 to IS block 5 I Sisseti hi
City interest and penalty of SS.to
Lots J5 and 24 block 114 S'.-
setiin City interest and penalty of
S4.56 abat cd
Lots 11 and 12 block os Si-clm
City abated interest and penalty of
'•Si ..'2.
Lots ciiminekiciug at a point 12 5
It. of N W ci ncr of block 7 thence
15o to S line of lot 6 block 7 thence
in a N\V direction along east bound
ary to block' 7 described in book of
deeds page 507, said part of lot
being in White Rock village, inter
est and penalty of I 1 2 94 abated.
Lot A block 5( Sisscton City,
interest and penalty of #46.62 abat
Lots 12 and 16 block 2 Rehberg
addition Summit, abated tax of
#.'.72 and interest and penalty of
I,ot 5 block 9 Woodward addition
Summit S. D., abated interest and
penalty of St .09.
Lot 4 block 9 Woodwards addition
Summit, S. 1)., abated interest and
penalty of SI .25.
Lots 7 to 12 inclusive Rehbergs
addition to the original towusite of
Summit, abated interest #17.62 and
subsequent tax of $46. 51.
Lot 14 block 4o Summit, abated
interest and penalty of 90 cent,
Lots 7 and S block 22 Summit,
abated interest and penalty of #2 18.
Lots 15 Rehbergs addition Sum.
mit, abated interest and penalty of
Lots 7 and 8 block 1 Woodward
addition Summit, abated interest
ami penalty of $26.99
Lot 5 block 2 City of l'eevcr n
bated interest and penalty of 87 cent.
Lot 20 block 8 City of l'eever,a
batcd interest and penalty of #1.80.
Lot 18 block 8 City of l'eever, a
bated interest and penalty of #2.45.
Lot 14, block 10, city of l'eever,
abated subsequent tax of $25.00
Sioux Falls- Iv Wagner, of
Ibis city, former United Status
attorney lor South Dakota, has
been ol'lii iall.y advised that the
United States circuit court of
appeals lias disposed of a case
of state wide interest by revers
ing the decision of the lower
court in the ease ol the United
States against Albert Fisher, a
South Dakotan charged with
having removed cattle from an
Indian reservation without
authority of the Secretary of
War. holding that such author
ity was not necessary.
A demurrer to his indictment
was interposed by Fisher.
The demurrer was overruled
by the lower court. It is held
by the Federal court in effect
that the statute under which
Fisher was indicted no longer is
in force on the Indian reserva
tions of South Dakota and it
follows that in future stock- pur
chased l'roin the Indians may be
removed from the Indian coun
try without obtaining authority
from the Secretary of War.
Fisher was ordered discharged.
Sisseton residents are aston
ished at the QUICK results from
the simple mixture of buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., known as
Adler-i-ka. This remedy acts on
BOTH upper and lower bowel
and is so THOROUGH a bowel
cleanser that it is used success
fully in appendicitis. ONE
SPOONFUL of Adler i-ka re
lieves almost ANY CASE of
constipation, sour or gassy
stomach. ONE MINUTE after
you take it, the gasses rumble
and pass out.
F. P. Maldaner, druggist.
Legal Blanks at this office.
and penalty of $8.97.
Lot 7, block 2, original townsite
of l'eever, abated interest and pen
alty of $1.16.
Lot commencing at a point 75
feet east of the north-west corner of
block 8, thence south 155 feet,
thense east 50 feet, thence north
125 feet, thence west 50 feet lo
point of beginning, less 7 feet
Land—Land Loans
The Farmers State Bank
has moved to Hammer. I
will continue the real estate
business at the old stand.
If you want to buy, sell or
exchange real estate of any
kind come in and see me.
north side as recorded in book ot
deeds P. page 349, located in the
Village of White Rock, abated
subsequent tax of #9.06 and in
teres and penalty of #5.47.
Julius Aasness, Mgr.
Land Loans
gerts and Reeves addition of the and penalty of #1.72.
original townsite of White Rock, The west half less seven feet of
abated interest and penalty of I lot 6, block- 6, village of White
51 S.')0. Rock, abated subsequent tax of
Lots 1 to 14 inclusive, block 4, #48.45 and interest and penalty of
5 to 12 and 16 to 22, block 5, 1 to 5 #19.1 1.
and 1
to 22, block 6: lot 5, block Lots 4 and 5, block S, Corona,
7: lots 5 to 12, block 8 lets 1 to abated interest and penalty of
16, block 9 Haggert and Reeves S8.59.
townsite of Lots 9 and 10, block 59, Sissc
interest and ton, except east half as recorded in
addition to original
White Rock, abated
penalty of #43.59 ami subsequent
tax of #107.59.
Lots 4 and 5, block 9 original
towusite of WhitcRock, abated sub
Lots 1 and 2, block 8, Hag- sequent tax of #2 ,82 and interest
"Make Your $$ Have More Cents"
Before buying building material for a house or barn,
you will do well to consult us as we have had years of
experience and may be able to help you either in the
selection of a plan or the material to use after plan is
The service is free and we are only waiting for you
to let us know that you either expect or hope to build.
book ol deeds page 55, abated
interest and penalty of #6. J5.
Hoard adjourned until May 27th.
9 o'clock a.
(Continued next week.)
Sisseton,.S. D.

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