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,Amcrlvan Legions 1'roUwl* all
x-ompany ok tlu Minnesota national
Suaid to International Falls to :sup-
Vi-ss "riots" in connection with '.he
•'.1'triku of 4T) :ai!road men er.ipioyi.-U
'b tlic Altanffc-cia, Dakota & Went en.
cl uI governor ot Minnesota,
J. A. A. Hurnquist.'
i'lie slate troops are in Intvrna
tional Falls with nothing to do. Tliore
have been 110 riots or any:hing ap
1-'aclr'ng disorder. The city on the
q,i |.-.
the American Legion, in convention
at St. Paul, adopted the following
ai,fl SPeiKg
lrg0 on
troops to International Falls.
day morning. Hut it is cold there
around 30 below zero—and the sold
iers are saying uncomplimentary
tilings about Governor Hurnquist.
The Commercial Club, the Amcri-'
can Legion post and citizens general
ly in International Falls are in dig-,
nam. at Governor Hurnquist for send
ing the troops there and no less in
censed at Sheriff Mcintosh of Ivoooh
icluing county, who did the bidding of
L. Backus, millionaire lumberman
and president of the Minnesota On
tario Paper company and other cor
poia 11011s allied with the logging rail-
road, and aski the governor to send
The Legion post adopted the fol-
lowing resolution last Monday night:
-He resolved by the members o£!
William Rob'deau post No. G6, Min
nesota, American Legion:
"That, we believe ill law and order
"And that disregard to the law of
the land, either by 1. \V. W's with
anarchistic tendencies or by barons
of b:g business is equally detrimental,
.to the bc.at initsre-sts of our country
'"We believe that a strong, well
•organized national guard is desir
able as a means of national defense
"We believe that every jiuleavor
should be made to make the national
guard an organization that 110 man
should be ashamed of belonging to
"And that no service should be re
quired of the national guard except
honorable service,, such as men who
have worn their country's uniform in
The great war might be proud to per
form, and
'"Whereas the Minnesota branch of
Of Ti oops to Ooeico Laborers (iovernni- Trm|» \i 1
Governor Burnquist today sent
St. Paul, Minn..—The action of scathing telegram to M. E. Witherow.
Gowrnor Burnqu'sl in sending a
A committee, representing the state
One of the questions submitted to
•the Legion investigating committee
was the granting of exemption from
the draft Seymour Wellington
Backus, son of the lumb baron.
Young Backus, who was 21 years old
X« ''Revolution" Found
In a frantic effort to justify the
presence of the state troops in In
ternational Falls, Governor Burnquist
Jias asked Adjutant General Rhinow
to investigate the I. W. W. "menace
at the time of the draft, is president ted support. Let us give it in a way
Of the Minnesota, Dakota & Western that the miserable creatures, who
railroad. He claimed exemption on 1 were sulking in the rear and snapping
the ground that he was necessary in at our heels as we were leaving tor
a necessary buisness.
His father stood back of the claim.
After having been refused exemp- fluence that aroused radicalism in ouq
tion by the local dratt board, youn^ country to aets of violence ^nd trea
Backus and Lis father appealed to the
district draft board appointed by
Cove rnor Buruquist and this board
allowed the boy railroad president to
stay at home.
The governor is seeing "red" these Congress for legislation that will re
days. The soldiers will be asked to
deal with the "red" strikers in Inter
national Falls, and also suppress the
"revolution" and going on in near
by lumber camps.
It is true that agents ot the Uni
ted States department of justice are
unable to find a trace ot any revolu
tion, but Gov. Burnquist is banking
on the superior intelligence ot his ady
jutant general.
The Minneapolis Journal, which
gets Its paper supply from t!he Backus
paper mill ,n International Falls is
»»iander of the American Legion
post at
International Kails and to
Public- officials there, who sign-
ed 11 tell
'K''am recently sent to the gov-
on:nr in
which the governor was eriti-
tor £el!liil|
crailroad is the culminating hlunl::r ofi ^rnutwiiitl Falls. Troops were order
cd lo lIu cily
K- state troops to In-
utter the governor re-
ceived reports that serious trouble
might he a consequence of a strike of
•a few railroad
"Troops were sent to your country
111:011 request of your sheriff and sole
ly l'or the preservation of law and
order" said the governor. "They are
in your county ready to bj called in
to service if conditions warrant it.
iiiy member of the national guard
who does not desire to live up to his
outli of ofnee is unlit for service and
if he refuses to obey orders he ought
to he courtniartialed Any citizen or
public ofiicial who is not willing to
uphold the executive department
:ts desire to protect life and property
is an enemy of the state and should be
dealt with as such".
Slate officials reiterated the dec-
!i,rat: th lt
the strike of employe.-,
ate railroad at International
iH 0
»'y an "incident of the seri-
011s situation there." It has been re-
lortPrl Ulat
,lavc 1)06,1
radle«! labor agitators
attempting to bring about
a serie: of strikes to paralize the
lun bering. paper making and min
ing industries in northern Minnesota
an( lat fuKl
movement of troon
v.-,us to put the state in a more strate
gic position to quell possible disorder.
Ithinow Tries To Kiml 'It«'ds"
Investigation of alleged I. W. W.
activities in logging camps in north
ern Minnesota will be 'gun tomor
row bv Adjutant General W. F. Rhi
now, who left here tonight 'or Inter
national Falls. Hv carried authority
from Governor Burnquixt to make a
complete inquiry and' will submit a
report to the governor on conditions
011 the cantos upon his r. turn.
"The investigation party will start
from International Falls" said Gen-)
'era! Rhinow. "I-Iow much territory
I will be covered remains to be decided
upon first impres-
11 may
The com
resolution: I now at International Falls will bo
'"Be it resolved, by the Minnesota
1 he!d there
branch of the American Legion, in until the 1. \Y. investigation is
convention assembled, that this or- "iBde, according to Adjntant Rh!now.
ganization be opposed to the use of Fargo Courier News.
the. national guard for strike duty,
except in direct exteremitv and be it
"Resolved, that the function of the Bulletin No 10, Sioux Falls, S. D.
strike duty should be properly exer-| November 22,1919.
ci.sed by civilian police, thru the We have just received tbjs stirring
sheriff and municipal authorities in- appeal from our buddies in Centra.!:a:
volved, therefore, be it C. J. Harris,
"Resolved, that we condemn the Department Adjutant
action of Governor J. A. A. Bnrnquist I American Legion, Sioux Falls, S. D.
in prostituting the function of the "Four of our comrades murdered
national guard of Minnesota by send- I by I. XV. XV. Grant Hodge Post No. 17
ir.g them to this city with the implied demands immediate action by every
threat of coercing laboring men to ac- American Legion Post for Congres
cept terms favorable to corporate in
organization of the Legion is now in Americanism. Line up your local
International Falls investigating the P°sts and state organization of the
situation there. Legion. Congress convenes December
Of the 4") strikers who refused to Americanism must be the big
accept a 10 hour day at virtually the issue. A publicity campaign carried
same wage received for an eight hour
day, all ire residents of International days will win our battle. Act today.
Falls. The majority are homeowners Let this to every press in your state
32 have families 75 per cent of them
are members of the American Legion
and the majority of these saw service
with the A. E. F. more than one-half
of the strikers are members of the Legion,
commercial club, and every one of
them is a union labor man.
«fate guardsmen
indefinitely and at least
sional action on Un-American Indivi
duals and organizations, and a nation
al publicity campaign to carry on
by every post for the next ten
and before every post for immediate
action. A copy of this telegram goes
to every state secretary and to the na
tional headquarters of the American
"'Grant Hodge Post No. 17,
Centralia, Washington."
Legionaries of South Dakota, let u»
appropriate for ourselves the senti
ment made immortal by Dumas in the
Three Musketeers, One for all and
all for none."
The Boys of Centralia ask our uni-
France will not tail to understand.
The same unsbrupulous foreign in-
son, while we were in uniform, are
still active here in fomenting strife
and disorder. The suppression ot the
activities of these foreign agents is
patriotic necessity.
At the earliest opportunity, call a
special meeting o* your post and adopt
a resolution that shall contain an ex
pression of sympathy for the families
of our dead at Centralia and a de
mand upon our representatives 'n
move from our body politic those who
through violence or brutal force seek
to change the government made by
our fathers and to protect and pre
serve which we offered our lives.
Forward to state headquarters im
mediately after your meeting a copy
in duplicate of the resolutions you
adopt. Also report to these headquar
ters the names ot any one in your
community who may express sympa
thy for the murderers of your com
rades or who may utter words ot dis
approval of any action you may take
who died at Centraiia.
The Legion must know and know
now where every citizen in this state
stands. There can be
We sincerely trust you «-ill he able
to convey to us the cheering news
that your community unitedly holds
aloft lite banner of 100 per cent
Whereas. EdVard Otto Post No. 50
of the American Legion of Sisseton,
Souith Dakota having knowledge of
the fact that at Centralia, Washing
ton on Armistice Day, November 11,
1!U!) while celebrating the glorious
victory for Democracy for which wq
fought and for which more than five
hundred thousand gave their lives, a
willing sacrifice thai America, our
Country America should not perish
Four of our comrades, members
the Grant Hodge Post No. 17 of Cen
tralia. Washington, were murdered
by I. XV. XV.
1. Therefore be it resolved by Ed
ward Otto Post No. 50 of the Ameri
can Legion at Sisseton, South Dako
ta, that it extend its profound sympa
thy to Grant Hodge Post No. .17 and
to the relatives and friends ok our
murdered comrades.
2. And Whereas, Edward Otlo Post
No. 50 ok the American Legion of
Sisseton, South Dtfkota, feels that, il
has been challenged by the I. XV. W.
in the committing of 1 Iiis foul crime
against our comrades and our Na
tion. Therefore it is further resolved
that it accepts the challenge and ar
rays itself whole heartedly and unani
mously to fight the 1. XV. W. and to
defend at any cost our American Free
dom and Institutions which our fore
lathers fought to establish, died to
maintain and for which we gave our
all to predenPe.
3. It is further resolved arid de
manded that Congress take immedi
ate and sufficient action at once tu
stamp out that hideous monster, the
I. XV. XV., which aids and defends such
crimes against our country, homes
and institutions.
4. It is further resolved that copy of
these resolutions be published in
every paper in Roberts County, and
that a copy be sent to Grant Hodge
Post, Centralia, Washington as well
as to the Department Headquarters of
the American Legion for South Dako
Alfred N. Strand
Post Adjutant
out of respect to the memory of t.hos-j breathing weih exist but the ullimat':
cause of the one examined seemed to
I be the advance of ground water, caus
ing a pressure on the air in subteri
ranean caviiivs. Variation in baro
metric pressure may also be partly
responsible for the pressure, which in
this case varied
four pounds dur
quit? live during
neutral ter-
sitorv. He must be for us or is against
us. It' he is 1 or us, he is for govern
ment by law. If he is against us. he is
for the tyranny of the mob.
See that your local papers are sup
plied with copies of this bulletin and istomacli and other abdominal diseases
3'our Resolution. has been discovered by two Chicago
J. Harris, M. L. Shade, idoctors working in local hospitals dur
Adjutant Commander Department »g the last year. The success of their
of So. Dak. The American experiments has aroused the atten-
W. I. Longstreth,
Post Commander
Miss Hilda Bloomquist is visiting
rlatives and friends in St. Paul.
Henry Schunaman and Humboldt
Oletzke are doing jury duty at the
county seat.
John M. Hanson and family have
moved into their new residence.
Henry Bottger came down from
Claire City to visit Wm Heinecke
and family.
There was a basket party at XVm.
Peters Saturday evening for he
benefit of Charley Bennett. Ten bas
kets sold for $66.00.
Melvin Peter is now at BCIMJOI at the
Al erdeeu business college.
A special school meeting was held
in Dist. No. 1 to decide on building a
new building. Carried it would be a
good plan to build a union or con
solidated school house in the center of
the township and move the old school
houses up there and use them for
places for those farthest away to
board and sleep in. Also the teacher
could board there. The teacher in
Dist. No. 3 has to drive 3 1-2 miles to
and from school now.
whip Well" Found *,
Near Vermillion, So. Dak.
A "biowang well" has bee I uiud|$
in South Dakota, a short di »nee
from Vermillion, Clay County. This]*
is the only one of the kind thus far|5
a -j
vi rection of the State Geo-1
')r. Freeman Ward.
blowing well is one in which
air ruslies back ai forth at more or
less regular Intervals. The discharge
of air .1. usually narrow
vents o- 1 1 *-e ells is usually occom
panied by a sound like that ot the es
cape of gas from a gas well hence the
term "blowing."
The force of the blowing in this
well was sufficient to drive out peb
ur.e and a halt inch"- in diameter
a of them being thrown fifty feet
•in-ti.- the air. The pressure averaged
tour and a half pounds.
A sample of the air. analyzed by
Prof. A. L. Haines of the University
of South Dakota, showed to be nor-:
mal atmosphere unaccompanied by
any gas.
Vario.is causes tor blowing ,- ad
from a little over
ng barometerto no*,
low barometer.—
Xrw I'miver Cure liepoi-ted
Word comes from Chicago that a
new method for war on cancer of the
tion of radiologists at the opening of
the fifth annual meeting of the West
c-rn Roentgen Society now in session
at Chicago.
Surgeons examining abdominal con
ditions with the X-Itay have been
baffled because they could not distin
guish the diseased organs. Dr. Orn
dotf and Dr. Trebtler, the -two physi
cians in question, have however,
found that by filling the abdomen
with air or some other gas the X-Ray
could pick out the diseased tissues.
Doctors believe that tills discovery
will make i: possible to cure cancer in
the preliminary stages of the disease.
tirevth»Rs From Army
Following is copy of New Year's
greetings from the men in ihc Army
lo the public:
A safe and peaceful New Year from
the men of the United States Army
to the people we serve.
In your present safety and peace
we find our greatest reward of the
year that has passed.
The United Etates Army was the
first institution of our Government. It
was the Army which secured the for
mation ot our Government. In all the
years since it has never deviated from
its high mission of insuring the con
tinuance tif our Government.
The one New Year's resolution of
the men ot your Army has ever been
and will always remain the same. It is
To above all love America. To in
sure you safety and peace. To so
worthily serve you that each of you
will constantly think of each of us as
your personal representative in the
business ot insuring to you the bless
ings of free America.
Brookings—George H. Pierson of
Clare mailt w.on first all United States
prize on durum wheat at the recent
International Hay and Grain Show ,n
Chicago. Two Canadian samples won
highest honors ill the "open to the
world class." Herman Hann of Do
land took ninth premium in durum
wheat in the same class. A. J. Wimplo
of Beresford received tenth place "•n
twenty ears of yellow dent corn for
the north central district, Sam Carl
son of Elk Point, winning fifth prize
on a single ear in the same class.
South Dakota corn occupied nearly
a whole section in the corn show and
with the entire exhibit received much
favorable notice. The exhibit was
designed to give some idea of the re
sources of South Dakota. The cen
terpiece consisted of a bison's head
surrounde4 by silver cups won at pre
vious shows by South Dakota products
and flanked on either side by arches
constructed ot wheat, barley and oats,
the centerpiece beneath consisting
a large bundle of flax. On the tables
fronting the exhibit, samples of seed
grain and corn from the various state
farms at Brookings, Cottonwood,
Eurelta and Hghmore were shown.
Amonig these exhbits were the
Brookings S. D. 86 corn, Acme S. D.,
284 wheat and Gatami, S. D., 122 bar-«
The exhibit was in charge of Char
les McOaffree, Commissioner of Immi
gration assisted by Manley Champlin,
Associate Agronomist at State college.
Jnst Received a Complete
Linb of
$ Men, Women and Child
1 run. $
$ Prices are 95c to $
$2.25 $
Shoe Store I
Here's Republican Sucrcss
The following from the Mitchell
Republican is only one of the many
"successful" republcans in the last
election accepting the statement or
the United States court—usually de
pendable—the corruption practiced
in securing the election of Truman,
Newberry as Vnited States senator
from Michigan exceeds in its extent
and its offer.siveness anything else of
the sort the country has ever seen.
According t.o the figures given out
by the court, probably a million dol
lars was spent in influencing and cor
rupting the Michigan electorate on
behalf of Newberry, it is a nation")
disgrace. Why should that amount of
money be expended in an effort to
keep Henry Ford out of the Vnit?d
States Senate? The question is not
easily answered. Was It because Ford
has always satisfied the men who
were employed by him? Is he a men
ace because he conducts the only in
stitution of its size that never has
labor troubles? Or is he regarded as,
offensive because he has refused tq
profiteer out of the war?
Whatever the reason for the New
berry conspiracy, it is an appalling
Win. Swanson Ed Qunintance
Sanitary Barber Shop
Electric ("'Uppers :Elcctrlc Massage
llasemcnt Swcdluml Illdg. Sisseton, S. D.
1895 1920
The Sisseton Garage
Auto Livery and Service
The best Lubricating Oils and Gasoline that
can be had.
Storage for Cars by day, week or month.
W. D. WILSON, Mgr.
Sisseton, South Dakota
We pay the Highest cash prices for Furs and Hides
at all times. Bring all your Furs to us.
Our prices on tradsare from 10 up.
Traping season opens at noou Dec. 1. Buy your supply
—of traps traps and smokers now and be prepared.
Phone 73 Sisfeton, S. D.
blow at the foundation of the govern­
ment. Newberry is the biggest Bol
shevist of them all. What is the differ
ence whether it lie a Bolshevist offer
ing the voter a share in iomebody
else's property, or a candidate for the
Vnited States Senate tending cash
money. In each case it is bribery, and
directed against, the fundamentals
toand democracy. Newberry really
ought to be deported. Being a citizen,
probably the most that, can be done
is to send him to the penitentiary,
where he should go as an example to
A farmer whose son was an ap
plicant for a position under the gov
ernment, but had been repeatedly
turned down, said': "It's fiard luck,
but John has missed the civil service
'zaminaition again It looks like they
jest won't have hiin." "What was the
trouble?" "Well she wuz abort on
spellin' and geography, and nrissed
purty fur in mathematics ''What is
he going r.o do about it?" "I dunno.
Times is mighty hard, and I reckon
he'1'1 have t.r go ter teachln' school
fer a !ivin'." —Exchange.
Cigars Baths
First Class Work and 8« vice Guaranteed
See us when you want tomakeReal Estate Loan
We will Clerk your Sale.
We write Fire and Tonado Insurance.
We do a general banking business and invite you
to call on us for your need.
Courteous and Fair treatment assured to all
Citizens National Bank
Sisseton, South Dakota
Henry Helvig, President J. W. Barrington, Vice Pres.
Leo. J. Lukanitsch, Cashier M. 0. Eikum, Asst. Cashier
R. Thompson, Teller

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