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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, February 16, 1917, Image 2

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By Walter L. Johnson
Subscription jSi.50 Per Vc.-
fei-:..' Nezvspflper
The bi-rgcsl.
the entire show
breezy, agressi ve
ive, 1
igwsv |)aper 1ml the
subscription list will baiely
1 ay for the raw material.
LI you don't happen tu
like what he says about this
tliat or the other matter, go
around to the oil'ice and
have it out with him, but
stay in the game.
We are not always fair or
reasonable. We insist that
the editor whoop it up all
the time wheal her wy con
tribute a cent or not.
We expect him to give us
a free semlolf every now and
then, wheather we deserve it
•r not.
If we steal a flock of sheep
lie must not mention the
fact but if our neighbor does
some little thing he
wot, why, be must be
up, or we wil
and refuse to

We expect the editor to
fight our battles, champion
•ur cause, boost our business
and advertise our families,
cover up our deviltry, for
the splended sum of :$ cents
week. Some of us are
Come in and look over
oar line of of the finest
that can be bought. We
that we can
your palate.
Barrington Hall
Home Brand. ..
Atwood's Old Dutch
Bout's Old Master.'.
Bengal Brand i. V....
Holstad's "A"iGrade
Atwood's Peerless ..
HoUtad's "B" Grade
Trophy .......
Atwood'» Imperial..
Atwood's Palace ..
Hour's Fashion.....
'RoyajGarden'.. --. 30c
Royal Garden
14pton's Tea.... 30c
$$ A
worse than thai, as vvu do
not even sub.smlx' for the
paper, let alone advertise our
The man who
Official Papei ol County and City afford take is h.ca
Concerning The
can't afford to ex is!.
1'"I:m w'"' (':l"
advertise can alloi
remain in business.
hooMer in Xo man does as much for
is a bright, |J
puUic 011 as Miiall pay
pro^rc.-.- i,In* editor of 1h country
(levtiloj) Iiis soil to the max
imum of fertility I lie stock
man In develop Ins dive
article, but mu-'l produce the
best. The lawyer applies to
be a leader in Iiis profession,
while I lie doctor would be a
final authority on the ill uf
he I h-j-h.
This is all
seed, and people in general realm of human affairs is so
don't care to do business with I i" innumerable iustan
tliat kind of a man. ces.
What country towns need
more than all else Is bar-
Life is too short, and time
too valuable to be harboring
little differences and knifing
one another, or adopting a
picayunish policy with
reference to your town and
its needs.
[f you want your town to
grow, you must grow.
If you hope to draw the
public, you must be public
spirited and you're not
public spirited unless you
support your paper.
A well advertised town
gets the business. Your
town is advertised through
the local paper
It reaches the people you
want to reach. The news
paper is the best advertising
medium we know.
A town without a news
paper is ready for the under
taker. Support your local
paper. When you boost
your paper you boost your
town and your business.
How. High Do
You Aim In Life
In this age of great at
tainment in the arte and
sciences, in the trades and
professions, we hear much
said ,/ of ''5 ©aiming high"
meaning th^by^ to excel in
eome particular line.,
ie famier. is urged te
and a il ,-lioul
A dead newspa)er means just such universa
a dead town, and it is 1111- 0 excel that ha?
these 1 niled
great nation
reasonable to expect a live
paper until you support il.
11' your paper is 110 good,
the chances are you are no
good,and the things for you try" in which
to do is to (111 it dreaming ful thought we as a nation
brace up wake up ginger up are in grave danger of
tumble up any way to retnigatioii— of disintegra
gel up. lion.
Start something and the 'I hat is in the
'surest way to do that is lo character, in
advertise. ,good citizens.
I Use printers ink gener- 111,1 many ol lis appear
ously, systematically and content to live just within!
persistently. You owe the law to keep just within 1
yourself, your business your the lines giving scarcely a
I town and your newspaper thought to the higher duties
I to load il down with
that siie
Hut there i:
the making of
of l.le that lie before lis.
,ahle truthful attractive and Should we not give more
shown ,| 1 attention to the creation of
»P, we will stop our paper man earth comes! a highgiade of manhood as
pay the hacl
giving valued recei- well as a perfect horse or
So there. vel for every dollar paid him bog? Should w-t not strive
than the local editor does.
People in general read the
advertisements just as eager
ly as they do the locals and if
the/ fail to find your busi-,attained?
ness advertised, they eon- The old adage, like
elude, with good reason, -father like son," lias long
that you're falling down,
losing your grip, going to
to produce men who will
the standard of citizenship
to a higher plane than that
to which their fathers have
been exploded in the brute
creation. It can be, so in the
While it may not be poss
ible for us to scale earths
mony, unity, a policy of loftiest mountain peak, yet
live and let live," to get does that give us license to
together and stay together,! grovel to the base of the
to be less selfish, less envi meanest hill?
ous, to broaden out a bit, to
be business friends and
your local paper i* your best
To reduce a sermon to a
few wcrds, we achieve noth
ing in life that is higher
than the goal to which we
aspire, for the destiny of
each man is controlled by
the quality of his own mind.
How high do YOU aim in
The more prosperous the
home communities of the
country the greater is the
power of the country as a
single unit. The man who
exerts his influence in be
half of his home town uses
as great a brand of patri
otism as the one who mounts
a platform and starts the
eagle to screaming. As a
matter of fact there is
Local and Personal
stock tn tliv higlHi.sl l1'»1111 I
Msseton IikIimu I uim r.
1 lit' 11 IUI 11 iLkvIi 1 l't.- I IM»t lunik, S. is su hsllLilLlll*Z its
satiidii'd with an inferior Stonosfr.iiilier III the mi perm
|.: .1 Mil-
teiident's nthce.
Mrs. It.vder I,lie l'liacipal's
wih', is acting
temporary 1
seamstress at the School.
Kjuren took up the!
il 11 ties ul I jiiunu ress at the Schuul
on Jan. "itli.
Hiinier N. Johnson who
lie lor it. is been stenographer lor the
ambition .immer ol Lnlierilance lor two
made of years resigned anil lett lor his
home at Council MlulYs, In., on
l'eb.. lilli. Mr. Johnson has been
appointed Stenographer lor the
jSupt of the Union i'acilic Iv.y.
one indlls- 1 His many 1'rienUs here regret
without caw- Iiis leaving hut wish tum success
it) Iiis new work.
At the general council
the 1
Sisseton Indians at the (mod will!
Mission 011 January ".'Tili, Hie
contract 1'or Kly 1111 mid Tray nor
ot Devils Lake, N. U. was duly
ratitiid. This eon tract agrees'
to pay the above named li rui not
more than islöUUU.UU to prosecute
the claims these Sisseton Indians
have against the United States,
Joseph Ii. Brown lett on Ket».
2nd, tor Devils Lake, N. L)., to
sign the contract with i'Mynn and
Tray nor to represent these In
dians presenting their claims to
S a
Mrs. Sam Wouiph of the
Agency returned Keb. 4th from
Granite Falls, Minn, where she
lias beeu to consult with a phy
John Barse is the new farmer
lor the Waubay district. He
has been assisting Examiner
Miller as Interpreter during the
Joseph R. Brown at
Devils Lake, N. D.
Three boy a and three girls
left the boarding school recently,
but after rambling about over
the prairie in the storm for two
days they were returned to
school. The girls were found at
Browns Valley and the boys near
Vehlen. Moses Hisgun return
ed the boys, one of whom was his
own son, as soon as they reach
ed his plaee. If all the Indian
parents would do this well we
would have no more runaways.
This is the tirst outbreak at this
school for four years.
Dr. Longstreth spent several
days in Aberdeen the latter part
of Tannaiy.
Solon LaBatte and wife spent
a few days in the cities at the
mid winter carnaval.
comparison between the two
for in nine cases out of ten
actions speak louder than
words. Patriotism to coun
try is commedable but that
to both home and country is
even better. S
Can't sleep, eat, work. Bad
stomach and liver. Hollister'a'
Rocky Mountain Tea induces
sweet, restful sleep, gives you an
appetite. Tones, stimulates and
strengthens the stomach and
liver, regulates the bowels.
You'll feel better right away.
FYirsale at the Red Cross Drag
far Iafuta aat GMMh*
Miss Irene Brown, our post
trader has been at Devils Lake,
N. D., visiting her sister, Mrs.
Stenson. Miss Brown was snow
bound in Pargo for several days.
George Eastman is now post
trader pro tem in the absence of
Miss Irene Brown.
Telephone news from the north
end of the Reservation says that
a coal famine is threatened a#
there has been no train through
Veblen for 8 days at this writing,
Feb. ti.
TMe infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Solomon Shepparddied
during the month at Enemy
One of the twin boys recently
born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Marlow of Veblen died suddenly
during the early part of January.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
Owens died at Turtle Mountain,
N. D.. the last week in January
and was brought to Enemy Swim
for burial on January 30th. Mrs.
Owen» was.
Julia Rondell before
her marriage to Mr. Owens who
was formerly a teacher of our
school. He is now land clerk at
Turtle Mt. Agency, N. D.
iSd Brown, one of our young
tbWof whom we have been proud
suddenly from heart trouble
Ja#, 22. It is with sorrow and
regret that we chronicle Bd«a
pausing away. He was a tem
perate, hard-working, energetic
L, 5
Indian and was a credit to his
people. He was an example
which many of our young men
could follow with advantage to'
themselves anu to the world.
Following Ed's death came the
death his little child on Jan.,
26. Ed's wife has the sympathy
of everyone in her double ber
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Dennis Gilbert who live south of
Peeverdied on Jan. 28th.
Among the sick are:
Thomas Blacksmith, 11
Mrs. Sampson James, Agency.
Mrs. Win. See boy, Agency. 1
Mrs. Jos. Thompson, Peever.
Mrs. Chas. Amos, Peever.
Mrs. Madeline Antoine, Peever.
Mrs. Oliver Moore, Agency.
To Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Hucltel
of Rutland. N. D., a sou.
To Mr. and Mrs. TeraFlute of
Peever, a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. DeMar
rias of Veblen, a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Quincy
Plume of Browns Valley, Minn.,
a daughter.
For Sale—Good team of horses
3t. E. H. Swenston.
The tirst debate of the series
occurred on Friday evening Feb.,
9th, the affirmative team winning
on the home floor by a two to one
decision and the negotive loosing
at Milbank by a similar score.
Tho both team and coach were
inclined to the question the cor
rectSess of the decision at Mil
The Sisseton High School Band
added both vim and enjoyment
to the local debate, while Mil
bank's high school orchestra
most of the members of which
were pupils of Prof. E. J. Hop
fner gave an unusuelly fine mu
sical program.
The undefeated teams of Sisse
ton and Milbank are endeavoring
to meet the Abeadeeu teams
rather than ffght it out between
themselves since the argument
of each team are known to the
By mistake, the name of Susie
Herges was omitted from the
honor roll for the past six weeks.
She was one of the honor
Orange Crush
Orange Crush is a true fruit drink. If you like an orange
drink we certainly have the goods.
This drink is worth 10c a bottle although it is sold at
5 cents. This is how we do it.
We buy from a large Chicago firm who operate their la
boratories at Los Angeles, a city surrounded by the fin
est orange groves in the world.
dents of the third grade.
Miss Sadie LUlisand, third
grade teacher is under quaran
tine for small pox, her place
being filled by Mrs. Vern Carl
^j V.
They buy direct from the grower, allowing the fruit to re
main on the tree until fully ripened.
It is then taken to their laboratory the next day after
being picked.
There is no partly green fruit ripened by the sweating
No middle man's profit, no cold storage and freight
charges all of which are expensive as well as harmful to
the delicate orange flavor.
Order a case thru your grocer, or direct from factory.
Look for the label ORANGE CRUSH.
Sanitary Bottling Works
Sisseton, S. I).
When You Think of Mens*
Shoes, think of Swanberg's
We carry the most complete
line oilmen's shoes in town
and have the styles you will
want in all leathers
Whether you want men's ladies
or children's shoes, we have
Farmers and Laboring People
Will You Help Us To Lower The High
Cost Of Living For You?
We are here to save you money if you will let us.
Head our special,offer on orders for groceries. Kor orders
amounting from $10.00 to $1T.00 for groceries, you can
have 25 pounds best cane granulated sugar for $1.25.
For orders of $16.00 to $20.00 for groceries, you can
have 25 pounds of the best cane granulated sugar for
For orders of $21.00 to $2(5.00, you can have 25
pounds of best granulated sugar for 75 cents.
For orders of $27.00 to $30.00 you can have 25
pounds of best granulated sugar for 50 cents.
For orders of $:! .00 to $40.00 you can hav
pounds of best granulated sugar Free.
And for orders of $41.00 to $50.00 you can have
pounds of best granulated sugar for $1.25.
For orders of $51.00 to W0.00 you can have 50
pounds of best granulated sugar lor $1.00.
For orders of $61.00 to $70.00 you can have 50
pounds of best granulated sugar Free.
For orders of $100 for groceries we will give you 100
pounds of best cane granulated sugar Free.
Your orders must not include sugar, tobacco or cured
meats these don't count.
Our goods is the best that money can buy and you will
find our prices the lowest.
.. Full weight and full measui^ guaranteed.
,, Honesty is our policy and we make good.
We are here to live and let live. Try our house and
you will find us right.
If you have any painting to do get our prices on house
and barn paint before you buy, and if you arc in need of
Lubricating Oils or grease of any kind we can give you
the best for the least money.
Everything *e handle is backed by an Iron Clad
guarantee. Satisfaction or your money back.
We ship all goods C. O. D. No money
Pay at your Bank when goods arrive at your depot
Call at my residence 1 Block south of Depot, Sisseton
City and see my samples and get my prices, l'lione 240
Quality First Always.
We will repair vour shoes.
Swanberg Shoe Store
M. L. Swanberg, Mgr.
,'e 2
Vour humble servant,
JOHN ADNEY, Sisseton
Salesman for Hitchcock-Hill Co., Wholesale Grocers.
Chicago, 111.

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