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One Dollar Down
Easy Payments
Citizens National Bank
Henry Helvig, President
J. W. Barring ton, Vice President
Leo J. Lukanitsch, Cashier
By Walter L. Johnson
Official Paper of County and City
A Device To Combat Subs
Hayti—Albert Burlingame. a
young inventor of Hayti, has
been summoned to Washington
by high officers of the navy de
partment to demonstrate an in
vention or device which he has
perfected for the destruction of
... music throughout the dav. A
~.!LT8 ?Ve
practical or he would not
have been summoned to Wash
ington to demonstrate their
practicability before experts of
the navy department. Thus a
South Dakota inventor whose
name heretofore has been un-
Food stuffs could be supplied as needed and any possible
food shortage avoided. Why is it that every agricultural
college in the United States recommends the building op
ySfloa? tieeause it cuts your beed bill in half at a time of
Is. year when milk and beef are bringing fancy prices.
ikY^ spV^.Qpncrete Silo is a Permanent Silo because it will not1
*»wn or blow down, it does not require the Lighten
(or looeeaing of hoops, nor any brace to keep it stand»
M. O. Eikum, Asst. Cashier.
R. M. Thompson, Teller.
llUilllllilllllilllllliiii^ lllllllllllllliillllflllll ililllllllillil lliiilii
ly shorten the war.
outHitle thc state may by stevunson homo in
Equity Fourth Picnic
will be three speakers for the
submarines and the rendering!Equity and Non-Partisan League
ineffective of the deadly torpe- The Sisseton Band and Male
o. The young South Dakota Quarette have been engaged for
inventor has submitted two sets
of plans to the navy department
the occasion and will furnish
i800d program of sports, races
and other amusements have been
arranged for. "Let's Go."
Mrs. Wm. Harnett of New
with her
spent the
Concrete Silos
Conservation of Farm Products is the cry throughout the
country. Everyone realizes that the United States, under
present conditions, will have to make use of every foot of
producing soil. It is, therefore, a patriotic and wise farm
er who studies the situation in regard to his own land and
plans improvements which will increase the output of his
fium, tö help his nation as well as himself.
P& Hie Concrete Silo conserves the corn crop and helps to
keep the soil fertility. Just imagine what it would mean
.-.If the present corn crop yielded a 40 per cent increase!
Jt Is *ir tight, water tight and acid proof. First
the otdy eoet.
fat one Aw before the rush begins/
be' li Sisseton the first part of July to build some
the Lamport Lumber Company.
'Wmtnm g. D.
Mrs. Al
marriage at the Lutheran par
sonage, June 24, Rev. Rudie of
ficiating. They wil make their
home on a farm near Claire
(Jit v.
Ray Parker of Knoaka, Minn.,
is spending the week with hs
old college chum, Dana Babcock.
Mrs. John Bailly of Peever
his genius be able to solve the Seth is an old instructor of thc'^18-
Subscription jSl.^o Per Year. render Germany's starvation on his Sioux while here. iland.,
plan ineffective and incidental-: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ernster re
was the guest of her sister, Mrs.!Milbank
Al Oliver, Wednesday. |mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Thornton
:of Huron are guests at the W. E.
,a „,
submarine problem and there- Mission and expects to brush u:)|^°b'en ®unt'ay 1°°^
!turned Saturday from a two
weeks visit with relatives at Ai
,ton, Iowa.
Joseph Pint returned Tuesdav
w. fa. btevenson phoned in on-from a br-unoss tri» to Aberdeeni Austin
Wednesday that everything is! Mrs. A. 0. Tostenson and!Morning Services. 10:30
ready tor the big Equity picnic [children departed last week
at the Mission farm in Goodwill [Milwaukee to visit her sister.
township for the Fourth, althojThey will also visit relatives at
as yet he is unable to give the Sidney,, Mich.
outside speakers names. There'
Sotih°n.l".L,h^, u.'"11'!0" "f,
Chicago and St. Louis 6,141,08
Net amount due from approved
reserve agents in othe
cities 108,121.16 114,262-24
Net amount due from banks
and bankers v:'. 37,000.00
Other cheeks on banks in same
city or town as reporting bank 2.245.57
Fractional currency, nlcklee
and cents 329.34 329.34
Lawful reserve in vault and
net amount due from federal
reserve bank 48,821.60
Redemption fund with U. S.
treasurer and due from
"U. 6. treasurer 2.000.00
iVaiii'i y'lCl'1-"-g'
Miss Inga Loe is attending! Gumbo—This is the latest
the Chant .uiiua in Sisseton thisjnew town to spring into exis
weuk. Itance in western South Dakota,
Bortenus Oppen of Claire ja postoflice having .just been' es
'City and Miss Julia Homo of jtablished there with Mrs. Lottie
Granite Falls were united injMcClain postmistress. The of-
fiee was established for the ac
commodation of the settlers in
this part of Meade count v.
Miss Helen Wilson spent Sun-
A. J. Molinie departed Tues-!day at her home in Milbank.
day on a business trip to the, Iver Brob.ierg has just pur
ities. chased a Ford car.
Paul Li lister went to Vehlen,
Saturday to conduct a rural
carriers examination.
Ii. C. Crosby arrived home
Friday night from Milwaukee.
He attended the graduation of
his son Marvy from the .V
iquette Dental School. Harvy
has joined the army so didnot
return home with his father,
White Stone Lake
Two of Mrs Jim Parkers sis
ters have been visiting her this
Several of the young people at
tended the dance at Julius Lob
bens Saturday night.
Robert Casey took his mother
his sister Mrs. George and child
ren to Peever Sunday to visit
their sister, Mrs. Murray.
Miss Viola Yarns has gone to
to wovk for
Walt Brown is
on Route No. 5 now.
William Ar
go took Mr. and
Richards to
Cora Fredrickson from Peevi
now camping near Clear Lake,
[spent the week end at Argo's
ron Iowa :an(' intended the Lobben dance.
Sunday School 11-30
Visitors are always welcome.1
Harmon and Vicinity
METHODIST ,• The neighbors of Mrs. Bert
(J. H. Ebert, Pastor)
Sheldon surprised her Saturday'
Sunday will be Temperance it being her birthday anniver
sary and a very pleasent time
Moriiing Service 10:30 was spent. Those present were
Mr. Frenc of Mitchell will the Coon Wilson family, Mark'
preach. Leversee family, Pat White fam I
Sunday School 11:45 ily, Jim Larson family, W. Cay
Epworth League 7:15 lor family and John Hanson
Evening Service 8:00 family.
Mr. Holsaple of Mitchell will Pete Nergilt will finish his new
speak at the evening service. barn this week and on Saturday
-rJune 30 he xvill give a dance.
LUTHERAN Everybody invited.
(Rev. K. N. Rudie, Pastor) Mrs. Chas. Kaufman has had
08-01' P- S3DIA.10S uoiuniuiuoQ the carpenters working at her
Lutheran League 6:45 place the past month putting up
The parochial school will start several buildings.
again next Monday at 9 o'clock. The services in the Method
Rev. D. French will speak ist church at Windom Sunday
at the Lake View Church next night were well attended. There
Sunday at 3 p. m. 'will be services there again on
Sunday School at 2 p. July 1st.
Mrs. Otto Johnson entertains W. J. Lampman and Gus Kauf
the Ladies Aid at her home on' man left last Tuesday for North
Thursday, July 5, at 3 p. m. Dakota and Montana points.
Services at Saron church next They returned Sunday.
Sunday at 3 p. m. Misses Jess and Grace Hayatt
of Tenny, Minn., were guests of
Card of Thanks Miss Alice Miller last wVk. They
We wish to extend our heart- returned home Tuesday and from
felt thanks to all cur kind there Miss Jess will go to Mon
friends, who so willingly assis-jtana to teach Summer School,
ted us during the illness and the A large crowd from here mo
death of our beloved baby, and tored to Big Stone Sunday. All
for the beautiful floral offer-! report a fine time and say they
ings and to those who decorated are going again in the near fti
the church. jture.
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Mannes, Mrs. Dan Souby and son Don
and family, aid have returned from Daven-
south DKkutn, at the clone of business on June 20, 1917.
Loans and dkiounls. .8568.821.21 $568.821.21
Overdrafts, unsecured 135.02
U. S. bonds deposited to se
cure circulation 40,000.00
Total U. S. bonds (other
thnn Liberty Bondh) cer
tificates of indebtedness 40.000.00
Piiyment on acccount sub
scriiition for Liberty Bonds
«then. Nation,.1 Bank at Sisseton. in the state
Total 840.590.74
Paid in
Net amount due to banks mid
Securities other thnn U. S.
bonds (not including stoccks)
owned unpledged .... 2,271.76
Totii! bonds, securities, etc 2,271.76
Stock*' of federal reserve bank 1,800.00
Value of banking house 8,000.00
Equity in banking housse 8,000.00
Furniture und fixtures 4,600.00
Real estate owned other than
banking house 4,650-00
Net amount due from approved
reserve agents in New York
Surplus fui_
Undivided profits 22,687.07
I-«ess curent expenses, interest
and taxes paid ln ou- «1
Circulating notets outstandi
3.591 16
Dcniaud Deposits subject to
Individual deposits subject to
Certificates of deposit due Iti
less thnu 30 days
Cashier's checks outstanding-
124.760 79
Total demand deposits 215,6c,l go
Time Deposits subject to
Certificate» °f deposit 398.076.97
Total time deposits 398,076.97
Total.. 840.590,74
State of South Dakota, County of Roberta, u.
I. Leo JK Lukanlueh. cashier of the above, named bank, do solemnly »wear tkt «k»
above statement is true tote the be,t of my keowledee aid beUefTuo Lulumltseh.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this jJth day of June, ist Caahler
Careet atS?"
Reasons for Selling
Are Your Best Reasons
for Buying them
We sell them because
they will satisfy our trade
and make every buyer a
oooster for us and for
everything else we sell j,n
our store.
We Sell Merchandise
that we can stand back of
We sell more than the
goods—we sell the satisfac
tory service you have a right
to expect the goods to give.
That's our motto. Every arti
cle we sell must r,':and that
Come in and See Wi:
You Ought to Hi.vc Gumey
port, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lampman
are rejoicing over the birth of a
son. Earl says he will soon
have him plowing corn.
Mrs. Jerry Peterson and fami
ly spent Friday with Mrs. Ada
Miller of Fern Grove.
Mrs .Frank Benjamine and
daughter have gone to her home
in Minnesota to spend the sum
There will be a big dance at
Diamond July 4th. /The boat will
run from Dumont to Diamond.
All are invited.
Bill Hanson of Willow Grove
has purchased a Ford car.
Mrs. Alta Lampman and fami
ly spent Sunday at the Earl
Lampman home in Bryant town
The Windom Ladies Aid will
meet July 12 with Mrs. Henry
Peters in Bryant township.
John Ladyhoff of Diamond
returfied last week from Mon
tana. He says South Dakota is
good enough for him.
Mr. and Mrs. Plantt and fami
ly Sundayed with the Jay Buck
land family.
John Ryno ia building an ad
dition to his barn. Bert Sheldon
is the carpenter.
Everybody Is Wearing Keds
Keds are the highest quality of canvas rubber-soled
footwear. They have uppers of a specially woven,
fine grade of canvas.
It should be made so as to turn work in
to pleasure instead of drudgery.
We can help you make it so without a
great cost.
Our Peerless Kerosene Cooker has already
been placed in dozens of kitchens and is
doing away with burden of cooking over
a Hot Coal Range on a Hot Summer Day.
Let us place one of the PKKRLKSS in your
We guarantee the I'KKRLKSS STOYK to work
smokeless and odorless under all conditions and
vo work satisfactory ly with common kerosene.
is the afest and cheapest cooking a para tu
ever invented.
Come in and let us demonstrate it to you on
our iloor.
We are now supplying them This store is always
first to show new and fashionable footwear for every
member of the family. Keds are the best morning,
noon, and night shoes if you want comfort, service
and economy.
Keds for Men. Be comfortable on hot, sweltering days. Keds should be worn to the office as well as
to the golf course. Put on a pair of Keds in the morning and forget about your feet all day. You wear
a straw hat to keep your head cool. Wear Keds to keep your feet cool. We have a pair to fit vou
Many styles to chocse from.
Swanberg Shoe Store
Keds for Women. In town and country,
at seashore and mountains, Keds will be worn
for sport, promenade, dress—any occasion
when milady seeks cool conWort and fashion
able appearance. Many styles to harmonize
with the daintiest of summer frocks. Banish
hot-weather foot discomfort:-. Wear Keds.
Keds for Children. Romping, ruddy
cheeked children like to wear Keds because
they can play harder, run faster and enjoy
their ease and grace. There are many styles
of Keds for boys and girls—all made to fit
growing feet and to go with the quaint little
summer suits and dresses,
E N I E S A A 1
World-wide distribution and the continu
ally groiwng demand for Ford cars are
the best proof of Ford value. Ford Cars
are utilities—the are positive necessities
for they have revolutionized modern busi
ness, brought country and city together
and opened up new life, to the family.
Ine ord car has become.. a necessary
part of everyday life.. Touring car $360
Runabout $345, Coupelet $505, Sedan $645
Town car $595-—all f. o. b. Detroit... On
display and for sa/e by

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