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«ERRE, s.
Vol. 24
Great Comet On Its Way
We will see next spring a great
heavenly phenomenon a mighty
comet blazing forth night after
night with its tail sweeping an
imiuence arc through the heavens,
a sotnee of terror to the super
stitious and of intense interest to
We may hear again as we did
when Halleys comet returned in
1910, that Chinese mobs will at
tempt to frighten away the uncanny
visitor with flaming torches and
savage'races falling on their knees
in gibbering prayer ti the suppos
ed deity.
We may even have absurd scares
among usually well balanced peo
pie who believe the tail of the
comet will sweep the surface of
Mother Earth with devastating
effect. The tenuous nature of all
comets renders them a source of
minor danger, as astronomers agree
and we have little to fear from the
vast mass of nebulous material,
even thougn enveloped in it.
"Comet 1916" is the name of
the stranger. It is so called de
cause it was the second comet dis
covered this year. Professor
Wolf of Koenigstuhl, detected the
rushing body's faint picture oil
the photographic plate last April
and proceeded to telegraph the
news to observatories all over the
world with great joy.
The statement that the new
comet will be a monster rests
principally on the fact that it was
discovered when fully 400,000,000
miles from the earth, just within
the orbit of the great planet Jupiter.
All comets increase greatly in
apparent size and brilliancy as they
approach the sun. If such proves
io be the case this time, "Comet
1916'' should make a great
It is useless to go out and look
for the comet tonight, as it is no
on the other side of the sun, whose
greater luminance conceals it.
liartii, sun and comet have just
passed conjunction, as the state
is called when the three bodies are
ill line.
From now until May, however coll
ditious'will become increasingly
favorable for observations. In a
few mouths the comet should be
visible to the naked eye in a certain
parts of the earth.
At present the comet is ap
proaching the earth at a rate of
more than 1,000,000 miles a day
but not in a direct line. In the
month of December ils distance
from the earth decreased nearly
50,000,000 miles, astronomers cal
it is now situated in tue sky just
north of the constellation Libra and
about 15 degrees northwest of the
upper end of Scorpion. These
constellations appear in the early
morning hours just preceding sun
On January 1
the comet was still
more than 300,000,0001uiiles away.
Its nearest approach to the sun is
due next June. The path of the
comet has not yet been accurately
plotted but dozens of astronomers
ate working on it with complex
tables and extensive mathematical
While comets which make a
name for themselves are few, the
telescope records a large number
Sn of them are old friend
paying us an other visit. These
are called pel iodic comets.
arrived more or
••Sit- -Tis?/ -~ur
sun or not. Some of them appear
to have™parabolic orbits and flv off
into space never to see the solar
system again. Hut their supposed
parabolic orbits may simply be
elliptical orbits of such great size
that the few observations which
can be made of them do not dis
close their elliptical character.
But there are many comets
known to be permanent members
of the solar system. They ac
company the sun and its planets
oil its onward journey through
space. While the orbits of the
planets are nearly circular, all
comets fly alone in great drawn
out ellipses.
Some planets are satellites of
the larger planets and fly about
these cold bodies instead of around
the sun. If a comet happens to
come close to a major planet oil
its journey toward the sun it may
be "captured'' and from then on
have its orbit permanently changed
Jupiter is known to have quite a
large family of captured planets.
The comet with the shortest
known period is Encke's. This
comet never gets further from the
sun than inside the orbit of Jupiter
Hal ley's comet which created the
sensation in 1910. has the longest
period of all the comets classed as
periodic. All the great conspicuous
comets are of the nonperiodic class
that is they are not certainly
known to return to the sun regular
Water Takes Place Of -Gas.
Considerable interest was creat
ed Wednesday afternoon in this
city when Professor Carl Yager
gave a demonstration of a new
chemical, that when mixed with
water, will replace gasoline for
combustion engine purposes.
The demonstration was given at
the Park garage and local automo
bile owners were all on hand to
see what the chemical would do.
M. K. Russell, the lady who re
cently bought Bonanza Grove up
the lake was with the professor
and drove the ca that the test was
made with. Owing io the fact,
that the chemist is of German de
cent and could not do justice in ex
plaining the working the chemi
cal, auolher demonstration will be
given ill the near future.
The mixture that was used in
the demonstration yesterday was
in liquid form, but at the next
demonstration he will use the con
densed christal powder. When the
chemical, is placed oil the market,
it will be possible to carry enough
it is claimed, in the tool box of the
car to make 100 gallons.
Mr. Yager has been wot king on
this chemical for the past four
years, and it is only recently that
he has given demonstrations. The
intention was to use the powder
form yesterday, but owing to the
fact that several demonstrations
were given in the cities where a
number of prominent men are
backing the chemist, he did not
have sufficient amount of the powd
er with him.—Ortonville Journal.
Last Wednesday night Klmer
Kegley, who has been employed
on the Curtiss ranch for some
time drove into town and sold to
different people a beef, selling it
by the quarter, and at almost any
price he cotiid get for it. The con
dition of the meal and the manner
and time of disposal made it Ionic
They suspicious, and Mr. Curtiss and
less on schedule others made an investigation, find-
time. Their periods of journey ling the remains of tin- animal tin
about the sun are in some cases! der the hay in one of the feed barns
hundreds or thousands of years in Ion the ranch.- A warrant was
length. Douati's great comet of issued, and he was taken before
1858 takes 2,000 years to return
to the same spot after its journey
over a greatly elongated ellipse.
Astronomers have not decided
-whether all comets return to
Pierre, S. I)., Jan. 17, 1917.
Sisseton Standard:
The first resolution for a consti
tutional amendment lor this session
was offered by Hall of Lyman,
who wants the constitution amend
ed to exempt from taxation farm
improvements not to exceed three
thousand dollars upon any one
farm. This he regards as one of
the necessities toward practical
carrying out of his rural credits
plan through a state land bank.
Hut there will be several others,
the resolution to again submit
equal suffrage goes in this week
and the resolution for classifica
tion of property for taxation pur
poses, will be again presented.
The Richards primary promises
to come back as ail issue as Rich
ards is again circulating petitions
to initiate his law to be voted up
on at the next general election.
Among the senators on the floor
McLean of Bay is always ready to
take his part in any debate which
comes up, and Amsden of Grant is
the one senator member al ./ays
ready to push tree text book legis
lation of which he is a strong advo
cate. iVi arvick ot Roberts is one
of the veterans of the senate, and
his service gives him precedence in
committee selections, and he is
one ol' the strong men of that
branch of the legislature.
Senators McLean, Marvick and
Auisden all got into the tangle on
the floor of the senate this after
noon over the Gunderson motion
to refer portions of the governors
message to committees, Marvick
backing the motion, with McLean
rather opposed, and Atnsdeu in
favor it not taken too seriously,
but handled as in past, referred and
The two houses voted the first
recess for the date from January 17
to January 23, noon each day.
The senstaion of the week was
the Rvander resolution asking for
an investigation of the charge a
gainst Dr. Joins of the state uni
versity, which was started at the
stale educational association meet
ing at Watertown. Jones asked to be
heard, and was invited to appeal­
and lodged in jail. Sunday after- 'every machine sold. It is claimed
the inoon, Mr. Üurtiss discovered the the new machine is a wonder in
ing before the committees and the
livander resolution is being held to
allow anyone who so desires to
appearand prestlit his views oti
the other side of the controversy,
before any report is made.
The resolution providing for em
eritus positions in the state edu
cational institution started things
in the senate Saturday. The
issue was on delay on acting on
the law, and Marvick of Roberts
got into the mix up by his position
that there was no need of haste,
while McLean of Day thought the
matter might lie decided as well
at one time as another, but the
majority of the senate thought the
issue could wait and the bill went
over for action a later date.
were responsible for the charges, collection. He opposed it on
and declare that every act of his ground tliaf in many
is open to inspection and invest!- wife and children of
remains of at least one more
and of course suspicion naturally
pointed to the accused. Monday
morning Kegley went before the
judge and plead guilty of killing
the one but denied all knowledge
of the others. He was given a
term ot 18 months as a reminder
of the error of his ways. He at
once asked for a parole, and after
investigation it was decided that
the sentence .should, at least for a
time, remain as it was. Kegley is
very weil known here having lived
I here for a number of years Lake
Citv Journal.
Mr. John Malm has recently
received a very tempting offer for
his recently acquired- patent oil a
threshing machine, by Canadian
Justice Palmer, pleading not guilty parties. The offer as We under
and his trial set for Tuesdav after
noon, and he was taken to Brit ton
stand it, consists of #50,000.00
spot cash and a royalty of $25 on
Speaker Roberts is showing that
he's the right man in the place, and
the business of the house is not
allowed to drag, hut kept on the
move all the time. Several par
liamentary quirks have been
sprung upon him, but he has been i,OMSe
which has been sprung, and keep
The bill to repeal the act
quiring county treasurers to en
dorse on the back of tax receipts,
the amount paid as state tax started
a long discussion on the floor,
Kaas of Marshal being one
leading advocates of the repeal.
but when the vote was taken it
went down with a thund which
meut that it could never come
back and the county treasurers
will continue to figure out and
show what part of the tax is for
state goverment.
Evaiider of Robert:
a resolution which has for its pur
pose the submission to the jieople
of the issue of striking from the
constitution that provision of the
state constitution which prohibits
the state from engaging in internal
improvmeiits which is b-.ing bum
ped into whenever an attempt is
before the committees of education made to take up public improve
I of the two houses, but asked tor a munts of any character.
hearing before the whole house, Ug&en of Roberts took his first
ami was given an opportunity to opportunity to display hisoiatorical
talk Friday morning on the floor qualifications on the bill which
ol the bouse. The body was not provided for the collection lroin
in session but all seats on he floorj estates of insane persons for their
and most of he gallery was filled,: caie at the asylum where their is
and heard Jones score those who property from which to make the
cases the
ail insane
pation b\ anyone, and that he is' patient needed the income from the house tomorrow promises
ready to stand by anything he has' estate far more than did the county sensation of the session,
done. He was later given a hear-! which was required to pay the S. A.
beef, cleaning grain and will revplntion*
ize the business. IV r. Malm lives
just south west of Rosholt.—Ros
liolt Review. .'
The department of agriculture has
received inquires from sprotsmen
in various parts of the United
States as to the effect of the
ratification of the treaty between
the U. S. and Great Britain in
reference to migratory birds upon
the migratory bird act of 1913 and
the regulations issued thereunder.
In response the department has
made the following public announ
cement In the opinion of the
department, the migratory bird act
and regulations are still in force,
also these will continue in opera
tion and the department regards it
its diitv to enforce them, pending
the enactment by congress of new
legislation forthe purpose of car
rying out the provisions of the
has started lhe suffrage
?M-"»• I ^1:5
_» Wife
ex]ense, succeded in securing an
amendment hefoie the bill passed.
Oil the discussion of the reso
lution for re-submission of the
euual niffrage resolution which
was up in the senate Kridav Mar
vick was one of the opposition on
the ground that he supported the
resolution two years ago because
he thought the help of the women
might be needed to secure pro
hibition at some time but that was
secured'and he does not favor re
submission at once again. Molin
of Marshall was one of the advo
cates of the treasure which finally
was adopted bv a vote of thirty one
to twelve in the senate, and the
measure is now in the house com
ittee and the women who are back
of the move are hopeful that they
will be able to secure final action
in that body before the
Thursday of this week.
Farmers of the state will
terested in the Widlon bill
snrinnr and keen wagons in
in the,
«hin take rate of anv situation makes compulsory 12J cents a pound and it has been
able to take caie ot any situation
with him .he Jl of the A«-»»"- „mm,!* e,x.„ I« r„i«l i„
house in his actions. He bids fair this stat^at live cents a pound,
to make a record as a presiding ^solution, The International Harvester
officer of the house in which he «PPomtme.it »tan assistant company is undertaking this pro
postmaster to can the mail fiom ject to show the farmers that
can take pardonable pride, along
with the people of his section
the state.
The "Hone div" prohibition
bill started in tlie house Monday,
Hemp Growing In North Dakota
That hem i? can lie raised in
the lied ltiver Valley and is a
profitable crop for North Dakota
farmers will he demonstrated by
the International Harvester com
pany which has made its first
lest of the crop at the experi
mental station at Grand Porks,
this coming reason. Managers
ol the stations in the state have
been working on this plan for
some time and are now taking
steps to pui, them into effect.
l''ive thousand v.cres of land in
the lied ltiver Valley will be
leased at once and this land will
be put into hemp next spring
The problem to overcome will be
that of procuring seed. Experi
ments carried on the last year
at the station in Grand Forks
have demonstrated that heinp
can he grown in the valley with
success. It grows 0 to 12 feet
tall and yields from 1,500 to 2,000
pounds to the acre. It is of a
high grade and well adapted for
be in- the making of twine.
The prosnt price of hemp is
the post office to the capitol, after heim.) is a practical crop lor
the senate had declined to take state to induce them to raise
action,, Maivick of Huberts The prime object, is to get
and Amsden of Grant opposing any farmers to raise their own twine
further extension of the list of and thus reduce the cost. The
employees. company does not intend to go
The house has passed the bill into the hemp business but just
of the
by Kaas of Marshall, and liegen of cutting it and it can be lelt ou
Roberts if enacted means no more
liquor ill the slate, as the first
offense of possession is a heavy
fine and the second a penitautiary
Senator McLean of Uay was
made a member of the new rnial
credits committee appointed the
senate Monday.
The impeachment complaint
against Judge McGee of Rapid
City which will be filed in the
to be itie
"The Old Reliable"
The annual meeting of tne stock
holde»s and directors of the First'
National Bank was held last week
The old officers were all re-elected
and the usual dividend declared,'
the affairs of the bank after
creasing business and to place the semi-conscious state will, her arms
bank on an even more solid basis if
Fifty thousand dollars making its
combined capital surplus sixtv
,rated that hemp is .a
increases the tuition fee of to interest the farmers so they
eighth grade graduates who desire! will make it one of their crops,
to take
.high school werk, from two Hemp is an easy crop to raise
dollars to three dollars a week on and is one of the best weedkillers
the plea that the sum set aside for discovered. A crop of hemp will
this purpose is not sufficient, to I kill a field of weeds better than
pay the cost of service. any other crop, according to the
While one or to of the prin- company's officials. It is seeded
cipal measures of the session, in- '11
fmzell to the
thousand dollars. gh(, .,Uu.
We wish to extend our heartlcit
thanks to our ne an
friends who so willingly assisted
us during the illness and death
of our beloved daughter and sister
to be
cut until the trost conies in the
will probalv be disposed of before For fiber it is drilled in like
the recess, most legislation of im*! heat, but for seed purposes it
portancc will be allowed to go over
until the members re assemble
for their last six weeks of grind.
is planted like corn and culti
The longer it is allowed to grow
in the fall the larger tile yield is.
A common reaper is used for
the giouiid u.ilii the next .sprin
tailing out the liber and baling it]
for market. A portable machine I
inexpensive is used for extract-1
ing the fiber, which afterward is
baled with a common ha.v baler
for shipment to the factory
When North Dakota farmers
take to raising hemp, there will
be eiiougn of it to supply twine
for harvesting in the northwest's
grain crop every year and the I
farmers of this state will i.ot lie|eggs inside? How did
at the mercy of the twine trust there.' Simplest tiling
is the company's belief. It is
also figured that this crop will
add greatly to the wealth of the
farmers of the state each year.
—Lidgcr wood Munitor.
During the blizzard last Friday,
Fhiloiuoni Musil a seven year old
D. was lost while
returning home from school
gjri at N
exhaustive examination being She was found twelve hours later
found in fir.st class shape. in a deserted settlers shack a half
In order to take care of its in-1
from home. She was in a
such a thing were possible the the knees. As the child left
capital stock was increased to
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lanier
and family. Ian. 26th at 10:30
llld ller
scl]ool late
her from
tile wind
ler dinner
and wa:
Wew ||)e
Synod Lutheran
O. Austin, Pastor
Neither services nor Sunday
School in Sisseton this
Regular service agelnv
Death of Edith Lauer
The Lauer home was saddened
Wednesday morning at live
thirty, when the spirit of Edifcli
winged it.- (light to the great
The funeral occurred from the
Catholic church, Friday at ten
o'clock, I4ev. Father Kraus olHc«
iating, and the remains were
laid to rest in the Sisseton ceme
tery The long cor
tage of sor
rowing fritnds that followed the
remains to the cemetery gave
ample proof of the esteem in
which the young lady was held.
The bereaved family havp tiro
deep sympathy of the community
in their sorrow.
Standard readers will enjoy
hearing of the success of a for«
mei- Sisseton resident. Thti
following was taken from the
Glenwood Times: "That the
members of the Glenwood board
of education are fully satisfied
withj the progress of the city
schools under the administration
of Supt. Wm. J. Guthrie was
amply demonstrated at the last
meeting of the board, when it
was unanimously voted to tender
the superintendent an offer lor a
third term in the position. Supt.
Guthrie accepted the tender, for
which the board and patrons of
the school should be duly appre
A nine and a half pound boy
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
J. Guthrie at the city hospital
W a
Guthrie's smile is considerably
broadened by this happ.v event.
Glenwood Times.
liver see a bottle with full-sized
they get
world. If you let an uncooked
egg stand in vinegar for about
twenty minutes you can elougaae
it enough to get It into a small
necked bottle. Four in cold water
and the egg will return to its origi
nal shape. How do thev get a
ship inside a bottle? Another easv
trick. The ship is built outside
and then placed in the beetle
through a false bottom. Is thvir
anything simpler?— I' op 1 a
Science Monthly.
The city of Brookings has a pe
culiar damage Miit oil us hands.
A little girl who was permanently
injured bv a I'ali of a radiator on
a side walk is suing the ci'\ tor
fifteen thousand dollars dam iges.
The girl was playing on I lie walk
when bv some mysterious cause
the radiator fell. It had been
standing on the walk for mouths.
This show how easy it is for a city
to get into trouble when there is
pet attention paid to little things.
prove to be a big thing
yond. Her death occurred at
family home in Enterprise town
Edith, the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. George Lauer was
born and has grown to woman
hood in this community. She
underwent an operation for ear
trouble last summer at FWgo
and since had not regained her
usual good health. Thursday,
Jan. 4th, she became suddenly
ill with meningitis and every
thing known to medical science
and most constant loving care
proved of no avail.
Edith was' of a bright and
cheerful disposition and beilig
only nineteen years of age it is
hard for her relatives and
friends to part with her just in
the bloom of young womanhood.
She will ever be sorely missed in
the hearts of her parents, four
sisters, a brother and the young
people with whom she associated.

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