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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, October 08, 1920, Image 8

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First Aid_ Talks
series of articles rn Firsr
Aid authorized by the North
ern Division of tli« American
Red Croats.
Ity Captain
It. Ci. KUIu r.
Thomi terms tri? simp .wu dif
ferent ni»s for tli snmc thing
and possibly there 'ts no other con
dition which is so a jit tj puzslo one,
at. just this state in hic.h one may
bo found lying bucuii.se ih»ru are so
many causes for it. As for in
stance, severe injuries to the skull
causing concussion uiui compres
sion of tho brain. Als: certain dis
eases of the brain as apoplexy, epil
epsy, hysteria and nmoiiK the more
common causes—fainting, shock,
poiscMiing, sunstroke, heat c.xhaus
tioij. blewiniK, electric shock, freez
ing or lAtffncation. Lie careful to
ascortoin from by-.standors what the
cause was. If no one is able to ex
plain, or none but yourself and the
pa.tiend is there, then quickly study
purson and surroundings and exam
ine for any of the causes as men
tioned above. If there is evidence
Unit, the case is serious, send for
medical help, and in the meantime
see that, the patient is placed in a
position where breathing is moat
easy. If the face is pale, keep the
head low, hut if flushed, raise the
head «li«hUy. loosen tight clothing
at neck, chest, waist. If patient is
cold, rover with blanket or other
wraps ,and provkle fresh air.
But be careful to note the follow
ing uymptoma:
rapid, or comes
the breathing
of sweat stand out on
cold and
as in
face if
skin is
clammy: if the
pulse is
rapid or ii» perceptible, then they
are IJI
state of shock or collapse,
and no time must be l^st in an en
deavor to revive. Sponge face with
weak vinegar or aromatic spirits of
auiotua, or sprinkle with cold water
bold smelling salts to nostrils mo
mentarily gently shake
to arouse, and when consciousness
returns give atimulant, preferably
aromatic apirlts of amonla Vi tea
spoonful In iplass"water).
is profuse bleeding, flex limb or ap
ply tourniquet. But if evidence of
Interna) bleeding, keep patient ou
Aide in recumbent position so that
in event of blood ooilng from mouth
or in case of vomiting, they will not
chocke. Blood which is coughed
up frothy and bright red, is from
the lungs blood vomited and dark
red i« from stomach. When they
revive glve chopped Ice to such and
apply cold cloths to lungs and stom
ach, as case may be.
Injuries to head' with continued
insensibility, simply call for general
dare of condition Mid patient atten
tion tl|l medical help arrives.
If the condition in due to sun
stroke, remove quickly to shady
place: remove clothing to waist line
place .in semi-sitting position dash
cpld water on face and chest, and
keap iqe hag to head. When' reviv
ed give cold water freely to drink.
If electric shock, remove cause, if
still -near cause, and if lung action
has. ceased, perform artificial respir
ation. When breathing is restored
and consciousness returns, treat
burns, if any, and give stimulant as
in shock.
It beat exhaustion, body will be
cold and clammy as in shock, with
simitar conditions as to breathing
and pulse. Remove to quiet place,
loosen clothing, if the temperature
to below normal keep body warm
with covers, and when conscious ad
minister stimulant as above, or hot
tea or coffee. "m
But If cause of condition was suf
focation. following smoke, gas or
water, artificial reapiration will be
the flrsc duty to perform, which will
occupy a separate article to follow.
Fainting is really an emotional
affection, something causing the
blood to. leave the head to succor
the heart, and the consequent pale
face.and collapse causing one to falL
Fainting may be easily avoided if
one,.will bend over, If sitting, or it
standing, stoop over, as 4f one werd
goipg to pick up something. In the
case of another, if they seem to be
on Verge of fainting, place a hand
oq belt in front and with other hand
force the head over, and the swoon
is prevented.
If one is in a faint, don't pick
them up. Loosen tight clothing, (an,
sprinkle water on face and hold
smelling salts to nostrils momentar
ily. When conscious give cold wa
ter to drink.
Although George H. Mallon, In
dependent candidate tor lieutenant
governor Indorsed by the Nonparti
san league and labor, is not a mem
ber of the American legion but Is
a memtoer of the World War Veter
ans, the rival soldiers' organisation,
he was invited recently by the mayor
of Cleveland, Ohio, to appear in that
city during the American Legion na
tional convention there as a guest ot
the ctly.
Mallon was a captain in the lata
war and is, .one ot Penhing's "one
tiuadred heroes" who hold the eon
Winter Apples
Special attractive prioe on car
load lots of Fancy Northwest
ern winter apples, assorted
varieties loaded in bulk and In
boxes. We own the orchard
and can please you on QUAL
Write us at ones. Shipments
will start early in October.
St. Joseph, Ms.
spicuous bravery and distinguished
service in France. The city ot
Cleveland Invited these hundred
heroes there during the Legion con
vention. In his letter to Mallon,
Mayor Fitzgerald ot Cleveland said:
"My action to prompted by the
conviction that you are deserving ot
the welcome on the part ot the city
which yon are to receive. That yon
may be the city's guest officially,
that the keys ot the city he granted
Radiators repaired, Tires Vulcan
ized. First class work guaranteed
Located in PrindmHe Basement
x. 1
you during your visit, is no less a
duty I owe you than it is a duty that
I feel Is owed you by the people ot
Cleveland, a duty ot giving them the
opportunity to which they are en
titled and which they wish to ex
tend to you individually—the tri
bute which in our hearts we pay
all men and women who did their
heroic share in the service ot our
country during the great war."
Serial Number 87103 (Chippendale
Serial Number 91203 (William and
Mary Cabinet)
Serial Number 89206 (Chippendale
Serial Number 84302 (Chippendale
Serial Number 91808 (William and
Mary Cabinet)
The New Edison
"fohe Phonograph Q)ith Jl SouV'
Come in and inspect these 10 instruments which have been
certified bp these great artists
Sisseton, South Dakota
Additional Local
You owe it to yourself to make
your life the greatest success possi
ble. Send for catalog, Nettleton
Commercial College, Sioux Falls, 8.
D., and learn how. adv.
Mr. Connely has bought the resi
dence on First ave. east, formerly
owned by H. M. Knight, and occu
pied by the Schenck family. He has
made extensive improvements on
the house, including the building ot
an addition. The Schenck family
have moved to the Amondson house
a block father north.
He who hesitates is lost. The
The sooner you enter tho Mankota
Commercial College. Mankato, Min
nesota, the better for you. Send for
catalog, adv.
There are only two days left In
which you can subscribe or renew at
the old rate. Be sure and come in
and pay up before Monday if your
scubscrlpiion has expired.
ardy Williamson and the Fleming Sisters
have certified all of the Offical Lab
oratory Models of the New Edison that are
now in our store. They have signed one of
these Certificates of Authenticity to be pre
sented with each instrument. It guarantees
that such instrument is an exact duplicate of
the New Edison which triumphed at the Wil
liamson-Fleming tone-test given Friday, Sep
tember 24th at the School Auditorium, and
that it is capable of sustaining the same test.
We have just ten of these Official Labora
tory models, as follows:
Serial Number 91906
Mary Cabinet)
Serial Number 92401
'Mary Cabinet)
Serial Number 89907
Serial Number 92605
Mary Cabinet)
Serial Number 87591
Politicians have believed that
when the women voted it would be
easier to defeat the Nonpartisan
league. Just why we have never
discovered. Probably the politicians
haven't yet got rid of their belief
that women are of a lower order of
intellect than men, and can be more
easily fooled into voting against
their own best interests.
In three states in-which common
voted primaries have recently been
held. In Montana the League won
every nomination in Wisconsin, in
their first effort, League candidates
won a majority ot the places in
Colorado, again, there was a clean
sweep, with the possible exception
of one office.
It almost looks as if the politici
ans had figured wrong on the worn:
an vote. Perhaps the'women, in
stead of being more easily tooled
than the men, are more difficult to
fool. Certainly with Montana, Wis
consin and Colorado as recent ex
amples it begins to look that wsy.
(William and
(William and
(William and
There .are two laws to vote on the
short ballot. Vote "No" on law No. 1
it is the search and seizure law of
private homes. It goes to extremes
by poisoning medicines, also extracts
etc. Also vote "No" on law No. Two.
It is the machine primary law. It
stops required joint discussion of the
paramount issue so the people can
not hear both sides. It thereby
stops the ccming ot the truth. Can
you beat it? Governor Norbeck and
McMasere both approved and signed
both these bad laws and is largely
responsible for high taxes. Vote
"No" and vote.
A primary law the machine poli
ticians don't want is a good one for
the people to keep. Vote "No" and
There are only two days left In
which you can renew at the old rate.
if your subscription has expired,
come in and take advantage of the
$2.00 rate. After Oct. 10th It will
be $2.50.

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