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ÜiS-jJvr, -VW '. ^J6-~
Order to Show Ceose On Filing Petition
To Seil Land
State of South Dakota, County of Rob
erts. SS. In County Court.
Southeast MtKtrLer Ol te^tioi
eleht (S.VS. towixhip on. hundred twei!
tl -even (T. I -7 ranee forty-eipht R. 4
Northeast iNF-M) quarter of s.-_tioi
seventeen (S. IT), township one hunarec
twenty-seven tT. 1- range lorty-v gn
"souihm-st iS'vV'-,) quarter of sectioi
nine iSS 9) township one hundred twxnty
1 2 a y- 4
Northwest NW '-4) quartvr of s.-ctior
sixteen S. 26 township one hurniriM"
twenty-sever. (T. 127). range fony-eiglv
^RVVe*t haif of northeast NE'• i)
ouarter of sit:«.r. sixteen (S 16) townshii
one hundred w, r.-ry-seven T. 127) rang,
forty-eight S
SC'U-.h Laif
Therefore It is hereby ordered that al'
persons interested in said estate appea
before the Judge of this Court on the 1 St*
day of August. 1919. at ten o'clock in th
forenoon of said day at the Court Room oi
said Court in the City of Sisseton in Rob
erts County. South Dakota, then and
there to show cause if any there be. wh
an order should not be made and issue«
by this Court directing and authorizing
said administrator to sell said real estat.
according to the prayer of said petition.
It is further ordered, that a copy of thii
Order shall be published for four sucees
give weeks prior to said day of hearing ir
the Sisseton .Weekly Standa(d, a weekl?
newspaper published at Sisseton in said
County arid State, and personally servec"
upon all persons interested in said estati
residing In said County at least ten day:
before said day of hearing, and that
copy of said Order be mailed to the heir
of said estate residing outside of salt
Dated at Sisseton. South Dakota thi:
15th day of July, 1919.
By the Court:
Attest: H. M. Knight.
the time and place for hearing said petition
when and where any person Interested may
appear and show cause why the said peti
tion should not be granted.
Dated at Sisseton, S. D., this 15th daz
of July A. D. 1919.
H. M. Knight,
In the Matter of the Estate of Alfred
Towne, Deceased. ,.
On reading and filing the petition of panied bv a petition praying
A. Leversee. administrator of thv estav ,,inW(j
of Alfred .J Towne, deceased setting fort! Will oe allowed DJ ana
the amount of personal estate that hu
into his hands and the disvositioi
thereof, the amount of dlts outstandm:
against said estate, and the approxtmav
expenses of administration, and the con
dition of the property of said estate, an.
the encumbrances thervon. and a descnp
tion of all the real estate of which the sau
deceased died seized, and the cor.olt
and value th.rvof, and the names of lh
heirs of said ceased, which petition pray p.-t day, at I
for an order to be made and i-=«i:txi v" tnt
Court authorizing th, :-i. .^..owinx this Court, 1
described real estate.
northwest 1 N W V, quar­
ter of äf.e- r. li 15). townshii
or.tr huxdNjß wvnty-sevn (T. 12«) rang.
1ST), rrno»« focty-ei£hl iR. 45.)
Xortfces« (NU» quarter of souihwes
CSW'i) itEi.ner oi section fifteen (S. 15)
township ORe hundred twenty-seven (T
127. r.vace forty-eight (R. -SS.}
Souihtas iSE1») quarter of sectior
fifteen A 15) township one hundred
twenty-seven vT. 127) range forty-eigh'
^And It appearing from said petition
that there Is not sufficient personal es
tate in the hands of said administrator
pay the debts and expenses of adminis
tration, and the encumbrances on said rea"
estate, and that it is necessary and woul.'
be for the best Interest of said estate, an-'
the heir» of said deceased to sell the abov.
described tend belonging to said estate.
Judge of the County Court
D. P. Stevens,
(Seal) Clerk of the County Court
Notice of ••arias Petition For Letter» of
State of South Dakota, County of Rob
erta, SS. In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Herman
Nelson, Deceased.
The State of South Dakota Sends Greet
ing to all the heirs at law and next of kin
or Herman Nelson, deceased, and to all tc
«Bom these presents may come.
Notice is hereby given that T. W. Cahil)
has filed with the Judge of this Court, a
petition praying that Letters of Adminis
tration of the Estate of Herman Nelson
Deceased be Issued to Christ Chrlstenson
and that Tuesday the 6th day of August
1111 at 16 o'cloe* ÄEÜL.:ot aaMwdayi be
ing a day of a regular term of this Court,
to-wit: of the AugusVterm, 1919, at the of
fice of the County Judge In the City cf Sis-
nas hc«-n »vt as
Judge of the County Court
Xetlea" of Hearing Petition For Letters of
State of South Dakota, County of Rob
arts, In County Court
In the Matter of the Estate of Isabelle
Paulson. Deceased.
The State of South Dakota sends Greet
ing to Paul Olson, heirs at law and next
et kin of Isabelle Paulson, deceased, and
to all whom these presents may come.
hat Paul Olson
of this court a
petition praying for' Letters of Admlnls
vV «ration of the estate of Isabelle Paulson,
deceased, and that Saturday, the (th day
M- «f August, lilt, at ten o'clock
Notice is hereby given that
baa filed with the judge
M. of
•aid day. being a day of a special term of
this court, to-wit ot the special August
"Alt term, ckt the office of the county
In the City of Sisston, county
rts and state, of South Dakota hat
been set for hearing said petition, whet
and where any person Interested may
•pp«ar and show cause why the said peti
te* should not be granted.
Dated at Sisseton, South Dakota .this
llth day of July. 1»1».
H. M. Knight,
Judge of the County Court.
Attest: D. Stevens, Clerk. (July 26 Aug»)
Notice to Creditors
»K 'Estate ot Martin T. Henderson. Deceas
XotlOe Is hef^by given by the under
•llnid administrator of the estate ot Mar
tat. HendersoiCHepeased to the creditors
of and all persons having claims against

sald degaaed to exhibit them, with
the asimnsi .vouchers, within, four
months after the" first publication of this
aotkw. to .the Mid O. N. Henderson, ad
ministrator, at the otBce of J. W. Barring
over the Citizens National Bank Build
the city ot Sisseton, 1b the County
x*ua July M. i»i».
v,, j* O. N. Henderson.
Administrator of the estate.
'te -i Martin T. Henderson. Deceased.
.. (juiy 15-AuguÄ U)
\n, ,v. ..
I »state «f^S^scaT Wl^x''Deceased.
og. deceased, to the
irsotts havlngclalm
„„sed.toexlUblt them
vouchers, within sb
ed to which is a duly authenticated
copy of order admitting said will to
probate issued by the Probate Court
of Ramsey County, Minnesota, accom
that said
will be allowed by and admitted to
probate in this Court, and that letters
testamentary be issued to said North
western Trust Company thereon by
this Court and that Tuesday the 19th
day of August, A. D.. 191?. at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon of
the office of the udgo of
in the City of Sisseton.
Roberts County. South Dakota, have
been fixed as the time and place for
hearing said petition, when and where
any person interested in said estate
may appear and show cause, if anv
there be. why said petition should
not be granted.
Dated July 21, 1919
By the Court:
Attest: H.-IL Knight,
D. F. Stevens, v., Judge.
(Seal) Clerk. (July 25-Aug 15)
State of South Dakota. County of
Aoberts, SS. In Circuit Ciurt. Fifth
Judicial Circuit.
Inas C. Joce, Plaintiff,
Thomas Joyce. Defendant.
.The State of South Dakota to the
Above Named Defendant Greeting.
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint of the
plaintiff in the above entitled action,
which said complaint was filed in the
office of the Clerk öf the Circuit
Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit
of tlis State of South Dakota, in and
for Roberts County, South Dakota at
Sisseton in said County and State on
the SGth day of June, 1919, and to
serve a copy of your answer to said
complaint upon the subscriber at ais
office in the First National Bank build
ing at the City of Sisseton, South Da
kota, within thirty (30,) days after
the service of this summons upon
you, exclusive of the day of such ser
vice and if you fail to appear and
answer said complaint within thirty
(30) days as above required, "the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for
the relief demanded in her said com
Dated June 26, 1919.
Howard Babcock,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
P. O. Address,
Sisseton, South Dakota.
The above Summons is published in
accordance with an order for publica
tion made by said Court in said action
on July 17, 1919, and filed and enter
ed in the office ot the Clerk ot said
-v. Howard Babcock.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice To Creditors
Estate of Abner Adolph Anderson.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed administrator with the will
annexed of the estate of Abner Adolph
Anderson, deceased, to the creidtors
of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to the said
administrator at the office of Batter
ton A Bunde, the City of Sisseton.
In the County of Roberts, South Da
Dated July 22, 1919.
Arthur M.yUiderson,
Administrator withMe Will An
nexed of the estate of Abner
Adolph Anderson,
(July 25-Aug 16.) W
Notice of Hearing Petitionier Letters
of Administration
State of South Dakota, County of
Roberta. In County Court
In the Matter of the Estate of Albert
Day, Deceased
The State Of South Dakota Sends
Greeting To All Of The Heirs At Law
And Next Of Kin Of Albert Day, De
ceased, And To All To Whom These
Presents May Come:
Notice is hereby given that Isabel,
Senris, formerly Isabel Day, has filed
with the Judge of this Court, a peti
tion praying that letters ot adminis
tration of the estate of Albert Day
deceased, be Issued to H. L. Matteson
of Rosholt, South Dakota and that
Tuesday the 19th
when and where
ot August, A.
1919, at ten o'clock in the forenoon
of said day, at the ofllcel ot the Judge
of this Court In the Citj| ot Sisseton
Roberts County, South Dakota, has
been tiiüti by this ^rf aa the time
and place for
said petition
may appear and
person interested
show canse, it any
the#»W„' irhy said petition should not
be granted.
•Dated July
Attest: ,j». H, Knight,
D. r. BtetepikÄ
•M, $,
Sponnty ot
Ordered that said petition he tiled
in the offijre of the Clerk of this four
ill and for Roberts County. South Da
kota and that the same be heard by
the court at the city ot' Webster in
the county of Day, State of South
Dakota on the 10th day of Septem
her. 1919. at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day or as soon there
after as counsel can be heard and tha'
all persons interested therein, show
cause at said time and place why sr
order should not be made disso'vinr
said corporation, and it is further
least thirty days prior to the dato oi
said hearing.
Done at the city of Webster. S. 11
this 28th day of July, 1919.
Dated this 30th day of July, 1019.
By the Court,
Attest: H. M. Knight.
D. F. Stevens, Judge
(Seal) Clerk.
C. Jorgenson,
Atty. for Petitioner.
Notice of Hearing Petition For Ap
polntment of Administrator.
State of South Dakota, County of
Roberts. SS. In County Court.
more than the majority of tht Hoard Now. Therefore, in pursuance
of Directors of the above nav.io.l said order of sale the undersigned
corporation petitioning said court ioi 1 will, on or after the 2ntli day of Aug
an order dissolving the said corpora* just, 1919. sell at private sale to tiic
tion and said court having examined highest bidder I he real estate in sak'
said petition and having found the'order of sale described, to-witt hi
same to be in due form of law and undivided two thirds of the fc»out.h
upon motion of E. J. Turner, at'oracy West Quarter of Section 1 wenty-twe
said petitioners, it la hereby and South half
Ordered that notice of said h.'.ir- Court and approved by said Court,
ing be given by publishing a copy o' Said rev.', estate will be offered fo:
this order in the Sisseton Wveklx sale at residence of said guardian on
Standard, a legal newspaper publish* .: the said premisevs in Grant township
in the county of Roberts and S'.itt in said county, and bids in writing
of South Dakota, for a piriod of a' received at said place, or filed in offict
of the County Court.
By the Court,
Frank Anderson.
Attest: Judge.
D. F. Stevens. Clerk.
Order To Show Cause Why Real hs
täte Should Not Be Sold.
State of South Dakota. Cour.ty of
Roberts SS. In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of-Glint
Negaard, Deceased.
It appearing to the satisfaction of
the court from the verified petition of
Olaf Negaard,. administrator of thr
estate of Oline Negaard, on file here
in, that it is necessary to sell the
whole of the estate of said deceased
It is ordered by the court, That al'
persons interested in the estate oi
said Oline Negaard. deceased, appea*.
before the county court of the count
of Roberts and state of South Dakota
at the court room thereof, in the cit\
of Sisseton, in sai dcounty and stafe
on the 2nd day of September,.1919 at
two o'clock of said day in the after
noon thereof then and there to shotv
cause, if any they have, why an ordei
as prayed for in said petition should
not be granted to the said adminis
trator, to sell the seal estate of the
sad deceased, at either public oi
private sale, for the purposes men
tioned in said petition, as tie shall
judge to be for the best nterest of said
estate and tor the parties interested
It is further ordered that a copy
ut this order be published in the Sis
seton Standard, a weekly newspaper.
printed and published in said county.
once a week for at least four succes
sive weeks.
In the matter of the estate oi
Thomas Cryan, also known as Thoi
Cryan, deceased. A
The state of South Dakota tö the
hers at law and next of kin of the
said Thomas Cryan, a!so known as
Thos. Cryan, deceased aiv! to aii
whom these presents may come:
Notice is Hereby Given, Tha*. Jos
eph Cryan, of Cayuga, North DiXota,
has made and filed in this Court his
duly verified petition praying thst let
ters of administration on the estate
of Thomas Cryan, deceased, be Issu
ed to P.- J. Brown of Brltton, Mar
shall County, South Dakota a.id that
pursuant to an order of said Court
dated the 29th day of July, 1919,
Tuesday the 19th day of August, 1919
at the hour of two o'clock in tha after
noon, of said day, at the office of the
county Judge In the Court house, In
the city of Sisseton, Roberts County
South Dakota, has been fixert ^the
time and place for heartng satd P^tl-'
tion when and where any person in
terested may appear and show "causa
why said petition should not be grant
Dated,'Sisseton, Roberts County.
South Dakota this 29th day of Jul?,
1919. ,.S
H. M. Knight
Judge of County Court
Attest: (Seal)
D. P. Stevens, Clerk.
Motfee oC Sale of Real Estate
In the Matter of the Batate, of and
Guardianship of Margare*.
kota, was made on the
ilmti»» ej
van andBlenorM. Donovan. Minors
Aa order of the County
Coert ot Roberts County,
The terms upon which said proo
erty will be sold are as follows: One
third of the purchase price thereof
payable in cash and the balance there
of payable in three years, with inter
est at six per cent per annum secured
by first mortgage upon said property
unless otherwise directed by County
Elizabeth M. Donovan,
Guardian of the Estate of Mar
garet M. Donovan and Elenor
Donovan. Minors.
The other undivided one third con
nected with said premises and owned
by above named guardian will be sold
with that of said minors.
Pursuant to an Order of said Court
made on the 29th day of July, A.
1919, notice is hereby given that
Tuesday the 26th day of August Ai,
D., 1919, at, 10 o'clock A. M. of said
day, at the Court Room of said Court,
at Sisseton in the County of Roberts,
State of South Dakota, has been ap
pointed as the time and place for heat
ing petition for an order admitting,
allowing and recording in said Coun
ty Court the will of William L. Lamb
Deceased, heretofore duly proved and
allowed in a foreign state, and foi
hearing the application of Mrs. T11H6
L. Lamb, and the issuance of Letter:
Testamentary wheu aiul .where any
person interested may appear and
contest the same.
Dated July 29,1919.
H. M. Knight,
Attest: County Judge
D. F. Stevens, Clerk of Courts.
By Myrtle Carter, Deputy.
of the South East
Quarter of Section Twenty-two. all ill
township One Hundred TweiVy-: ix
Range Fifty West V*. M. Pro id ip
said bid or bid-- are satisfactory tc
said guardian and is approved fry the
Judge of the said County Court.
Elizabeth M. Donovan
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Pierre, South Daokta.
July 22, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Luther
Chelljs, of Corona, South Dakota,
who. on Nov. 23, 1916, made Home
[stead Entry No. 014460, for SXVM, of
NW Section 27, Township 12!}
North, Range 52 West, 5th Principal
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final three year Proof, tc
establish claim to the land above des
cribed, before Hal M. Knight, U. S
Commissioner, at Sisseton, South
Dakota, on the 6th day of September,
Claimant' names as witnesses:
C. O. Hanson, of Sisseton, S. D.
Fred M. Wägers, of Sisseton, S. D.
Clarence W. Hills, of Peever, S. D.
Willard D. Cheliis, of Peever, S. D:
John T. Cogan,
Notice of Time and Place Appointed
for Proving and Admitting Foreign
State of South Dakota, County of
Roberts, SS. In County Court. With
in and for said County.
In the matter of the Estate of Wil
liam L. Lamb, Deceased.
The State of South Dakota sende
Greeting to Tillie L. Lamb, Luella
Lamb, Mildred Lamb, Rebecca Dowd
and Ada Belle Bunce, heirs and da
visees of William L. Lamb, Deceas
Notice To Creditor«
Estate of Jorgen Pederson Lov
dahl, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the under
signed executor of the will of Jorgen
Pederson Lovdahl, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having
claims against the said debased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers, within six months after the
first publication of this notice, to the
said executor at his office in the City
of Sisseton, in the County of Roberts,
South Dakota.
Dated July 22, 1919.
A. P. Ertsgaird
day of
jalf 1919 directing, Elizabeth M.
Donovan as the guardlan of th|'per
sons akd of Oie' estate ot the above
umM Maigiiwt M. Pon nan aad
Eleaö» M. Donovan, Minors, to Mil
at prhrata sale eertaln real estate, the Administrator
Executor of the Will and Estate
ot Jorgen Pederson Lovdahl, De
Notice to Creditors
Estate of Solon LaBatte, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby gvlen by the under
signed administrator of tha Estate ot
ßolon LaBatte deeeaaed, to the
creditors of and all persons having
time against the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary
vouchers within six months after the
rat publication of this notice, to the
raid administrator Sisseton, in the
Conny of Roberte, S. Dak.
Jul* SI, 1S1».
of estate of
Solon LaBatta.
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