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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 17, 1916, Image 4

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Country Editors Have Hard Jobs
Some one lias said that the
difference between a city and
country newspaper is that the city
paper prints what you don't know
while the country paper prints
what you do know.
"While this is true- to a certain
je*tent( the country paper is just a«j
itnpoitant in its field as the city
paper. ^1: W W
"And we venture to assert that
the country papers in this county
are about the best of their kind you
will find anywhere.
"The country editor's job is no
sinecure. If you think it is, try
a day ut collecting bashful subscrip
tions, speeding up the job depart
ment to turn out a belated cata
logue, wrestling with a stubborn
lecal merchant who refuses to
advertise, preaching the eternal
gospel of 'trade at home with home
Merchants,' cussing the city boys
who speed through the town in
their red racers, running down
personals as the train pulls in,
writing up an editorial on the
political situation, etc.
"And the chances are that in the
I •.fcRlll&at gtesay thine it«!:
Mit-Mi* «'ft Or duet oft- ibi:
jtli Id tin? $ a—that IrüU ij\-:
leslcWM try
Aft- -"-är"»
Pay You
end the editorial will be just about
as powerful and about as gr.unmat
cal as the effort of the city edito
rial writer, who does nothing else.
comes in."
Synod Lutheran
O. Austin, Pastor
Services iu the Guild hall at 11:30
Sunday School at 11:30
Visitors are always welcome.
Woman Suffrage Beaten in State.
With only a few counties miss
ing, women's suffrage is 4,455
votes behind and has been beaten.
Additional returns this morning
and correction of errors, show that
the Richards primary law, with
teil counties yet to report, is 1,443
in the lead instead of being behind.
With the counties yet out, it is hard
to make an estimate on the erratic
iSÄSiiwe Polish
It'« rnuva

Norbeck has63,935 and Rinehart
44.364 on returns in Hughes,
49,947 Wilson, 46,883 prohibition
56,675 yes 46,159 no.
E. Paul, of this city, and John
Barringtou, of Sisseton, left yes
terday morning for the northern
Minnesota woods on their annual
quest for moose, deer and pheas
ants. Others here may join the
party a little later. The limit is
all that would prevent these two
mighty hunters from supplying,
the whole town with deer meat for
a month, but as it is they will
have to be content with three or
four deer, a moose or two and a
big bag of pheasants. Browns
Valley Tribune.
For rent—Pour room house,
furnished Inquire at this office
ed to see all the new fall goods we are showing.
Will Be Pleased to Notice
ever were.
Considei in£ the Market Conditions
money on the necessaries as well as the luxuries of life.
We have just received a nice line of Georg
ette Crepes and the new plaids.
The prices are very reasonable
struck with surprise to see a
multitude of people with all kinds
of delicious eatables, march un
:eremoniously into the house
"Anyway, our hats are off to the Und take full possession- Weil
country editors hereabouts. We when Mr. and Mrs. Saline had
grab for the country exchanges regained their composure, they
before we look at the city paper, assisted the crowd to make
here in this office.
when the mail
things merry for the remainder
of the evening. The event was
their 25th wedding anniversary,
and they were recipients of a fine
number of presents, and twenty
five round silver dollars
Good Business
Earl James and Fred LaCroix
were arrested by the Indian police
and taken to the Agency yesterday
afternoon for selling whiskey. It
is contented by the police that
these boys have been selling booze
for (some time past but not until
recently have they attempted a
wholesale business. If the boys
are found guilty they will no
doubt reap the fruits of their labor
at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
G. A. Heminger, cheif of police,
Simon J. Kirk and Albert Hemin
ger, special police officers of the
Sisseton Agency were in Vehlen
vicinity yesterday straightening
ont a number of Indians who have
I«ast Thursday evening Mr.
and Mrs. 8. M. Sathre of Nor
way township had finished their
daily tasks and sat down to a
qblet evening's- rest when and
denly they heard a noies outside, 'been indulging too freely. Super
tb®S were intendent Moeeman is determined
to come to Slsseton and
In Spite of the Fact that merchandise is Scarce and has been
hard to get. In spite of the fact that prices have advanced and are
now higher than they have been for years. In spite of all these handicaps we are
pleased to announce that we have a line of Fall Merchandise as complete as any year since we started
in business. We had trouble in getting some Fall Merchandise. Prices on some items are higher.
owing to the fact ihat a large part of our Fall Merchandise as purchased eight months ago at the
Merchants Convention at Chicago, last January.
Now while the roads are good and the weather is fine, it will pay you well to take a day off, bring your family with you and do your fall shop
ping. We assure you it will be time well spent.
that booze selling to the
shall cease and will leave nothing
undone to convict violators of the
law.—Vehlen Advance.
A Boy's Essay On Wives
A wife is one of the most useful
of all the domestic animals. She
cooks, sews, and minds the baby,
and does the shopping and market
ing and entertains the company.
But she does not have to be paid
any money like a cook or a nurse.
Women who are not wives have
to work for a living. Oh! how
thankful a wife should be that she
does not. have to work.
At this time, South Dakota,
Michigan and Nebraska have
joined the ranks of the dry states.
This is a good business record.
In Michigan the result is es- anything he always says that his pail of milk. It has gotten so
pecially significant. The state is wife won't let him, and when a nowadays that alia girl wants
the heart and home of automobile I man plays
A wife is also useful to
lay things
on. That is why men get them.
When a man doesn't want to do
industry. Its departure from ey he blames his wife's extravg
the wet to the dry columns sets auce because he is not rich
aside one of the old time argu
ments of the wets, that prohibi
tion is usually fathered and car
ried first in agricultural states.
Michigan,s automobile factory
workers, her railroad men, her
shipping men, her thousands of
other skilled mechanics and
heads of big industries have
found that the saloon does 'not
pay.—Aberdeen News
There are many different kinds
of wives. There is the first wife,
who works and pinches and crinch
es to help her husband get on, and
who never has any nice clothes, and
who rides in a 2nd hand Ford and
there's the Second wife who has
diamonds and Paris dresses and a
limousine, that the first wife saved
up to buy for her.
And there's thin wives and fat
wives but I guess wives is like auto
mobiles—every times you get a
new one you try a new make.
Wives heve many curious pecu"
liarities. One of them is that they
have got noses that can smell
things as far as a ground dog.
When my papa has had a drink,
my mama can smell it before he
gets within a block of the house.
Also, wives are like cats, and they
never sleep, and no matter how
easy you tiptoe in you always wake
them up.
Wives is very noble creatures,
and they feel it their sacred duty to
tell their husbands about their
faults and what poor miserable
worms of dust they are if they
did not have wives.
Wives save their husbands a
your Fall buying. ..... ,.\ou will be agreeablly surpris­
that numerous articles in our store are sold as cheap as they
we are as well prepared as ever before to save you
Our ladies and childrens coats are bought dir
ect from the largest manufactures of Cleve
land and New York,
Ladies Coats from $6.50 and up.
Indian* great deal of trouble by spending
their money for them. A man
who has a wife never has to worry
about the danger of banks break
When a man's wife dies he has
nobody to quarrel with, and this
makes time so lonesome and he
runs right off and gets married
again —Kx.
The old-fashioned girl who
used to lean up against the fam
ily ironing board and make her
own bed is getting so hard to
locate as a bar of non-floating
soap in a bath tub. You can ask
a girl of the 1916 model to rinse
the dinner dishes or hang out
the clothes and she will give
you a look that would curdle a
and loses his mon» to do is to feed fudge into her
face and try out a consignment
of short skirts. The girl who
isn't allowed to entertain a house
full of spindle-legged suitors
and beat a piano into a state of
coma six days a week, while
mother looks pleasant and does
the work, is as hopelessly out
classed in the social whirl as a
Percheron draft horse in a free
for all trot. No girl is consider
ed up-to-date unless she knows
the first name of every travel
Ing man who makes the burg
indulges in love's young dream
by carrying on a perfume cor
respondence that would choke a
business college. The girl whose
head is full of 5o-cent fictoin and
the next bargain sale of gauze
hose will never have to shoo a
line of eligible bachelors off the
front stoop with a broom for
fear that somebody will drag her
up to the alter in a tulle veil
and a rented limousine. Yet
some people wonder why men
don't marry.
Miss Margaret Parsons of Aber
deen visited here a few days this
Antone Jydstrup O. P. Enptrom
autoed to Arlington, S.D. return
ing Monday.
Miss Tillie Jorgenson visited
friends at Webster Sunday.
Mrs. Win. Stiles enjoyed a few
days visit this with her sister-iu
law. Mrs. Portner and children
whose home is in Laugdon.N. D.
where Mr. Foitner is engaged in
the newspaper business. They
left Sunday tor a visit with friends
week with friends. j„ Montana.
Mrs. Ud. Legald of Hristol vis Bltner Williams came up
ited lie a few days with relatives l,e Wilmot, flats Saturday
and fiiends, this week. hort visit with friends.
Mrs. Henry Nelgerson of Mon
te vedio is spending the week here
with her sister-in-law, Mrs. K. J.
Saviage and other relatives.
for a
Miss Carriebel Shast who is
teaching on the flats spent Satur
day and Sunday at home here.
Prof. Dick resumed his duties
in the High School Monday.
Sam Mattson and wife came up
Tuesday evening for short visit
with home folks.
Mr. Gerry team ran away Tues
day afternoon, but for fortunately
no greatly damage was done.
Little Frank Fisher was hit in
the mouth by another little boy
with a stone, so badly that it was
necessary for the Doctor to take
four stitches to close the wound. :.
Largest Bank in Roberts Co.
Starts a Bank Account
Gone and See Us.
We Welcome Small
Accounts As Well
As Big Ones.
Always at Yow Service
Citizens National Bank

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