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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 24, 1916, Image 8

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Buck Attacke Cettl«.

Officers Directed to Take Up En
tire Question.
All United States Army Observer» Hive
Been Under Instruction* to Make
Careful Survey of Military Policies of
Belligerents—Mobilization of Nation
al Guard Will Be Considered.
New York.—The war college has
been directed to make a new staflv of
"a proper military policy for the Unit
ed States." In this study the problem
ok securing (rained meu In the event of
war will be considered, and therefore
uh a consequence the war college will
report on the merits of the volunteer
hud universal military service systems.
It Is understood that the war college
will lake Into consideration the events
of the European war. All the United
States army observers have been un
iler Instructions to make a careful
study of the military policies of the
belligerents. Most of these reports
have been received lit the war college
and are now being reviewed. Not only
will the question as to the ability of a
nation to raise soldiers under the two
systems be gone Into, but also the rel
atlve effectiveness of volunteer and
compulsory service troops, according
to an editorial Iii the Army and Navy
"The mobilization of the national
2 guard w!ll also lie studied by the war
college," aaya the writer, "as will other
experiences of this country In raising
volunteer tromm rsuiNter
Dr. C. Williams
,. & Graduate Veterinarian
Chtcag«. Vet. Coll. I89I
OftV'ie Huone7l Vhom*27
Sisseton, S. I).
__ Chiropractor
'jn^MLfcave ir«i everything uini t'uilnd
JlSraliji.r-trv Chiropractor spinnt)
M)rnie ml eel well. Olttc'r In Swed
»Wellrtlnil uro. sie is a, ni. end

gp|j||Vied .v o? Night
[cm Ikis so liiiiny acknowledged weak
iiesscs I'loin ii military standpoint that
there is little question as to wlutt the
report of the war Ollcue will lie. The
report, however, will lie of inestimable
vultie in the consideration of this ipies
tion tiv congress nt the approaching
"it is presumed that Chairman Cham
lieriain of the senate committee on mil
itary affairs will carry out his plan of
taking up his Mil in the senate com
mittee at the approaching session. Uni
versal military training will be a live
subject when congress convenes in De
Uncle Seizes Little Boy Toddling To
ward the Wild Animal. I
Leavenworth. Wash.—A little three
year-old boy running toward a big
brown bear caused quick action on the
part of William Peopmeller. a Chum
stick rancher, the other day.
Mr. Peopmeller was loading a car of
wood at the siding, and his little ncph
ew was playing about the car when
Mr i'eopmellcr was attracted by his
two dogs harking In the underbrush
about 1U0 feet distant.
Fie observed the hear coming out of
The big eat attempted to leap through
a sixteen foot flywheel while It was
making seventy-one revolutions per
minute, but was caught In the wheel
and held fur twenty minutes when the
engine was stopped.
During the ride the cat traveled 68,100
feet, or twelve and three-fourths miles
He was picked up as dead, but one
hour later nte a heavy nieai.
Family Zoo Routs Police«
Sioux City. Iii. When a police raid
Ing squad entered the cellar of the M.
Urbeck residence here a goat charged
viciously and drove the men out In
disorder. When they sought to ex
amine a pile of bay lit the back yard
for hidden lienor an angry bull routed
them then the f:«mlly watch dug bit
a chunk out of a policeman's hand
when an attempt was niadv to arrest
Mrs. Urbeck. Ite-enVorceuients arrlv
•Ing, the household was finally sub
fined and the animals were Impounded,
Remarkable Feat by Mate, Engineer
and Fireman of Vigilant.
London.—One of the most extraordi
nary voyages ever made across the At
lantic has Just been completed by the
Vigilant, a little American tug belong
ing to New York and bound from St
John's, N. F., for Cardiff. Two days
out from St. John's the Vigilant expe
rlenced torrlfle weather, and on the
fifth day alio sent SOS calls, the cap
tain fearing she would founder. The
Holland-American liner Ityndnm pick
ed up the signals and proceeded to her
The captain end twelve of the tug'*'
crew were taken off by the Ryndarn.
which was bound for i'nttenlam. but
three men refused to leave. They were
the second mate, Robert Ferguson, a
Scot: the third engineer, Thomas
Walsh, en Irishman, amf an American,
•lohn Smith, a 11 reman
Taking control of the tug. these three
men-overcame trewendnu* difficulties
ami actually euccet-iled In bringing her
wlthlnslglit of the Irish const, where
iftSJEJJ pV-lted in» by a P'-'tlnh p*
trul vessel, l-orguson was locked i:i
the wheeliiousc and the other two in
the engine room The terrible weather
prevented them moving, anil they re
maitied at their posts for lifty hours
without food, water or sleep. Several
parts of the tug were smashed in the
galt», including the shaft of the dynamo
in the engine room. This caused the
tug to be in total darkness li.v night
and ad,ted to the horrors of the situa
The taking off of the crew of the
Vigilant by the Ityndam was reported
by cable from Rotterdam.
Mrs. Lovejoy First to Apply Under
Recently Enacted Ashbrook
Pension Law.
Newark, O.—Mrs. Mary A. Lovejoy.
who Is 1(10 years old. Is the tlrst wo- I
man In the l.'nited States to apply for a
pension under the recently enacted
Ashbrook pension law.
the canyon and also saw the child go
ing to meet It. The child had uot seen
the animal, but wa« going over to
«•here the dogs were. Mr. Peopmeller
reached the child and. with it under
his arm. ran a short distance to the
house and got his rifle, lie got a few
shots at the animal before It again en
tered the brush, but failed to hit it.
Picked Up For Dead, but Recovered In
Short Time.
Sheboygan. Wis.—Tom, the big pet
vat of the woodmen in a mill here,
had most unusual joy ride and es
-raped with his life, or one of them.
Mrs. Lovejoy Is the widow of the late
Samuel IV Lovejoy and was born on
Oct. 20, 181(1. at Frederick. Md„ the
borne of Barbara Frietchle of civil
war fame. Of her ten children four
are living. They are Mrs. Elizabeth
Kochendorfcr, Perry and .lames Love
joy of tills city and George Lovejoy of
Bellalre. She lias been a resident of
this eity for sixty-seven years A year
ago she fell and dislocated her hip. and
there was apparently no hope for her
recovery, but she rallied and Is able
now to walk any place she wants to go.
She has remarkable appetite. Of
ten at a single meal she cats three
eggs, four slices of bread, a pound of
meat and a pint and a half of coffee,
wltli other things In the same propor
Fifteen years ago she became deaf,
and the sight left her right eye at the
same time, but she has never worn
spectacles and can see to read ordinary
print wltli her good eye Just as well as
ever she could.
Hearing of Wickedness In City, Girl
Carries Revolver.
Appleton, Wis.—"Up home most of
the people carry revolvers, and I
thought I had better take one with me
when I came to Appleton. It is dan
gerous in the big cities, they told me,
and I wanted to be safe." 1
Tills was the excuse given by 11 young
woman from Norway. Mich., who
caused a mild panic 011 a street car
here when a big revolver which she
carried In handbag dropped to the
floor of the car. The girl stooped and
hastily picked up the weapon, placing
it in her handbag, but the conductor.
who saw her, fearing trouble, called a
I policeman. Investigation showed that
the girl wanted work, and she was
turned over to the civic relief lieiul of
the city.
Dentist Treate Pet Feline With Com
plete Sueeese.
Lynn, Mass.-"Snoodlee," the six
months-old pet cat of Dr. Fred Bettle
of Holbrook, assistant in the dental
laboratory of Mayor John S. Bnrbank,
Is sporting a gold crown Iti Nie lower
cuspid of the right Jaw.
Half Angora and half Maltese.
••Snoodlea" broke the top of her tooth
and had been much troubled by It. Dr.
Bettle waa taken with the Idea of
making au Impression In wax and soon
had the gold crown ready. The cat
submitted to the operation without
protest and evinced Interest only when
the cementing process took place by
licking the cement
Altoona, Pa.—A four pronged bock
has been annoying cattle 00 farm» to
Frankstown township. was tost
awn *t tfe» bgahaw term, wbei» It
^rTlL*r. "S'-' "S'* V-ly
The prices will be higher that week than at any other time of
the year.
mingled with the herd me iiarnyani
When the kine objected to this intru
sion the an tiered monan-h gored sev
eral of them silently and disappeared
in the mountains. A day later the
buck joined the cattle in a Held of the
I'll Moore farm and after an encounter
with them was driven oil" with dilli
culty. lie did not seem to be In »he
least tlv '1
King's Brother Begins Hygiene
Study at Harvard.
Lieutenant In Navy, He Says Saving
of Life le More to His Taste Than
Taking It—Deelare» That He Would
Rather Build Hospitals Than War
Cambridge, Mass.—Mahlltlo, prince
of Sougkia, brother of Vajiravudh, king
of Slam, has begun Iiis studies at
Harvard university and the Massachu
setts institute of Technology, which
will gain him a certificate In public
health. Preventive medicine and hy
giene and sanitary engineering will be
his chief studies. The prince is Slight
ly built, gentle In manners anil speech
Photo by American Vrees Association.
and twenty-four years old. lie has
been a student ten years In England
aud Germany. His brother, the king,
visited this country as crown prince.
1 "I came here because 1 believe 1 can
learu more here," said Prince Maiilldo.
"I am 11 lieutenant in the navy, now
on reserve, but saving life is more to
my taste than taking it. 1 would
rather build hospitals than warships.
have chosen the study of hygiene
because I think It will give me the
widest opportunity to be useful."
The prince described his vision of a
new Slum, to be realized, perhaps, In
fifty years. Then the Siamese govern
ment will seriously concern Itself with
the public health, the care of the body
will be taught In the public schools.
I «anltaVy living made compulsory, pre
ventable diseases really prevented, un
lit marriages made Impossible and the
sale of rice liquor, a state monopoly,
greatly restricted.
When Called to Their Attention They
Politely Refused to Take It
Philadelphia. Confronted by .wo
men armed with revolvers on a dark
stretch of City Line road near West
Overbrook station, Hsverfoid town
ship, Dr. C. W Xeatlng of Wawa
jannnsJ iue tmkeg et
mobile and stopped. Iiis wife and
mother were in the machine. When
Hr. Keating told the llavvrl'ord town
Miip police about it later he said they
were "very gentlemanly highway
"(«ft down out of there," they said
to him. ".No, not thf ladies, just you.
and keep your hands way up ill the
air. ThaiiK you."
Olio man searched Dr. Keating and
round "Don't you want my watch
loo?" he asked when they waved him
back to his car.
"(Hi, no. thank you," was the reply
"AH we want is money, liurry away
Interne Sets Leg In Splinte, Now Pet
of the NuretS.
Madison, Wis.—A little stray terrier
Tel! under a street car. One hind leg
was broken, 11 ml after the quick howl
and three legged scurry of the first
fright the little dog dragged itself sad
eyed and trembling down piist the Gen
era! hospital.
A nurse touched at the slgut brought
it In. A11 interne joked good humored
i.v at. the nurse's pity, but lie set the leg
in splints. The little terrier was fed
and petted until now his broken leg is
healed and nearly as good as ever.
But the Utile stray terrier has made
the hospital ills home. He refuses to
leave now the cure is accomplished, so
the staff adopted him, aud lie wags
welcome to all the patients and stir
geons as they reach the front porch.
Alien Residente to Be Taught English
et Night Classes.
Bayou lie, N. .I.-In an effort to Amer
icanize tills city Preston II. Smith, su
perintendent of schools here, will In
stitute this fall and winter night
classes for the instruction of Its popu
lation in the English language. Of Its
70.(100 Inhabitants llayonne has Hö.OlX)
who speak foreign tongue:-.
If these can lie Induced to adopt the
language of the republic Mr. Smith lie
Moves that it will be better for busi
ness. better for education and much
better in case of strikes. As lie point
ed out. when one side In a labor dis
pute does its arguing In a speech in
comprehensible to the other side there
Is 110t much chance of a satisfactory
Financier Some Farmer Too.
XVInsted. Connecticut farmers tnnst
take off their hats to George B. Case
of Wall street. New York, who has
grown 1111 his estate in Norfolk one of
the liest crops of corn ever raised In
the state. Here Is what I lie crop cost
him: Cost of plowing three and a half
acres. $25: cost of phosphate. $40: cost
of planting. $5 cost of cultivation. $.'10
cost of lime. $12.00 total, $112.00. Esti
mated yield of corn. 000 bushels, worth
Why We Muet Take Care of Castoff
Tin Cans.
In connection wiiii one health do
partment campaign for the elimination
of the mosquito It has been suggested
that every housewife should punch a
hole In the bottom of a tin can after
the contents have been removed and
before throwing it into the rubbish
heap. The family tack hammer or lee
pick may be used .salbfu torlly to
punch tins hole. In the opinion of on0
I expert this practice would prevent lots
I of mosquito breeding which is now go
lug on in empty tin cans, which collect
stagnant water.
1 It la stated on authority that a tin
can half filled with stagnant water
1 will easily breed over 200 mosquitoes.
Old bottles and broken crockery are
also a prolific source of mosquito
In many towns and cities the small
boys have been put at the task of
punching holes in all discarded tin
cans In back yards and vacant lots
end smashing all old bottles and
broken crockery found on the rebbliib
Regular services nt 10:30
Sunday School ruui !!i!ie study
at 11:45
Luther League at 6 45
The Ladies Aid will meet with
Mrs. A. Bendiclisou, Wednesday,
Nov. 29.
U. ti. Hangen ok Redfield will
deliver his famous Norwegian lec
ture '"Ue Syv Sjevle" at Sisseton
Opera House Tuesday evening Nov
28 Admission 25c. He will
speak at the ticaudia en urch at
10:30 Wednesday, at Lakeview
church 2:30, at Sisseton Lutheran
church Thursday 10:30. Saron
church at 2:30.
The Luther League members
ate preparing a musical aud liter
ary program to be given at the
church Thanksgiving evening at
8 o'clock. All are welcome.
South Dekotan Chaeee Animal Six Mile»
Before Capturing It.
Slim Butte, S. D.—Wltli a high pow
ered automobile John liainey of Ilapid
City ran down and captured a mature
antelope alive. The animal was graz
ing at the roadside when ltalney
vlianced upon it. Rainey put on the
power, and the animal, too frightened
to think about leaving the road, sped
on for six miles, with the machine In
close pursuit..
Unable longer to endure the fifty
miles an hour clip, the antelope sank
exhausted in the road. Nainey step
ped from the car and bound Its legs
securely with a rope he had in the
Know It Well
Familiar Features Well Known to
Hundreds of Sisseton Citizens
A familial- bunion in many a
The burden of a "bud back."
I A lame, a weak or an aching back
Often tell you of kidney ills.
Doan's Kidney Villsaro lor weak
Here is a good testimony to prove
Mrs. .Johannes (Jurlson, WobJ
stet', S. 11., says: "1 had severe
attacks of kidney complaint.
There were pains ill my back
fin! my kidneys wore very weak.
D.rtn's ivuine.v Pills have always
viil me ol attacks 0! the trouble
in a .-I10rl, time. The.v are cer
Mainly worthy ol the high en
Price "tUti at alt dealers. Don't
simply ask lor a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills—the
same Mrs. Carlson had. Jooster
Milbtirn (.'o., Props., Buffalo,
N. Y.
Du ram
Butter, lb
Eggs, do?.
The Comfortable Home
is one essential to happiness in life. Make
your dwelling place as inviting as your
means will permit
will meet your desires, whatever they are. ..
would be hard to surpass in quality the de
sign, coloring, finish and workmanship which
give distinction to the easy chairs, daven
ports, reading tables and other living room
furniture we display. Come and inspect the
stock. Fair prices and courtesy assured.
Our Word is a Guaranty of Honmat Voluos
Picture Framing and Repairs.

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