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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 17, 1916, Image 8

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Local Overflow
Mrs. Hmes of Veevur w:k :t
Sisseton visitors Tttcsdav.
Miss Norma Carter is on the
sick list this week.
The little (liiiiyfliU'r ,(' Mr. and
Mrs. A. O. Tost.enson
been seriously til is
much improved.
Mrs. Thomas Thompson was
a passenger to Milhank Tuesday
Misses Clittii ami Millie Tlior
son, Gertie Selio:i and Lena
Peterson vverveiitertiuned at the
T. Mantles farm Sunday.
T. Mannes, W. Ya viand. ()-. S.
Oplieimand S. Marvivk nutoed to
I-Angford Monday on business.
Hugh VanHouton moved Ins
family and household vo.ui to
the Sonstvira'd farm in Knter
prise township last week.
Wbeaton Wednesday on
Mrs. M. E. Crockett accom
panied by her mother Mrs. J. H.
•-Feeter of Bird Island departed
Saturday via Hankinson for
Glasgow, Mont,, to visit their
lister and daughter, Mrs. Lester
Mrs. E. J. Turner entertained
the members of the Zenith Club
at her home Thursday evening.
Banker Gumo of Claire City
trauscted business here Wednesday
Mrs. S. Andre entertained at
"500" at here home Tuesday
^evening. At a late hour a very
$... luncheon was served
iv .- That there is due and owing rm snid mortirnire at
cover» being laid for Sixteen.
Mrs. Jesse Cotfciugham and Mrs. «»ortg»ge wni iw foreclose«!
wZettith Club at the formers home Sr
-f »1 .III
furnished amusements after the
liegeler basin«« session.
Mies Mable Nelson and sister
J||r#. John Sunde and children
äi^ire' vtBitinK their father at Ros
lyn this week.
MDj». Hows and son arrived last
i»cd( from Montaus to visit her
3rtHMr Mrs. Key Steele.
Mr. snd Mrs. O. R. Chilson of
Slsoeton visitors Mon-
my pasture in
ilHtwnd steer with
The Fouls have 1k-vn so svmt vc
'that it is now necessarv to nm'.onr.i-o
to our trade that we will miloid
seven Kord Tourinsj Cars tod a*
W have received onh -ix ven
Kord cars in tour month- 1 he
new jii ices and tiic new model
who has s.vamped he 1-ord Motor Co
reported oideis
We have ton car- let
Call us up Iw ttIvphone
will deliver one to on.
riie Caillvr
Chris Peterson departed Sun- three weeks ago, one red steer
day for Harding Co. this state to dehorned, eoniiug two years,
1 ok after his claim. He
Lome Wednesday from Pentiock
where she visited her daughter
s. H. D. Floren.
Mrs. John Larson and daugh
ter Freda of Webster are guests
at the Axel Holgerson home this
Messrs. Dave Stevens and B.
Lecltness the International men
were guests of their folks here
tU. N. Judkius has accepted a
position in the Thompson Hard
V. o.
hupt. riiomas conducted l'cach
er.- meet me at \Vilniot a eood
meeting is leiwted.
Mr. and Mr- S.itr? oi Claire
Citv \ere Sis-etou on husinv-s
member- of the HpwuiYlf
Dist. Supt. Hunt was herefrom
Aberdeen Sunday. He preach-1 xi, W'm
ed a very impressive sermon at |)om,- Men
the M. K. Church Sunday eve
One spotted calf, one ear cut off,
venl days in Wan bay and horns, coming 1 year,
•y Aerdeen on the way out. Mrs. Casey
Magnus Hostad ail toed to I The week A.A. Peterson pur-
»ess. from the local dealer, M.R.
Mrs. J. A. Peterson returned iCrockett.
a fine Disc Kdison Machine
Miss Susan Hill was the guest of
Mrs. Hubert Smith of Wiltnot
several days last week.
Tenius Pedje of Aberdeen was
here Monday on business.
Electrician Acheman was in
Wilmot on business Tnursday and
Wanted—Live-wire advertising
salesmen for finest line of ad ver
sing etal, fibre, cardboard mus
lin, oil-cloth, wood and brass signs
art calendars, 12 sheet business
calendars, and novelties of every
description. Good territory avail
able. Give references and ex
perience. Liberal terms on com
mission basis. Big money. Write
for particulars now.
Kenton, Ohio.
Notice of Chattel Mortgage Sale
Name of Mortirnitcc, Rickerl-Ophcim Co.,
Sisseton. South Dakota.
Name of MortirnKor, A. M. Kurkosske.
Name of owner nnd holder of Morttrnge. S.
Date of Moi Ignite, January 26tli, 1914. Filed
for record in the office of Register of Deeds, Rol
erts Comity* South Dakota. January 29th 1914, at
3:52 V. M. in Chattel Mortgage Hook 13 and 1 tears
No. 59915,
That default has l»een made in the terms and
conditions of said mortgage h.v failure to miv
the debt secured thereby and interest when due
this date the sum of $88.44 principal nnd intereit
I Notice Is Hereby Given Thnt the chattel
nt public
auction by the Sheriff of Roberts County South
John Spackman entertamtaiiied the uay of Novemter
I 916 at two to clock in the afternoon of said d»v at
Ullr*} s,^c
W iCity of Sisseton. County of Roberts aud State of
Tnursday» Games and sewing.
h| the
south Dakota of the personal property pledged
snid mortgage and therein described as fol-
Olle Mölme KfUiv plow complete
One set Mondt Sleistis
Dated at Sisseton. South Dakota this 15 day of
November 1916.
was the guest of Wil-
Ball Greenlund.
'ew BEegto n,S. V.
S. Ophiim,
Frnulc R. McKnlina Owner of Mortgniic
Attorney for owner of Mortgage.
ip 8

Hogwallow News
Cnckeit 11 cis, ao has been
con!itieil the R\c Straw jail
Willi a c.i.n !ic*iton Ol cli.ti.no,
wiii be iven a comm-oul p.nlv ov
ine jailei daughter,
hvei bo iv except V.i'ni' 'Sim'- ii.i
Ivoii invited to the social struggle
at tne nome oi Miss Cordelia 1 Irll
aiieti ncxi Sat lit day nijjiit. Vain
.wiii oh.ilxv ,eo auv wav if he set
Ills Head.
M:ss Hosteiter Hocks who
is prep.iiniK to sin.e at the enter
t.uimient at Bounding liiilows Sat
'iiidav nisjnt. She just sung there
a lew eeks ago. Nobody will go
oin this vicinity as eyerv body
I het knows her. M-
laz Harlow has been invited to
deliehtttillv surprised Mr.
]o!inson at their
iv evenine, yames ot
various sorts were indulged after
vvhicn li^ht re fresh cuts wcic
Mr and Mr:
The Luther League are work- Ladies. There here'
ig hard on a Thank sgitmg pro-, Havana Iii own Kid Hoots
gram. It promises to be ex- The Golden Rule,
ceptumally tine I m,_ Mmn.e Willmr was down
Mr. and Mrs. J. XV. Mussetter, from her school at Via ire City
departed the first of the week'Saturday.
Billingham, XX ash., where, i£strayed—Came to my place
ll«e will spend the inter. mi Long Hollow township about
W'm, Swanson and
Sundav with tela-
children s[)ent
!lives in W'llinot
''is fiddle to tliecaudy pulling
oomt 011 il!
on a cow and calf owned bv one
tfye Potlockses, near the Wild On
ion school house, for an old debt,
and left for there
spend the night with
him from getting mad at him.
Jefferson Pollocks savs some men
with their promises are like a lot of
tiddlers—they are all the time tun
ing up but never play.
has decibed that ill these days of
competition and high tax, he can
make more by cutting an inch or
two oft his yard stick than he can
in regular profits.
The Ticlcville Tidings, in its last
issue, called an entertainment a rare
treat. Haz Barlow says that is not
what he calls a rare treat. He savs
when a tellow calls you out behind
a tree and gives you a drink of raw
wlnskev, then you have had a rare
Morning Service at 10:30
Sabbath School at 11:45
Endeaver Society at 7
Evening Service at 8 o'clock
Player Meeting Thursday 7:30
You are cordially invited to
these services.
ot K. C. Gamm, City Treasurer, for Month of October, I9HS:
To cash on hand In General Fund $ 120.01
September 10
27 Ree. from Citizens National Bank, Int.
To cash on hand In Water Fund 660.21
To cash on hand In Sinking Fund 957.64
To cash on hand In Sower Fund 4862.98
To cash on hand in Library Fund 271.96
Received from fines—.
Received from hay land, rent
Received from Pool Halls, license
Received from Circus, license
Received from Theatre, license
Received from Water Rent
Ree. from sale of lead pipe and supplies
TOTAL .— $7396.54
28 Paid from General Fund «5 72
28 Paid from Water Fund IIIIII isioo
If S*'? 'rom Sinking Fund, sewer bond int. loooioo
28 Paid from Sinking Fund, col. coupons 2.50
28 Paid from Library Fund _!• ggj.,
31 To cash on hand In General Fund 347.34
31 To cash on hand in Water Fund 926.90
®ash on hand in Sewer Fund 4862.98
To cash on hand in Library Fund 235.19
'I'tr5 &ssa?,Är^issii
yMfejfg R»«pa«Uulljr submittid,"
Interwt 411«
•7®,AL —p .,,«,«5
THE 61
Kidge Sat-
that come.
uuhu night, and he is practicing
up oil a lot ol sweet tunes,
l'tie Trustees met at the Wild
Onion senool building Mondav
«r Trwerer.
Patatoes For Sale
Two Carloads at $1.53
per bushel
1-iisbv Hancock's brother-in-law
died near Rye Straw Tuesday, and
1'iisbv will drive his black horse
for a vvlii le.
After a brief mental rest and Ins
ie election by the trustees, the
Wild Onion School Teacher has
again opened school and the schol
ars are learning very fast. Little
Fidity Kliuders, who within the
past tew months got behind with
his studies, lias caught, up with
the test of the class by tearing
a tew leaves out of his book.
It a/. Barlow has improved the
appealance of his home with an en
ol Mi- Fnt/.te
attenioon to deculc whether or not larged pictnie
thej would let the Wild Onion Allsop.
sdiool teacher keep on teach.,i« the L„st l6~^uge W,ncl,ester re
•school. The teacher was present at peilti„g shot gun. Return to Dr.
thejineeting and delivered an ad-. «lasier for reward
.Iiehh taking up each ot the trust!
ces at a time and complimenting Methodist.
linn very highly tor Ins ability as a Morning service 10:30 Subject
tiustee. He declared that never in f°r the luoiuing is Lord is it I.'1
Iiis lite had lie met a finer tr tstee üeHul,ir choir oi t|iiaitelt.
not a set of gentlemen with Sunday S5I100I 11.45 S|iecial
fairer minds and broader views, «nvitatiou to the came to the men's
and was ot the opinion that their Class. Jttnioi League 3 o'clok
equal could not be found. He Hp worth League 7:15
wound up the address announcing Evening Service 8 o'clock,
that he had "wrote an article about
them and was going to have it pub j* ttqW
lished 111 the 1 tckvillc 'lidiugs." I SPREAD OF IXI'AN
The trustees then went into bus-1 TILE PARALYSIS.—Dr. C. Boi
iness session and unanimously j!"""'„?'Tht0r
tion or the New York city
clione the teacher for another term.! lienltli department, ami Dr. Si-
The Deptty Constable has levied 'f I"0". ',?*ne!' "I0l't0r
spend the night with him to keep bowel disturbances, hendavhe
and Irritability. q.
After a few lumrs pains de
\elop, usually In the lower part
at Tickville has been worn out by!
The curtainat the opera house
yesterday to The iret symptoms are fever,
of tlle
I Rockefeller Institute, explained
of how to detect symptoms of In- 5
fautlle paralysis ami how to .*
l' ward off the dlsenso iiml prevent
its spread. u,
and until a new one can be bought arms and neck—stiff neck.
the audience will have to keep its'* Within twelve hours the patient
eyes shut between acts.
the feet.
I S a a a
jemt, laised and loweied so often, in the region of the spine, in
Is unable to move his arms or
legs and sometimes cannot talk,
Vomiting, (U'lirltvii. twltehlngs
and convulsions Accompany the 4»
progress of tile disease. S
A temperature of from 100 to
100 degrees lasts two or three
Rye Straw Store Keeper: days.
I Sometimes, but rarei.v, the pa
I tlent has chills, sore throat and
skill eruptions.
Health Is no protection. Often
children go to bed apparently
well and awake In the night
with the first symptoms and are
partly paralyzed by morning.
Cleanliness is the only known
The Isolation of children In the
house Is next lit Importance.
Have children wash their hands
and faces often.
Avoid buying candy. Ice cream
and fruits which are eaten with
out being cooked from peddlers
and storekeepers who are not
careful of their wares.
Don't kiss children on their
Keep their noses clean. This
applies especially to young ba
Don't cough In their faces.
Protect them from flies.
The germs of this disease,
which an- so small that they
cannot be soon with microscopes
and which pass through germ
filters, almost always enter the
Indies of their victims through
the mucous membranes of the
nose nnd throat.
Keep children away from their
mates in the streets or at mor
Ing picture shows.
Report all cases at once to the
beard of health, so that the city's
doctors can Immediately Invest!- 9
gate and remove the patients to
Adults are not free from the
disease. If your Minds are dirty
or If ynu nre not carefnl almtit
the preparation of yonr chil
dren's food, remember that yon
can give your little ones the dis
ease as readily as can outsiders.
The following is the report for
the first six weeks of school:
Total enrollment for first six
Grades 1 to 8————804
High School „„„—--106
Total „.iL —410
Number of days taught 80
Average daily attendance:
Grades 278.3
High School 96.6
who have an average of at least
bei Werdahl, Esther Helvig, Su-
Gladys Jorgenson, Helena Lan
ded«, Miliss Caffa.
6 th Grade—Ada Allingham.
Nila Jackson, Rosa Trautner.
7th A Grade—Rosa Weis, Ha
zel Jackson, Gladys Schindler.
7th Grade—Ethel Marvick,
Mary Thomas.
8th Grade—Lucy Allingham,
Ruby Arrowsmith, Selma Chris
tenson, Inga Hagen, Margaret
Koepke, Albert Fowler, Elaine
Mossman, Earl Mahoney, Anna
Rice, Beatrice Stavig, Alice
Swanberg, Minerva Torvik, Roy
The Official Totals
Following we give the official
totals in Roberts county:
Presidential Electors: Douthit
Rep., 1259 Waggoner, Rep., 1244
Meehan, Rep., 1249 Gjolme, Rep.
1228, Snyder. Rep.. 1251 Satter
lee, Dem., 1191 Moore, Dem.,
Randall, Dem., 1178 Peck, Dem.,
1181 King, Dem., 1147 Castle,
Soc., 187 Hammel, Soc., 179
Huettner, Soc., 171 Stair, Soc.,
171 Haskins, Soc., 166 Hupp,
Pro., 32 Lewis, Pro., 36 Rude,:
Pro.. 36 Miller, Pro., 37.
Representative Congress:
Johnson, Rep., 1334 Batter ton,
Dem., 1112 Atwood, Soc., 224
Clendening, Pro., 37.
State Officers
Governor: Norbeck, Rep., 1499
Rinehart, Defn., 886 Fairchild,
Soc., 176 Thompson, Pro., 42.
Lieut. Governor: McMaster,
Rep., 1394 Anderson, Dem., 927
Ware, Soc., 175 Worth, pro., 42.
Secretary of State: Rood,Rep.,
1469 Bird, Dem., 811 Huck, Soc.,
182 Allinson, Pro., 42.
Attorney General: Caldwell,
Rep., 1473 Conry, Dem., 808 De
Arment, Soc., 173.
State Auditor: Handlin, Rep.,
1427 Gunderson. Dem., 891 Mc
Donald, Soc., 176 Burns, Pro.,
State Treasurer: Helgerson,
Rep., 1479 Fergen, Dem.. 810
Strohmeier, Soc., 179 Williams,
Pro., 40.
Commissioner of School and
And we are prepared to fill your
every want in stoves of all sizes and
description both new and second-hand
at prices that are actually low.
Radiant Home Heaters
I lie Radiant Home Double Heaters are thoroughly
well made and mounted. They arc heavy, massive,
substantial, durable and clean. There is no escape
of dust or ashes when you clean the grate. They
maintain for hours an even, steady, continuous heat
tequirc but little attention—arc economical in con
sumption of fuel. The illumination, both upper
and lower, is not excelled by any. To sum up, the
Radiant Home
ily of Base Burners.
Stands at the Head of the fam-c
THOS. THOMPSON, Sisseton, 8. D.
I'crcent'1!)!' 11 lend -in co~~ Llll',''c Knijjhl, Rep..
1527 Commissioner, 1st Dist.: Feter,
96.8 School 95 1 ni ^ep.,^4 Mead, Den.. 176 Han-
It will be seen by the above Supt. of Public Instruction: i^Commissioner Ith Dist (inn.
that the attendance is below Lugg, ltep., 1430 Chamberlain, bois, Rep., 251 Lcveisee Dem
what it should be for this time Dein., S45: Knowlos, Soc., 171 282 Shictl, Soc„ l(i.
ol the year. Parents are urged Hendrickson, l'ro.. -10. I Commissioner 4th Dist.:
to make a spccial effort to secure Railroad Com missioner: Wells tern Ind 6*^
attendance of the child EVERY Rep.. 1386 Boe. Dem., 92(1 Geer! County" Justices: Molander.
the school year. The hoc., 164 Grotte, Pro. 32. 'Rep., 1485 Swedlund, Rep.. 1453
course of study presupposes the County Officers
attendance of every child every State Senator: Marvick, Rep., 7(52: Kuek, Soc., 159 Payne Soc.
day. A day lost can never be en- -*-«5o4 Mel by, Dem., 1061 Berg, 153
Urehr made up. Soc .185. Constables: Dahlman. Dem.,
The Honor Roll for the month Representatives: Eggen, Rep., 929 Renville, Dem.. 894.
(consisting of those whose stu- hyendcr, Rep., i536 Mo, Amendments to Constitution
dies average 90 percent, or over, lyr,1!''
as follows: Treasurer: Lien. Rep.. 1498 10!?.
1st Grade—Bernice Peterson, jGJ'Tini Dem., 952: Moe, Soc.154. (Rural Credits): Yes,
Otis Dahl, Zoe Lukanitsch, Mil-:c
-Esther Ellison. ®h,eri"': ^McGcLe„.
Gottfred Nelson, Cora Overberge ?eisd®!'^-
KnaPP' Soc- 178-
sie Herges, Myrtle Carlson. Clerk of Courts: Nelson, Rep.,! No. 9 (State Officers' Salaries)
1th Grade—Max Aker, John 1646 Crocker, Dem., 744 Moe, Ves, 7i2 No, 1259.
Atwood, Ruth Arrowsmith,Grant jSoc., 165. Referred Laws
McGee. Eva Opsal.Tharsilla Plut, Supt. of Schools: Thomns, Rep No. 1 (Primary Election Law):
Rosa Theis. 1587 Snyder. Dem., 819 Lynd. Yes, 1161 No, 934.
5th Grade—Hazel Helvig, Soc., 165. No. 2 (Liquor License Elec-
Solid Comfort
Dem.. 834 No. 1 (for good roads): Yes.
Dem.^ 824 Wen.schlag, 1711: No. 550.
90 percent, in deportment, and ™n",751(,ol'sucl1- Soc., 148 No. 2 (Irrigation): Yes. 1211
who have been neither absent tJurady, Soc., 168: Parker, Soc., No, S22.
nor tardy for the six weeks) is.
«'chert. Rep., 1518 1209 74K.
ton Stavig, Esther Thomas, Vio- ^®ve,n4,^,n' Dem., 816 Stauffer,: No. 5 (Constitutional Con veil
let Payne.
2nd Grade
Soc., 175.
Dem 721
Laura Tornes. Raymond Weis, No. 7 (Prohibition):
Alice Werdahl. Register of Deeds: Swanberg. 1350 No, 1046.
3rd Grade—Frances Mead, Ma-
Renville, Dem.. 734 Nissen, Dem..
I i\. (Taxes): Yv.s 897: No.
tion): Yes. 760 No, 1089.
1720:1 No. 6 (Woman Suffrage): Yes.
Morehead. 1.152 No 1082.
^leason, Dem., 725 No. 8 (Leasing
Lands): Yes. 806 No, 1129.
States Attorney: Jorgenson, tions): Yes, 1014 No, 1019.
Rep., 1510 Bunde, Dem., 1005. No. 3 (Ranking Law): Yes,
County Judge: Knight, Rep.. ,901 No, 991.
1761 Noble, Dem., 682. No.
Coroner: Pearson, Rep., 1526 Yes, 968 No, 951.
Iaiker, Dem., 770 Still, Soc., 184. No. 5 (Five-Sixths Jury): Yes,
Surveyor: Hartge, Rep., 1607.
I» what you want and what you need after
the day's work and supper are over, and
the evening at home is before you. It Is
what you will have, too, when
IV© Furnish Your Living Room
h" lounges, library tables,
lamp«, bookcase«, easy chain and similar furnishings
whkdi we seO win satisfy the roost discriminating
tone»» at the most reasonable price«. We will
A» to you when you come in to
°"r Word a Guaranty of Honnt Vaiui
Picture Framing and Repairs.
fState Banking Board):
No, 992.

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