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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 18, 1917, Image 4

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Citizens National
We want to be your banker and offer
to our depositors every facility
their business warrants.
DEPOSITS OVER $700,000.00
1 I'TI 'Ki:
11 KXHY I I KI.VHi I'l'u.-Ulklll
.1. W. I a i:i I-N rn Vice President
Li:i) .1. i.i KANi isi ii 'asliiiT
•M. Ei xi'.» Ass't 'iisliicir
Ii. M. TllOMI'KuN Teller
To May 15, 1917
dcrson, Andrew Christiansen,
SI0.00 each, M. A. Mickelson $10.
Herbert Koss, and I. .1. Norby $2
each, Rev. (!. II. Nerrison $5.
Sisscton, S. Dakota. H. Jacobson $1, A. S. Anderson,
S. C. Sorcnson $5. $!•, A. 0. Anderson 75c, Chas.
Mary Renner __ _„$3. jOvcrby and C. S. Christiansen
Nora Tallakson,
Ortley, S. Dak.
No names given $3.75. J. O. An
derson $1.00. I
Peever, S. Dak.
Iver Matiiieson, $5.00, L. Nelson,
$5.00, C. J. Rodeen, $!., P. C.
Kelly, $1.
~_$i.(H).$2. each, Sven Anderson and
Sisseton School $.58 !Sam I', Peterson $2. each. C. 0.
Longhollow School No. 2, Alma Johnson $7.00, Mrs. C. 0. John
Odcgaard Teacher, $2.50 son $5.00, Ncls Monson $5.00, Al-
Longhollow School, Aubrey bert F. Christiansen $2.00, L. N.
Knight, Teacher, K. Tystad, S5..i«aake $5.00, Alfred Mickelson $2.
O. B. Ar
go $2.25. Mrs. T. Torstenson $1.00, Albert
Torstenson $1.00, Tinus Torsten-
Hart School, Anna Thurston,$1.00, Oilman Torstenson $1.,
30c, 0. E. Mickelson $1.00, J. T. Tors
tenson, $2.00, S. J. Anderson HI.,
Teacher, Myrtle Olberg
Wood row Hjilide 50c.
Minnesota School Dist, No 1,
Leo Perkins, Teacher $-1.00
John Falken $2.50,
Wilmot Lodge No. 1-10 A.F.A.M.,
Lake School Dust. No. 3, Lucille
Newsome, Teacher, $15
Peter Christensen $5.
Iiosholi, South Dakota,.•
M.W.A. Lodve ^:L$12.
Summit, South Dakota,
Albert Kolberg, $1., P. E. K. Leo
Becker School Dist, No3, Ag
nes M. Lindstrom, Teacher. Ag- S1 -00. Mrs. J. Kelberg $1.00.
nes M. Lindstrom, $2.00, Willie Summit Twu. Schoul No. 3
and Harvey Sorcnson $1.00, Ma- S Adelia Mickey, Teacher, $2
bei, Hazel, Ethel and Eugene Less amount reported twice,
Peterson $.50, Einard Plettin 5c. Susan Norby, Nnw Ellington, $8.
Ida Nebben 30c. Total receipts received by
Summit, S. Dak. Henry Helvig, Treasurer, to date
August Hovland $5., A. Prest- from Roberts County,„-$1,825.17
wick, O. P. J. Engstrom, OLe Correction—
Martinson, O. C. Froke and Theo.1 Windom School Dist. No.l, Rose
Bisbak each $1.00 B. Jordan Teacher, Parlin M. Me-
Sisseton Twp. School Dist, No. ]Kee and Otis McKee each $.50.
1, Nora Tallakson, Teacher $2. Rose B. Jordan 25c. Alice, Lulu
White Rock, South Dakota, and lister Sandman each 5c
Masonic Lodge No. 128, $12.
Public schools, Primary Room,
Miss Shoberg, Teacher $1.37, In-'
termediate Room, Miss Boiler
Teacher $1.77, Intermediate
JSpom. Miss Wheeler. Teacher
S1.3V Grammer, Miss Stephenson
S1.30, High School, Prin. M. Gib
bon, Asst. Miss Ambruster, $9.02
Mrs. A. 0, Linden $2.
No names given $4.50
Victor School No. 3, $18.
Victor School No.2, $15.
Victor South Dakota,
Jacob Jacobson, ..$5.00
Jahn Hull —... $2.00
Mans L. Tesnes, $10.
Wilmot, S. Dak,
First State Bank $50.
the following in behalf of the
United Lutheran Church: Wilmot
Mercantile Co., G. A. Vreim, C.M.
Jenson, Is. S. Hougen, Arne T.
Thomas Gun-1 j.
The Child Conservation League
The last regular meeting of
the Child Conservation League
was held at the home of Mrs.
W- J. Thomas May 10th.
The following officers were
elected for the enssuing year:
President rs Jorgenson
V. Pres Mrs. W. J. Thomas
Sec Mrs. W. F. Curl berg
Treas Mrs. Batterberry
Press Rep .Mrs. Cottingham
Meetings will be held once a
month during the summer for
Civic work. The next meeting
will be held at the home of Mrs.
Richert,Thursday June 7.
Put a "New-Way" Engine oil your binder. You
cut the cost of harvest andin crease your profit*. You
can be delayed by flooded fields or scorching weather
you are sure of getting your crop* in on time and of
•aving every ounce of grain.
Sev« hundreds of DoBarsin Men and Horses
why Kngia— »»»umd root» work tea be done
The hor— hivt only topuU theewAlne
rmy yav
9t hanaadlala tlw field every year from
,»»»»» «U»
ftiwlifci peeer lor
"Cm Aay IHa af Mr.
Sisseton, S. D,
.VI rs. Fosness is
visit with her sister
sun. Minn.
l-'ranli and Oliver Tenney and
•lake Sclind Jr. is packing and
shipping his household goods to
lioslyn this week. Mrs. Schad
Iand little son will remain here
for some time. Their many
friends wish them success in
their new home.
A.C. Harnett is still confined
to his bed with an attack of
A numbov of Sisseton people
(Spent Sunday at Hartford.
Alee Lee a former Summit
boy an ived here for a visit with
relatives this week'. He has been
in Canada for several years.
•lames Black of liig Stone trans
acted business here Saturday.
Will Steele and family of Wa
ter town visited over Sunday with
the the Tenny and Sol berg fam
Andrew .lorgenson, E. W.
Fuller and Miss Helen Fuller
autoed over from Itosholt Satur
day, returning Sunday. Miss
Helen will re-enter school here
for review work and examin
Mrs. 0. 11 Woodward and
daughter Neva and sons Ira and
Kenneth an toed over from
Brookings Friua.y for a visit with
relatives. They returned Sun
A bail
tire northeast of
Summit gave the farmers in that
vicinity a hard light Thursday
Mrs. Antone J.ydstrup went to
Milbank Sunday to visit her
mother Mrs. Baker who is at
the Fitch home taking treatment
from Dr. Pay.
Miss Hettie Max field visited
here the latter part of the week
at the Briggs home.
Morning worship 10:30
Sabbath School 11:45
Endeavor Society 7 p. m.
Rev. Rudie will preach the Bac
calaitieale Sermon at the Opera
House Sunday evening.
Mrs. Richards called on Mrs.
Ed Thompson one day last week.
The John and Pat jKelly fam
ilies attendgd the Class Play in
Peever Thursday evening.
It is repotted that there will be
a dance at Ole Larrys May 17th.
Levy Fredrickson and Alfred
Buckmati made a business trip to
Wilmot Monday.
Little Martha Richards was a
visitor at the Agency No. 2 School
Alma Toste nson called on Cora
Fredrickson Sunday afternoon.
Olavus Swenson made a trip to
Peever Saturday.
Pat Kelly made a trip to Peever
The farmers are glad to have a
few good days to work in their
Mr. Hinseth and Earl Johnson
made a fishing tripFriday evening
Mrs. Evan Jones called on Mrs.
Hinseth Friday afternoon.
Cora Fredrickson, Alma Tosten
son and Grace Argo were callers
at Fred Fredticksons Sunday.
The Indians hereabouts have
trying to break the monotony of
things by starting prairie fires and
letting them ran until someone
puts them ont.
Pick-pockcts Caught At Aberdeen
enjoying a With the arrest of lour men in
from \X at-i
js,-jty yesterday it is believed
that the gang of pickpockets
Miss I'oily Tenn.v drove over ei-r. tint? |uite extensively in Ab
I rom Y\ atertown Sunday lor ajcrdeen and on the railway trains
visit with relatives. running into this eity during the
A pile of rubbish near the 'past few weeks lias been broken
mil flier of the engine at the Rns-! up.
sell blacksmith shop raught lire. The men were taken into cus
I and considerable damage was tody yesterday afternoon at the
done to the building before lieip Northwestern station as they
arrived. were about to board a passenger
Julius naacli was at home train about to leave. The arrests
here between trains Sunday. were made by Sheriff T. C. Wy
rs. liriggs and Kngvald Jolinjc'0"
robbers that have been op-
son autoed to Luke Benton, in- detective.
nesota Sunday for a visit with hollowing their arrest the men
r. and rs. Ward Briggs. r.
land Mrs. Ward liriggs aecom- William Smith of l.emimm of a
panied them home Tuesday for Pecketbuok containing »."jO in
a short visit. money. Mi. Smith was a pas-
Hurke, a railway
charged It robbing
money. Mi. Smith was a
senger on a Milwaukee train and
did not discover Iiis loss until lie'
arrived in this city. He immed
iately reported it to the officers.
As a result the arrest of the four
men followed.
The men had been loitering
around the depot for some time
and because of their suspicious
movements, Detective rke
kept them under his watchful
eye. Sheriff WyekutT soon ap' I
pea.red at the station and inform
ed the detective of his mission
and the men were seized.
When arraigned in court they
gave their names as Frank San
ders, Harr.y Haines, Frank Willis
and Ray Lawrence. No resid
enee was given. Attorney L.
T. Van Sl.yUe appeared for the
defendants and asked the court
to set a date when a preliminary
hearing could be held. The time
was set for Monday morning,
May 1-1, at 10 o'clock. In de
fault of bond for $100 each the
men were taken to the county
jail where thc.y will be held un
til their hearing.
It is believed that the band of
men may be connected with the
numerous robberies that have
been committed in Aberdeen re-j The groom is the youngest son of
ceutly. Within the past week
the home of Mrs. A. V. Chris
tison was entered and robbed of
money and jewelry valued at
S-50 besides a considerable
amount of clothing.
a S
Athol were also victims of pick
pockets which may be attributed
to the men now in jail, according
to the officers. While enroute
to Milwaukee, Mr. Shields had
his pocketbook taken, containing
tickets and about $100 in cash.
Many residents of Aberdeen
have been held up and robbed ot
money while on their way home
during the late hours of the
evening. These instances have
been reported to the police but
so far they have been unable to
solve the problem and the per
petrators so far have gone un
punished—Aberdeen American.
for Eggs, Poultry,
Hides and Furs
Poultry prices are the
same as last week
Present market on Eggs is
If market goes higher we
will pay more.
Old Iron $7 a ton
We buy all Junk at mar
ket value
Hides 18c and 20c
Call us up before selling.
Phone 61
Benson Produce Co.
Opposite Standard Office
Two of our prominent young
people were mariied at the Web
ster Parsonage, Friday morning,
May 4th. Rev. Father Lennon
a a a
Parish during Hew Father Men/.
Niger's illness, who is confined to
the hospital at Aberdeen.
The young couple is well known
in this community and are highly
The groom is the son of L. V.
Warring, who came here a few
years ago and made this his per
manent home. He became the
owner of the Kden Dray Line and
conducted same until about a
month ago when he disposed of it
and quietly prepared for his honey
moon trip.
The bride is a daughter of Math
Ungerone of our prosperous farm
ers and was born and reared iu this
community, she was highly re
spected by her companions and by
all who know her.
After the ceremony the young
couple departed for Powell, Wy
oming where the groom has a
homestead where they will make
their future home.
The Times joins with the com
munity in wishing them happiness
and prosperity in their new under
takings.—Eden Times.
Bids Wanted
Sealed bids will be received up
to the 1st day of June for the use
of Engine by mile to pull an ele
vator grader. The Board re
ceives the right to reject any or
all bids.
of Grant township
By order
Girls' Wash Dresses
We Are Glad
Cable- Eggen
On Wednesday evening Mav 9,
at Sisseton, Miss Lillian Jiggen
was married to K. Kwert Cable.
They were attended bv Miss Anna
Kggen, sister ol' the bride and Wal
ter Remund.
The young people have a host of
friends and acquaintances this
city and county, both having been
born and raised here. The bride
has been empfoyed at the Wilmot
hospital for'several years past. She
is an amiable young lady highly
regarded by her many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Cable of this
city and tins lived in Wilmot all
his tile. He is un industrious
young man of splendid character.
The groom has rented his father's
faun iu Lee township where the
young people will make their home.
The Republican joins with their
many friends in extending cougrar
ulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cable.—
Wilmot Republican.
J. W. Hannasch,
Is an item that is of interest and importance
to mothers at this time.
It is often very difficult and sometimes al
most impossible to get good quality gingham
dresses for girls ready-made.
that we are able to announce to the mothers
of this community at this time the arrival of
a very large variety of girls' dresses in sizes
from 2 to 14 years of age.
At the Merchants Convention in Februars
these dresses were purchased from one of the
largest X?w York manufacturers at a much
lower price than the same dresses are worth
If you are interested this is an invitation to
come and be convinced that we can save you
A new Hag pole has been raised
on the School grounds seventy
feet in height and commands the
view of the city and surrounding
country. The Ibig raising exer
cises took phice Monday afternoon
Salutes were given by the pupils of
the various giatles under the
charge of their several teachers.
Short talks were made bv Rev.
Rudie, Kr. O' am, I!. Can field,
Rev. Kbert, II. S. Morris and T.
H. McDonald. Music was furnish
ed by the High School Band. The
exercises were participated in by
the pupils of the public school and
a number of townspeople.
For Sale or Lease—160 acres in
Bossko township. Terms reason
able. Ma J. .Monson (Savage
1 2420 Say well Ave, Cleveland, O.
Read the buck page this week.
There is something different.
Stove are the Safest, Simplest
cook stove of its kind made.
Burns and kind of Kerosine and
is Absolutely Smokeless, at
Thompson's Hardware.
While men are busy in the fields
the housemaids should be equallv
busy in the garden. It is a pleas
tire to work in gardens with tool.»
of finality. We handle the Keen
Kutter line of garden tools. Prices
I reasonable.
I Thompson Hardware.
Synod Lutheran
O. Austin, Pastor
Services this Sunday at 10:.U.
Sermon by Casper M. Austin.
I Sundav Sdhool at 11 :5ii
Visitors are welcome-
.MKifi.. .v
No morning' services
Sunday School at 11
Luther League at 7: Ki
It:ir(-a!a'iv(\"1c Services at tile
Opera 1 Inu»i' at
I Mesdaines A. )., W. O and
A. Torvirk pleasantly enter
tamed the Lutheran Ladies Aid
in the new church basement.
yesterday a 11 .rnoon.
Rev. Rudie will assist in the
dedication of the church at Wau"
I bay next Sunday morning.
In order to stimulate business in
1 have decided to present to one of my patrons a live
passenger it* 17 Kord Touring (Jar
Ihe car will he given free, without restriction of any
kind, to the person making the, highest, score in Hase
Ball Pool at my ha'I in the first, 1 fi. 000 games played.
There are no strings on this offer, and there is no
element ot gambling in it. You pay the regular
price for pool and if you are fortunate as to make
high score you will get the machine.
in addition a cash prize of 810 first $5 second and
a box of cigars third, will he given for higli score for
each 1000 games and other prizes will he given from
time to time. Neither myself nor my employees will
participate in this contest.
The contest will start on the lvth day of May'
Come and try the game.
Car is now on display at Cottingham's Garage.

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