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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, July 12, 1918, Image 2

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Sisseton Standard
Continuing the Courant
By Walter L. Johnson
ISntered at the postotflce at Sisseton,
So. Dakota as second class matter.
The Republican
Sioux Falls, S. D.—The republican
state convention closed its work here
Tuesday with the adoption ok a plat
form which stands squarely for 100
per cent loyalty and patriotism as
the first duty of all Americans in this
war time.
The convention was presided over
by Alan J. Bogue, Jr., of Centerville,
who served both as temporary and
permanent chairman. Charles M.
Harrison was both temporary and
permanent secretary.
The resolutions committee was
composed of the following: Frank
Mitchell, C. J. Morris, S. Way,
John Parsons, Wesley Clark, C. M. C.
Woodland and B. K. Corkins.
The credentials committee consist
ed of L. Lovinger, C. B. Powers, W. A.
Wicks, Fred Chesley, and Joseph Gil
The full text of the platform is as
The republicans of South Dakota in
convention assembled proclaim that
the paramount issue now before the
American nation is the winning of the
war. The republican party is by in
,, tuition and instinct a party of loyalty
and it has always stood unflinchingly
and unwaveringly for the United
States of America, its form of govern
ment and institutions and wc pledge
$ to the government of the United
•States our most hearty, sincere
thorough and patriotic support for
every measure and in every movement
necessary to the successful winning of
the war. In' the midst of this great
conflict, a world-wide war, fighting in
the cause of liberty and humanity and
for the preservation of civilization,
and with our allies battling a brutal
cruel, inhuman tryant who seeks to
'subjugate to his domination all the
peoples of the nations of the world,
we the republican party hold that the
liberty of self government must be es
tablished in all civilized nations, that
militarism must be banished from the
world forever, that each nation, large
or small, shall be permitted to govern
itself, that the strong shall not opress
the weak, that the will of self-ap
pointed hereditary and arbitrary
rulers shall not be Imposed upon any
people. The brutal* indignitieh and
cruel atrocities being Inflicted upon
the civil population of Servla, Ar
menia, Roumanla, Belgium nd France
have a tendency toward the destruc
tion of the teachings and experiences
of nineteen centuries of Christian
civilization and are viewed with hor
ror by all Christian peoples.
This war must not cease until justice
has been done to these nations, their
territory restored and preserved, and
self-government established,
We pledge to all our American sol
diers, sailors and aviators and to all
persons engaged In the naval and
military service of the United States
and Its allies as well as to those per
sons engaged In the work ok the Red
Cross, the Y. M. C. A., the K. of C.,
and kindred organizations and Insti
tutions, our undiminished, unstinted
'whole-hearted, patriotic support and
assurance them that while we feel en
tirely-unable to approximately express
It we deeply and feelingly appreciate
the great and lasting service they are
'/Tendering to the United States and to
-Its allies in the cause of liberty and
Humanity and the presar rattan of
»Christian civilization aal we assure
our boys and our war workers that r.o
-will "Keep The Home FItj.i Burning"
and long for the opportunity to
tlonally and effectively demonstrate
to them the deep and abiding grall
tude of the whole American people on
the days when after the war shall
'ihave been won, Christian civilization
preserved, the cause of liberty and hu
manity saved, and self -government
established !n all the nations of the
world, the.- shall return to their
various homoa victorious and tritun
phant. -•. a***»--—
This Is no time for Quibbling, those
•who are not wholeheartedly ir the
Üntted States and Its allies must bo
"counted against us. There Is no place
In this country tor a fifty-fifty Amerl
can nor a ninety-nine per cent Ameri
can we wüst be one hundred per cent
In our Americanism.
This Is not a war of any political
yajrty, it Is a war of our whol-i Ameri
can nation, of all the American poo
pie. We denounce all criticism of
public officials which is Inspired by
mere partisanship or disloyalty. We
fCw believe that courageous, loyal, cou
structlve criticism of unpreparednoss,
in-efflclency, extravagance and waste
constantly be made as the ne
cesslty therefore arises and the right
ot each criticism should as constantly
We regret that the party In power
& A
If not actually refused to
t• v.v ».
prepare for war in 1914, 1915, and
1916, although urged to do so by re
publican leaders both in and out of
congress. We believe that such neglect
and refusal and want of foresight and
preparation has unnecessarily pro
longed the war and resulted in costly
sacrifices to the American people.
We rejoice in the fact that it was a
republican, Hon. Theodore Roosevelt
that ulta patriotic, one-hundred per
cent American who first pointed the
way to the winning of the war and we
deply deplore that his proffer of serv
ice and his offer to enlist two hundred
thousand soldiers and with them to
take up the gauge of battle in the
cause of the United States and its al
lies was uncermoniously declined.
We agree with Mr. tioinpers, presi
dent of the American federation of
labor, and with Allen S. Benson, for
mer presidentnl candidate of the
socialistic party, that present day so
cialism consists in the spreading of
the German propaganda and teaches
disloyalty and sedition. We denounce
all disloyalty or privately sedition and
disloyalty and demand the vigorous
enforcement of all the laws and the
arrest, punishment and imprisonment
of all persons in any manner guilty ot
sabotage, sedition or disloyalty.
We denounce Thomas H. Marshall
the vice president of the Vmtvd
States, who at a time when the senate
of the United States was in session
and engaged in the consideration of
war legislation, so far for got the dig
nity of the high office to which lie had
been elected, as to go forth into the
state of Wisconsin and other states
and there to engage in political cam
paigns and to deliver petty partisan
political speeches and for the dennnci
lion of loyalists of unimpeachable
honor and integrity. We believe that
such conduct on the part of the vi':o
president of the United States as b
neath the dignity of the high oflice
to which lie has been elected.
For the first time in the history of
the state of South Dakota we have as
a chief executive a man who was born
and has lived his entire life in our
air slate. To all lie is known as a man
of high ideals, of manly Chiistijn
character, great ability and ur.im
|v:iLha\ie Integrity. ,» his legislative
career prior to his occupancy of the
governors chair he always was, since
has been and still is, a champion of
the people, a good republican, and a
true-blue one hundred per cent
American and has justly hern naiu'i'J
"The War Governor of South DakotV
His life is as .»n open book, his achieve
inents are acknowledged, the part he
has played in procuring the enact
ment of progressive legislation in
th: stat=i fir tl ene'it of a't thf
people is undisputed and acknowl
edged. Ot overnor Norb»ck i* may
Justly be said that no man who has
ever stood in our legislation hall is
responsible for the enactment ot so
much progressive and useful legisla
tion. Due to his efforts in that behalf
we have the Tax Commission law,
bank guarantee law, rural credit law,
the Workmen's Compensation act,
the Market Commission Department
and other laws of like character and,
In fact, more progressive legislation
than has ever been enacted in any
other state in the whole United
States. We commend in the very high
est terms the fair, impartial, practical
business-like administration ot the
affairs ot this state during his present
Incumbency and we pledge to him our
patriotic support ot all his aims and
aspirations in legislative accomplish
ments and the good to be brought
about by him during the remainder ot
his present incumbency and in the
coining future administration.
Believing as we do that one of the
greatest factors in the winning ot the
war is the question of food and that
untold hundreds ot thousands ot bush
els ot the products ot the field and
farm are used in the manufacture ot
beer and alcoholic liquors we pledge
ourselves tor national war-time pro
hibition and we urge upon our sena
tors and representatives In congress
that they use all legitimate means in
their power to immeditely put war
time prohibition into actual practice.
We endorse the action ot the legisla
ture In ratifying the Prohibition
Amendment to the federal constitu
tion and commend the passage ot the
Bone Dry Prohibition law and the
very efficient manner in which it is
being enforced by the governor and
other officials ot this state.
America is great because ot the
greatness ot her people, because ot
the greatness ot her men and women.
We are proud. Indeed, of the splendid
achievements ot our loyal, brave, pa
triotic women and of our womens*
activities In war work and we believe
that they have Justly earned their
much sought tor reward, universal
suffrage. W6 are thoroughly In sym
pathy with and heartily endorse the
proposed amendment ot the state
constitution limiting suffrage to full
naturalized citizens. We commend the
recommend to the most favorable con
slderation ot the voters at the next
general election the adoption ot that
proposed amendment to our state con
stitution which relates to citizenship
and confers upon, the women ot our
state full suffrage.
the National Suffrage Amendment
and call upon the senate of the United
States to immediately pass it and sub
mit it for approval.
Thousands of our boys have enlist
ed in the service ot their country and
are making and tendering the su
preme sacrifice. It is our duty and
we take pleasure In recommending
and. In fact, strenuously urge upon
the voters of the state that at the next
general election the amendment
for the sale of public land on thirty
years time at a low rate of interest
be adopted unanimously in order that
we may say to our boys upon their re
turn, may acquire homes on long time
credit at a low interest rate.
We further believe the state should
extend a reasonable credit for the pur
pose of placing improvements upon
lands so purchased and should give
the soldier boys every assistance pos
Under our present taxation system
gross injustice exists. Different class
es of property under our present me
thods are made to reap an unholy re
ward and the burden of taxation is
placed upon those who reside in our
midst and improve their farms and
erect farm buildings and promote the
progress and development of the state
The legislature is without power un
der our present constitutional provi
sions to enact adequate taxation laws
correcting these abuses. The express
companies escape without the just
payment of their proper proportion ot
the taxes. It is necessary therefore,
that the constitution be amended in
order that the legislature may be em
powered to revise our laws of taxation
and to accomplish the necessary tax
ation reforms. We believe it is im
perative to the progress and develop
ment of our state tilt the constitution
al amendment proposed at the last
session of the legislature be adopted.
Under the provisions of our present
constitution the state legislature is
powerless to act and we, therefore,
urge upon the voters of the state that
at the next general election they adopt
the constitutional amendment for the
development of the water powers of
the state and to engage in the coal
mining business, the manufcture ot
cement, the Internal Improvement
Amendment and the State Hail fusur
ance amendment.
We denounce profiteering in ail its
forms. We deeply deplore that many
persons claiming to be patriotic Am
erican citizens are indulging in this
unlawful, un-American, disloyal traf
fic. We now have a crop of approxi
mately 22,750 millionaires, nearly
8,000 more this than last year and ten
of th£se have aa actra. inc.cn ,,f fiv
trillion dollars or more. 1 growth
|o! stupendous unearned fortunes
frc the frightfulness of vs? is un-
American, unpatriotic, and disloyal
We denounce the five gro.H meat pack
vis ot the United States and the large
m'ning interests and grain specula-
i«.rs for the profiteering in which
they have engaged. We dvmaii I the on
act ment ot legislation which will ap
propriate these unlawiul, un-Ameri
disloyal war profit for the purpose of
defraying the expenses of the war and
that permanent laws be made tor the
regulation of these industries and en
terpriif. even to the extent of fixing
the maigin between purchase price
paid to the producer and the cost lo
tlw consumer. While we believe that
individual initiative and enterprise in
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sive profits from the consuming pub
We commend the governor in rec
ommending the legislature in submit
ting to a vote of the people the consti
tutional amendments relating to state
industries and state-owned terminal
elevators, flour mills, and packing
houses and pledge the support of the
republican party in the adoption of
these constitutional amendments in
order that the legislature may thereby
be empowered to pass suitable reined
ial legislation.
We also commend the legislature
for providing by laws for a committee
to investigate and recommend the
most practical plan to carry out the
purpose ot these amendments. The
same prudence should be used in the
investment of state funds as that of
private money. The state has no mon
ey except as it collects it from the tax
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We recommend the pssage ot tl
Workmen's Compensation act unde,
which $75,000,000 has within the lad
year been paid to workmen and tar
ilies of workmen injured In accident
incident to their emplaoyment a:
who would without such relief
instances been left entirely des
titute and we pledge ourselves
this law shall be materially strengthl
ened and the benefits and indemnities
to be derived therefrom by injured em
ployes shall be increased and placed
I on an equality with that of our adjoiil
ing state, Minnesota.
We especially endorse the Honor-]
able Thomas Sterling, the present
cumbent and candidate for re-election
as United States senator from South]
Dakota, and his wise, able and pa^
triotic record which has enabled liinil
to represent this state in the congress
of the United States with credit and
We especially commend the patriot
tism of Honorable Royal C. Johnson
A Store of Established
Reliability for Men and
Boys Since 1909
Sisseton, South Dakota

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