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New Jersey Man Inventor of
Weapon Used by Germans.
Enough Can Be Carried In a Large Air-
•hip to Destroy Entire Fleet of War
Vessels—Guided by Wireless Appara­
tus Until It Hits Its Mark—Built of
Aluminum and Costs Only $75.
Recent press dinpatohe» told of
peculiar bomb whirl) (Jerman air mm
had used In shelling fortifications
along the western battle front. The
neeuraey with which these missiles
were aimed mid their effectiveness
were source of mystification and
worry to the allied forces. Investiga
tion disclosed that these destructive
engines were aerlnl torpedoes, which
were directed by a delicate wireless
apparatus concealed in the body of ihe
At first It was thought that the aerial
dirigible torpedo was a German Inven
tion. Notxdy dreamed that it origi
nated years ago In the mind of au
American aviator and that the war
gave Impetus to the work of George
F. Itussell, with the result that there
stands in his home at Hoboken, N. J.,
today a specimen of the aerial dirigi
ble torpedo which the Germans are
said to be using.
Weighs but Fifty Pounds.
It Is wonderful little machine,
slightly more than seven feet long and
weighing fifty pounds. It looks like a
miniature llying machine, liesldes the
wireless machinery and the intricate
steering device there is enough room In
the seven foot body to carry from 1*m
to pounds of high explosives. When
it is released from its hangar under
neath an aeroplane or dirigible the tor
pedo will glide, accurately directed by
the wireless device, at a speed of from
mo to LMXi miles ai hour.
Mr. Kussell explained that no pro
pelllng force is necessary, because the
law of gravity operates as effeet ivel
ns any artificial driving force.
"The Itussell aerial dirigible torpedo
is so constructed that it maintains Its
equilibrium under any condition," Mr.
Itussell declared. "The -enter of grav
ity is perfectly balanced, ami the planes
are so constructed that the torpedo
cannot tip over, no matter from what
angle or wit what fon the wind
may blow.
"It costs only .7f to construct this
aerial torpedo as against several thou
sand dollars which it costs to construct
a submarine torpedo."
Mr. Kussell is one of the first Amer
ican aviator*, lie won several prizes
in flying exhibitions. hie of these was
presented to him by former Vice Presi
dent Zayas of Cuba.
Mr. Kussell admitted that he had
been negotiating with agents of foreign
governments for the sale of his :ights
to the torpedo, but he denied emphat
ically that the German government had
appropriated and developed his Idea.
Ity means of the wireless apparatus
It is an easy matter to direct the course
of 1 he aerial torpedo from right to left,
upward or downward, as the case may
be. until it squarely hits its mark.
At night z: concealed light at the rear
of the torpedo, visible only to the gun
ner in the ain raft above, materially
adds to its effectiveness, because the
operator can follow its course for miles
and guide it through the dark to the
desired mark.
Mr. Kussell claims that the torjedo is
compact that a Zeppelin could carry
from twenty to twenty-five of them at
a time. This number, he claims, would
be sufficient to destroy a fleet of battle
The entire machine Is built of alumi
num with the exception of the planes,
which are constructed of a specially
prepared canvas. It will weather a
Mystery of Fifty Years Ago Revived
by Discovery.
Ladoga. Ind.-The remains of a cof
fin containing some fragments of hu
man bones was unearthed here by
workmen excavating for a cellar in
New Koss. The grave was not near a
About fifty years ago a man named
Noffsinger disappeared mysteriously
from New Koss and was not seen or
heard from afterward. Kesidents of
New J{oss believe he met with foul
play and was buried In the big woods
which then covered the land where the
grave was found.
Announcement Extraordinary!
This Newspaper Has Been Fortunate In Securing
For Serial Publication the Exclusive
Use Here of
And Others
By the Famous Short Story Writer
and Playwright,
Every One of These Stories Is a Gem
The Eleven Are as Follows:
Firing Miss Cohen
A Cloak and Suit Comedy
"R. S. V. k."
The Trail of the Silk
The 111 Wind
The Center of Population
Red, the Mediator
The Cinhouliac Heirloom
Mrs. Billington's First Case
Rich In Wit and Humor
Sir Henry Jackson, First Sea
Lord of England.
Photo by American Press Association.
Admiral Sir Henry Jackson, who re
cently succeeded Lord Kishe as first
sea lord of the British admiralty, is re
garded in England as the cleverest man
In the navy. It is believed that he has
a plan aimed at putting an end to
the submarine warfare that has work
ed such havoc to the shipping industry
in the waters adjacent to (Jreat Brit
ain and Ireland. Born in 1855 the new
sea lord entered the navy in list8 and
at first specialized in navigation. But
the torpedo, which had only been in
vented in a crude form in appeal
ed to him and he transferred to that
branch of the service.
Specializing in torpedoes. Admiral
Jackson acquired a knowledge of elec
tridty. and soon the idea of employing
wireless waves as a means of commu
nieation suggested itself to him. For
several years he experimented along
this line and eventually succeeded in
sending messages from one end of the
ship to the other without wire. About
this time he met Marconi, the Italian
inventor, and together they developed
their ideas. Sir Henry continued his
study of wireless telegraphy until ItHiti.
I when he became a rear admiral. 1 ur
ing these years he won many scientific
honors, and lie is the only naval otli
cer. it is said, who has ever been hon
ored with election as a fellow of the
Koyai society, this coming to him In
1001. He then served for a time as
comptroller of the navy, and in this ea
I pacity was largely responsible for the
construction of the epoch making bat
tleships of the Dreadnought type.
I Sir Henry was selected in 11)11 to
I command the new naval war college at
I Portsmouth and two years later was
made chief of the war staff. At the
beginning of the Kuropean war he was
assigned to special work at the ad
miralty, his particular duty being the
direction of the navaloperations against
Germany's overseas colonies. Sir Hen
ry was promoted to the rank of full
admiral about a year ago.
Ambassador From Austria.
Baron Constantino Theodore iMimba.
the Austro Hungarian ambassador to
I the 1'nited States, has represented the
I dual monarchy at Washington for the
past three years. It was Baron I mm
ha who received from then Secretary
of State Bryan, it is alleged, a wrong
impression of the attitude of Mr. Wil
I son in connection with the note sent to
Germany on Feb. lu protesting against
submarine attacks on American citi
Baron Iumba has had a long and
honorable career in the diplomatic
service. He comes from a patrician
family of Koumanian-Greek descent
and is about sixty years of age. lie is
an art connoisseur and has collections
of considerable value. His wife is a
Russian lady, who is much younger
than the baron. The summer embassy
has been established at Lenox. Mass..
where Baron Dumba has leased a cot
Kiding is the favorite pastime of
Mine. Dumba. and she also enjoys
tennw and golf. Schloss Vestenhoff.
the Dumba country eat In Austria, is
noted for its magnificent flower gar
dens. which are Mme. Dumha's chief
interest when at home. The Dumbas
are very popular in diplomatic circles
at the national capital.
Homonyms are words pronounced
but spelled differently. Kxam
lv: Against tin- and majesty of
,v.i,g I .mi hut a tiny Answer:
1. lie her a large bottle of per
fume. which had a delicious ——.
It nearly to stuff the turkey.
Put pienty of In the dressing.
When he struck the first on
the piano I dropped paper. and
mucilage in my surprise.
•1. If anything you you ought not
fo drink those strong
Take a knife and that for
the child.
!, I told the children the of the
fox that lost his ——.
7. Whenever the weather is the
boys walk home, thus saving their
one way.
Pretty Miss Knid, the of the
town, was chosen to ring the at
the exercises.
!». As the doctor crossed the castle
he discovered a in his eye.
Answers: 1. Sent, scent. 'J.. Time,
thyme. 'A. Chord, cord. 4. Ails. nies,
fi. Pare, pear. Tale. tail. 7. Fair,
fare. 8. Helle, bell. 0. Moat. mote.
Hints For Campers.
When boy scouts go to camp thev
should be sure to go prepared. Don't
go off half equipped and then suffer
for it through the whole outing.
In the enthusiasm of departure hi
the heat of the day the boy scout is
prone to pay little heed to warm clothes
and bedding. It can get mighty cold
at night in the middle of the season.
Plenty of blankets sure. A sweater
probably will prove comfortable.
Don't forget a cake of soap—and on
second thought take another. The gen
erous use of soap has seldom injured
any boy's hands, and often It will help
a lot to prevent ivy poisoning and
nettle rash.
Then there are the can opener, the
salt and towels and a really water
tight matchbox, all items that are like
ly to be overlooked. It is a good thing
to inventory the tackle box before
starting off fishing too.
Hint to Boy Swimmers.
Just as you must not seize any one
about the neck, so when you go to the
assistance of any one in the water you
must make certain that he does not
seize you. Approach him from behind
if possible, so that there is no chance
of this. Your task will be much easier
if the person you are trying to rescue
will help you. If you can persuade
him to turn upon his back you will be
able to push him to shore without dif
ficulty if you must carry him it will
be harder. Kemember that, at all
events, you must, keep out of his grasp
if he is struggling madly in the water.
If he does seize you you must break
his grip at nnv cost, as neither of you
will be able to swim if he puts his
arms alxiut you.
Scout Camp In Oklahoma. I
Arrangements are altout completed
for the establishment of a camp for the!
Boy Scouts uf America in the foothills I
of the Ozarks. in Oklahoma. I'ortv I
five acres of land have been given for
the purposes of the scouts, and it is,
planned to put in equipment to a« com
modate a I tout 4H) boys. The estimates
call for an expenditure of about
(MKi. The camp will be open for a pe
riod of two weeks to boy scouts from
out side of the state. 11 is planned to
fill the camp with boys from Musko
gee. Tulsa and Oklahoma ity. The
Oklahoma scout field has produced
some of the most aggressive and valu
able leaders of the movement.
Fun With Apples.
Do you live near any apple trees? If
yon do you can print your friends'
a a W
the fruit et bangs green on the trees
sclei-t the biggest apple for the fun.
*nt out front thin tough paper your
initials, with round dots for periods
Next paste these letters and dots
that side of the apple which is n.o
turned to the sun. faking care not
loosen the fruit's hold upon its stem
As soon as the apple Is ripe take off
the paper cuttings, which, having shut
out the reddening rays of the sun. ha\e
kept the fruit green just beneath them,
so that the name or initials now show
Boy Scouts In the Pacific.
Scout 'ommissioner .himes Wilder of
Honolulu, who recently visited Phila
delphia and other cities to study the
boy out movement, does not confine
his work entirely to the city of Hono
lulu. but is active in other parts of
the Hawaiian islands as well. He is
also in close touch with he scout move
ment in New Oalcdoiii.i. Tahiti. Fiji
Islands. New Zealand. Australia and.
in fact, all of Polynesia. In virtually
every one of these countries the move
ment Is in a flourishing condition, in
many instances having been establish
ed several years.
A Rainbow Story.
The Indians have a lovely thought
about the rainbow. They love flow
ers even as w.. do. The roses, lilies,
pansies and '.'"Idenrod they hate to see
leave. When they see rainbow they
fancy that in the »ovely colors span
ning the sky all the wild Mowers, lilies,
violets, etc.. and 1 he n"s- of the woods
ire still living ami bloss-uni anew in
the heaveiis.
W:i] tlr.v.. is it i.i nk are
As in our hunt we' --wiftlv
~'I: «i to tide is
Vw- th h:-«!v t!,r- .—
A ncwrr I) nu ui" ri.v ««v wlnf?
Germans Will Spend $7,500,000 In Re
building the City.
A Merlin telegram says that. 1 he Prus
sian minister of the interior vjsite
Loiivain and examined the fJerman ar
chitect's scheme for rebuilding 1 he city.
In an interview the minister said that
the L'ovcmmeii' intended to spend
(YiO.Oki marks i.tV.IVNi/MVh in recon
struction of Louvnln as a moih-rn town.
The Real Sufferer.
"So. satd the neighbor synipathelic
ally. "your baby suffers from sleepless
liess. does lie V"
"No." responded the haggard and
hollow eyed man "he doesn't. lie
seems to enjoy it. I'm the one
The Farmers State Bank
has moved to Hammer. I
will continue the real estate
business at the old stand.
If you want to buy, sell or
exchange real estate of any
kind come in and see me.
Land and Land Loans
Kufi'ers."—Indies' Ho.jie Journal.
"Make Your $$ Have More Cents"
Before buying building material for a house or barn,
you will do well to consult us as we have had years of
experience and may be able to help you either in the
selection of a plan or the material to use after plan is
The service is free and we are only waiting for you
to let us know that you either expect or hope to build.
Julius Aasness, Mgr. Sisseton, S. D.
Shetland PONIES
hnv«* fvc*f
of hsvmr
enlrc httie
plan 11 *t
nun made it
boye rod srirlt
to set iwniM.
All my ponif*
ere wtll trametl
and eentlf. If
hy ami want this
one 1 in
your muue today]
Don't una
•oy money
poet r.erd, «Art
•rant you to lend
pon tod
bugf/ Irie.i'tdreM
UNCLE mr. Tht per Mia. E. 41» ft. Piel. Kiel.
"Women are never pugilists."
"Maybe not exactly. Put I know one
who said her husband was a prize. If
he was she is now prizefighter."—
Washington Star.
"She had her dressmaker make
gown exactly like one I had."
"Sort of following suit?"—Philadel
phia Ledger.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Hollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot lie cured by kill's
I Catarrh ("are.
P. J. CIIHXEV & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known ]•'. J.
Cheney for the lust 3". years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions* and financially able to carry
out anv obligations nia«le bv his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by all Druppists.
Take Hall Family nils for constipation.
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