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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 26, 1917, Image 2

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S 4
Come in and look over
our line of of the finest
that can be bought. We
are sure that we can
please your palate.
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Monarch 40c
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Ulikem 30c
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RmM HUM Awtrdi
-Ktm CmtBllimr-tmlUf
*$#:•» .jifilfce
1 «14
By Walter L. Johnson I
counties. 111
Subscript ion 31.50 Per Year. I ^1'
Paper of County and City
The Non Partisan League
Quiet ly 1«: 11 lioiir I lit' les
surely tliv X"ü-I'a: !. -ag
tic Ii a- comei 111 1 1 'ill l'ak-j
Ia ami arc mar-hailing
their ivi*-
-,t cliül Ii 1 if |il nciples 'U tin*
hex I aii'l enduing clvctimis inj
tlii- -talc. Without any fan-
fare of trumpets ami
:campaign in which the
every county tmi.i. Leaders
in a movement that to the:
average politii ian is the height
of railiculism. these organizers
are conservative, serious mi mi
ed men. of sti'Hii^ belief in the
jutice of their cause, and
with the ability to convince
the voters that tliev are right.
workers when the time comes
for active work.
Successful in North Dakota
the league comes into South
Dakota with an example of
what orgsnization can do as a
pattern to follow. The effi
cient manner in which the
members of the league aiv
preparing to put into actual
practice their legislative pro
jgram Ij can not hut impress
many with the practicability
of movement. Should
a few of the many
he, then
wliy they're
pun, tempting tasty, whole
•iwe—that's why they won't
huit any kid."
forms advocated by the league
te successfully enacted
law and
|them to
a new
alignment in the: political
forces of South Dakota as
thereJli&s'/fieen in her sister
Our Women—A Toast
1 Now, all together, in one
great volume offsincerity:
Here's to woman—our wo
men—the women of our town
and our! countryside !""**When
God created the.eartli He'alao
created man"aiuiitlie',birda and
beasts andSthejflshes, and the
reptiles and! all "of the'» other
creatures and things of the
earth. But with all of the
myriads of His creation there
was one thing lacking. The
essence, the goodness, the
purityjjof life was absent. He
created women
And women—our .women—
I are today His most priceless
Igift to this earth. Her nobil
ity and purity are the bright
est spot of existence. The
sunshine of her soul floods
the life tf man with a radi
ance' on tlie darkest day.
Without her there would be
Here's to woman—to our
,," i"L'«'""i"
ik L'rnlly. lall I" a pur
Iii an I, I life
I'l'ii. We
ami vim will I»
a 11 (1 renn'
!, !c,i
1 ia a I ra nil' 11 ami
t'i il'Ui it 1 ('II
llllc 1 1 1
is -li'iwn
I ill* fnilowillg
fI*.' 11) an lvwlcrii
111111 ici
si vc|y ill
of a cure
a icM 1 if
1 a
mobile has replaced he soap
box, tin* organizers of the
league are investigating ami
reporting on the situation in .,
per: "The wife of a Skiddv
farmer had a liniment thai
she u-cd for everything. The
other night -he got sick ami
the husband got up in the
dark", got the liniment
rubbed it over her body,
was given instant relief. The
next morning it was disdover
ai the husband had got
bluing instead of
11111 tl t.
There arc 111 uiy things that
would improve conditii ns in
this town and the surround
ing territory, but the one de
fee! which impresses itself
most forciblv upon our mind
it this time is the lack of uii-
It i.s not sin prising to one,
1 am in it and coliesi veness in
who seeks the 1 nformation to
1 1 1 a a a
learn that ahead 'here are .....
,,, ,, ., I With each individual the
over 10.OHO memlii'i'-enrolled
!town or vommumtv in which
in the league 111 Eolith Dakotai. ,. ...
nearly 300 farmers have ex
pressed their belief in and
willingness to work with the!
like a piece of rope
or twine. It has two ends,
and each should he in har
mony and work smoothly
with the other.
league. lliese earlv converts
,, I he one end is where
(disappointed followers of the .....
begin our life in the
Mighty One. perhaps desert
•td in the iliti -al woods by
the moose herd), will form an
almost irresistahle hand ofi ...
nity, and the other is when
death or removal breaks the
W devote our time, our
I thoughts and our energies to
the beginning and to each
successive step as we progress,
thru life. The end is but a
phantom of the future and
we give it hut little heed.
And therein we err, for it
is not wise to forget the other
We need an awakening and
a more cohesive spirit in the
social life of this town and of
this countryside. We need
greater spirit of fraternity in
our associations one with
another. A spirit of brother
hood and sisterhood should
bind us closer together for the
common weal of all.
In the pleasures and the ex
citements of today we forget
that there is a morrow for
which we must provide, and
in this omniission we too fre
quently are storing up isola
tion and lonesomeness for the
later years of life.
As we begin, so do we in
variably end. If we cultivate
a spirit of aloofness and ex
clusiveness in the days of our
youth, then we must expect
that in the ripeness of old age
others will maintain the bar
rier that separates us to the
The joys and pleasures o:
youth are easy to acquire, but.
as time silvers our locks they
»re more difficult to obtain.
The person who adheres to
an exclusive clique today may
find that tomorrow the integ
ral parts have drifted away
and that other doors are clos
ed. And it is then that the
grayneee of the winter of life
is brought home to one who
lives in the beginning and
forgets the other end.
We Q1 have our good quali
ties and our faults, some more
pronounced than others.
None nf us aiv ever perfect,
fur \vc arc hut liimian ami arc
of the -nine clay
I.el lis then i'eiiic:tihi'V I hat
tuimil'f.iw W 11 In' jll-t as
i. we shape our I'chinning til-
iu! will 1 lay.
I.ct us hear 11 111 in''I 1 hat
'fsM'- tile ein I 1 if the siring inav he
patent sharp ami slrnnu' ml Virile,
eimein—:or that it 111 1 I nl
report worn a in I t'razzleii.
I.iie like tin
-I I'l I' I
beginning and
the CI id mils'
an end,
illev,' |!d\
life It hers will ell
and mat the im
old age will hi' lil
instead of hei 1 ig
oinis-i. ins 1 •f I
In 1-e'"will I cult ale friend-
and ships in lie
1111 Ii
decline of
IVc to them
I low ness I
with joy
MM I iiv
sorrow- and regie's.
111 Mir intercom--!' one with
aiiol lier.
mem her that each day we
approaching the her em
friends, let us re-!
I of
life, ami that the end will be
in accordance with the pre
eepts and policies of the he.
ginning DM
Let ns make of this a com
niuniiv ot triemls. and
merely of acquaintances.
US l* 1 ift inn 1 l)V gl'iiy
winter of life into a perpetual
sunshine of summer.
Let us begin today.
ALI TRÄSsir LlliSS ill
JElHGa bnttluf TAXED!
City Traffic Increasing at Rate of
nient Issued the Interborougb Rapid
Under the caption of "Struggling to
Keep Up With New York" the Inter
borough officials say:
"Each year the problem of handling
the millions of New York traffic grows
Increasingly difficult The struggle Is
hard, not to anticipate the city's fu
ture needs, but merely to keep up with
the present. Extension» of transit fa
cilities. no matter how rapid, do not
seem able to keep p».« with crowd*
and congestion.
'In September the subway carried a
dally average of l.OCf ,000 passenger*.
By November this average was In
creased to 1,190.000 dally.
"All this traffic, too. It should be re
numbered, was on lines designed orig
inally to care for 400.000 passengers
"Always it is tbu same story. No
matter bow fast ra/ild transit Unes are
built In New fork city, the transports
Hon needs of the population seem to
keep shead of them."
Lee Angeles Plans Methods ef Practical
Low Angeles, Cal. Fifty thousand
clubwomen of Loa Angeles are coop
erating with the Federal Immigration
Cenmlaslon and the school board In
Initiating new standards of' education
for the foreign population. Instead of
teaching the alien patriotic hymns he
will be Instructed how to call a doctor
In an emergency, talk to the comer po
liceman and similar usages.
The first step will be the opening of
eighteen night schools for the foreign
population. The general movement Is
the outgrowth of a social survey made
of the city under the direction of the
State Commission en Immigration and
Housing, the first scientific analysis of
the kind made tqr a western city in this
country. The new eight schools will
be maintained the year round.
Mules love aiusk says Owns Oaes,
Califonda itock raiser, who breaks
•ule celts I» tews played ee
A Bay one (N. Jo
recently MA «»at »h» petM et a m
Wh* by Htm «he leak a becket
ef «eat.
"WT™~' -r -«»»ipepesr* TT^'rt^T-»,
Couple Awaiting Trial Occupy Differ
ent Cells.
Manitowoc. Wis. -Thure was a wttl
ding at thv county jail recently
George Boiily and (iuvtrude Vanuvr
berg were ntrvsted two wvoks ago on
a charge preferred by Chief (.rolTmai1
and are awaiting trial. They wer
wedded by Justice of thv I'eave Ado'im
And they are spending tfccir honey
moon with the slivrilT.
Th ase against tliern is still pviul
lug. but will probably be dropped, and
If they are able to raise the court
costs and jail fees, amounting to close
?,°-thcv wi"
,. Buddy oirupies a cell on tin- um hi
More Than 100,COO,003 floor. -lid his bride Uli upper tier il
sea i# ,jf
gers were carried, or 147 rides during 'and or sea training taken separately
the year for each person in the city, 't'e a two-tn-one service—both naval
In 1SS2, the tirst year of the "L." 250,
510.S32 passengers were carried, or 215! '00't to see the Idee spread over th»
rides for each person tu the city. In entire country.
WOO. the tirst year of the subway.
83ij.001.200 were carried, or 208 rides
for each person.
Organize Junior Marine Scouts.
New York.—Kight hundred forme»
United States boy scouts living on the
west side of this city have formed an
New York.—In November the subway
carried an average of 1,199.023 passen
gers a day and tlte ",L" 1,014,883. a to- yrgaiilzation culled the Junior Ma
tal of 2,'JH.riOli. according tu a state-
Scouts, for training In I he 'hit le­
United States marines. The er-
Transit company. sanitation is In no way affiliated with
Public Servli Commissioner Whit the United States boy scouts, mid
nc.v estimates that city truffle is in plans are under way to make the bud
creasing at the rate of more than national In scope and character. Tin'
100.000,000 annually. More than W! Junior Marine Scouts have taken 11,1
miles additional of subway and ele their special plea to others that the
rated lines are being built. training they will receive on land and
In 1872 a total of 138,722,100 passen-!
greater benefit then eiltief
military—they argue, and they
Bettle Found Aftsr Being Six Month*
UartvUle, Mo.—A list of names which
a party of Springfield normal school
students sealed In a soda pop bottle
which was thrown Into the .James river
at Turner, Mo., last June has been re
turned In a letter received by Miss
Opal Pope of this place, one of the
young women whose names were on
the list.
The letter was written by a member
of the crew of the United States ship
Raleigh, which reached San Francisco
recently after being stationed off the
coast of Panama. The writer said he
found the bottle on the beach while In
School Children Plan Farm For Worn
out Dobbin«»«
Toungstown. O.—Members of the
Junior Humane society here have con
tributed the nucleus of a fund which
they will raise to rent or buy a rest
farm for worked out horses.
It la planned to have the farm for
use next summer. Many school chil
dren have pledged support to the fund
getting project, and senior humane
workers espect their little associates
will succeed in their plana.
New York.-A *90,000,000 pro
tectlve insurance policy for
twenty-four hours, was purchased
by the Chatham and Phoenix Na
tlonal bank to cover the trans
fer of Its assets from 192 Broad
way to the new offices of the
bank in the Singer building, a
distance of about a block and a
half. About 10,000,000 in cash
was carried to the new quarters
In ea armored car, with armed
guards at the front and rsar.and
there were guards stationed ev
ery fifty Cast between the two
ITt^s »-.-^ .^VWZST-Wi
Choose Today!
11 i\ your new Spring Suit made as you
w.mt it—from the particular styles and
wonlens you choose—and tailored by
Ed V. Price & Co.
The finished clothes will be delivered when you say the
word and the prices will be genuinely economical.
Conic 111 and he measured \i )vV' while our assortment is new and camplete.
The Tailor
Sisseton, 8. Dakota
Farmers and Laboring Pe pie
Will You Help Us To Lower The High
Cost Of Living For You?
We are here to save you money if you will let us.
Head our special offer on orders for groceries. For orders
amounting from $10.00 to $10.(JO for groceries, you can
have 25 pounds best cane granulated sugar for !I.^5».
I' or orders of $10.00 to §20.00 for groceries, you can
have 20 pounds of the bust cane granulated Higar for
For orders ol §21.00 to s^in), you can have 25
pounds of best, granulated sugar for 75 cents.
I'or orders of S2 .00 to $.'0.00 you can have 25
pounds of liest granulaIcd sugar for 50 cents.
or orders ol A'!
1.00 to §1.0.00 you can have 25
pounds of liest granulated sugar Free.
A nil for orders of §4 1.00 to §50.00 you can have 50
pounds of liest granulated sugar for §1.25.
For orders ol So 1.00 to §ti0.00 you can have 50
pounds of liesi. granulated sugar lor §1.00.
For orders of §111.00 to §70.00 you can have 50
pounds of liest granulated sugar 'Free.
orders of §100 for groceries we will give you lOO
pounds of best, cane granulated sugar Free.
Your orders must not include sugar, tobacco or cured
meats these don't count.
Our goods is the best that money can buy and you
lind our prices the lowest.
Full weight and full measure guaranteed.
Honesty is our policy and we make good.
We are here to live and let live. Try our house and
von will find us right.
If you have any painting to do get our prices on house
and barn paint before you buy, and if you are in need of
Lubricating Oils or grease of any kind we can give you
the best for the least money.
Everything we handle is backed by an Iron Clad
guarantee. Satisfaction or your money back.
We ship all goods
C. O.
D. No money in advance.
Pay at your Bank when goods arrive at your depot.
Call at my residence I Block south of Depot, Sisseton
City and see my samples and get my prices. Phone 240
Your humble servant,
JOHN ADNEY, Sisseton
tlitchcock-Hill Co., Wholesale Grocers.
Chicago, III.
When You Think of Men's
Shoes, think of Swanberg's
We carry the most complete
line of men's shoes in towa
and have the
you will
want in all leathers
Whether you want men's ladies
or children's shoes, we have
them. Quality First Always.
We will repair your shoes.
Swuberg Shoe Store
M. Swiilcrt Mgr.

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