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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 30, 1920, Image 5

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Miss Emelia Greenland
with la grippe.
Oscar Beaver was up from
Wilmot, Tuesday, on business.
Pete Hanson returned from
Aberdeen, Wednesday.
Mrs. Frank Jones came
from Wilmot, Tuesday.
The Hon Motor Co. report
the delivery of a new Dodge to
Jim Wooley.
Rexall Lotion will keep the
skin soft and free from chaps.
Price, $.35. F. J. Maldaner.
Lottie Goodman returned
Monday from the Valley, and is
again occupying a position at the
Palace Cafe.
A. A. Peterson made a business
trip to Wilmot, Saturday in the
interest of the Peterson Clothing
Co. of Wlmot.
Rexall Cold Tablets with As
pirin will check a cold before it
gets a firm hold. Price 25 cents.
F. P. Maldaner.
W. J. Thomas returned Wed
nesday from a business trip to
Aberdeen, Groton, Webster and
and other points.
Mr. Johnson, former editor
and publisher of the Standard
arrived Wednesday from Battlt
Lake, Minn. Mrs. Johnson and
the kiddies also returned with
Mr. Johnson.
T. R. Smiley has been on the
sick list this week, which has al
most, upset things at the Stand
ard office. We are glad, however
to report that Mr. Smiley is
much improved at this time.
Mr. Hermen Hove of One Road
Township left Monday morning
for a visit with his brother, Mr.
Lars Hove, at Grenville. He was
accompanied by his uncle, Mr.
L. H. Chilson of Vancouver, B. C.
Miss Nellie Greenland resign
ed her position at the Palace
Cafe, and returned to her home
near New Effington, Wednesday
John Minder is still classed
with the sick but we are glad to
report that he will soon be able to
be around again.
3 «gi »2 *2**2* *5"2* «5* «2» »Z» $ «2*
For All Kinds of
For Sali
For Sau A fresh cow. John
Willie Tew is laid up this week
with rheumatism.
We charge and repair batter
ies. Holt Motor Go.
Get our prices on Tires. We
make our own adjustments. Holt
Motor Co.
Mrs Foss enertained
home Tuesday evening. .v-
Mrs. Arthur Rennet returned
from Milbank, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Carlberg go
to the cities tomorrow to attend
the Auto Show.
Paul Just and son, Ed left
Monday for Pierre on a busines.'.
trip. •_ 'V
Andrew Gunderson came in
from the Fort to spend Sunday
at home.
Mrs. Reuben Richert enter
tained a party of ladies at her
home Wednesday.
Mrs A. F. Erstgaard depart
ed for an extended visit in Wil
mot, Milbank and Ortonville.
Sam Olberg left Monday for
Minneapolis on business and
The outcome of the basket ball
game Wednesday night, was a
victory for the high school, the
score being
9 for the town team.
Delivered Daily
Rexall Mentholine Balm clears
stopped-up nostrils and relieves
cold in the head., Price 25 cents
F. P. Maldaner.
Among those who attended
the American Legion dance at
Milbank, Tuesday, were Ole
Brantseg, Dr. and Mrs. McCune,
Clem Class, Margaret Keopke,
and Eudora Anderson. Hub Bol
lenbeck shipped his theatrical
instruments and assisted the Mil
bank orchestra, on the occasion,
with drums, xyllophones and
The Men's Gymnasium class
will meet each Tuesday and
Thursday at the high school gym
nasium at 8:30 o'clock for sett
ing-up exercises under the
direction of Mr. Aker. All
men are invited tö join and
take part. The fee for the season
is three dollars, which should be
paid to Hariy Drentell, Sec. and
Neat and Sanitary
PHONE 7-61'
ERWIN HANSON. Proprietor
fresh cow for
19 for the H. S.
Fresh milk
take in the Auto Show.
Try and get special orders for
milk or cream in at least a day in
advance. Hanson Bros. Dairy.,
Mrs. A. Rennet and daughter
Ruth, went to Milbank, Fridayi
Ruth returned Monday while her
mother remained.
For Sale—Cleaned wheat, oats
and barley for seed. Lewis Han
son. (J30-7tp)
Our White Pine with Tar will
relieve a cough by removing the
cause. Price 30 and 60 cents. F.
P. Maldaner. "-f
Frank Haggerty returned
last week from Minneapolis
where he had been visiting his
sister, Mrs. W. C. Holland.
Joe Robbie received another
portion of the fixtures he is in
stalling in his new billiard hall.
Mr. Robbie is awaiting the ar
rival of the remainder of the fix
tures and as soon as they arrive,
he will open his new place for
If you are losing your grip on
good health, take Pepton». Price.
$1.00 at F. P. Maldaner.
The Basket Ball teams of the
Sisseton high school went to Mil
bank, Friday, where they will in
dulge in a double header with the
teams of Milbank. The local
teams have been practicing good
and hard during the last few
weeks and are confident of win
ning both games
The Goodwill Lutheran Ladies l^ss"e the Standard while Mr.
Aid will be entertained at the Smiley was recuperating from a
church parlors, on Thursday af- slight attack of the tlu.
ternoon, Feb.,5th. The hostesses
are: Mesdames Andrew Stayig,
Iver Hägen, Peter- Olson, M. O.
Rolstad and Andrew Torvick
Everybody welcome. Come and
bring your friends.
quire of Thos.
Mrs. Jim McGee returned
Wednesday from Mineapolis.
Mrs Kennedy returned from a
weeks visit.with her grandpar
Roy Lukanitsch went to Web
ster Saturday evening to visit
his friend, Max Aker.
We have two second hand
Ford cars for sale, which are in
first class condition. Holt MotQi
Mr Henry Erhester and bride
arrived Tuesday from their wed
ding tour through Iowa and Col
We have two good second
hand Fords for sale. These cars
are in first class condition. Holt
Motor Co.
W. F. Carlberg went to Wil
mot, Tuesday to attend to busi
ness matters pretaining to the!
Carlberg Co. of Wilmot!
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Morris and!
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Babcock I
leave soon to spend the remain
der of the winter on the Pacific
Fresh milk cow for sale. In
quire of Thos. Osmän.
The Case Tractor School be
gan Thursday of this week, un
der the auspices of the Carlberg
Co. It closes Saturday# of this
week. 'NU/A
Wednesday evening Irom Web-,
i. ...... ster to visit her grandmother jto
Mrs. Towell. Mrs McCibban will,
be remembered as Miss Ruthjgerving
ed the funeral.
cow for
"l .-»fl
Owing to an increased cost in ., ,,
the making of bakery products, people, we can see that it should
we are compelled to raise the be a rather decent place. If Mr.
price of our cookies to twenty IChase
quire of Thos. Osman. I Rev. Austin and his
•Mr. Holsten of the Grant Goun have just returned
ty Tribune, came up from Mil-'
bank, Tuesday evening, and as
s'isted in getting out this week's
Johnnie Johnson, who has
been seriously ill since his re
turn from Colorado, is reported
as being well on the road to re
covery. Johnnie has suffered for
some time from rheumatism.
Fresh milk cow for sale. In
quire of Thos. Osman.
Among those who attended
the opening of the St. Hubert
Hotel," owned by our former
townsman, Arthur Bennet and
Chas. McGee, were Hub Bollen
beck, Jim Morrill, Mr and Mrs.
Dan Mahoney and Emmet Ken.-
Mr. Chris. Andrews, manager
of the Dakota Central Telephone
Exchange of Sisseton, report
that he has secured an expert
lineman and an expert cashier
both of whom will report to the
local exchange next month.
These people come from Water*
town, and are well reccommend
ed, and well experienced in their
Post Office Inspector Chase
was here this week, looking for
a new location for the post office.
Mr. Chase remarks that the bus-,
iness men of Sisseton do not take
proper interest in the postoffice
Of course that is a mild accusa
tion, and very likely won't make
us very angry. But when we
stop to think that the postoffice
is used so much and by so many
cents per dozen. City Bakery. i)Yor~ business men than
the Sisseton bunch, however, his
Mrs Mike McCibben arrived!
ment entails cost, and this mon-, home of H. A. Nulle last week,
ey must be used for this purpose
on account of the death of Mrs.
Crosby's brother, Charlie, and ourrimAw
from Wilmot where they attend-
Fresh milk cow for sale. I"
and the news that he is getting [able evening was spent and all
well sounds good to his many
Ole L. Vig. Prop.
Rt.4 Sisseton, S. D.
For Sale
175 bu. of clean Silver Mine
oats! A limited amount of
early yellow dent seed corn
also a later variety of yel
low dent corn all very
good quality.
Siberani millet
fine quality,
clean, quantity
seed, very
limited. ..
territ hav^ to be
an(] now is the time
show the folks out of
for us
town and
in town that we are not
even de
of being
«m(ldly» accus,
ed of being low in public spirit.
Hereafter, all milk and cieaii Mr Soristegaard installed an
tickets will be strictly cash. fhe other Peninsular Pipeless fur
purchase of modern dairy equip-|nacefol.
stavjg Bros. in
Hanson Bros. Dairy. I For-Sale—Soft coal heater,
Mr. and Mrs. George Crosby
returned home Monday from I
Chicago where they were called
I For Sale—Soft coal
I good as new. H. A Nulle
I (j30-2tp)
coal heater.
An informal reception was
held Tuesday evening at the
Trinity Lutheran
church for
bride who
from their
wedding tour in California. A
bout 100 people were gathered in
the church parlors which had
been prettily transformed for
the occasion. Following a dainty
luncheon several members of the
congregation responded to
toasts to the bride and groom. A
gift from the congregation was
then presented followed by very
pleasing responses from Rev.
and Mry. Austin. A most enjoy-
wished the young couple a hap-,
py and prosperous married life.
Sisseton, So. Dak.
Make your chickens lay. They
need something to tone them up.
Full Mne
at tlle
oultry remedies on hand
Reduce House, cheap, easy to
feed. Will make liens lay.
A. Markle.
Red Vife or Blue
Durum has a limited market.
STAVIG BROTHERS just returned
from Chicago, where they met with
769 other merchants, and bought their
spring goods direct from the New York
Buying direct from the manufact
urers enables them to buy the very
newest things at the lowest price.
The good will expressed by the
old-party politicians always has
a string attached by means of a
hook, and woe unto those who
swallow it.
The Best Variety
Stem. Velvet Chaff is weak
& Clean Seed in Fanrifng Mill
To remove weed seeds, shriveled kernels and trash.
Treat for Smut arid Scab
/Use one xint full strength formaldehyde in 40 gclloiw
'Full directions at cny drug store.
Be Sure the Seed Will Grow
1 Fold'one hundred kernels into a piece of wet'blotting paper.
/.'Keep damp for six days.
'I Ninety-five kernels should grew strong.
The Best Seed Bed for Wheat
|Soil Icore ard line on top, packe_d solid underneath,
Sow with drill as early as possible.
Secure Your Wheat ,SMä EcMy
If you will need.seed or have r. surplus, of good Eeed,.pl
Üdviso your Bank or you? Elevator or write $an
f^criculturai College.
A Cough and Cold
With No 111 Effects
Cherry Bark Cough Syrup
In 35c and 60c bottles
The jungle greed that makes
millionaires is as out of place in
a democracy, as a wolf in a sheep
pen, even if the greed is careful
to wear fleece.
Quiets the "tickle" and aids in
.. relief of the cough. It contains*
110' narcotics, does not sicken and.
is pleasant and prompt. *, ...
Rexal Cold Tablets
reduce fever and aid in "drying
up" coriza or head colds.
if you use them together, a cold
wliich may become serious, is
quickly broken up.
Sisseton, So. Dak.
9 y£
Beware of
Red Durum Wheat
Red Durum wheat known as
"D-6," has been a tragic failure
.'ind has been condemned by all
•on cerned on account of Its poor
milling qualities. Beware o! It. It
is n. positive menace, li is not a
Durum nor a File. altln" gh cross
bred from them both. While It Is
called Red Durum, It should not be
confounded with Kubar.ka, Ar.
nautke. or other amber Dumme
which, while their market is limit
ed. are excellent for macaroni and
some other things.
But there ii po market for this
j-called "Ruat MTodf WI.^at" and
while it hajiyielded .a pretty fair
while It ha» yle
crop in huehels. the^prlce Is heav
ily dot-kedf, often as. much aa 18'to
it «jWWWDM

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