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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, June 13, 1919, Image 4

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A Sleeping
Porch Adds
To Your
sssea yeais el sstisiecbefeV
in health,
pleasure. You
know what a
tonic fresh air is.
can never get too much of it. With a sleep
ing porch you MAK.li
of it every night, seven nights a week for
yourself and your loved ones.
That is why every year more people sleep out
doors the year round, and their reward is all
around good health—"overflowing health.
Any carpenter can add a sleeping porch to your
house at little cost. It is really cheaper, much
chcaper, than med!cine and doctor hills.
It is particularly delightful during summer. It
is a fine place for the baby's nap.
Talk it over with us no-,v and have it ready
when the warm weather comes. Let us give you
suggestions. I his puts you to no obligation.
a Titan 10-20 at work on your farm and here is
what you will have: 1
Dependable, all 'round, flexible power, to run your field
ffinliinM, ready to be crowded in rush hour«, to cut down
your horse expense, to spare die horses you keep, to run the
belt machines you own or will own, to fit you out with reai
practical working efficiency.
Thoroughly relisble kernen« economy thai coats yen a greet deal lew
A— endleee horse expense and lew than halt of gasoline wpww—kerosene
«eoBomf that costs so little when yeur.tnwtor is at work and nothing at all
when yet Ueve
it idle.
Laatfeg good service wnkh is guaranteed you by Titan tractor records ana
way Titan 10-20 is built 6 has all the strong points and qualities
of eight hours
a mö
Utan 10-20—A Safe Invest
ment for You
Crushed Under Falling Wall
Walter Ulrich, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Ulrich, who reside
south of Big Stone City, was per
haps fatally injured and now lies
hovering between life and death
at the Lakeview Hospital in this
city as a result of being crushed
under a falling wall on the
streets of Big Stone City last
Mr. Ulrich and his son were
standing on the street near the
Big Stone City hall when the ac
eidnt occurred. Mr. Ulrich saw
the wall when it gave way and
called to his son to get away.
Walter was standing with his
back to the falling wail and be
fore he realized what was hap
pening the wall was upon him
crushing him to the ground in
such a manner as to cause a dis
location of the spinal column.
The wall was a front portion
of the structure erected between
the City Hall and the garage last
winter to provide room for the
midwinter picnic. Men were at
work tearing the structure down
and had removed the roof and
rear end leaving the front wall
poorly fastened and a gust of
wind tore it loose wit hthe result
stated above.
Mr. Ulrich was immediately
brot to the Lakeview Hospital in
this city whre everything pos
I sible is being done for him, but
littl hope is entertained for his
recovery.—Ortonville Journal.
Miss Myrtle Pederson of Et
trick, Wis., is visiting the Olaf
Negaard family.
Mrs. J. H. Nergaard and daugh
ter Jeannette returned from Dr.
Olson's hospital last week.
Johnny Holmberg has bought
a new threshing separator.
Henry Julius Jacobson has ar
rived from overseas and will be
home soon.
Hans T. Olson and family and
Mrs. Sorenson autoed down to
Marvin last week to visit C. J.
Johnson and family.
Miss Mararet Neville closed
her school last week.
Nils Holmberg is building a
poultry house.
Anna Staven has returned
from Dr. Olson's hospital.
Ed Kuntson and work crew did
some good work on the town line
road last week.
Mayor Ole Hanson of Seattle,
has lately become a national fig
ure, for no other reason than that
when his city was threatened
with great disorder, he took a
stand for law and common sense.
He easily won, and has now be
come prominent. The moral is
that all of us should assert our
plain rights and become popular
in addition we may thus not only
assist in saving the country but
save money.
"Frictioning" is the process by
which rubber and fabric are
milled together. This extra test
insures, by micrometer meas
urement, the exact thickness
and precise proportion of rubber
to fabric,
we reveal another of the extra testa
that make Racine Tires better tires.
Each of these extra tests is vitally important
Combined, they promise the utmost in mileage
for Racine Tire users.
Radne Country Road Tires
are specially built to, resist the wear and tear
of country road service—5000 mile guarantee,
Let ue show you this tire triumph,
Nelsons Garage, Peever,S.D.
Your Own Protection Bo Cortoin Brot?
Itoaino Tito You Bur Boon Tho N*
RUBBER CO* RadntWiscsasIa
The Church Supper
Why is a church supper? A
family donates $1.50 worth of
grub or thereabouts then takes
the bunch to the supper and pays
more than this amount to buy it
back. It is double taxation with
out a doubt, and in addition there
is a nerve tax for those who have
to prepare the meal. Altogether
it ought to be worth $5.00 to any
man to have his wife escape the
worry and strain of helping to
put in one of these suppers, but
the $5.00 is not forthcoming and
the supper is. The woman has
control of the foodstuffs in her
home, but not always the pocket
book. This is one reason for the
church supper. Some day the
social feature is another reason
for it. It has been our observa
tion that there is no sociability
about it, as the average person
eats and runs. There may be
socialibility in the kitchen where
the women meet to wash the
dishes and compare notes after
the affair is over. That is about
the only place. From a financial
standpoint the church supper is
a failure if you count the cost
from a social standpoint it is a
failure, but perhaps we will al
ways have it. Preparing and
serving food is a game for the
women, like pitching horseshoes
or something similar for men. It
is a sort of second nature for
them aid we presume as long as
they like to do it they will con
tinue the custom but candidly,
the supper and ice cream method
of financing a church should be
dispensed with and men ought to
do as they did in the olden times
—pay a percentage of their in
come for church purposes. The
supper and ice cream feature
should be purely« a social affair
and should come under the head
of entertainment, rather than
finance. A social affair planned
solely for this purpose would
have a chance of being a success.
Men ought to get the habit of
digging up occasionally without
being fed.—Rolfe Arrow.
Some of those people who
traded off their perfectly good
South Dakota land for some of
that Texas sage brush are now
kicking themselves all over the
lot when they "lamp" the land
up here selling at $150 to $200
an acre.
The Ford One Ton Truck is one of the sure
business utilities, and likewise just as big a
necessity on the farm. Farming is surely a
business proposition wherein success depends
upon economical methods with up-to-date ma
chinery. The Ford Truck will prove a great
economy on the farm. The marvel is "how the
farmer lias got along without it all these years."
It is a servant that serves, always ready and
and always economical. Price $550, without:
body, f. o. b. Detroit. ,,
The Carlberg Co.
The Greatest of All Light Operas
Mttore Wachta, Belgian Coloratura Soprano In "Pinafore.!
Harness Should Be Oiled
At least once a year. Now is a good time to
bring them in and have them Oiled and Re
We use a high grade
Davies Light Opera Company
Leaves your Harness soft pliable and does
not soil your hands or clothes every time
you touch it.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock
of Harness and Leather goods in Roberts
Come in and look our stock Jover wheather
you buy or not.
A new line of Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases.
Leather Goods Store
A Notable All Star Cast With Elaborate Costuming and Scenery „4
Nothing More Genuinely Funnier has ever been staged and more
tuneful music has never been written than "PINAFORE"
Sunday, June 22, 8:30 P. M.

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