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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, July 04, 1919, Image 5

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Alex Murray of Peever was in
tcwn Friday.
The County Commissioners are
in session this week.
Milton Jensen of Wilmot was
a Sisseton caller on Tuesday.
John Gumo of Claire City was
in Sisseton on business Tuesday.
Levi Foss of Wilmot was in Sis
sotoii on business last Thursday.
Atty E. J. Turner transacted
business in Watertown Tuesday.
Hartwick Oletzke Sundayed at
his parental home in Grant town
Clarence Johnson of Claire
City was a Sisseton visitor on
Alfred Monnie has accepted a
position with the Otter Tail
Power Co.
W. J. Thomas returned on
Saturday from a weeks visit in
the cities.
Mrs. W. F. Carlberg was in
Milbank Tuesday having dental
work done.
Dr. Karen and family of Orton
viile are guests at the H. M.
Knight home.
Dan Murphy arrived last weelr
from Chicago for a visit with Sis
seton friends.
Miss Inga Loe, departed Tues
day for Big Stone to attend the
Teachers Institute.
Rev. Erickson and Mr. Beito
of New Effington were county
seat visitors Tuesday.
Miss Cora Nelson has taken
up the work of stenograpeher for
Atty. F. R. McKenna.
The H. L. Day and AI Keating
families of Graceville were Sun
day guests at the Robertson
II. M. Knight returned Sunday
from a weeks visit at Ortonville.
His family accompanied him
Mrs. J. O. Andrews returned
Saturday from a six weeks visit
at Iowa points and the twin
Col. W. S. Rath and Earl
Swink will hold a closing out sale
on July 17th on the farm they
just sold west of Sisseton.
Thos. Noviand and two sons
were down from Dry Wood Lake
Tuesday. One little fellow had to
have a steel sliver removed from
his eye.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Birds?!! and
children of Claire City were Sis
shoppers Monday. They
were guests of Mrs. Frank Stauf
fer while in town
Mrs. J. W. Barrington and her
sister Mrs. Geo. Bailey of Browns
Valley departed Tuesday for
White Hall Wis., for a visit with
relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Peters and
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rierk de
parted Tuesday by car for a trip
thru North Dakota to look over
the country and visit relatives
and friends.
Word has been received that
Harry Drenttel has arrived from
overseas. He is expected to arrive
here within the next few weeks
to resume his work in the Sisse
ton post office.
Mrs. J. P. Croal and son C.
were passengers to Milbank on
Saturday evening, where they
visited relatives until Monday.
Vincent was initiated into the
C's. on Sunday
Miss Ida Bergan has resigned
her position as stenographer for
Attys. McKenna and Turner and
after a short visit here with
friends she will go to her home
at Hawley, Minn
Samuel Crawford made this
office a call Saturday requesting
that his Standard be sent to him
at Battle Creek, Michigan, where
he has gone to resume his studies
at the School of Appplied Art.
For Sale—My residence, five
rooms, two closets, two fine
porches, full basement, water,
cistern, sewer, electric lights four
corner l°ts, good barn 16x24x12
feet. Splendid location. Inquire
Wm. Koepke, Sisseton.
Peter Stavig and family accom
panied by Miss Josie London and
Lars Stavig, Magnus Stav'g and
family, and Hans Stavig and
family of our city and Dr. Howg
and family and Olaf Stageberg of
New Effington autoed to Fergus
Palls Sunday to view the ruins
wrought by the tornado there.
Misses* Clara and Elnora Hine
departed Tuesday for their home
in Kansas to spend a thirty days
vacation before taking up their
new duties at the Ft. Pec:
Agency, Poplar, Mont. These
young ladies have been faithful
employees at the Government
School for a number of years
and have made a host of friends
in this vicinity .whose best wish
es accompany them.
Miss Mae Graver is assisting
at the Co. Auditors office.
Alec Laing went to Peever
Monday for a few days visit
Syvert Oas was a guest ok
friends in Milbank over Sunday.
Fay Sammon of Gracevi'.le was
a guest of friends in our pity or
Arthur Bennett arrived home
Saturday noon from a weeks visii,
in the cities.
Niel Crosby was a passengei
to Milbank Saturday evening, re
turning Monday.
Atty. Frank R. McKenna went
to Milbank for an over Sunday
visit with the hoihe folks, and to
see his brother who has just re
timed from over seas.
Twin boys were born +o Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Larson one June
22nd, at their home on the Mark
Leversee farm in Harmon town
ship. Mark has named them
Norbeck and Townley, not wish
ing to be partial to either party.
Rush Hill came down from
Claire City on Saturday evening
tc meet Mr. and Mrs. Orma
Walsh who came up that even
ing from Milbank to spend a few
days with the formers mother
and brother Willson and family
of Claire City.
The name stands for the highest
being one of the famous
Violet Dulce Complexion requis
ites. One of the best qualities
of this complexion powder is that
it does not "show" when used
properly. Delightfully scented
with the Violet Dulce odor. Bru
nette, White and Flesh tints.
Our price is 50c
but you can have a box FREE if
ycu purchase any two other 50c
articles appearing in this adver
50c Articles
Buy Any Two, Get One Free
.Rexall Skeeter Skoot
An unobjectionable, non-irre
tating preparation which frees
one almost immediately from
these pests.
Bouquet Ramee Talcum
Soothing and cooling—just
what you need for these hot
summer days.
Violet Dulce Cold Cream
An exceptionally high-grade
ciensing cream perfumed with
Parma Violets. In both jars and
Violet Dulce Vanishing Cream
Fills the pores and softens the
skin. Will neither soil garments
or grow hair on the face.
Syta Face Powder
A high-grade French powder,
especially imported for us. In
white, flesh or brunette.
Alma Zada Face Powder
For those who prefer a very
heavy "sticky" powder which
will protect from the.weather
delightfully perfumed.
V. D. Liquid Complexion Powder
N Particularly for use on neck,
shoulders and arms. Will hide
sunburn very satisfactorily
Maximum Rubber Sponges
Just the right shape to fit the
hand. Just what you need to
carry with you.
Hiker's Violet Cerate
An ideal face cream and tis
sue builder contains no grease. It
dissolves readily in water. Easily
absorbed by the skin and tissues.
Does not promote the growth of
but if you buy two other 50c
articles, this is FREE.
Bouquet Ramee Talcum Powder
A delightful preparation, made
of the finest Italian Talc, double
bolted and purified. Contains the
combination perfumes of rose,
jasmine, heliotrope and lilac.
or FREE with the purchase of
any other two 50c articles.
W. Vollmer of Vehlen was a
business visitor in Sisseton on
Miss Margaret Koepke has ac
cepted a position as book keeper
for the Otter Tail Power Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Linster and
Mrs. Margaret Cook and child
ren were Sunday visitors at the
Wilson Walsh home in Claire
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. .Sherman
and sons George and James of
Graston, N. D. are guests at the
Rodemaker home. They made the
trip by car.
AI Wickard came up from the
Wilmot hospital Saturday even
ing. He has been taking treat
ment for rheumatism for the
past month and is greatly im
F. T. Thunder arrived Monday
from Winnebago, Nebraska, t:
visit friends and take in the
Long Hollow Fourth of July cele
bration. Mr. Thunder was here
last year for the Fourth and it
will be remembered he auctioned
of several head of hrrses for the
Red Cross at that time. He in
forms us that he bought a fine
carload of horses in this vicinity
on his last visit and had thero
shipped to his Nebraska home.
TLa Wäh
Pearl Tooth Powder
Purifies, whitens and pre
serves the teeth, renders, the
mouth pure and wholesome
imparts a fragrant freshness
to the breath and leaves a de
lightful sense of cleanliness
exquisitely flavored with Win
tergreen and put up in attrae
tive cans.
or Free with a
any other two
25c articles.
An attractive lithographed box
containing a finely ground tal
cum, perfumed with the well-be
loved flower—a breath of spring
time in the midst of summer.
Splendid for either adults or in
or Free with any other two 25c
Mrs. lVan Kearn and little
daughter of Effington are spend
ing a few days this week with
Mrs. Jesse Cottingham and Mrs.
M. Momeny.
The Sisseton township school
board will hold a meeting at the
city hall Tuesday July 8th at 2
o'clock and requests that the pa
trons meet with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rockwell
and family of Britton came over
Saturday and remained over Sun
day at the home of Mrs. Rock
well's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
O. Swenumson.
Joseph Jacobson returned on
Tuesday from a four months
visit with relatives and friends
at Morris, 111. He says if nothing
happens that country will have a
bumper crop this season.
Geo. E. Candin of Benson,
Minn., is in our city this week
viewing his new farm recently
purchased from Otto Lofgren,
and making preparations to have
a new house and barn erected.
Mrs. Martin Shrier arrived
home Saturday from Rochester
where she has been confined to
the hospital for the past six
weeks. We are glad to inform her
many friends that she is feeling
much better.
Free Goods for You from Saturday, July 5th to Saturday, July 12th
If you buy any two articles listed at similar price, we
GIVE you a third one of equal value—choice to be
made by you—"3 for 2." To illustrate—Buy any two
25c articles listed here and we will give you your choice of any other 25c
article on the list. Buy any two 50c articles, and there will be a third
50c article free. With a purchase of any two articles, ycu have the
opportunity of selecting a third article at that price, which you may have
This plan was developed by the United Drug Co., the
manufacturers of the articles, as an advertising plan.
They sacrifice their profit to get wider distribution, and
we give our customers the benefit of this price reduction so that each one
can have more vacation comforts without extra expense. These prices do
not include war tax.
vacation Comforts
Cascade Linen Pound Paper and Envelopes
Sixteen ounces of good quality white fabric finished stock which
will give you splendid satisfac-tion. Packed in compact side
opening box.
50c per Pound
or FREE with any other two 50c articles. Envelopes to match
—two packages for 25c or FREE with any other two 25c articles.
Found—Auto Tire and rim. In
quire of Aug. Schunamann.
Lost—Crank for Reo, either in
Sisseton or on road to Browns
Valley, Monday. Finder please
leave at this office.
Barney Lotzer and family vis
ited at the Otto Wegner and Lars
Reingsacker homes north of
Claire City Sunday. They also
enjoyed a fine visit with Grandpa
Everything is ready for the
big celebration at Sisseton for to
day and Saturday. In addition
to the regular program Judge
Frank Anderson of Webster will
give an address on the street at
eleven o'clock Saturday morning',
and the flying machine will be
here in the afternoon.. Several
changes have been made in the
arrangment of the program to
meet with the conveniences of
the people.
Farmers Picnic
Don't fail to attend the farm
ers picnic at the John Nergaard
farm 4 miles east of Sisseton,
Friday, July 11. An exceptional
ly good program is being pre
pared and you will be able to
spenda real enjoyable time in
the fine grove.
Klenzo Tar Shampoo Soap
A strictly first class Tar
Shampoo Soap of highest
grade. Gives a thick abund
ant lather and helps keep the
hair and scalp in a healthy
condition. Once used—always
a Cake or Free
if you pur
chase any oth
er two 25c arti
Cooling, refreshing and sooth
ing. Contains Hydrogen Perox
ide which acts as a bleach and
helps the cream give that smooth
and velvety appearance so nec
essary to a beautiful complexion.
per jar, or Free with any other
two 25c articles.
Two fresh milch cows and
calves for sale. Call on O \M.
Brantseg, Sr., or Frank Lemut
Wanted —Student telephone
operators, who when proficient,
inwould like steady employment
in telephone work wherever their
services might be required.
Dak. Central Tel. Co.
I have some beautiful white
tailored and dress hats in the
Milan, panama and basket,
weave. Before buying elsewhere
step in and see for yourself. You
will be pleased with them.
Miss Hazel Schwann.
The Carlberg Company Delivered
Two new Reo's and One Buick
Last Week.
August Nelson and Mat Han
son are the happy owners of
Reo's and H. L. Spackman and
family are pleased with their
New Buick.
Trucks are Here
Two two-ton Nash trucks ar
rived for this county Wednesday.
These trucks were formerly used
in the army work and are given
to the county to be used in road
work. The trucks are all steel,*
four wheele drive and develope
.horse power
Cold Cream
An antiseptic and healing cold
cream, that is especially recom
mended for chapping and rough
ness of the skin caused by ex
posure to sun and wind.
Given away FREE with any
other two 25c articles purchased.
25c Articles
Buy Any Two, Get One Free
Violt Dulce Shampoo Crystals
Frees, the hair from oil and
leaves it fluffy and beautiful. Un
excelled as a cleanser.
Violet Dulce Soap
A delightfully perfumed face
scap containing no excess of
alkali, and therefore, doe", not
irritate the most delicate skin.
Rexall Medicated Skin Soap
A cleansing and ant'septic
agent. Not only good for com
plexion, but invaluable in render
ing cuts and bruises surgically
Harmony Mosquito Talcum
A most attractive method of
ridding one of of mosquitoes.
Delicately perfumed in handy
Elkay's Straw Hat Cleaner
Not only makes your old hat
look like npw, but also removes
ink and rust stains.
Rexall Sunburn Lotion
Cooling and comforting, also
relieves chafing and windburn.
Rexall Baby Talcum
Delicately perfumed. Especial
ly made for the little one. "A
mother's touch for baby."
Rexall Nice
Harmless and non-irritating.
Effectually removes odors of per
Rexall Tan and Freckle Lotion
Soothes, softens and bleaches
the skin. Relieves smarting
Violet Dulce Talcum Powder
The talcum for persons of re
finement. Made of the highest
grade Italian .Talc, doubly bolted
and delightfully scented with
Tarma Violets.
A necessity for Milady's dress
ing table.
25c or free with the purchase of
any other two 25c articles.
Rexall Tooth Paste
A perfect dentifrice, antiseptic
and deodorant. Cleans and whit
ens the teeth. Comes out flat on
the brush.
25« a Tube
You get it FREE with the pur
chase of any two other 25c ar

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