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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 30, 1920, Image 2

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'Two Anecdotes That Shew Necessity
for Careful Wording When Us
ing the Wire.
The Stokes house at Lonox. finally
converted into hotel, was on«» of tin1
"show places" of the region when An
-son Phelps Stokes, Jr.. now secretary
of Yale university, was an umli-rgnul
The young man perturluHl his moth
-er. Just before a Christmas holiday pe
riort by [ivo|iisi»g to invite a number
of his classmates to Lenox. His class
was that of 1S9G, and in the ti'li-gram,
nut caring to mention the exact num
ber, but intending: merely to show that
they were classmates, lie said: "Am
inviting '9V men to Lenox for the va
She promptly telegraphed hack "1 in.
not ask more than 10. Have 8.1 house
guests here now."
Which puts one in tnl,
grni Capt. "Archie" I'mi once svnt.
wlme he was Mr. Taft's ai'l. Mr. Taft
had been eating many big dinners in
public, at the height the ji*n .-i n
Kon. and he longed for a muderate re
past. So Captain liutt telegrajdied in
the next gathering at Chicago: "Make
It -simple. Hütt." The telegram was
made to *-ead. "Make It simple, but—"
(lista the collation outdid in sumptuous
variety any of its predecessors."
and paper ready. Brazil tried Ger
man and English establishments, but
still without .success In the protection
of the banknote circulation, nnd at
last turned to the United States and
found a type of bills practically im
to counterfeit
So It is no boast, but a
of fact, to state that Americans make
the best banknotes in the world.
Beggars Who Float In Bowls.
In various countries during past
•pes beggars hare carried bowls, but
China Is probably the only country
In which bowls carry beggars. The
bowls are boats, round in shape, and
large enough- to carry two beggars,
one of whom maneuvers the craft be
side an Incoming steamship while the
other, usually an aged Chinese woman,
does die begging from the passengers,
sometimes making It easier for them
to contribute by reaching upward with
bag on the end of a long pole. The
dexterity of the beggars in handling
their seemingly impossible boat gives
entertainment to return for alms, says
aa exchange. The craft has no visible
distinction between bow and stern,
and the Paddlers, coming out from the
shore, alt, one might say, at opposite
ends of the diameter, looking forward,
and each paddling vigorously over his
own side of the bowL
M? ..
Leap Year Miaaed.
The role used to tell if a year Is,
or was, a leap year is to divide It by
the tgure 4 If it may be lone witb
•st a remainder It is generally sup
to prove that the year Is a leap
Hils Is correct In respect of
all years save In the case of the 100
yean, that Is, the beginning of a cen
1100. I860, 1900. In those
the teM Is to divide by 400. If
teste are applied to the last 100
years we shall And the year 1900 Is
wot divisible by 400 and neither was
the' jeer1-1800. Leap y6ar occurred
foyr years after the year 1800
•M1118I8. bnt there was no leap year
between "lit*- and 18M (a space of
eight years), ^either was there a
lea* year between 1886 and 1904.
The HlhgOuasl.
ring-ousel builds year
WWWR feer In a granite quarry, and I
haveoften b*ard~ him tlic(*. It Is
y' forgWten place and he
it bettef than most* pecpfe
His song differs town the i-
of JUsklnfolk, the Mail
and thrush! It'lsjlilnner, coM.'
WH» eUn—the 'pure tinkle of a
brook.. Xvith some birds yon
they like you to listen to.
so tbeshy ring-ousel. One
1» time and patlence
and values It the more
1 T*w Ml
Chinese Family of Wong In Montreal
Combine for Mutual Benefit and
Business Help.
We live and learn, ami some of our
learning comes from unexpected
sources. If all the Smiths ami all the
Joneses were to organize themselves
into a mutual bonelit and charitable
pm-iety. it w/iuld at least be consid
ered a somewhat novel proceeding, yet
that is exactly what is being done In
Montreal nt the presviit moment by the
Chinese. Memliers of the Wong fam
ily of China, who have left their na
tive land to seek their fortunes here,
have formed themselvt\s into the Wong
Wun Sun association of Montreal, the
object of vhich Is to assist all Chi
nese bearing the name of Wong af
flicted by sickness, accidents or re
verses of fortune. All the Wongs hear
some degree of relationship to one an-
if a tele- other, and as the association already
has some 300 members and expects
more, it is probably one of the largest
Central and South American Nations js a somewhat novel one to white races,
Have Their Currency Printed but It has practical results and is un
in This Country. doubtedly beneficial.—Montreal Star.
The American style of banknote has
become the standard in the countries
of Central and Squill America. The
experience of the Brazilian govern
ment led the way in this, after va
rious disappointments. First the
much-vaunted Austrian system was
tried, the notes being engraved and
printed In England under that system,
They proved a complete failure.
Counterfeiters flourished. The Bra
zlllans tried banknotes made I»
France, and these were promptly and
extensively Imitated as soon as the some interesting particulars regarding
counterfeiters could get their plates
covered with white muslin and its oc
cupnnt is fed on cola seed and bread
soaked in water. During the first
week of isolation I don't allow him to
hear the song of any other bird, and
during the second week I play only a
few notes of medium pitch every
morning before his cage. After this
advise covering the -cage with very
thick green or red serge, thus keeping
the bird in darkness until it has
learned a few short musical phrases,
How long does it take to train
canary to sing properly? Well, that
all depends on the bird's aptitude. I
should say the time varies from two
to six months."
'families on record. The association ,state,
does not confine itself to helping those
in sickness or distress, but goes far- ]new
if a Wong is desirous of start-
itig up a laundry or some other busl- decision
l'.ess and Is not possessed of the neces
sary capital, he goes along to the other
Wongs nt the weekly Saturday meet- .-
Ing and presents his case and
proves his good faith the money
forthcoming. In fact, In every gen
uine case of a member of the family
business assistance is given. The idea'
if he
French Expert Explains His Method
of Teaching the Birds to Pro
duce Sweet Notes.
Parisians are so passionately fond
of canaries that it is estimated there
are 100.000 of these birds in
of Light. Writing in the Wide
World magazine. Henri Galllard, the
famous French canary^ trainer, gives
method of teaching his pets
his pets to
"The musical training of my pupils,"
he says, "is conducted witli the aid of
a bird whistle or a flageolet. A fort
night after the young bird has learned
to feed itself it is put into a solitary
possible to counterfeit with success. cage, where. If It Is a male, it soon „—,
mere record begins to warble. The cage is then
"Climacteric." v-:-:
The term climacteric years was once
applied to certain years in man's'life,
which were believed by the disciples
of astrology to have a peculiar signifi
cance. and to be the critical points of
his health and fortune. Crises of this
kind were supposed to be the twenty
first, the twenty-fifth, the forty-ninth
and the sixty-third year, which was
called by way of eminence the climac
teric year or "grand climacteric." This
year was supposed to be fatal to most
men.-owing to the fact that slxty-tliree
Is the product of the two Mystical
numbers seven snd nine. The grand
climacteric Is said to have been recog
nised by Hippocrates.
Cits rarely eat rats, but attack and
kill them ruthlessly. Dogs of certain
breeds are the Implacable enemies of
-fats. Other encmiefe are weasels, fer
rets, the larger owls and bull snakes.
In cities cats and dogs are the best
protection. Traps are excellent, but
require to be bandied with gloves rub
bed with fish oil, as the rata detect
Instantly any trace of human swell
and leave the trap alone. Poison Is
effective, bnt It haa one serious draw
back the rata are likely to .die In
their holes.
Early Life en Earth.
Animal life in the carbonlferoea
epoch was almoet wheilly aquatic. The
«Dtprä. teemed with creatures ihultt:
tudlnous. Insects swarmed every
whefe.Itwas particularly the age of
«wkroaches. Hege reptiles crawled
sluggishly over the wet sands of the
eeishore. Xa yet there were mr bhrtMi
and no animals. Millions of years te
pass before the world would be ready
for their advent
total thickness of
la 13»feevThis i«p.

tlmt that
'W* "-N« "IBlred for the
e'quMUty ^T wjobdy
Judge Dean, who presided at
what has been termed the most
farcical trial in the history
Lawyers for Leaguers Allege
109 Errors Made in County
ST. PAUL, Minn.—Attorneys
for A. C. Townley, president of
the National Nonpartisan league
and Joseph Gilbert, former Leag
ue ejmploye, filed a motitih for a
new trial in Jackson county dist
rict court last week, alleging
109 errors by the court in the
trial of the case last summer,
when the two men were convict
ed of a misdemeanor under the
state sedition act.
received the motion for a
trial. No oral argument was
made and the court reserved his
That Judge Dean will denv the
motion for a new trial, making
is an appeal to the supreme court1
necessary, is confidently ex
pected by the atorneys of Town
ley and Gilbert. Both before and
since the trial Judge Dean has
bitterly assailed the Nonparti
san league.
The 109th error cited includes
improper conduct by the trial
judge in 24 separate counts. Ex
ceptions were taken to sarcastic
and prejudicial remarks made
by the court on various occasions
during the trial and his threat to
fine the League men's counsel
for "contempt of court." One of
the errors cited relates to the!
refusal of Judge Dean to allow
Mr. Townley to make the closing!
statement to the jury in his own I
behalf. Others relate to the un-!
fair rulings of the court, making
it, impossible to impeach the!
state's star witness, Ferdinand
Teigen, then and now under a
federal indictment for violation
öf the espionage law. The court's I
action in refusing to permit at
torneys for Townley and Gilbert
to offer evidence showing the
loyalty record oMhe League and
its officials in the war also was
cited as an error.
That the supreme'' court will
order a new trial in the event
that Judge Dean denies the mo
tion made last week is the great
opinion of attorneys who nave
followed the case. Judge Dean
has admitted as much himself.
In a vitriolic statement at the
conclusion of the trial after
County Attorney' Nicholas had
recited .the poem, "I remember,
I remember, the house where
was born," Judge Dean declared
that it would be a miracle if
there were not errofs in the re
cord. He explained this curious
statement by saying that the at
torneys for Townley and Gilbert
had "irritated" him.
The first Friday in Lent, Feb
ruary 20, has been chosen by the
Federation of Women's Boards
of Foreign Missions and the
Council of Women for Home Mis
sions for a united Day of Pray
er for Foreign ^fissions and a
Day of Prayer for Home Mis
sions, Communities all over the
country will simultaneously in
terdenominationally observe
this day of prayer for missions.
mmcm mmuxo OF PRO-
is hereby given, that pur
to »«Bate Bill Number. M0.
by the ISth legislative .As-
•emhly of South Dakota, the Board
County Commlesioaers of Roberta
County, Dakota, has eeletied
nnd by reeelation designated a pros
»ective county highway system, end
*Nt m»p of said system has
WWared •. la how on' (tie in the
the county auditor
of Section 21, Township 128, Range
50, thence sopth to the northeast cor­
ner of Section 16, Township 127,
Range 50 thence west tot he north
east corner of of Section 17 in said
Township thence south to the north
east corner of section 20 of said Town
ship, thence west to the northeast
corner of Section 19, in said Town
ship thence south to. the northeast
corner of Section 7. Township 126,
Range 50, thence west to the north
east corner of Section 12, Township
126, Range 51 thence south to the
northeast corner of Section 25,
in said Township, thence to the north
east corner of Section 28, thence
south to the oity limits of the City
Sisseton Commencing at the city lim
its to the northeast corner of Section
32 in said Township and run
ning south to the north
east corner of Section 20
in Township 125, Range 51
thence west on the section line to the
Roberts Coaaty. The roada indeded
"r? •"-"-«v
aad dasignated aa the *e-
vfdtaa.. Boad: Comma»-lag at' *ke
northeaet eoraer of 8eeti«n 4, fp?*
ahlp HI, luv «?, ths«q» rupnlMM
*No Rheumatics'is
And 'cause why?
northsast corner of Section 14 in
Township 125, Range 51 thence
south on the section line to a point
on the sectioin line at the souheast
corner of Section 11, in Township
124, Range 52 thence south at or
near the section line between section
13-14' 24-23, 25-26, 36-35, but de
viating from said section line ac
cording to plats and profiles of said
road made by Berner Loftfield, civil
engineer, and filed in the office
the county auditor of said Roberts
County thence in a southwesterly
direction across Section 2, in Town
ship 123, Range 52, to the northeast
corner of Section 10, in said town
ship, according to plat and profile
made by Berner Loftfield, civil en
gineer, and on file in the office of the
county auditor of said Roberts Coun
ty thence south the section line
to the northeast corner of Section 15,
in said Township tlience west on the
section line to the north and south
Reason for Wearing Wooden Leg
sting or hot burnin' is a mighty weak-kneed
recommendation for tobacco. But when to
bacco is mild and cool, and yet as full of "fun" as a
barrel of. monkeys—rwell, that's another story-—that's
'Cause Velvet is brought up—not jerked up by
the hair. It's raised as carefully as a favorite child.
It's cured in the big fresh air. And it mellows away
for two years in wooden hogsheads 'til it's smooth
and rich as cream. The wonder would be if Velvet
wasn't a whacking good pipe smoke.
ATURE-AGEING in the wood does more to
make tobacco friendly than any camouflage you
can cover it with—and don't you forget it See,
Gnell. fed the "real tobacconess" in Velvet Why,
V0U can almost hear it Velvet's the tobacco you can
judge with your eyes wide open and specs on.
There's a whole lot in Nature's way of mafeing
"W And it «01 in Veket
Here'» to a Adl frfpe and a friendly ona
quarter line of said section 15 then««
south on said quarter line to the
south side of said section thenee
south on the quarter line in Section.
22, in said Township to the south
side of said section thence west on
the section line to the northeast cor
ner of Section 28, in Township 123,1
Range 52 thence south on the sec-^
tion line to the nortneast corner of
Section 28 in Township 122, Range
52 tlience east on the section line
to the northeast corner of Sectios1'
27 in said township thense south on
the section line to the northesast cor
ner of section 34 thence east on the
section line to the northeast comer
of Section 35 thence south on tk€
section line to the county line at the
southeast corner of said section 35 in
Township 122, Range 52.
County Road Number 2.
Commencing at the county line be-
(Continued on page 7)
The Velvet tin
is twice as
as shown here
Mighty Poor
"Let Nature mellow yo' to
that tobacco will ahare
yo' nature," «qy« Velvet
Joe, And he'» pretty nearly

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