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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, March 19, 1920, Image 6

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I 1
»AI Casey
74 f, W
tv^ieWs^sysiait&ar -,~
The Week
-j i.
Stock Dividends Escape Tax.
Our federal supreme court hns
handod down iumtlu-r dee'sion of
much more importance than that t'.i
voring the steel combine recvnlly.
The city press is not saying much a
bout it. Thv people 111 Ig lit fail
ur.dnrsta.nd and more of tlx might
Ihelit've that our courts do
at nil
times express the wi! r!" Ii |i'o|i!r.'.
At elast the news
slock dividends are not taxable nitrier
the income tax law is not lil ely to
reale applause except in a few se
lect circles.
Those provisions of the income sax
law naming as income stock dividends
declared by corporations out of earn
ings and profits since March 1,1913.
are held to be unconstitutional by a
five -ot-four decision. By stock divi
dends is ment. not dividends on stock
but the distribution of new stock to
stockholders without further pay­
Firestone and Michelin Tires
ly& furnished
The great corporations have vstd
this mehtotl of distirbuting surplv.se:
piled up beyound ordinary devido I
requirements. The increase in the
amount of stock out also serve*
.disguise I lie earnings ictual in
vestment from the public. The "lock
dividend is thus real
The government will have to pa\
back i: sums collected 011 the «.
dividends since .March 1, 1013. as wt!,
las l.ise this source of re von no for tile
A l'n'-iyn Opinino of l's.
1895 1920
The Sisseton Garage
Auto Livery and Service
The}|best Lubricating Oils and Gasoline that
can be had.
Storage for Cars by day, week or month.
W. D. WILSON, Mgr.
Sisseton, South]jDakota
Auto Accessories
4* -'I
*4 I
ft 1 41
1 1
& Machine Co.
The new billiard parlor which will
be known as
to he
stockholders, but. according to the
court is not era I income for purposel
of taxation.
When William Oudegeest. lea de of
the Dutch labor party, returned home
from the league, of nations labor con
ference in Washington, be said some
hard things about us. Like all who
take only a hurried view and vent lire
into general conclusions he is proba
blv too strong yet there is a good
•igara, Soft Drinks
are invited to call
deal in what he says the common peo
ple here might well think about.
'One gets the impression," say: the
observer from Holland, "when be is
in America that he is in the closing
days of nobility, when the peasant.
thought tli ir noble lords,^he onh
of in'.p'iviance in this wni'iil
I.at m'tb the difference t'iat the b:i''.
vis .ni great I usiness men that t'i«
plac of 1. ho a'ik(- "s and barons.
We must admit that our newspap
ers and magazines would certainly
force, this oacliision 011 him. An 1
lie did not get West into rui
nan league .r- to y, where a. -it•
a. ve reell I lie pi
•JJapau and Siberia
deal of eastern Siberia, as she un
doubtedely has the mind to do, if will
furnish the first case in modern his
tory of white people dominated by the
yellow man of the Orient. A parallel
case which will show what Japaneses
domination there would mean would
be our Pacific coast tunred over top the
same race.
I .pie
respeeti 14 I' 1",-
vivos an dtalking back to the junk
ers and barons.
"Politics." hecontinues, "is at ti'is
moment on a level with those of 1S-I0.
in Holland."
Again he is more right than wrong.
In 1SSÜ l.ord Hrvce wrote bis "Ame.r
can Commonwealth." in which he
said that the two great parties have
no istises and are simply devices for
getting one set of politicians or an
other into public office. Every one.
knows there has been no improve
ment in the last 40 years.
«'General education is very low."
says Oudegeest, people do not read.
•He evidently does not consider the
kept perss and Chambers' novels as
reading matter. Wil we stick up for
ourselves and declare that thev are?
Iiis 011 vent ion 'ondng.
No local legislaion could be passed
without the approval of the Jap gov
ernors. By reason of this fact the
Japs would soon own all the profita
ble business. The Jap ruling'.! class
would also tii time monopolize the
professions, and the white jfeople
would be the hewers of woo® and
drawers of water under an alien and
pagan kultur. Again by straddling
across the path of tarde the^ J&ps
would levy tribute on the trade be
tween the rest of the United States
and the Orient and soon there would
not be any except what was profitable
to the Jap financiers.
Can any amount of hatred tor Rus
sian experimentation in social regu
lations Justify the allies in permit
ting the above to be clamped oti the
white people of eastern Siberia by
military force? Or if imperialism
is a stronger present bond than race
loyalty, how can we prevent thi$ sore
from leading in time to war of wide
•cope? ... to­
Harte Twain on Loyalty ff
To a surprising extent the old-time
politicians and their press aer able
to contuse people whom one would
think have ordinary brain power into
believing that opposition to corrupt
officeholders is somehow opposition
to our form of government. Whence
arises the mighty army of Bolsheviki
which these politicians see abroad in
the land.
Many years ago Mark Twain, our
great humorist, wrote the Mowing
serious passage to his "A Connecti
cut Yankee," which aptly hits this
loose thinking of today:
You see, my kind of loyalty as
i^mUyto we sCOUNTRY. not to its
institution? or its officeholders.
"The Country is the real thing,' the
»'A -. ,..,:.v..v ..
be loyal to rags, to shout fo rings, to
worship rags. !o :de for rags—that is
a I.i)V VI.TV Ob" UNREASON, it is
pure animal: it
eloi.v.s to mon u'.'h.v.
is in\( iilvd by nianarchy uKI'
.MONARCH IT. I was t'v.'iv
Connect leu:. w':,se constitution
clare-i "•thai a 1! volition I power is n
hei 'lit in the ,ir..l a: If
g.. vernnici:t .v. 1111.I. il ,.n 1 Ii
authority an i.ins! il ittoil for ll:
"I'nedr I he gospel. 11 citizen bo
thinks lie sees that he comnvm
wealth's political clothes a er woi a
out and yet holds his peace and does
not agitate for a ivcw suit, is 1MSIA
YA1. lie is a traitor." iL
Mows in Turk»').
March 24, 25 and 26 aer going to lie when Turkey failed to keep pace with
big days for Minnesota. On the 24th the industrial progress of Europe and
and 2fth delegates conventions of the 'partly bevause England and France
Nonpartisan League and the Work-! wanted him sick bat still aMe to get
ing People's Nonpartisan Political around. One great war, the Crimean
league, representing labor, will meet war of 1Sf4, was fought and another
separately and nominations fot state threatened in 1878 to preserve the
office on which both leagues can .sick man from the Russians, and at
unite will be made. [the asme time every effort was made
On March 26th there will be a to keep the Turk from industrial pro
great mass meeting at the St. Paul Egress. The sick thing on the banks
auditorium for the public, at which I of the famous straits between the
the candidates will be formerly pre- Black sea and the Metiterranean kept
eented and the struggle for victory Russia bottled up.
in the state primary on June 21st' The commercial need of keeping
launched. Farmers from all over the Russia from developing manufact
state. as well as farmer edlegates, sires still exists, of con res, and the
will be present. More than 600 rep- allies hay have concluded that the
resentatives of labor groups in Min-j man sno longer useful as an
nesota will be on hand. March 26 agent. He might fall into the hands
will also be the day for the meting of of the Greeks. The allies are more
stockholders and subscribers to the' interested right now, however, in
Minnesota Daily Star, the new farmer stopping the Bolsheviki at the Cau
labor owned daily aerdy for launch- sasus mountains. Nature's barrier
ing in Minneapolis. must be supplemented by military
The Star would already be a great force and great pressure is being
metropolitan paper carrying tlfe truth
to the people had not the paper
squeeze given th management a hard
problem. But the contracts t^r ade
quate paper suppyl are now in sight-
I Important slops are being taken in
the Near Kast of which only the gen
eral outline is evident in the maze of
press reports. English naval forces
have taken possession of the port of
Constantinople. One report has it
that this was done with the consent
[of France and Italy another that
France and Italy were surprised by
the sudden move. France at the same
[time has taken possession of consider
able Turkist territory with the avow
ed intention, at least, of lending some
aid to the Armenians.
Is the Turkkish empire going to be
broken up at. last? The sultan has
olng borne the title of tJie sick man of
Europe partly because Turkish mil!-
tary power practically disappeared
brought to have the United States
furnish the bulk of this force as a
police job unde rthe yeague of na
If Japan is allowed to keep a good thanks to those who so kindly assist-
We wish to express are heartfelt
ed us in
the funeral of our dear
Mrs. Chas. Nordquist.
Mrs. L. Lindquist.
Harry Okeson.
Mrs. Axel Nelson.
Mrs. P. H. Steel.
vernal thing
IM« the thing to watch over, and care
!®r. and be loyal to INSTITUTIONS
Me its MERE
WTH1NG, and clothing will wear
.cease to tie com­
fortable, cease to protect the body
from winter, disease an ddeath To
SKiMM ZN .. .i
ästen biting
jiavc crcai vi
When You
New Triplex Springs Iron
Out Rough Roads
ROADS seem
smoothed out by the
wonderful new
«in cntirs.y
conception ca*" riding
Svceeason to O. 8. Opheim
I W .-
The Holland Wild Oats
Von «ill bine to .see this ill operation to appreciate ist work,
winch is he only principle that will remove wild oats, because there
is a varlaton in all kinds of grain: also in wild outs which makes it
impossible to .separate the sieves. The only separator
ket that can sparate wild oats front tamo oats successfully, and at
proper adjustment will guarantee to take out every kernel of wild
oats at one operation.
Sold By
J. H. Mead
O. T. AXNES6, President J. A. ROBERTSON, Vice President
A. F. ERTSGAARD, Cashier W. J. THOMAS, Vice President
W. o. SAMPSON, Assistant Cash.
of Overland 4.
Springs hold the
wheels to the road, while the
passengers ride in comfort.
This comfort is now ol
tamable in a light car with
economy in fuel and tires
nd remarkably low upkeep
Overland 4 is -started
and lighted by the Auto-Lite
two-unit system. It has U.
S. L. batteries. It is equip
ped with all the latest car
essentials and conveniences.
That the greater part of the service we ren
der is given to customers without cost, it is
only fair to yourself and your intersts that
you enjoy the benefits.
Know for yourself the value of service here
and what it means to have the co-operation
of our officers.
Real Estate Loans and Insurance.
the mar­

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