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X\ ill Build The Finest Silioul
I -louse On 1". iX
At the school bo nil election
held in the new Kire Hall at this
place last Saturday, the project
of bonding the district lor S10,-.
000 for the purpose of putting up
a new school building, carried
almost unanimously, there being
thirt.v-Lh ree for and one vote
against issuing the bonds.
While the vote cast was light,
the lact that all but one were in
favor of it, no doubt expresses
the sentiment ot the district, in
this laudable enterprise ol build
ing a new house ol learning.
The building ol the new school
house is not only the duty of
the commumtv in seeing that
the children have proper educa
tional facilities, but looking at it
from a business standpoint, it
is also a wise move, as there is
nothing like a good school to at
tract desirable citizens to a town
and there are several lie re
who have no children to send
who look at it in this light.
The plan which is not definite
ly settled upr.n in every detail,
will be to erect a modern struc
ture, .)2x7(i, two stories with lull
basement, and containing four
class rooms, lour cloak rooms,
supt, room, manual training
room, gymnasium, modern sys
tem ol ventilation, steam heating
plant, toilets, modern in finish
and style of artitecture. The
basement will have a iL' foot ceil
ing in which the gvm and manu
al training room will be located.
The school will provide fur
1- grades, with a sufficient corps
of teachers to handle the pupils
in first class shape. Bids will
be advertised for at once and
work will begin as soon as pos
sible after the contract is let.
The people of the district are
to be complimented on their
success, and also the school
board in their untiring efforts to
up build the community.—Ros
liolt lie view.
A happy event took place last
Saturday March 18 at the resi
dence of Rev. Nels Malmstedt at
Wheaton, it being the occasion
of the marriage of Miss Hildua
Hergstrom and Mr. I''red Hjal
lner ol White Rock. The young
couple were united by Rev.
Malms^ed at II o'clock and were
attended by Kniest I »ergström,
brother ol the bride, and Miss
Hulda Hjalmer, sister of the
Uotli the bride and groom arc
well known in this vicinity and
have a host ol friends. The
bride is a young lady ol grace
and charm and is very popular.
She has resided near Rosholt,
lor a number of years. Her
father was a business man of
White Rock in the early days.
The groom belongs to one of
the best families ol the reserva
tion and is a young man of sterl
ing worth and good utilities.
The young couple left on the
evening tram to enjoy their
honeymoon in the Twin Cities.
They will malte tliei home in
White Kock. White Rock' Jour
Why Not
light your home with electricity—
a light that every farmer should
have—one that can be left burning
near ha, grain or any inflammable
No danger of fire from over­
turned lanterns, kerosene lamps, of
gas explosions or of fires from
Come in and let us demonstrate
our plant and figure with you on a
lighting system for your home.
Office at McKeever garage.
Dakota Electric Co.
The Styles this Year Are JA11
for You.
Tall girls, pat yourselves" on
the back, and tall, slim girls, pat.
yourselves twice on the back.
You are to be favored daughters
of Dame fashion this summer.
Plump girls and short girls,
warning now, and begin skip
ping, jumping and rolling, fast
ingas yon never did before.
All of the new fashions and
fol-de-ro!s are wide and full and
must be worn by slender models
to be fully appreciated
The typical Ullli young lady
will be as demure as Priseilla
and as modestgarbed. Her hair
ill be simply arranged and her
boots will be dainty and incon
spicuous. Hows of ribbon and
bits ol lace are found in the
most unexpected parts ol the
summer gown ol flimsy texture.
Dakota avenue Easter parade
bids fair to resemble a. one horse
village Mmday-go-to- meeting
The hats to harmonize with the
co.-jtums are all of the sweet
sixteen style ol graceful lines
and roses and ribbons. Kven
the street suits and coats are to
be elaborately trimmed this
season, l-'ostal shades come to
their own again both lor the
boudoir and the street.
Skirts are to be worn to the
ankles. They have at last ar
rived at a happy medium be
tween the trailing skirts of a
few seasons ago and the short
ones ol a season ago and the
season just ending. All ol them
are modeled to resemble a bar
rel more than any thing else,
with the hoops and wiringaround
the hips instead ol the lower
Dainty little vanities such as
silken bags or 'kerchief and
powder pull, will replace the
makeup case for the summer
girl. I'arasols also are an im
portant iten. for the new ward
robe. They too, will be fancy,
with lace inserts and ribbon
(Juaint neckwear ol old fash
ioned silk and lace shoulder
capes appear on many ol the
new models. Lace nuts are all
that are needed to make this
years debutante look- like she
might have stepped out ol the
frame around hergramlmother's
Picking up the Mcxican Boundary
An ofheer of the United Mates
arniv struck a popular chord when
lie said, the other day: "We are
going to pick it up and take it
along with us!"
That statement just about fits
the sentiment of the American
people, and it would be a good
thing ior Mexico if Uncle Sam
should decide to move this border
southward for about 2,(X)0 miles.
Our country is not afier more
territory, but it seems that Mexico
cannot govern herself and she
needs a big brother to teach her a
few tilings and to protect her from
the assautls of her own misguided
Put American schools Mexico.
Let the light shine in |and dark
ness will disappear. Ten years
of American schooling would
make a better class of people of
our neighbors accross the border.
Geo. Jennings, formerly of Hart
township died at the State Insane
Hospital at Yankton last Wednes
Think There Is Oil Near Walertown
In order to develop the oil
lands of this country lying north
of Watertown, a Pennsylvania
concern hits obtained leases on
o,lH)0 acres of rich farm land, as
shown-by the records of the
register of deeds oflice whore
the leases were tiled.
Oil was discovered near Smith
Slio'v ten years ago, when a
series of wet years forced the
liquid to the surface. An east
ern company did some drilling,
but were not wjuipped to dig
deep wells, hence the develop
ment work" was abandoned.
Tests at that time showed the
crude oil to bo of a higher grade
than that of the Western Renn-
I v:i in Hehls. The
*mJi|VI '1V
now interested lias ordered
heavy equipment here and drill
ing is to start in May.
How About Your 'laxes?
Only this week remains in
which to pay up the 1 ill" tares
at the office of the county treas
urer jeforo they will become de
iinc|uent and the one per cent
penalty per month will com
mence to accumulate.
In ease half of the llllTi assess
ment is paid prior to April 1, the
other "ill per cent, need not la
paid until November 1, but in
case hail is not paid belore Fri
day afternoon at 5 o'clock--the
hour ol closing in the County
treasurer's oflice the full
amount will from then on be
come delinquent and interest
must be added.
The treasurer and his oflice
force has been kept more than
busy taking care ol all the tax
payers of the county and for
this reason it may be that some
persons remitting checks cover
ing their taxes have not received
their receipts. In this connec
tion the treasurer states that all
check's in his hands belore clos
ing Friday will be credited with
out, penalty, and that receipts
dated prior to April 1 will be
given. This only applies how-
Royal Johnson I'or Prohibition
Aberdeen—That, South Dakota
letter received b\ A. Clay Da I-
Over 51 2011 Now in Hall Vluh
i-i'-vti". Treasury.
That, Sisset.an will have a base
ball team this summer that, will
clean up every team in the I er
ritory. now seems an assured
fact. Manager Jerry Wilson lias
received a number of letters
from players who can deliver
11lie goods and want to get. on the
Sisseton team of I'.UC). The
tinance committee has been busy
I since last week and brought, in
I about 8-00 more, making the
Igrand total over slL'00. Now this
lis cash, not promises, as has
beet: the custom heretofore.
I The diamond will probably be
I moved to the old lair grounds
which will give more room and a.
level field.
I Those who have added their
I donation the past week" are.
Citizens Nat. ISanl sr.o
First Nat Itank :!0
IJoss Carter 15
James McOce 10
H. 1). ISatterberrv 10
l'ete Ni'ih'rherg 10
John L. Minder 10
Walvtich it I'iut 10
A. .1. Ot,t,o 10
Commercial Hotel- 10
(»••). Moo reheat! .1
Kzra I'ugli •.
Cli ris A nil rews 5
.1. VV. Tlionia 5
H. lirewster 5
Art. Jackson
Get your name on this list,. If
you can't be the bell cow, fall in
behind. Help the boys in their
•struggle lora financial footing.
No Sunday Work on Korth's Farm.
Franz Ivorth, a fanner near
Watertown is charged with ail
unusual but, certainly ellective
method ol convincing Ins hired
men ol the sin ol laboring on
Sunday. The lured man, Henry
ever, with taxes paid prior to Collins, ollvnded by cleaning out
April I.
Ins barn on the Sabbath.
('oililis complains that Kortli
pointed a loaded shotgun at Ills
I chest and threatened to shoot
inn il lie ever worked on Sunday
has ,i staunch supporter ol pio-while in Ins employ. Now
lubition in congie^s at \\ashing- «orth is under bonds to appear
ton is evidence!1, by the follow ing
or ur
ing and other local business men uiciimI court .» -wp'
1 mm Ivoyal C- .lohnson, con
gressman from this district:
"Washington, 1). V.
"March i'i', ltUO.
"Dear Friend "'Speed limit, ten miles an hour"
"1 have just received your!" the sign that laces you at the
and in the next
letter ol
March 17
petitions asking lor the speedy
passage of the Webb-Smith a-1
support every other prohibition 1101lh,h
measure that is otlered. I
tion as it outlines my
the question.
"With kindest personal re
gards, I am very truly yours.
Seed Corn for Sale.
I have a good supply of Yellow
Dent seed corn for sale. This
trial on the charge of
it, at the April term of lull­
Automobile Ordinances.
city oolindarv
tional prohibition resolution. should sa offhand that haidl one
expect to vote for this resolution
and shall vote for district prohi-
a dozen cais go by
twenty miles an hour. We
utiit\ out of lift In es up to
bition when that bill is presented.
In addition to tins I expect to!
automobile regulations. Spas-
mo( lc
enfoicement of local laws is
"instant sou tee of gnifto mo-
ou cnl
1 :lIU
son who is a signer of the poll- jhl"aie eoinci. NatmalK ou ate
views oil I
accioss the
street intersection foity nine days
taking the liberty of sending a |111 succession, and on the fiftieth
copy ol this letter to every per-j
aitested for not tinning a
Another affliction is the absence
:ol signs. In some towns von may
park vom cm anywhere von please.
In others of the same general as
pect and with no warning sign,
you may be arrested for leaving it
on a certain stieet or too near a
fire plug. Your muffler cut-out is
a tolerated nuisance in halt a doz-
corii took tirst prize at the Farmers I .,
en towns, while the next one its
Institute at Sisseton this spring.
Anyone wishing to buy call me up
or write.
(41 45) Axel Anderson.
For Sale-—Ten large full blood
Plymouth rock hens. Inquire at
this office or phone 130.
use is a misdemeanor: but there is
no sign to tell you the difference.
Signs cost little too. The begin
ning of automobile regulations for
any town should IK: Say plainly
what you mean and stick to it."
—Saturday Evening Post.
The Little Minnesota River east
el Sisseton has been on the ram
page since Monday afternoon and
a .meat deal of damage lias been
done to the roads and several
bridges have been washed out. A
number of farmers coining to town
Monday weie unable to get home
for several days.
Maileaniers Harrington and
Kivlev have been unable to serve
I their patrons as they could not
cross the river, and their route
crosses it in several places.
Tuesday aftereoon Mi. and Mrs.
John Smith residing southeast of
town attempted to cross the river,
their buggy was tipped over and
the team drowned. Mr. and Mrs,
Smith were washed down stream
where thev caught unto trees and
managed to keep their beads above
the water, and alter about three
hours time were rescued. lien and
Sam lohnson were near the river
and saw the accident and tliev at
once set to work to rescue the
people, hilt were under a disad
vantage as there were no boats
near. They happened to have a
couple ot axes with I hem and I hey
chopped down trees until thev
were able to reach them. When
rescued Mr. and Mrs. Smith were
unable to talk and were very weak
Irotn exposure, but we learn thai
thev are recovering nicely.
10. N. .1 iiilkms, ol the Sisseton
mill, was calling on the. trade in
town last Friday. Mr. ,1 ndkins
is un experienced miller and
just taken charge ol the null. He
arranged with 15. 1{. Item und to
handle his Hour here.- Wilmto
its Just Like This,
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Trying to Keep up Appearances.
I have heard of ambitious wives
of poor poets and preachers pound
int a rag to make the neighbors
think thev had beef steak for
breakfast, but that tale is tame
compared to this. Ont on the
Colfax line a young couple keep
house in a ipuet way having ne
servant. The oilier day the hus
band went home in the evening,
taking a friend to dinner. That
ought to entitle him 'to ten days,
for the happy and unsuspecting
wife had a dainty dinner for two on
the table. "My dear" said the
head of the fifmily. when his friend
had said goodnight and the door
had been closed, "how was it that
you had four big potatoes baked
tonight? We never had more than
two and you could not have known
that I had company."
"1 didn't."
"Yes. but you did, my dear.
My friend ate one, von ate a half
one and I ate the other half and
there are two left ill the bowl."
"Very 1 rue, mv innocent,'' said
the laughing wife, "but those that
were left were as cold and raw as
March morning in New England.
Thev were put there for appear
ance—to hl 1 up: and when you
bring company home without tell
ing me again, I'll make you eat
them that way."
And then they sav women don't
know enough to vote! The aver
age woman is a genius.
The M. K. Ladies Aid will serve
a supnt at the home of Mrs. J.
W. Thomas Wednesday afternoon
beginning at 5 o'clock and con
tinuing until all are served. Price
15 cents
VX7HEN you buy a
pair of shoes, you
want the best you can
buy. You want shoes
first that will feel good,
that won't hurt your feet,
that you don't have to
break in.
You are entitled to that,
and that's up to us. When you buy
shoes from us you can try them on.
You can keep on trying on until you
get a good fit. We will see to it that
you have a good fit.
The next thing that interests you
is the style and wear.
We buy the best styles known to the trade and
they are unequaled for wear.
We are not going to take any chances, believine
that v/e can put any old thing off on our customers.
Wc are working on the basis that everyone is
hard to please. That is the reason that wc buy
shoes and other lines of merchandise that have
unquestionable merit.
We have a shoe for every member of the family.
Styles to suit every
fancy—price to suit
every purse.

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