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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 23, 1920, Image 8

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Mis. J. Stetflre made a business
trip to the county sea, Saurday.
Edith Peterson returned to her
short visit at Ari M. Andersons.
Alfred Nelson was a business «all
er at Sisseton, Saturday. •naw
E. Ladies aid, Friday afternon.
Lena Swenson returned from the
cities, Monday.
Pearl Amundson was a Peever
caller Monday afternoon.
Alfred Nelson returned home from
the cities, Monday.
Mrs J. Bailly was a Sisseton caller
Rev. 8. P. Jones was in Peever be
tween trains, Thursday.
Gladys and Esther Larson kept
bouse for Mrs. Wi.cox during her ab
Mrs. N. Wilcox returned home
Thursday after making her parents
an extended visit.
Mrs. N. Wilcox was in Sisseton, be-1
tween trains Friday.
Doris Knight .has been quite ill the
past week. However, she is doing
Ing well at present.
Mr. H. K. Kurrasch was an assist
ant in the drugstore during Dr. Rick
ett's absence.
Mrs. Sykora took her daughter Vio
let to the Oraceville hospital, Monday.
Mm. Sykora returned home Thürs.
Ted Nelson and J. Stefflrc bought
.Quite a few shares in the First State
Bank the pas week.
Leo Campbell visited Sisseton
Monday between trains, and then
PsT- *took the train Morton, Min^ota.
MIM Hegner had some dental
work done In Wilmot Tuesday be
tween train*.
UG vector Ricketts returned Friday
from Pierre whore he had been tak
ing medtfcal examinations.
Mike Barrett returned to Slaaeton
Tuesday evening after spending a
week with his uncle, T. B. Barrett.
Alfred Nelson took his daughter,
Gladys to the Oraceville hospital Wed
nesday, where she will undergo ao
Mrs. J. A. Norby and daughter
Ooy ialted the lormed'a parents at
/Wilmot from Friday until Saurday
Ddgar Fonder, who has been
äMfe elating the balling crew.
Quite ill wth pneumonia.
School children are showing great
intereet in this kind of education and
it would be a good thing if it could be
taught In every school of this Agricul
itnral state.
Sigurd Fnoktad is a temporary as- jovai,]e time and are looking forward
eistant in the Farmcis S-eimty Hank.
Was Forbes life for Chicago Mon
will visit
her parents
tor a month. She win then return and
up her duties In Jürgens
Beeks atore. ....
®°°d demonstrations were given
'y Wietel schools who were doing the
VitaHaed Agricultural work and a"
Interesting lecture was given by
Mrs, Lnra Morkley.
boave mentioned teachers re
turned with renewed inspirations and
•wr idsasand were much pleased by
koepHality shown them by Miss
Mittle Johnson. Co. Supt. of Grant
W l*mon
Miss Esther Boh-
ee* in Grant
and m«n
McGuckin of Lee
twp., and
M. LiUndstrom ojj Easter
to ÄHbank, Friday evening,
attended a Vitalised
t*toplta» Conference
the C. Super-
^ai*#sa*ls otttoe, Saturday.
UwaMarMey (Mm. H. H.)
MObtSWo who has rasM«d in South
Agrtesltnre Bdncatlon in
A pary was given at the tleo. Lord
home, in Easter Twp. last Friday
ovening. All present report a very en-
Chas. Perkins vtt uvi.' tl AUmilaj .p00q
from the cities. Selma Hegner entertained the
Mrs. C. Rodeen entertained the M. hlghsohool at her home Friday even
ing. The highsohool people were tak
en out to the Hegner home in a
Episcopal Church Notes
Services will be held at the S. P.
Renville home every other Friday
evening at 8:00. beginning with Fri
day Jan. 23. Sunday School every
Sunday as usual.
Supt. J. L. Suffecool started on his
January trip to Granie Falls, Monday.
T. C. Mannes left on Monday's train
for Milbank to spend a few days at
tending hog sales.
W. E. Bickford and Sam Woulph
sold considerable hay from the
set ool land west of M. Blckford's
farm, last week.
M. Bendickson living near Dry
Wood Lake who has been sick much
of the time lately, and has consulted
several of he local physicians is re
ported ported to be worse.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gro
nau, on Friday January 2,1920, a
Last Saturday, little Ruby Leknesa
had her right thand quite badly hurt
in the fly wheel of he corn shelter,it
is thot. No bones were broken »nd
ho painful the little hand is as wÄl
as it ever was, by this tlmee.
M. O. Ralstad and wife left tor
Morris, Minn, last Tuesday, to visit
ther daugher, Mrs. K. P. Johnson.
Gus Rinas is here with his brothers
for awhile.
Mrs. Adam Greely from near Peev
er is cooking for the Agency workers
at present.
Mis Li
111e Larson Was home
this state for M. Holden, visited the I Mrs. Jesse Faribault who has been
schools of Roberts Co. last Thursday confined to the 'hospital for the insane
and Friday. Miss p.-arl F. Robinson a Canton, S. D. is said to have cs
accorapanied her. leaped last week.
times In the nedghbor-
sleigh. Tiie crowd was jolly and join
ed with their hostess in making the
evening a merry one. Delicious re
freshments were served at a late
hour, and shortly afterward the
young people rode merrily home.
Uarda Ren vi 11 entertained several
of her little classmates Saturday
evening. The children enjoyed them
selves as only children can. Light re
freshments were served and the little
guests went home at 10:30 feeling
Quite grown up, keeping such late
Mr. St. Clair was quite sick a few
days last week.
Mrs. Geo. B. Selkirk entertained at
dinner last Sunday, Miss Rebecca
Greely and her cousin Mrs. Albert
Faribault and Mrs. Smiley Finley, all
of Peever.
(Miss Nellie Anderson of Sisseton,
enjoyed a few days last week with her
friend, Mrs. Carl Lekneee.
Mise Inga Hagen came out to the
farm, Friday for a rest and a good
Little Miss Hildreth Suffecool re
ceived a painful tho not serious in
jury one day when the wind closed
the school room door on her right
Mr. H. A. Raw was taking sub
acrlptlons for "Thie Minnesota Dally
Star", the new farmer-labor paper to
be puMlehed in Minneapolis very
soon. Arthur Fa*th was driving as Mr
Hurls* stranger from Applston,
.-'v •i-t-'iv' '.• Vv
Sh® First State Bank
p. R. Cbltoon and wife, and Art
Chtiwn and family, and Mrs. Frank
Nelson, wem all guaats atttie Carl
Lekneee home, Sunday.
of Peever
Real Estate .Loans, In
ids. See us
Miss Susie Brown has returned td
her studies at the Business college at
Fargo, N. D.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bickford had as
their gueets last Sunday, George and
Reuben Sorbel, of Webster and Dr.
Alfred Sorbel and wife of Sisseton.
The three young men are nephews of
Mrs. Bickford.
The old gang press of
at large has devoted a large amount
of space bout the No. Dk. library I
books bought by the lato board,
charging "Free Love" as doctrine
taught in such books. The truth af)
found by the committee appointed jy
the last special session of the legisla
ture compoed of three members of the
League and two of the opposition re
ported the facts as follows of tin* five
books questioned, faur were bought
by the old board before the League
got control. The book "Love and eth
ics" by Ellen Key a noted Scandinavi
an writer, that seemed to cause the
most objection, is one of a series of
five books by this author, and are
considered standard works general
ly found in tili- libraries of the Cities,
thus is another lie nailed. We are
wiling at any time to compare the
morals of the country population to
the city populaion especially the cor
rupt men of "BIG BIZZ" and the
BIG BANKERS", an evil mind be
a corrup
count ,hougMs
Automobile Show
The greatest and most complete automobile
show you or anyone else has ever seen. Exceeds all
worlds records
and tMs
can only lbe the product
Miss Julia Berg opened her winter
term of school in district 2. Monday.
Nils and Oscar Eide and Alfin Berg
are attnding the Brookings farm
Russell Nelson is a student at the
Aberdeen business college.
size. Officially sanctioned by
Motor and Accessory Manufacturers' Association of
New York. Exhibits will present absolutely the last
word in motor ears, together with most complete
display of accessories ever shown.
Truck Show
*lhe largest Truck Show the Northwest has ever seen.-'
Commercial cars of every kind and for every purpose—
from light delivery to a capacity of ten tons. Many models
designed for farm use, with convertible bodies and eight
inch pneumatic tires that will carry a maximum load
through all manner of road and weather conditions.
Your Aecommedatioos are Reedy
Your friends will all be here. Arrange
ments have been mads to take the
best of care of more than 250,000 visi
tors. Hotels aod clubs offer you a
welcome. The Twin Cities'
lity will make you feel at home,
entertainment features hive
tors, hi
des» arranged so yea* won't have
moment on
i^.R. WILMOT, Maaacer,
"C6me on In"
Twin Cities Midway Jan.31-Feb. 7
You are invited to attend the world's greatest exhibition of automobiles, trucks, tractors,
agricultural implements and industrial products iü the Twin Cities, January 31st to February
7th. This is the largest, most complete, most brilliant and most entertaining Automotive
Show the universe has ever known. Bigger, better, grander than any previous Northwestern
Exposition. Presenting the greatest assortment of automotive equipment ever assembled in
one place. Nothing New York, Chicago or even Europe has ever known in an automotive
exposition can approach this tremendous show to be held in the Northwest this year. You can't afford to
miss it! Bring the whole family and "come on in" for one big week of instruction and entertainment!
$6,000,000 in Displays—Ten Solid Acres of Exhibits
In the Largest Building Ever Devoted to Show Purposes
Come on in to Your Own Show
For thirteen years the Minneapolis Automobile Trade Association has managed this gigantic enterprise for i,
the benefit of every man, woman and child in the Northwest. This is your
on for your benefit.
You owe it to yourself—your family—to take advantage of this opportunity to learn to conserve man power
with labor saving devices and increase production by using modern Equipment.
Tieat the Family
Bring your entire family and show
them the time Of their Uvea. -Your
wife deserves tills vacation and so do
the children. A. smsll.fortune, spent
in weeks of travel in half the citlw of
the country, would, not bring you
fraction of the educational snd amuse
ment features of this mammoth es-
Btoätefaw «F«!«W
January 14 voters of school dist
rict 1 voted $4,700 bonds for a new
school house.
II. A. Varland raturned last week
frtn a busine.- ti'p in the southern
part of the state.
Notice is hereby given that there
will be sold under sealed bids, on
March 24,1920, 0 acres of the al
lotment of Charles Atkins Robertson,
allottee Number 1101. Described as
the S. W. Sec. 3, T*p. 126 N. Range
49 West otli P. M. Aippraisment valu
ation $6,400.00 This is a sixty day
sale. Bids for the above land will be
received up to 2 p. m. of the date
mentioned above. All bids must bq
accompanied by 10 per cent of the
amount offered in formof -a certifi
ed check on some solvent bank. Bids
should be placed in a envelope and
marked Bids for Indian land, to be
at 2 p. in. March 24,1920 and addres
sed to the Superintendent of the Sis
seton Indian School. For further#in
formation address the undersigned.
Frank Ho-a has rented his father'* ''Notice of Hearing Petition for Letters
rarut and bought the horses and ma-1
J. L. Suffecool,
Supt. Sisseton Indian Agency.
Tractor Show
One million dollars in tractor exhibits. Great
est exhibition of this chsrscter the world has ever
witnessed. Endorsed by National Implement and
Vehicle Association. Evefy reliable tractor from gar
den raidgeta to the gianta of the field will be shown
here, along with all manner ot tractor-drawn impls,
ments. Experts to demonstrate them. Come on in!
Industrial Exposition
A miniature World'» Fair comparable only with the Manu
facturers' Congress held annually at Lyons, France. More
th»n one thousands American manufacturers represented.
Your only opportunity to inspect, on ehe floor, sll that the
inventive genius of tos Nation has perfected to
and lighten labor. Style Show! Pure Food She
your wlfel
of Administration.
State of South Dakota, County of Ro
berts. In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Louis Marlow, deceased.
The sate of South Dakota sends
greetings to all the heirs a law and
•next of kan of Louis Marlow, deceas
ed, and to all whom these presents
may come.
Notice is hereby given that Anniq
Bear and Mary Faribault have filed
with the Judge of this Court a- pe
tition praying that letters of admin
isration of the estate of Louis Mar
low, deceased, as issued to A. F. ErtF
gaard, and that Tuesday, the 17 day
of February, 1920, at ten o'clock in
the forenoon of that day, at the office
of the Judge of said Cuny Court,
the City Sisseton, in Roberts County
South Dakota, has been set for hear
ingsald petition, when and where any
person interested may appear and
show cause why the said petition
should not be granted. if--}*.?
Dated January 19, 1920.
Attest: ],,' By the Court:
D. F. Stevens, H. M. Knight,
Clerk. Judc
(Seal) Feb. 12
Show! Bring
Largest Automobile Show Bld'g
The Overland Ball ding midway be- 5
tween St. Paul and Minneapolis. Just
think of ten solid acres filled with In
teresting exhibits snd wide, uncrowd
ed aisles! All this in modern, fin-
«oof building the Isrgest ever1 usee
a similar purpose. Plan now
come early to see this show Amen
ca'a greatest under ens roof for om
admission price.
Ste Paul

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