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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, February 06, 1920, Image 7

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C- people may differ as to agents
and motives, but there is no
doubt that America is being sac
rificed and her fundamental in
terests disregarded. The effect
is as if some European country
had conquered us by force of
arms and had mapped out a com
prehensive program of exploita
With the rates of exchange
preventing European buying
here, we ought to be doing all we
can to make our prices low and
to make freight rates to Europe1
low. We would then be able to re
cover our foreign trade the soon
er. But we are doing the oppo
site .We are sacrificing our gov
enrment-owned ships with the
obvious result they will fall into
the power of the English ocean
freight combine. We are turning
back the railroads to private ex
ploitation with provisions for
large loans and bg rate increases
to enable private ownership to
make a profit. We are allowing
the monopolists of all basic re
sources to keep supplies down
that prices may be high. All of
this operates to the benefit of
Europe in the days to come.
While many in close touch
with Washington hint at dark
agreements between European
financiers, these are probably
only by-products of a fundamen
tal situation and not causes. Spe
cial privilege is probably doing'
the things noted above through
the politicians because it would
rather sacrifice its country than
itself, and we have reached a
place in which the financial des
potism is as bad as a conquering
Most of Europe is getting on
its feet by means of public own
ership or drastic control of basiu
resources and transportation.
We developed efficiency for the
war by this means and are now
knocking ourselves off our feet.
America is sacrificing domestic?
peace and absolutely needed for
eign trade to the heathen god of
monopoly exploitation.
'Does congress propose to
arnuma«»*!* ,1 lumiuwi—Miiiiw
turn back the railroads to then
owners at this perilous time and
thereby make new high-priced
levels instead of lower-price lev
els inevitable, or does it propose
to enact legislation requiring the
holding of these roads for a fixed
reasonable period following the
proclaiming of peace, and there
by aid the vitally important
work of checking the profiteers
and getting us back to normal
That is the problem in a nutshell.
There is no blinking or evading
"Furthermore, during the re
cent war we built at a cost of ap
proximately $5,000,000,000 a
great merchant marine, and we
are expending more millions of
dolars in the same undertaking.
At a time when the whole world
is upside down, when the great
powers of Europe are wrestling
with how to regain their feet
commercially and financially,
with their labor conditions cha
otic, with their treasuries empty
with credit paralyzed, with ex
changes topsy-turvy, and the
balance of trade tremendously
against them, are we to do all
that we can to keep down costs
and win permanently the foreign
trade which now lies invitingly
before us, or are we, through
new high-price levels, so to ad
vance costs in this country that
jonce Europe is on her feet she
jean undersell us in every com
ipetitive market of the world?"
—Robert W. Woolley .member
of Interstate Commerce Commis
The old-fashioned country
school fitted the children to be
clerks and bookkeepers. Then
the country people wondered
why the country crowd went to
the cities where the clerk and
bookkeeping jobs were to be had.
In North Dakota, however, our
schools have added to their cur
riculum courses in agriculture
and dairying. Thus when the
country-bred boy finishes school
he is ready for either the city or
the farm, and nine times out of
ten he will elect to remain on the
farm.—HETTINGER (N. D.)
Aney's Annual Sale of Big
Poland China Sows
AT PEEVER, SO. DAK., FEB. 12,1920
X)n February 12, we are going to sell 40 head of high
class bred sows and gilts. They are as good a lot as
will go through a sale ring this winter. You can pay
more for them at other sales but you will not get
them any better. There are in the offering six tried
sows and 34 spring gilts, and they have mated to
three as good sires as you will find in any herd in
the state.. Dakota's Chief Price is one of the great
est hogs of the breed. Royal bred and a wonderful
individual Defeater by Repeater and out of a Dis
turber sow. Repeater was the first prize juuior year
ling at the National Swine Show in 1919. Aney's
Tims by Miller's Tims, and out of a Miller's Chief 2d
dam, are the three herd headers. Get on our mail
ing list for a catalog and come to the sale. I want to
see you.
Auctioneer: Col. A. G. Sater, Stanhope, Iowa Col.
Rath, Sisseton, So. Dak. First State Bank, Clerk.
Field men: Mr. Dinwoodie, for the Dakota Farmer
Geo. O'Niel, for the Swine World R. R. Buchanan,
County Agent 0. G. Tracy, Leader Boys' Pig Club
80 acre farm 8 miles south of
Sisseton, S. D. on the Meridan
Road. For information write to
owner, Mrs. A. Eimon, Route 1,
Box 68, Colton Oregon. (J30-4t)
Have got 35 tons of upland hay, 8
miles south and 1 mile wear of Sisse
ton, to sell. Will take 6i 2 mares
ae cash if under 6 years, weight 1200
or move..
-i Thomas Dempsey
1 mile Hcuth of Sisseton.
For Sale—8 head spring
Telephone 95. Chas. Mullen
Notice of Chattel Mortgage
Name of Mortgagor. .. .Cle
ment McLean.
Name of Mortgagee.... Nel
son and Stefflre.
Owner of Mortgage.... Theo
dore Nelson and Joseph Stefflre.
Date of Mortgage.... Septem
ber, 25, 1919. Amount claim
due $408.85. Default consists in
failure to pay debt secured by
said mortgage when due.
Notice is hereby given that
the undersigned will, pursuant
to the terms of said mortgage
and the statute in such case
made and provided, on the 14th
day of February, 1920, at one
o'clock in the afternoon of the
said day, at the front door of
the United States Postoffice in
the City of Peever, County of
Roberts and State of South Dak
ota, sell the property described
in'said mortgage, to-wit:
One five-passenger Ford tour
ing car, Model T, 1919, Engine
No. 3312607, to the highest bid
der for cash to satisfy said mort
gage together with the costs
and expenses of foreclosure in
cluding attorney fee of $10.00.
Dated this 2nd dav of Febru
ary, 1920.
Nelson & Stefflre,
Order To Show Cause Why Ex
ecutrix Should Not Convey
Real Estate
State of South Dakota, County
of Roberts, In County Court.
In the matter of the Estate of
W. L. Lamb, Deceased.
aaBBESgES! assaas
Upon reading and filing the
petition of Henry G. Wilson and
Bertha A. Wilson, his wife, set
ting forth
1. That the above named de
cedent did on or about the first
day of January, 1915, enter into
a contract with the petitioners
for the sale and conveyance of
the Southeast Quarter of Section
Seven (7), Township One Hun
dred Fourteen (114), Range
Sixty-Eight (68), West of the
Fifth P. M. containing One Hun
dred Sixty (160) acres, more or
less according to the govern
ment survey thereof, and did
therein agree to sell said above
described premises to these peti
2. That the above named dece
dent on March 17, 1919, die be
ing then the owner of the above
described land subject to the
contract aforesaid. That his es
tate is now in probate in the
County Court, Roberts County,
South Dakota, and that Tillie B,
Lamb was duly appointed and
now is the executrix of the last
will and testament of the said W.
L. Lamb, deceased.
3. And it appearing therefrom
that the petitioners have com
plied with all of the conditions of
said contract upon their part
and are entitled to conveyance of
said land in accordance with said
dered that all persons interested
in said estate appear before the
Judge of this Court on Monday,
the first day of March, 1920, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of the
said day at the Court Room of
the said Court in the City of Sis
seton, in the said County of Rob
erts, South Dakota then and
there to show cause, if any they
have, why an order should not be
made requiring the said Execu
trix to convey to the Petitioners
said real estate. And it is fur
ther ordered that a copy tif this
order be published for four suc
cessive weeks prior to the said
day of hearing, in the Sisseton
Weekly Standard, a legal weekly
newspaper printed and publish
ed at Sisseton, in the said County
Done at Sisseton, South Dako
ta, this 2nd day of February, 19
By the Court,
Attest: H. M. Knight,
D.F.Stevens, Judge
N'oticc of Sal«^ of Iteiil Estate.
State of South Dakota, County of Ro
berts. In County Court.
I» lie matter ef the estui.» of Hilda
Chcll, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that pur
suant to an order of he above named
court made on January 17, 1920,
George Cliell, as administrator of the
estate of Hilda Chell, deceased, will
on or after February 3, 1920, sell at
private sale for cash and subject to
the confirmation of the Court certain
real estate belonging to the estate of
said deceased and which is described
as follows:
Southeast quarter (SKl^-) of the
northwest quarter (NWl/^) of section
sixteen (16) township one hundred
twe/nty-four (124), north of range
fifty-two (52), west of the fifth prin
cipal meridian, ccontaining 40 acres
more or less, according to U. S. gov
ernment. survey therelof.
Bids for said lajid must be in writ
ing and will be received by said ad
ministrator at any time after January
23, 1920. (the date of the first publi
cation of this notice,) and before such
sale, at the office of Messrs. Batter
ton & Hunde, his attorneys, in Sis
seton. Roberte County, South Dako
ta, or by the administrator personally,
or the same may be filled with the
Judge of he above named Court.
Dated January 17, 1920.
Attefit: By the Court:
D. K. Stevens* H. M. Knight,
Cli| k. Judge.
(Seal): Jan.-30.
Notice i|. hereby given that there
will be sold under sealed bids on Jan
uary 31, 1920, the allotment of Cor
nelia Wind, allotment No. 1217, des
cribed at the SEi/4 of Sec. 13, TiVp.
125, R. 51, appraised valuation $8,
000. Bids for the above land will be
received up to 2 p. m. of the date
mentioned above. All bids must be
accompanied by 10 per cent -f the
amount offered in form of a certified
check on some solvent bank. Bids
should be placed in an envelope and
marked "Rids for Indian Land, to be
opened at '1 p. in., January 31st, 1920
and addressed to the Superintendent
of the Sisseton Indian School. For
further information address, the un
J. L. Suitecool,
Su)it. Sisseton Indian Agency.

Notice To Oeli
Estate of Anna C. Harrington, De
Notice is hereby given to the credi
tors of and all persons, having claim*)
against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within six months ifter the first pub
lication of this notice, to John Har
rington, the administrator of the
estate of said deceased, at the office
of Batterton & Bunde, in Sisseton,
in the County ol Roberts, South Da
Dated January 13, 1920.
John Harrington, Adminis
trator of estate of Anna C.
Harrington, deceased.
Attest: H. M. Knight,
Judge of the County Court.
D. F. Stevens, Clerk.
(Seal) Jan. 16-Feb. 6)
Lease ol State Lands
Notice is hereby given that on
March 15th, 1920, all of the unleased
State lands in Roberts County will be
offered for lease at public auction be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock a. m.
and 5 o'clock p. m. at the court houso
in said county.
Dated at Pierre, S. D., January 1st,
N. E. Knight,
Commissioner of School and
Public Lands. (29-37)
Business Directory
Win. Swanson Ed Qualntance
Sanitary Barber Shop
Electric Clippers Electric Massage
Cigars Ibiths
First Class Work and Service Guaranteed
Basement Swcdlund Bldg. Sisseton, S. D, Phone 250
We pay the Highest cash prices for Furs and Hides
at all times. Bring all your Furs to us.
Our prices on tradsare from 10 vp.
Traping season opens at noou Dec. I. Buy your supply,
of traps traps and smokars now. and be prepared.
Phone 73 Sisfeton, S. D.
If It Were Not for People
Who Borrow
MONEY from us, we could
not continue in business. Lend-
iiig money is as much a part of our business
as is receiving deposits. By placing your ac
count. with us, and by establishing your credit
in this way, you are putting yourself in a pos
ition where you can get money when you need
it. Our resources are ample to take care of
our customers.
Citizens National Bank
Sisseton, South Dakota
Henry Helvig, President J. W. Barrington, Vice Pres.
Leo. J. Lukanitsch, Cashier M. O. Eikum, Asst. Cashier
R. Thompson, Teller
The Sisseton Garage
Auto Livery and Service
The best Lubricating Oils arid Gasoline that
can be had.
Storage for Cars by day, week or month.
I W. D. WILSON, Mgr.
Sisseton, South D«
Special attention given to Obstetric»
and Diseases ot Women and Children.
Office over Guaranty State Bank
Phone 120 Slsseto», S. IV
DR. A. R. SORBKL, 8.
Sisseton, S. D.
Hours—8:80 to 12:00—1:00 to 6:00
Office over Red Cross Drug Store
Graduate of Ohio State University
Calls Promptly Answered Day orNlght
l'hone 168 or Either Drug Store
Sisseton, S. 1).
Calls Answered Day Night
Office at Blue Front Livery
Phono 27 Sisseton, 8. D.

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