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The local high school basket ball
teams wound up the season in good
fashion Friday nigl^ at the auditor
in in. by winning both games of a dou
ble header against the boys and girls
teams of Wmnot. Both games were
very interesting from start to finish.
The second team of Sisseton High
SChool starte dagainst the boys of
Wllmot, and at the end of a ten-min
ute period, stood 2 and 2, when they
were replaced by the frist team. Af
ter the first team went in there way
no doubt as to the outcome. When
the final whistle blew, the score was
22 to 14 in favor of Sisseton.
The game between the girls of the
two schools was also inteersting, and
breaking about even.
As these games closed the season
for the local teams, we might men
tion that they have made a very cre
ditable showing against all teams
played. At Aberdeen they were the
-victims of hard luck, but even then
resulted in a 12 td 4 victory for the
home team. In this game the local poses for which the funds can be
team surprised themselves, having
rated the. Wil mot team as capable of
capital we can muster up.
American energy has been tried and
found strong—
school ciriculum. anil basket ball
one of the very best, means of secur
ing the physical side, oo let us
boost for a team for next year even
better than the present team.
The Stars and Stripes,, published
at Washington, D. C., in now acting
in behalt of the returned soldiers,
as it did in Paris during the war for
the fighters, bublishes in its Jan.
24 th issue an "honor roll" of the
states which have made provisions
fo the service men. There are 11
states in the list and North Dakota
is at the top with its provision of
25 per month. Oregon also pro
vides $25 per month, but the pur
used are much more limited. Down
at the bottom is North Carolina, re
warding its eturned fighters with a
service medal.—Ex.
Cashier Ertsgaard of the Security
National bank lias informed us that
they will very likely move into their
new bank building next week.
coming days of Reconstruction
will require every ounce
energy and
Reserve Member
Bank with its resources of $2.200.000,000,
,\ Places at your disposal liberal
working capital—
be too strong!
First National Bank
Your Complexion
The Care Given
Is The Greatest Factur In Retaining
A Youthful Appearance
Toilet Requirements
Harmony and Jonteel
are made oi highest quality materials,
delighfully perfumed. Each product is
guaranteed satisfactory in use.
Those we particularly recommend Com
bination Cream Jonteel 50c, prevents
tan, «unburn and powder injury.
Harmony Ooeoa Butter Cream. The best
i'1 know. Heals, soothes, softefis
and whitens the skin.
Bouquet Ramee Face Powder, $1. Has
no face powder superior.
S Stat»
Sisseton, So. Dak.
li£e was spent in
thi'.v put up a good figlil and wert1 I
well spoken of. Physical training
I covtainl.v a necessary part of our Last week a shade of sadness was We liiul.'isiand that as a rrsult of
spread over the entire community
when it learned that the death an
gel had entered the Olson hospital
at Minneapolis, and had taken away
the soul of our beloved citizen and
doctor—Miss Ruth Noble Hay.
Miss Hay had suddenly taken 111
from a cold in our city and had to be
•confined to her bed for a week be
fore it was decided to take her to
'Minneapolis for treatment. After
•being taken to Minneapolis, she was
sick for about three weeks before
death came, apparantly as a result
of mercury posoning.
Miss Hay was born .in the year
1872, in Wyoming, Iowa, and had
attained the age of 47 at the time of
her death. The greater part of her
March, 23rd. It has been supposed
that this would not be necessary,
since the League candiadtes have no
opposition, beig unanamously en
dorsed by the Nonpartisan League
farmers throughout the state. But it
is necessary to go into the primaries
in order to elect our state chairman,
national committeemen and dele
gates to the national convention.
The state chairman must be elect
ed in the primaries or there will be
no legal organization to conduct the
campaign. The same is true of the
national committeemen. The dele
gates to the national convention must
be elected by the people at the prim
ary or they cannot receive creden
tials to the national convention.
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary
that tlie League go to the primaries
in sufficient numbers to elect these
officials. There is no opposition to
the candidates nominated at Pierre
by the (League state convention foi
these positions, and only a few votes
will be necessary. However, some
votes must be cast, to make the elec
tion legal. League members will
find their ballots at each precinct,
and all that is necessary at the pre
cinct, is to call for a League ballot
and vote it. The green ballot is the
League ballot, the Republican white
and the Democratic ballot is pinfc,
The date-of the election is Tuesday,
March 23.
The United States Civil Service
Commission ha »announced an ex
amination for the County of Roberts,
South Dakota, to be held on April
10, 1920, at Sisseton, to fill the posi
toin of rural mail carrier at Sisseton,
Claire City, and New Bffington, and
vacancies that may occur later on ru
ral routes form other post offices in
tlie above named county. The exam
ination will be open only to citizens
who are actually domiciled in the ter
ritory of a post office in the county
and who meet the other requirements
et forth in Form No. 1077. This
form and application blanks may be
obtained from the offices mentioned
above or from the United States
Civil Service Commission office at
Washington, D. C. Applications
should be trowarded to the Commis
sion at Washington at the earliest
practical date.
Preparation for the
administrating of Chyropractic,
treatment, and as a result of falth­
ful study in her chosen work, she
has been graduated from the fol
lowing institutions: Universal Chy
ropractic College 1912 Palmer
School of Chyropractic 1911. and
received the honor of graduate op
tometist in April, 1919.
The funeral was held at Aldin,
Iowa, where she had lived with her
brother, A. J. Hay, until the year
A brother, A. J. Hay, is the only
remaining member of the family,
and it is our wish that his consola
tion is in the thought that a lite
spent in the-uplift of our fellow men,
is pleasing to Him who has called
h?r away.
The recent ruling of the Attorney
I General erquires Nonpartisans to
participate in the Primary electiotf
which will be held next Tuesday,
4900, after which they moved to j,e an enticing invitation should it be
Algona, Iowa, residing there until extended to the three districts in Sis
1912. Since 1912, during which
time she has resided in Sisseton, she
has made many staunch friends who
are ever ready to say a good word in
her behalf. She was a devout
Christain, and her work was invari
ably for the betterment of human's
recent nun-tings of the school boards
of the diitevvnt districts of Sisseton
township, that the sentiment of the
farmers of these idstricts is in favor
of building three new school build
gs, one in each district. This shows
the progressive spirit of the farmers,
but is it the wisest solution of the
problem of providing educational fa
cilities for the rural pupils. The
first question that wil be asked is:
How will the expense of maintaining
one big district, compare to the ex
pen«« under a separate district sys
tem? Tlie e.vepense of the indepen
dent district of Sisseton would na
turally he lowered, if the three dis
tricts cdmblned with the indepen
dent district ol' fi's.seton. A coun
try schoo lteacher costs $900 to $1200
per year. Three extra si.aoves would
be burning |12 coal. The expense
however, should not be the important
factor in settling this question and
very likely will not be. There is a
school spirit that exists iir a large
school that does not exist in the small
country school, which is a big factor
in makiixg a Rood student out of a
youngster. The advantages of learn
ing are better, you will agree. The
equipment, throughout is more com
plete, and with the large, rchoo-l build
ing that Sissaton now has. it would
seton township/.
But transportation would have to
be provided for the pupils. Some
would object to the transpotation
system. There are objections to
both methods, but the proposition
should be thoroughly investigated be
fore any steps be taken in either di
The annual meeting for the elec
tion of officers in the Farm Bureau
has been called for Saturday after
noon, at 2:00 o'clock, on March 27.
The inlMMng will be held in the
Court House. You are urgently
requested to be present. We have
been promised a speaker from
Brookings who will no doubt be
The county program for work for
the year will be taken up and deoid*
ed upon at this meeting. Come
prepared to discuss any problem
that you would like to see the Farm
Bureau take up next year.
The Farm Bureau is your organi
zation. The County Agent merely
does the work that the organization
lays out to rhim. It is up to you to
help work out a constructive plan
of work for the year. Come to the
meeting and bring your neighbors
with you. m^!
R. R. Buchanan
*v 9
5 County Agent.
Would you be interested in a
poultry show at Sisseton next year?
Lets all pull together and put on a
real show. If you haven't any
standard bred poultry this would be
a good time to purchase either baby
xslilelc-i or eggs and get in line for
the big show next winter.
We have a communication from
Mr. Ed. L. Hayes, poultryman (or
the Dakota Farmer in which he
states he will be glad to co-operalte
»with us in any way in putting on a
successful, poultry show next year,
and will come here some time about
the first of May to help organize and
get started if there are enough in
terested to make the show a suc
If you raise poultry or are inter
ested send your name to Emit Aker
or O. G. Tracy as soon as possible
and if there is sufficient interest
shown we will advise Mr. Hayes to
be here and will notify everyone
when the meeting will be held.
'At the Big Coulie church occur
red the marriage of Miss Demarrias
to Mr. Lewis Decoteau. The bride
-is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Demarrias, the groom the
son .of Mrs. Virginia Decoteau and
the late Rev. Decoteau. Indian min
ister. Miss Demarrias was gradu
ated from the Haskell Institute,
Kansas, in June.
They will make their home on
Mr. Decoteau's farm west of Wil
The Standeard Joins in wishing
these young people a happy wedded
Monday morning, a bad reac
tion of the beautiful weather we
have been having broke upon the
Northwestern states, causing dam
age and distress to all that lay in its
•pathway. Telephone and electric
lines fell before the heavy wind, and
as a result, Sisseton and other cities
were left devoid of electric power
and telephone service. Some of
the local business places suffered
damage in the way of broken glass
fronts. The melodious whistle
which has been our chief guide in
telling the time of day, and which
has spread the news of some tire so
often, followed suit. As a result,
folks will be late in going to work.
Some of the younger ones wil be late
in geling in at night, and we expect
things will be very much in a state
of heterogeneity until we can adjust
ouselves to the new conditions.
Sisseton was without light and
power for sixty hours. Six miles
of the Otter Tail Light & Power Co.
wire was down between White Rock
Grain Farming Gone
Yes, small grain Farming is
almost a thing of the past for a
steady Financial gain.
We want to remind you that
there is one little thing that requires
little investment for large returns,
and that is Poultry.
Chickens, if a good standard
breed is raised will surprise you all,
take no stock in the experience of
the part when old scrub stuff was
raised, get standard bred Poultry
and you will get results that will
help pay the Grocer.
Start right now to get some
good eggs for this year, do not stay
in the old rut another year.
Sisseton is going to have a
Poultry Show next year or bust.
Help it along by raising a few birds
at least to put on the Show.
We have a good line of feed
and have a line of accessories com
ing. We want every Poultry raiser
to come in and talk it over with us
this month, let us show you how to
make some money on Poultry.
and Wheaton. The storm caused
considerable damage in the country:
blowing down barns and sheds. This
was one of the worse wind storms
in years and took in the Dakotas,
Minnesota, part of Wisconsin and
Iowa. Trains were hours late and
the property damage will run into
Morning service in Norwegian at
Saron church next Sunday at 11:00
o'clock. In Goodwill Lutheran
chucrh there is Sunday school and
-Bible class at noon. Luther Lea
gue at 6:45, topic, "Jesus Reject
ed," John 19: 1-16, Mrs. A. R. Sor
bel, leader. This is the regular
Luther League mission Sunday.
Evening worship at 8:00 o'clock
C. 6. Vang, Pastor.
George H. Nerison for Republi
can Representative for South Ro
berts County. He is competent.
Look for his name in the independ
ent column on the "ballot.—Adv.
Be sure and ask Markle about
Sisseton Produce Co.
Sisseton Nursery And
We offer for Spring 1920-a goo' as
sortment of: Shade, Fruit and Urn a
mental trees Evergreens, Everbering
Strawberry and Garden Plants.
Our Stock is Dug Right
and Sold Right A'-
Phone 303.
No. 39

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