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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 01, 1916, Image 2

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Kv Waller L. Johnson
Officiil Paper
various articles ol 10011 by the
government exactlv as ha
been done in manv of 11n•
war countries. ('ongrc-.-ioiial
support is a I read forthcom­
ing. and il likelv that the
issue of the high co-t of Iiv
ing will be an important one
when cnngri'ss meets in I e-
The li\e purpo-es
I mbargo League arc
as follows:
To make a thorough
vcstigation ol the cause
the high cost of living
ol County and Cityw
The Embargo League
ling tin* rounds nliout thv pur-
Subscription jil.50 Per car. jciiasi' of produce in tlu- fields
wliicli \v is later ]eriiiilt(!(l to
To secure by national legis- All law-abiding people,
lalion a federal commission whether they favored prohibi­
ting shall investigate, audition or opposed it. are alike
make puhitc, the cost of pro-! interested in the enactment
duction ok foodstuffs and that of a law that can be enforced
«ball have the power to tix a for an un'onforced prohibition
maximum market price of
various articles of food.
To secure such further leg
islation by municipal, state
We prefer to give quality 1
X'Vttp Prime* Altert mry
is sold
imßßx fd 6sf«i Scs tidywd
tikisfc/JOe AohAome pound
+nd tin ha mi
that eorkinm fin*
i"h—p9 tAe 'lefceeee
i„ „.-.in-1.. i.oosui.c pri.-c
of I nit remained about the
'dumping of potatoes and tur-
nips and r.ibkige into the
Kadi -aI indeed are tin- ver. and ahont the storage of
posals put forward by the Km of I
bargo League winch I.a- l'w,i'
temporarilv osgani/ed a' Min- ,,,
neapolis and which will meet
on 11 to fourth of I»eeeinber
for permanent organization.
Among other things the |a-
g'.ie proposes to -ecure from
congress an embargo on food­
stuffs until the end of the
war in Kurope and the lixiug
of the maximum price on
ans which
while the
W'het her
pi Ire a I a lice-.
ci ihgres- can anything is
yet uncertain. The embargo
!.- a dangerous weap"11 it is a
two edged -word an
often cut- tiie 11 a
swings ii. l',nt mile
relief eonie-. the llliddl
and I lie poorer people are go
ing to have a hard winter of
it with all the necessii ies ol
life at the very top price and
bevoiid the reach ot the man
of -mall income. A long this
path lies much danger. Ar­
gil- Leader. ,-
The Prohibition Law
The little fur' which swept
ver the state about the in­
stated I vocation of the referendum
on the prohibition law ti 1 be
1 n-
ena-teil I iv the legislature
if ibis winter has ipueted down.
There seems to be no likeli-
To carry on an educational hood that the saloon interests
a id publicity campaign rela-i will seek to invoke the refer
live to such causes and facts endum, in order to secure a
and arrange for concerted cf- two years' delay, nor is at
fort on the part of the people all likely that the •movement
toward reduction. be successful if under-
To secure during the Fain 1- taken.
pean war, an embargo upon Interest now centers on the
the foodstuffs of A meriea. kind of a law to be enacted.
,-tatue is a bad thing for a
state as South Dakota learned
once before.
In all the states where pro-
and national authorities, as| hihition prevail*, the chief
investigation shall show news-1 troubles are with bootleggers,
as you never thought
could be is yours to
command quick as
you buy some Prince
Albert and fire-up a
pipe or a home-made
cigarette 1
Prince Albert gives
you every tobacco sat
isfaction your smoke
appetite ever hankered
for. That's because
it's made by a patented
process that cuts out
bite and parch! Prince Albert has always
been sold without coupons or premiums.
the national joy amoke
has a flavor as different as it is delightful You never tasted the like of it/
And that isn't strange, either.
Men who think they can't smoke a pipe or roll a ciga
rette can amoke and will amoke if they use Prince
and speak easics, the drug
stores, and the shipments into
the state from outside wet
territory for private consump­
tion. The open saloon dis
appears automatically on the
first of next July. 11 is now
the duty of the legislature t"
pa-.- a law so, stringent as to
guarantee that ii- place shall
not be taken bv something
The next step is for the
people to take—the election
of otlicials who will enforce
the law. That means espec­
ially tlie election of the right
kind of a .-talc's attorney,
the right kind t»f a sheriff,
and the right kind of mayor
in cities. The people of this
-täte ha\e spoken in favor of
prohibition and it should now
be the part of all good citizens
to aid in the passage of the
right kind of a law and in the
election of the right kind of
officials to enforce it.
I on't poke fun at the boy
who comes in from the fork.-,
of the creek, with seed in
Iiis hair and in 11
his face, patches on the north
department of his pants, and
just one gal his on, says an
exchange. He may look seedy
now, but ten years from now
lie may be president of some
bank, pastor of some church,
judge of some court or physic
al] to some people. .1 list be­
cause a boy lives in town,
wears two kinds of socks,
parts his hair in the middle
sucks at a cigarette, curls his
hair on his mother's curling
tongs, and had a dad
dy with spondulix to burn,
that is 110 sign that he is go
ing to run this country in the
future. We'll put our money
on the sound, sane and sen­
sible boy from the forks of the
Corn Wanted —We are in the
market for all the corn you have to
sell. Good prices.
you will read: Pro*
CCH Patented July
30th. 1907." which
has made tnree men
•moke pipe» where
Albert. And smokers who have not yet given P. A. a try
out certainly have a big surprise and a lot of enjoyment
coming their way as soon as they invest in a supply.
Prince Albert tobacco will tell its own story!
R. i. REYNOLDS TUbALLO CO, Winston-Salem, N.
I I i'uji e.
Sisseton Feed Mill
Turkeys, live, fat 16c per pound
Turkeys, thin 11c
Spring Chickens 11c
Hens, heavy 10c
Hens, light 8
Sisseton, November 13, 1916.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment,
members present, W Metealf, M.
Sat em and Sam Satre. Bills
allowed and rejected as follows:
Knut Walstad, general election ex
pense Norway Twp. S.34 VO
Paul Seivert, general elec
tion expense Grant Twp.
O Strand, general elec
tion expense, Wilmot
N A Akerson general elec
tion expense White Rock
Hanson, general elec
tion expense Dry Wood
Lake Twp
II Johnson geueial elec
tion expense Geneseo
24 00
.34 00
Nels Peterson, general elec
tion expense Long Hol
low Twp.
O Caliper, general elec
tion expense Claire City
S A Knight, general elec
tion expense Lawrence
25 50!
Robtrt Kielman, general
election expense Lee Twp
Will Rem und, general elec
tion expense Lake Twp.
25 90
35 20
Sheldon, general elec
tion expense Harmon
34 80
Erickson, general elec
tion expense Spring
Grove Township
Leo Allen, general election
expense Becker Twp
John Kelley general elec
tion expense One Road
Knut Tasa general election
expense Hart Twp
36 00
34 00
22 20
24 30
Nelson general election
expense Ortley Twp
Doberstein general elec
tion expense Lien Twp
Abraham Erickson general
election expense Agency
29 30
35 00
32 00
O Thorsgaard general
election expense Ortley
Anton Hocke general elec
tion expense Lockwood
29 30
Gravdahl general elec
tion expense Enterprise
Cortelyou general elec
tion expense Sisseton
Cash for Your Poultry!
Cash for Your Poultry!
We quote the following prices for this week and next week:
We have opened this cash produce market at Sisseton, and we
will be in the market every day in the week to buy the above com
Remember we will be in the market to buy fur as soon as the
für season open up.
We would advise the farmers not to sell their turkeys until they
get fat, as we are looking for a higher turkey market in December,
than we have at present.
When in Sisseton come in and see us, in the Tower Building,
opposite the Sisseton Standard office.
Arnold Leuthgard, Local Manager
37 20
31 Sd
37 20
IK E Dudeck general elec
tion expense Peever Citv 32 00
O Radde general election
expense White Rock 38 60!
W W Horr general election
expense Garfield Twp 35 40
Clias Lind general election
exbense Summit Twp 36 00
John Anderson general elec I
tion expense Easter Twp 32 40
O A Torvick general elec
tion expense Sisseton T. 30 00
Ole 1st ad general elec
tion expense Minnesota
Twp. 33 0U
H. D. Massingham, gener-:
al election expense Sis
seton 2nd ward 30 00
John Meland general elec
tion expense Bossco Twp 24 30
John Spackmau general clec
tion expense: Sisseton 3rd
ward 30 (O
Tore Bredvick general elec
tion expense New Et
fing ton 34 20
Hans Leen general election
expense Victor 27 50
James Granbois general
election expense Rosholt 35 80
Oscar Mickleson general
election expense Alto
Township 30 00
Otto Johnson general elec
tion expense Bryant
Two 25 30
John Ecklund general elec
tion expense Springdale
Twp 27.50
B. F. Wilsoii general elec
tion expense Summit town 35.75
Iver N. Hägen general elec
tion expense Goodwill twp. 31.00
On motion Board adjourned un
til 9 o'clock November 14th.
Board met as per adjournment,
members present, W. R. Metcalf,
S. M. Satre, M. Satern and
Albert Herried. Bills allowed aqd
30 00 (Continued on page 5.)
27 30
32 00
Ducks 9c per pound
Geese 9c
Old Roosters 7c
Hides 18c
Skunks $1.25 to $2.50 Muskrats 15c to 35c
Dealer in
Dress and Work Shoes for Men, Wo
men and Children.
Up to date Repair Shop in connection.
Auto Livery
There are many little tricks em
ployed by good meat buyers in
judging quality. And we are
perfectly willing to share our
secrets with you.
We buy only the best, but we
want you to know right at the
time of your purchase that you
are getting what you want.
And our prices are right, too.
Dodge and Ford cars al
ways "on tap" ready for
business. Have been here
twenty years and know
the roads.
Prices Guaranteed to be Right

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