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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 19, 1917, Image 2

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By Welter L. Johnson
Subscription Kl.50 Per Year.
Official Paper of County and City
The City Officers
Wo liax'u a great ileal of re
aped for a man who will ac
cept a city oflive and lu Iiis
duty (luring Iiis term.
VVu, like everybody else,
have registered and occassion
al growl or kick against these
,11101) in the past and will prob
ably do so in the future hut
that is 110 sign of aii)r disre
spect 011 our part.
It's merely a sign that city
officials are the legitimate
"goat'' for whatever doesn't
suit the citizens of a town.
if we have to wade through
snow at seven-thirty in the
evening, we blame the Coun
if a dust storm comes along
PAfffAA Privatti
Harrington Hall 40c
Monarch 40c
Home Brand 40c
Ajcwood's Old Dutch40c
Bour's Old Master 40c
Bengal Brand 35c
Holstad's "A"Grade. .35c
Atwood's Peerless 35c
Holstad's "B"Grade„.30c
Ulikem 30c
Trophy jy 30c
Atwood's Imperial ...30c
Atwood's Palace. _25c
Bour's Fashion 25c
Royal Garden 30c
Royal Garden Special 40c
Lipton's Tea 30c
1 Ina es
66 numberless details? Why do
Zome in and look over
our line of of the finest
that can be bought. We
sure that we can
please your palate.
business to atteml t,f
we treat them thus rojalK
valve for „our ingrown. dispo
Then too the Council should
be grateful for the large op
portunity it has for Graft
We've carefully read this
report twice—because we had
to and have
a single sign
we're sure it must exist—and
someone is going to find it be
However, in our present
mellow mood we wish to take
off our hat to the Council
members of a small town who
will do the work and stand
for the abuse meted out to
them, with no adequate re
compense save the satisfaction
of their aim toward the fur
thering of the city's good.—
Redwood Gazette.
Some wag said the other
day that it was cheaper to run
over chickens with your auto
mobile than to take them for
When You Think of Men's
Shoes, think of Swanberg's
We carry the line of men's
shoes in town and have the
styles you will want in all
Whether you'want men's ladies
or children's shoes, we have
them. Quality First Always.
We will- repair your shoes.
washing oil a ride. Sp -aking of chickens
the line look like a last year's John L. Sullivan now get* a
press rag, we blame the Conn-,lot of fun out of feeding
cil. 'chickens on his Massachusetts
If we are arrested for dis- farm which is a lot cheaper
turbing the peacefulness of than feeding them on Uroad
peaco loving citizen-we blame way which was the favorite
the Council—as tlio it had
taken from us the least desire
for respectable citizenship.
amusement of John in those
good old 1 lays.
If taxes are too high, if the
water pipes freeze, if the iigiit
bills are fifteen cents higher
this month than last if we
suffer a compound fracture of
the spine while riding in an
automobile if the house ha 11 establishment.—--Chi
burns down if collections or cago 11 era id.
crops are poor if chickens
scratch up our garden—we
blame the Council.
And this isn't near the en
tire list of things for which
we blame.
Speaking of the antique
eggs that investigators are
discovering in storage tbest
days. a friend reports that lie
even found The Lays of An
cient Rome'' in a second-
An item in the press makes
known the advance in the
monkeys because
the closing
and loyally unless it is that —B,)Ston Transcript.
we may use them as a safety _________
note the capital letter, please 1()||
—in handling the city's fund,
If anyone doubts the exist- Wouldn't it a you
ence of the graft opportunities! laugh if Germany and Eng
he has only to carefully study land sent notes to the United
the recently published finan- States urging that steps be
cial report of the City Record
er to see that such opportuni
ties run riot.
taken to end
with Mexico?
not discovered Buffalo Bill has embarked
of graft. But1f°r the Great Round-up. This
brave, courageous man of the
old Indian days was brave in
fore many days and tell us all the face of death. There was
about it.
As we said before, we've
thrown stones in the past, by
reason of being among those
without sin and we'll probab
ly shame our better instincts
by doing the same thing in
the future.
no flinching by the hero of
many skirmishers as the dark
river Hows across the trail
which he must needs follow
before he can reach the other
Buffalo Bill has lived a
rough life. There have been
features of his life history at
which boys might do well to
shy. But the main tr a 1
traveled I Buffalo Bill has
led to the big hills in life
where one can get a good
view of his fellow men. Dan
ger he faced on countless
the worlds
largest animal market at
Ha.nburi*. Germany.
But why shouldn't we
blame them? Why else do
we pay them their signiri
cient salaries ask tliem
to hold thirty-six meetings a
year (as the local council has ________
done for the past two years) ••pabst Talks Temperance"
let them take time from their .„Headline. As the late
long as the vaudeville show
exists, including Charlie
Chaplin, the monkey house
will not be missed.
Confederate General Forrest
-'Come on, boys, if we
't Ijek 'em we'II jine 'em.'
The legislature now in ses
sion at Pierre will do a worthy
deed if it will kill about forty
'eleven commissions now hav
ing a useless existence 011 the
the long war
Sissvum is adequately sup
plied with business houses car
rving the tine-: com iron in coun
try towns. LVrhaiw the bis
iness interests of this city are
ho ding as much trade as the
business interests of t.ie aver
age small town. IVrhaps the
people of this city are as loyal
as the people of the average
small city in keeping money at
The new year is upon us and
every business man should take
inventory of himself to ascertain
whether lie is doing all '11 Iiis
power to luld trade. If values
are on a par with those of hi
competitor and if service ac
companies values there will be
no need of a league to enforce
trading at home. The local
business man may not need to
change his way of doing business
lie knows more about that than
anybody else, but this is the I
time of the year to take inven
tory of one's self.
The people of Sisseton as well
as those of all cities, should weigh
carefully the matter of spending
as much money as possible in the
local business circle. Money
that goes out of town helps no
body here. Building up the bus
in iss section, on the other hand,
values of ranch properity are
Let 11s this year make an ef
fort to build up a bigger Sisseton
by creating here the spirit of
local co-operation. It will be
mutually agreeable and bene
ficial. It is the right thing to
I have made arrangements for a
good warm room for the winter and
will lie in position to paint vour
auto after Christmas, and guaran
tee you satisfactory work. Prices
will be reasonable.
Phone 98 Olando Brautseg
to purchase—a good
room house. Notify
five or six
this office.
Hogwallow News
casions, but danger the true
heart will know. The boys
of America have looked upon
Buffalo Bill as a shining ex
ample, and he lias possessed
some qualities worthy of their
interest. Any points less
worthy the world can now be
generous enough to forget.
In late years Buffalo Bill
became a familiar figure in
the large circuses which tour
ed the country. Herein his
chosen sphere lie has been
admired by countless thous
ands of American boys. His
presence has given them a
glimpse of the old West which
is rapidly passing away. Such
men as Buffalo Bill constitute
a large part of American his
tory and, looking ahead a
ceutury, the imagination can
conceive of Western charact
ers of this calibre forming a
part of the history of the fu
ture ages.
Sim Finders has got stirred up
over the Mexican situation. He
wants war and has put an ad in
the Tickville Tiding wanting to
exchange a cow for a good shot
The main street at Tickville
looks deserted since the hogs and
cows have been prohibited from
running at large.'
A man from the Call Ribs
neighborhood was in Hogwallow
yesterday and tried to sell the
Postmaster a load of wood for use
next winter. That gentleman
should sit down somewhere and
take a good long rest, as he is
living entirely too far in advance.
The train that comes into Tick
ville every week, is beginning to
run late, as the blackberry vines
along the right-of-way are show
ing ripe berries.
The first installment of a serial
story appeared in the Tickville
Tidings last week. The story will
wind up about Christmas if noth
ing happens to the press.
Somebody over near Bounding
Billows set the dawgs 011 the De
bity Constable the other day.
Thiii was the first hot race the De
pity has had since the last cam
When a man who is reputed to
have only moderate means buys an
automobile or a piece of property
his acquaintances explain it with
an "Oh, well! His wife had
some money." -f-'y
Vain Sims was tlirowed from
his mule Tuesday morning while
on his way to Rye Straw. The
mule got scared at the Wild
Onion school house, and Yarn is
fixing to sue the trustees if they
don't move the building back
where his mule can't see it when
ßllick Hellwenger ran his horse
and cart into a ditch near Bounding
Billows yesterday morning trying
to get out of the way of the Mail
Carrier, who in the name of the
Goverment of the United States,
alwavs take the middle of the road.
The barber at Tickville still cuts
hair on Saturdays. But before
entering upon a job he takes the
precaution to place fenders over
the customer's ears.
Isaac Hell wanger took in the 1
sights at Tickville one day the
fore part of this week. While
there he went up into a two-story
building and looked out the win
dow at the earth below. He
wanted to take a ride on a fire
escape, but there are none vet in
Yam Sims has set in to courting
a red-headed girl near Tickville.
It is believed that he don't care
anything about her. and is onlv
going there to make Miss Flutie
Belcher think more of him.
Clab Hancock, who is a con
stant reader of the Tickville Tid
ings and who has been married
three times, says he enfoys read
ing the obituaries but always skips
all marriage writenps.
A presidential possibility is a
l'argeminded person entirely sur
rounded by enthusiastic consti
Film Dillard, who sojourns up
near cerulean headwaters of Gan
der creek, attended church at Do
Hill Sunday, and while here an
nounced that he had just comple
ted the job of oiling up his fine
squirrel rifle and would offer it.
for ssle to be used in case of war
with Mexico.
Mites are to chickens what debts
are to men.
The Excelsior Piddling Band
will give one of its notorious
musical entertainments at Rye
Straw next Tuesday night, and
has asked us to make the an
noucement. Nobody will have
to pay to go in at the dobr the
occasion being free. Ever person
attending will be cqmpelled to pay
a dime after he gets seated.
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