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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 16, 1920, Image 9

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This One
HAT is
yV Bank is as strong as its Resources—
behind us we have the Federal Re
serve System with trold rcscvcs of
Vonr bank should be the ctrcnjrcst—
ready for any emergency.
Our facilities and resources' a~z a:
your service.
First National Bank
Read The Ads
How would YOU
like a raise,
like this?
and for
the kind
34 Years Work,
increase in salary
the minister has received. His living
expenses have men just as fast and as far
as yours.
But he is paid on the average just 52 cents
more per church member than he was paid 34
years ago.
The Minister Never Fails You
Every officer of the Government with a war
message to deliver appealed to the ministers first
of all.
But 80% of the ministers receive less income
than government economists figure as a minimum
for the support of an average .family.
When hospitals need money they enlist the
support of the ministers—and receive it.
But when sickness visits the minister or the
members of his family they must be treated in a
charity ward. His pay is less than a day laborer's.
8 out of every 10 ministers receive less than
$20 a week—about half the pay of a mechanic.
We Pay Him Half the Wages of a Mechanic
And of these pitifully inadequate salaries, how much do
you contribute? Nothing if you are outside the church
an average of less than 3c a day if you are a church
A a a
V*community. They marry us bury us baptize our
children visit ue when we are sick. In their hands is the
spiritual treiding of the youth.
•:ufhm PUW,C*".
Wm Arm AUProfit—rs at Their Expense
Fart of the Ihterqhureh World program is this a living
ftr every minister of Jesu* Christ an efficient plant,
chance to do a big man's job.
If you want better preachers, help to pay the preacher*
brfgir. It's the best investment for your eommuwty—and
for Your chUdren- that you can ever mehe.
iNMMt /s me* potriMi
of 30 denomination*
ganize to
T- .-
•'I'.ivcl 1" liv I
Out in Open.
Trust Heads Or-'
or Suppress
Progressive Papers.
Ni Ynrk.—
ilie n:mie of
"A!ilt'l':r i!lizilig"
AmenYii, it iiiiinii h:is ticcii |crfccteil
nf ill I Die greni lin.-uiciiil intcrestx of
lln' i-mmtry— llif liiijitilioiis irusi. illv
IKU'kcrs. the steel lrusl. iliv h:iulu",'s,
i- -t
Meet Big Business!
The i-luiirniiiii il' I In» I'xvi'Uti num
niittce is T. 'nlvi-iiiii TMIJMIIII.
powder IviKl. Aiiuinu Mit! "iutlnsu il"
members mill llii' iiinlcrwriiws til' the
1111«M'-i-.-ii-i iI 'umii-il iii-f I'icn-i' S. 1 »li
pon t. president lilt- I'.. I. 1 ».!!„,IN lie
Xenmurs t'e.: .lilt III, II, Schiff. Otto
II. Kulm mid l-Vlix M. Wiivlmig nf
Kuhn, I.ni'li & «'a. Cyrus
tnii'l [u'i'sidcfu nf hi' !iiiI hui ii
ll ir\ ester '.: A. llcdnu-tl. .-luilr
miin vi' lIii1 linfinl ill' iliri'i'lui-s. Shiii
'l.'ii'd oil 'n.: Anlmr Meeker. vice
president uV Annuiir Co.: Lnuis I'.
Swil'l, presidi in i.r Swil'i & ('i. A.
I'i:11:111y, president of tin- «"inhiliy 1'mcU
iiiK I'u.: 11 '.rnee. president of the
I'll lili'lii'in Si eel Co. W. 11. l'inley,
president of |he Cliirim'o & Nurihwest-
lt:iif\v ty W'ilimn I.oelt. ,(r., dii'iT
IHI' I if I he Amevie in Smelting & lie
Hiiing Co..
'-.'(«I iifIifcs of like
imere.'-:s. 'Sj.
Is After Foreign Press
Tin: liI'M slop in ih "Aiiivririinizu
lion" phiii of (In- 11u111-iI will lie tli :t
"I g'I'liillg coin of
I 1 1 1 l-
lOiiiil pnlirii'S of |he foi'i'ign iii_:u.Ng
press of .Miii'l'ir.'i.
Alvviiily lIn* coiiiicil iii-is ris pi-.?
iigom-y for 1111- 1 liwiiiL: :iml disi rilm
nf "in'".vs" wliii-li ii fiii'iiislirs f|-(.,x ,,f
i'ii irwi' lo IIii» 1'ori-ign hmuinigi' p:ipTs
oil ci'i-hiin I'ondiiIoiis. Vive of iis
mi'iiilii'i's. among ihvm T. Culfiumi
I'upoiii. I in i' lioughr ih,. Aini'iii-mi
Assm-in ion of I'^nri'igii L:i ngiingo
Wllil-ll |,-| ill l-lill.jlllli-l iotl
t- I -i -t
»'lilcli II gi-cul |irn|inriion of ilie i
Ii'liuil ,-iilvi'i'lIsing is |l:H'i(! in fori'ijm
Ifiiiguugt' )iupiirs. Vmlfr :igiii'i!i,'iiis.
i'i'S'uhiv mid highly pm'l mlvi-i Using is
illstviliiili'cl :iluting tin* impels which
nivi'l" mill prim Imt'r-nii'inl Ci.nincil
Are After Progressive Papers.
Ii is signiiivmit lo unit* lluu i.lu vii-v
i-hiiinnmi nf tin1 liiliM--vii(-hil Council is
I'hilip 'I'. Dtiilgp. ]iri'sidfiil of the In
teriiiitiiuiiil l-'iipvr Co.. mnl diiti.rnr
of the Mergentliidi'V l.innty]»- Co.. the
Itnyul Typewvller Co., -.mil nllier cor
finnilmtis. It is forth,r sinnificmir in
luilp I tint the Xew Vnrl l.c.-ignc
.Xiiicrifitiiism. sup),Oiled hy souie nf
tlie members of the Infi- riit hil t:»nii.
eil. is* iiclviK'iiliMg lliiit 1 lie governnieiit.
in conserving the p:i|.,er supply, sup
press progressive ni"\vs|uiptrs.
T. L. Sagaser of Temple Saves
$110.50 Under Farm
er Rule.
Tlift I. V. A.'s will have a luinl time
eunvlmlng T. 1., Sagaser til' Temple,
X. I»., that they are sincere when they
howl about Nie,-easeil taxes. Of course
Mr. Sagaser is a Tongue liooslvr ami
hey wtniltl hnnlly la re tackle him, Init
Siigaser has: (lie tax issue so much at
heart that: It« is more ihan willing to
jrrt to hat with the Ivus. Insteacl of
f»elng Impoverished h.v stale taxes as
a result of "lie farmer administration
Mr. Sagaser is $110.50 to the gool ati!
lie's willing to tell the worhl about It.
Mere Is the lax statement of Mr.
Sngasev. He hail M.'i acres in crop
In lOlfl. He paid $ for Insurance
agniiist hull, on thin lit ml. As lit» own*
400 acres he paid .$12 to the fund for
maiiilnlnlng the department. The total
premiums for hail insurance amounted
In If Mr. Sagaser haul insured
acres Iii 1K18 with an pld line
oinpany ns lie did in 1018 at TO cents
per acrt! he would have liatl to pay
His land tax In 1918 whw $101. That
make« Iii* "I. V. A. total,*' as lie put*
it, $335.511. In 1Ö1« he pan, HilSVLK
land tax. This with hi? 1im.II Insurance
bring* his "Ximperfiiian tax" to $246.
In other words he 1* $8P.50 to the
good. Then as a result of the law
»llowliig an exemption on peraonsl
property the farm. Mr. Sagaser
saves #21 more. In uliort, he is really
S110.50 to the good as a result of the
Nonpartisan administration. Do yon
wonder that he is League booster?
Send your I. V. A. friends to Temple.
New York Robe Children.,
New Tork—The school* of Ne*v
York city are billig crammed with
Ignorant and unfit school teachers be
cause the city adfnlnlstrailon will not
pay wages high enough to attract well
equipped ones. Hose Schneideimann.
labor org«uleer. reported to the Cen
tral- Federated union recently. Miss
Schneldermnim declared that efficient
letieher* weit resigning for want of
Uvins wage, and that Mayor Ifj/lnu
fend Iweml the wnmlnril of exit(1141*
flous in order to »droit low-gatUe
But in Such a Situation, Woman Writ
er Pathetically Pleads, What
Could She Say?
When 1 was a little girl anil set to
learn 'y catechism, considerable em
phasis w.t.3 laid by my ehlers on that
clause nf my duty to my neighbor
which enjoins one "To hurl nobody b.v
word or deed," anil not enough was
placed on King David's statement. "All
men are liars," .Mary Alicia Owen
writes In Twilight Hour Magazine.
Ordinarily, I am a truthful person,
but Ihjit screed, "To hurt nobody hy
word or deed." has become so Im
bedded in my inner consclousnes's
that, as my slangy nephew would say.
"Ananias has nothing on me," in mo
ments trial.
I or Instance: A proud mother ex
hibited to nie, mit very long ago, a
tion&v bundle suieliUiu hvgieiwcallv of
awing un
ner man ihe cdBnaiy atiSor. It
$ng practically crety toot
Foot PedU Control
A foot pedal to the left of the oper
ator's seat controls the raising and low
crinjr of the No. 19 at all times. Just
press down on this pedal to raise the
plow—and step on it again to lower the
Plow to plowing position.
Plenty of Clearance
T*ie automatic foot lift also provides
Vor high lift, which means clearance.
The lift on the No.. 19 raises the plow
from 8 to 12 inches out of the ground,
giving you ample clearance for traüis-L
porting from one field to ano(hert for
grossing faiJroad tracks, ets,^
Ceeie/e are
'"'••eile snap a nit new flannel. "Isn't
she the most beautiful baby ynu ever
sawV" she exclaimed ecslatlfaily. I
in'|vi'ieil those eyes, whose counter
part is generally seen in aquariums,
that dab of a nose which needed
starching or wiring lo give It some
tiriiiness of outline, that long, loose
wet mouth. I gave one look at that
mother in whose breast burned the
maternal ardor of a royal Bengal ti
gress. "Yes." 1 meekly answered, al
though my own Utile grand nieces and
nephews are artists' dreams» of loveli
ness, as those who have had the priv
ilege of seeing them told me when
jtrosseil for a candid opinion, I owe
an apology to my own flesh and blood,
but what else could I say? I appeal
for a statement, to the general public,
ministers not excepted, what else
could 1 say
To tnke ii uli ii'iir,-.,,,i.
HEINER IM0 with Rodt Mend No. 19 Pbwcr-Lift Plow attached—'a
iwwieg unit that it under perfect contibl at eH Ww. in fact it Is
No sir-ee, bob!
No premiums with
Camels—all qualilyt
AMELS quality plus Camels
pert blend of choice Turkish and
choice Domestic tobaccos pass out
most wonderful cigarette smoke
ever drew into your mouth!
And, the way to prove thai
statement is to compare Camel%
puff-by-puff with any cigarette in
the world!
Camels have a mild mellowness
is as new to you as it is delightful
Yet, that desirable "body" is all there/*
They are always refreshing—th&p
never tire your taste.
Camels leave no unpleasant cigaretty
aftertaste nor unpleasant cigaretty odor!
Your say-so about Camels will be:
"My, but that's a great cigarette
everywhere in
MFee {200
«arten We
cenMu or #en pact-
^Aieeme -pip»r-cevered
ttronglj ncommendtht*
ÄOflie or oflee aupp/y
Come, in
aSy»" »ftp
carton for the
wAen you travel.
Winstoa^Salem, N. C.
is necofwitiji' to nave the camera very
firmly placed either on a tripod or
table so that it w.ouhl not move, dur
ing exposure. A length of thin. ntrOBi
string should be attached to the shut
ter trigger. The string should be led
down to the lloor level, passed under
the lower rail of a heavy chair, along
the floor, under- your boot (between the
heel and sole), and held In the hand
behind the back. If the string run*
freely a slight pull should release the»
shutter and make the im-nre. If It
does not, pick the camera up
Nightmare I« cttiised hy a disordered
digestion, nervous troubles or other-Ill
meiits and must he treated by
the fence corner, pk»w
12 Yews FWd Work
Don't forget that the HEIDfcR is
hacked by 12 years actual field work
that it is equipped with the famous
IIEIDERFriction Transmission, which
eliminates"bevel ears, clutch and trans
mission gears. All three units are in one
—and as as there arc no transmission
gears to put in mesh, there arc none to
strip. This feature means less parts,
less trouble, and less expense.
This type of drive also allows 7
speeds forward and 7 reverse, all with
one motor speed and one lever let
either traction or belt work.
and leam til about g*
•üöä I
after the cause. "When the body
sleeps the spirit wakes," and when It
comes In the shape of "cauehetmir,w
the French call It, it Is truly fright
ful guest.

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