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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 16, 1920, Image 8

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Äotlee Is hereby given that there
will be eold under sealed bide on Jan
uary 81, 1920, the allotment o£ Cor
nelia Wind, allotment No. 1217, des
cribed at the SE*4 of Sec. 13, Twp.
125, R. SI, .appraised valuation ?8
100. mds tor the above land will be
received up to 2 p. m. ok the date
mentioned above. All bids must be
accompanied by 10 per cent the
amount offered in form of a certified
check on some solvent bank. Bids
should be placed in nn envelope and
marked "Bids for l. -.'':: 1r
opened ait. 2 p. m., January 31st, 1020
and addressed to the Superintendent
of the Sisseton Indian School. For
further information address the un
Sllee ot
Total 1
J. L. Stiffecool,
Snpt. Sisseton Indian Agency.
For Sale—8 head spring
Telephone 95. Ohas. Mullen.
Cl.a. tei No.
Notice To 'reilitors
Estate of Anna C. Harrington, De
Notice is hereby given to the credi­
Call It a
I stock paid in
Undivided profits ....
o£ lhe
Total X". K. Government securities
Securities, other than U. S. bonds, owned and unpledger 13,666.36
:,atMk et Federal Reeerve Bank (SC per cent ot subscription)
banking house
Irerntture and fixtures
Heal estate owned other than banking house
Lawful Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank
Cash In vault and net amounts due from national banks
IMC amounts due from banks, bankers, and trust companies
other han Included In Items 12, 13, or 14
Check» on other banks In the same city or town as reporting bank 7,077.48
Total of Items 13,14. 16, 16, and 17 .146,867.46
Checks on banks located outside of city or town of reporting
bank and other cash Items
Swmptlon fund with SL Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer.'.'.'.2.000.00
®n«?E?'"v?*r,?ed.^ut not collected—approximate—on Notes and
Bills Receivable not past due ..
22 980 32
pita! Stock paid lu ..
rplue fund
Jndlvlded profits ...... 57 149 78
.,a Current expenses, interest, and taxes paid .31.666 47
Interest and discount collected or credited. In advance of
maturity and not earned (approximate) 4*4
Circulating notes outstanding Yn'niinnn
Net amounts due to National banks iu.uvu.uo
I* 8y%bÄS5S?^l8So7°rn
Frank R. McKenna.
NoUry Public.
No 5428
tors of and all persons having claim»
against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within six months nfter the first pub
lication of this notice, to John Har
rington, the administrator of the
estate ok said deceased, at the office
of Butterton & Bunde, in Sisseton.
in the County of Roberts, South Da
Dated January- 13, 1920.
John Harrington, Adininis
irator of estate of Anna C.
Harrington, deceased.
Attest: H. M. Knight.
Judge nf the County court.
i. F. Stevens, Clerk.
(Seal) Jan. 16-Feb. 6)
Along Itoutc Three
condition o£ The
Security National Bank of Sisseton
At SisaetO ', in tin* Slutc of South Dakota, ut the close of business on Dec.
Loans and discounts including rediscounts 81,908..)
Overdrafts secured, none unsecured $21.08
U. S. Government securities owned:
Owned and unpledged
1,800. iu
Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent oC subscription) ..
Value o( banking house, owned and unincumbered 17,2 1,54
Furniture and fixtures
Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank
Cash In vault and net nmounts due from national banks.
Net amounts due from banks, bankers and trust companies
Checks on other banks In the same city or town as reporting bank
Total of Items 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 .27,227.83
Interest earned but not collected—approximate—on Notes and
Bills Receivable not past due
Lees current expenses, interest, and taxes paid 3,920.97
Interest and discount collected or credited, In advance of maturity
and not earned (approximate)
Cashier's checks on own bank.outstanding
Total of items 30, 31, 32 and 33 1,455.26
Individual deposits subject to check
Certificates of deposit due In less than 30 days
Total of demand deposits subject to Reserve 40,176.83
Certificates of deposit (other than for money borrowed)
Total of time deposits subject to Reserve 30,852.36
Liabilities other than those above stated ,..
State of South Dakota County of Roberts SS.
I, A. F, Ertsgaard, Cashier of the above-named band, do solemnly swear that tt'c
above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
than those above stated .22,976.48
Reserve District No.. 9
A. F. Ertsgaard, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn before me this Correct Attest:
10th day of January, 1920. E. J. Turner,
Carl T. Axnese, Notary Public W. J. Thomas.
My Co mmission expires March 15, 1922. O. T. Axness, Directors.
Charter No 6395 Reserve District No. 9.
Report of Condition of the
at Sisseton in the state ot South Dakota, at the close of business on Dec. 31, 1919
Loans and discounts Including rediscounts $825,191.73
Overdrafts, secured, I unsecured, $1,169.88.,..
1 S. Government securities owned A
le«ir»riteU to. secure circulation 40,000.00
Owowl and unpledged
War Savings Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually owned. .2,789.71
discounts shown above, the amount on which interesVani
rates In excess ot those permitted by law (Sec 6197 Rev
to exceed 6Ä
Roberts, S3:
u* ÄÄÄÄ'Ä'
b0f0re me thls
Report ol Condition ot the
-R E S O E S
•«toeouhts. Including red lyeounts
•ecureq tinseriured $1,412.18..
imenteecurltlea owned:
eecure circulation
8. Oovermlient securllle^
to tin
Ui+ii v'-
Paul Justs lately.
'.j .207.89
.. .1,800.00
.. .4,600.00
216 00
-. .. .......1.16«,'717.48
bankers, and trust companies 74)918 87
Ca«ler Checks on own bank outstanding 04 949 *0
Total of Items 30. 31. 32. and 13 101 868 07
XrfvMual deposits, subject to check iyi.868.07
PWÜMto of deposit due In less than 30 days Mstf's»
A VtUl of, demand deposits subject to Reserve ','«'«»» 70
ruuy^Brri deposit (other than for money borrowed) 54» 104 ort
.Vota"' Time Deposits subject to Reserve ........ 642 104 06"
542 104 00
Henry Helvlg,
M. O. Bikum,
J. W. Harrington, Directors.
Reserve District No. 9.
Item» ..
U.- Trei
at v. ^«m
collected- 5^,£xtlmate— on Note« and
.. .1.01)0.00
.... .71
ownod apd unpledged
weurlUe* eto.. other than U. S.^T st isi ee
(50, per cent of subscription).. '. .3.00000
«ÄSST* unhnoumbered 11,6000» 12.600.00
&'Treasurer' '-iij! !|1,'605.00
B* j$ei pMt due .. .v. TV.... .4... .«0.000.60
.1 ».eoo.oo
r. t-y £7 ii|e2 «4
e.»i* ».«SeSto.00
i*ranilv, ,. ?»»1*v«»• «v.^.«s5.ogio.6rt
....... ... .MillT
-r .. .,4.14, 07
2 I S I 4 N
v.iv.i.-... ii.oio.oo
*4— a ji
t.r. 1«
M*» ..'K
Ait Kleven is spending
in town repairing the old
Elsie Peterson started school
Boxing Club meets every Wednes
day night.
Ove Hanson had his car overhauled
last week.
Peter Moe was a business caller in
Sisseton Monday.
Albert Lee is a frequent visitor at
ties given to help the girls in their
quest for desirable life partners:
Mike Mickelson, Bennie Hanson,
Isaac Bothum, Osear Hanson, Gust
Mlckelson, Webster Anderberg, John
nie Sanders, Ray Wooley, Charley
Bothum, Nels Clausen, Walter San
ders and then there is Arthur Bothum
skeptical and faint hearted but still
awfully willing. —"Joe Previous."
Charles Barker lost a good horse
last week.
There was a dance at Charlie Bark
ers Satiirday night.
Miiea Ruth St. Clair is helping Mrs.
MöCauley this week.
Little Ruth Flaws has quite recov
ered from her recent illness.
Mr. Langager sold a horse to Theo
dore Wynde one day last week.
Ernest Schacker Is doing chores for
Bob Eggen this week.
Joseph Jacobson is tikek
l.is old
job at Martin Seal's again.
Malma Nelson is v-lsiling at the
•home of O'.e Lee this week.
few days
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seal spent
Sunday at the Oscar Seal home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Gjermundson
spent Sunday at the Jack Jones homo
C. S. Vang of Chicago was installed
pastor of the Suron church last Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jones
Taylor visited at the Olc GravdaUl
home last Sunday.
Amanda Hendrickson reopened her
school Monday after a two weeks va-
at her pavesuai home.
The young boys along Route three
wish to tell the giirls that this is leap
year and not to forget either.
Martin Just returned home last
Saturday, from Montana and western *eam anl
Mrs. Hans Krogst-ad returned Sat
urday from Hellingham, Mi 11 n., after
a months visit with her daughter Mrs.
Emil Hagen waj at Andrew Nord
struins dance last Saturday night
with his girls. Emil reports a good
Some of the Long Hollow boys are
sporting stiff collars and loud neck
ties in anticipation of leap year pro
A crowd of young folks gathered
at the home ok Vie Lee last Wednes
day night and spent a very pleasant
A party gathered at Sievort Bot
liuni's Saturday night to bid fare
well to Clarence and Martin who have
enlisted in the army-.
A crowd of young folks gathered
at the Paul Just home last Friday
evening to help Lorna celebrate her
birthday and they all had a fine time.
I Gust Gjermundson is having quite
a time with his Overland einca lie
had it in the Hospital. It works tip
top but its hard on fingers cranking
points where he has spent the past Mr. and.Mrs Bill Laird, and son
The Saron Church was cleaned up
after the Christmas tree program by occupying the building near the Epis
Mrs. Nels Peterson, Mrs. Peter Mat- copal Church at the Agency. It was
son, Mrs. P. Bothum and Mrs. Martin school house inearly days and has al
Pederson. The ladies have the thanks different times been used as a restau
of the teacher who gave the program.
Here is a list of leap year possibili-
Mrs. Ivan Jones returned from
Wisconsin the fi,first of thy week
Mrs. Guy Tarvtin is helping at th«|
Wdckard home a couple of weeks.
Mis» Florence Lotzer spent two
weeke during Ohriatmes at her home.
They are «till renovating the Slfese
ton Agency office which greatly needs
James Enoch and tamily are mov
ing back here again from near Pee
Born—to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wlck
ar«l on Thursday, January 2, 19)60,
,Dr. Gordon left his work at sisse
ton Agency, on leave of absence, on
Mr. and Mrs. Lr.rs Ringsaker -from
Claire City visited Mr. And Mrs. Lot
ser last week.
Mr and Mrs. Jesse Gronau return
ed Saturday from a visit to their old
home In Nebraska. "r-v.
IdlMan and Clifford Lotser have
«one to North Dialeota to spend a
week with relaUves. ,v frV
Mrs. John Stiiwarting of Oakdale,
Nebr., has eomet to apend a tew w^eks
with her son Fred and tamily.
M«.. Da
rid Baetman. ha* listed her
eH*ty sere .arm east ot Hissen Bark
er tor sale with H. M. Knight ot SI.
flnpt.feuffecool -drove to VMjtn'
Slid o4her *olnte at the north,
end, oe
busiaess,, Thursday, returninghome
forced to
UW» It, was Hoy
Mpeher jto
trip to
Mrs. Ben Harris left on a
the cities. Friday.
Gladys Nelson lies been on the
sick list the past week.
Pat Kelly made a business trip to
the county seat, Monday.
Alice Henseth returned to her
home at Yankton, Friday.
Alfred Nelson returned from Min
neapolis Monday evening.
Mrs. Frank Dudeck returned Fri
day noon from Lemmon, S. D.
Veronica Barrett and little sister
were Sisseton callers, Saturday.
Ben Harris and Jim McShane lett
"'"neapolis Monday night,
B. R. Cliapin returned from Sher
man,S. D. Wednesday evening.
Dr. Rilcketts lett for Pierre, Friday
He expects to return Wednesday.
The Peever boys have organized a
practicing diligently
Ver don, returned to Waubay Tues
Amy Kelly is staying with Mrs.
Mr and Mrs. Carl Lekners after it is
too cold to drive ironic.
Herman Renville suffered another
severe hemorrhage of the lungs rec
ently and was taken to Webster to
consult physicians there.
George Eastman, who was recently
married, and who now lives at Wolf.
Point, Mont., visited his parents at
the Agency during the holidays.
Alec Eastman has returned from
Wolf Point, Mont, to remain perman
ently at his home
the farm now,
occupied by Theodore Wynde and
family, .v
Miss Cornelia St. Clair who has
spent some time at Toledo, Iowa,
taking nurses training course is now
at the home of her parents Rev. and
Mrs. Henry St. Clair.
The Misses Martha and Edith Gro
nau returned this week to Rev. Stei
ten's school after spending theiy
Christmas vacation at tlisir_ respec
tive homes near here.'
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Renville are
In letters to relatives, here Miss
Mabel Restan at the State Sanitarium
for tuberculosis at Custer, S. D.,
writes that she feels all right but is
terribly lonsonie and must remain in
bed much of the time.
Miss Lillian Lynd started school on
Monday in No. 2 Wesit. She's pretty
glad to como back to school in the
states where they don't have to sing
"God Save the King" as the Canadian
children must.
Ye scrtibe visited the church pre
sided over by Rev. St. Clair, to see the
beautiful Christmas tree. The unusu
ally large tree together with all the
trimmings were shipped to Rev. Stl
Clair by his daughter Mrs. Cora Wen-,
andy, living at Adanah, near Super!
or, Wis. With all its decorations its
one. ot the most beautiful ever seen
A Christmas cactus in full bloom
loaded' with a profusion of large red
blossoms so gorgeous that the city
green houses even,,would have to sit
up and take notice, is what Mrs. Carl
Lekness has at her parlor window. It
continues blooming for months, and
is one of the Hiioat rare and beautiful
plants the writer ever saw.
The complete works of Charles
nickens in thirty volumes Is the sub
stantial-addition to his library made
by James Lynd at Christmas time. In
February 1812 this great English
author was born. He died nearly
flfty years ago. He was the first Eng
Msh writer, whose works exhibited
•the lives and manners of the lower
and middle classes, and was always
on the side of the ioor.
Now that nearly halt the sclioil
children In this nation go to school
every morning underfed, and nearly
all the «Shiildren of every so called
clvlllzed nation in Europe are starv
ing, It Is highly appropriate to reed
Dekene books. -The wrongs end creel*
ties Inflicted upon the workers and
theflr children were greater than they
are now, end that helps some. Like
Brother said "De sun Ho move." We
have much to be thankful tor.»
A quiet wedding took place* Satur
day evening January 3. 1*20 at the.
-of Mr and Mrs. Albert Hemin
-«er et Stesetoii Agency, S. D., whe»
thetr eMeet son Chris Hemlnger was
united In merrlago to Mdss Luyflida
DoCoteau ot Big Coulee^ The brldq
is the only daughter ot Issse DeCo
teaO', four oorreepondent hear Miss:
DeCoteaa pin* jrben bet a ehild live
0£.si* yeers old, end the little voice
'•tendMneiy *weet end
wsteatzB wer *stÄed to.
./ jWW Lis w$k »»t i'-heni dun
HeK-MhMMWpAW» tunasdwasn't
iwfcUs« 3or lutoelblts. it was Sene
Ricketts during the absence of the
Willard Cobb spent Saturday after
noon in Peever visiting with the Hol
land children.
Adelbert Peterson and his sister
Edith of Sisseton spent the week end
at A. M. Andersons.
John Nelson had the pleasure of
entertaining his little brother from
Writ bay over Sunday.
Doris Knigliit, Violet Sykora, and
Adalon Sykora are among those ab
sent from school this week.
The Misses Pearl Nelson and Mil
dred Fuller spent Saturday afternoon
.between trains in Sisseton.
Lawrence Nelson and wife have
moved into Dr. Pearson's residence
where they will remain this winter.
Walter Fuller spent the
with the 'home folks, returning to the
Convent school at Milbank, Monday.
C. W. Bellows left Thursday even
ing for Eau Claire, Wise, where he
will join his family. He expects to re­
Grey's books. Zane Grey is one ot to
day's best writers. He has written
cowboy stories and stories of Mor
mon days in Utah. His stories of early
settlements of our country by Euro
peans give us quite a different under
standing of tilings as they were in
those times, than that we get from
our school histories. Mr. Lee found
five volumes ot the books he sought
at the James Lynd home and these
gladly carried to the car and took
home with him. Mr Lee is genera)
utility man on the Ben Faribaul farm
where with his family he occupies a
cosy little cottage.
The United States Railroad Ad
ministration on Friday, delivered to
James Lynd in perfect condition,
box of grape-fruit, oranges, tanger­
J. F. Fredrich, Pres.
Sigurd K.
5 per cent paid on time deposits,
courteous treatment assured to all.
At Once.
All next week we will want all the
poultry possible to fill some later
orders, and our prices will be:,
turn Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Knight left
for Wilmot, Thursday, where they
will visit friends and relatives for a
Mrs. Ben Fredrick spent from
Thureday noon until Saturday even
in§ in Wilmot, where s.ie visited
'friends. Iaciden/tatly she had»some
dental work done.
Mrs. James Barrett arrived from
St. Cloud, Minn, via Browns Valley
to make an etended visit with her sis
ter, Mrs. T. E. Barrett.
Mr. and Mrs. Lsslie leeve Wednes
day to spend the .remaining winter
months in the south. Mr. Leslie ex
pects to combine business with plea
•sure during this trip.
The seven*h end eighth grades
held an enjoyable party at the
school house. The evening was spent
in playing games and other aniuse-v
ments. At 10:30 an enjoyable lunch
was served. The grammar room
seems to have a wideawake bunch
this year.
ines, etc., picked from the trees of
Miiami, Florida, by Miss Ethel Lynd.
Direct from producer to consumer i-V
came—no middle men's profits ex
cept the carrier's charge—meaning
the railroads. Middle men, including
them all—who operate between pro
ducer and consumer only receive $12
for every dollar's worth they handle,
—that is, if the service they render
is paid according to its value—1200
per cent profit if your please! Of this
tremendous amount of profit, be sure
the railroads are taking the lion's
share. Let the government own and
operate the railroads. Let the people:
squeeze out 7 or 8 billion dollars of
water of tile 20 billions capitalization
of the railnoads and the H. C. of
would at once fall to normal.
First State Bank
of Peever
If you want, Real Estate Loans, In
surance Fidelity Bonds. See us
Carl J. Rice, Cashier
Frostad, Asst. Cash.
Live Dressed
Turkeys No. 1,30c... ... 42c
Turkeys No. 2,18c ZOc
Hens over 4 yrs 20c. 23c
Hens under 4 yrs 15c. -18c
Springs, fat 20c 23c
Roosters old 10c.. .13c
Ducks, good lSc..... ......25c
Geese, good 15c... 20c
prices are high, but we need
want your Furs and Hides also.
Cream, Eggs, Poultry..
Sfeseton Produce Co.

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