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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 31, 1920, Image 8

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Proceedings of
(Continued from page S)
line t® a ioint between sections 1
and 12 iu township 122, range -IS
where tlie section intersects with
Ike liuke Shore road thence follow
ing Hie said llig Stone Lake Shore
R«ad as laid out and established
thru the townships of Geneseo and
Lockwood to the south Kooerts
County line.
Cauuty Hoad Number 12. Com
aieucing oa County Road Number
1, known as the Meridian Road, at
the northeast corner of section 1.
is township 127. range 50 and run
ning due east on the section line to
a point where the same intersects
Caifaiy Uoad Number 7 at the north
ea«t corner of section Hfi. in town
ship 127, range 49.
County Itoad Number 13. Com
mencing at. the south county line
Roberts county between section
36, township 122, range 50 and sec
tion il, township 122, range 4!), and
running north ou said section line
to a paint where the same intersects
with County Road Number G.
County Road Number 14. Com
mencing at the northeast corner of
section 2S in township 126. range
SI and running north on the section
line to the northeast, corner of sec
tioa 16, township 126, range SI
runniHg east to the northeast
earner of section 15. township 12 6.
range 1 thence due north on the
section line to the north County
Be It Further Resolved, That
whore the Highways herein describ
ed deviate from the section lines,
it is the intent of this Hoard that
the Pinal Highway System should
caver all these deviations, as if
herein fully set forth.
Motion for its adoption carried.
All members voting aye.
This toeing the time set for the
opening of bids for janitor service
and the bid of M. J. Hanvik being
the lowest and best bid on file the
same was accepted and contract en
tered into with Mr. Hanvik at a
salary of $58.00 per month.
Bills were on motion allowed or
rejected as follows:
•r. H. J. Harris, profes
sional services, Hanvik $ 261.(10
Dr. Carl N. Harris, ser
vices Insane board ..
Cfcaa. Dahl, road dragging
E. S. Reniund, supplies
Oilman faniiljr
Bait Crocker, road work
IliaMoure Construction
Co.. bridge work
Clarissa Cardwell, care of
Cilman family
Oarlberg Company, gas 4k
•I Cor Carriel
M. V. Cummiags, casket
ail digging (rare for
OOnaa child
R. B. Casey, wolf scalp
Fattens Sec. State Baak
Rosholt, premium oa
hoad for M. A. Lmme
JCeaffaI 6 Baser Co., ink
far Co. Baffineer
A. I. Rtoiw, unloading
haiHac coal, ooart
••car Kro*atad,wolf aoalp
Aabrer W. Knight, wolf
Keralt laaackaon, poekat
Kichard Krobej*, wolf scalp
H. M. Knight, cash ad
vanced to Herman Fritz
N. C. Klein, Ins. premium
county farm
Pearl Robinson, salary
Supt. of schools. Feb—
Obie Osmundson, oats for
county farm
Otter Tail Power Co.,
lights for January
One Road Twp.. road
work county road
Heath A Tot'lum. dray's
K. II. Sargent & Co.. sup
plies i.:
Cora M. Robinson. Sup!.
of school, deputy. Jan
Pearl Robinson. Supt of
schools, Jan.
it. C. Richert. salary
county auditor Jan.
R. Richert. salary
county auditor. Feb.
.lames McGee. sheriff fee
balance due
Springdale Twp.. appro
priation on road
Silver, Bunlette Com
pany. music books
City of Sisset.on, water
rent for Jan.
Schtt-Forsman Co., school
text books
C. A. Swenson. towels
for courthouse
Clifford Sather. hog. Nils
Imndy. poor
a Swenunison. clerk
Reg. of deeds, dep. sal-
M. L. Swanberg. Reg. of
deeds, dep. sal.
Ed. Twittero, drag
ging roads _'
D. F. Stevens, clerk of
courts, Jan.
Clarence Tliiele, wolf
Sisseton Feed .Mill, flour
county farm __
(jinn At Company, school
text books
Gir.n & Company, school
text books
F. C. Carriel, salary Jan.
& expenses to Pierre __
Scott-Forsman & Com
pany, school supplies
W. E. Bollenbeck, mdse.,
county farm
J. M. Swanberg, salary
Reg. of deeds
A. N. Palmer Company,
school supplies
Jno. A. Monroe, premium
on bond, W. R. Met
calf & Richert
Johnson & Sonstegard,
coal to Mrs. Pollyjack
C. A. Swenson, mdse.,
Co. farm Co. Gen.
Mae Grover, clerk audi
tor's office, Jan.
Otto Hanson, salary Co.
farm, Dec. & Jan.
Cloe Givney, clerk audi
tor's office
Hilda Erickson, dep.
treas. office
Helen Erickson, clerk
reg. of deeds bffice
Empire Elevator Co.,
coal, Mrs. Rose, poor __
John Hicks, Eng. asst.
Helen Erickson, sal. clerk
Application of G. T. Eide for loan
ft«M the Permanent School Fund
of the State to be secured by mort
gage on SE1-4 of Sec. 23, Twp. 122,
Rge. 51 in the amount of $1500,
was on motion allowed and granted.
Oa motion meeting adjourned to
Wedaesday, March 3, 1920,
•'da* a. nt.
R. C. Richert, O. K. Sather,
County Auditor. Chairman.
Sisseton. S. D„ March 3, 1920.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met in regular session pur
suant to adjourament. AH mem
bers present.
Mia were, on motion, allowed or
rejected aa follows:
C. R. orgenson, insur
ance premium 3.00
American Book Co., text
backs 142.87
B. L. Bendickson, wolf
scalp 2.00
•soar Braaton, wolf scalp 2.00
Burroughs Adding Mach.
Co., machine 19.40
Pearl dine, salary clerk
Treas. o«ce for Jan. 61.37
Myrtle Carter, dep. clerk
of court 85.00
Peart Cline, clerk treas.
Oflee. Feb. sal. 75.00
Maud Carter, dep. audi
tor's oflce for Jan. 100.00
Mae Grover, salary clerk
atttltor'a oflce 75.00
Cleo Olvney. clerk audi
tor's oMce 75.00
i. Cea. Tel. Co., tolls
for Jan., states attor-
Keg. of deeds, Feb.
Hilda Erickson, deputy
treasurer's office
Empire Elevator Co.,coal
county farm
C. W. Hicks, moving
lumber Co. bridge
Holt Motor Co., gas & oil
for county car
Frank R.McKenna, salary
states attorney
D. F. Stevens, salary
clerk of courts
W. R. Metcalf, per diem
and mileage
M. A. Leversee, per diem
and mileage
Albert Herried, per diem
and mileage
O. K. Sather, per diem &
Martha Ward, salary dep.
Supt. of schools
Buelah Wilson, clerk reg.
of deeds, Jan.
Otto Hanson, salary Co.
tarm, Feb.
Hub City Supply Co.,
school books
M. L. Swanberg, dep. reg.
of deeds, Feb.
Standard Oil Co., gas and
oil, county farm
Western School Supply
Co. supplies Co. Supt.
Martha Ward, salary dep.
Supt of Schools.
McGowan Lumber Co.,
fgt. on coal and coal
•Nick Weis, blacksmith
county farm
O. E. Loin, salary, Co.
treasurer for Feb.
Prank McKenna, five
fares to Wllmot
Beulah Wilson, clerk reg.
of deeds office, Feb.
Vinnie Lien, clerk county
O. E. Lien, salary county
treasurer for Jan.
Dak. Cen." Tel. Co., rent
and tolls
1 5 5 0 0
1 4 4 5 2
3 3 1
2 5
1 5 0
3 4 3
r. 5.
1 6 7 5 0
312.2 a
3 2 0 0
I S 7 3
5 7
3 S 0 0
4 8 0 0
1 7 0 0
6 0 S 3 3
1 1 7 4 9 6
2 3 7 S 9
2 9 S S
5 2 7
9 00
Heath & Toftum, dray
coal to Mrs. Steele 1
Clias. E. Merrill Co.,
text books 27.63
Frank R. McKenna, sal.
states attorney, Jan. __ 133.33
Chas Mullen, water for
court house 6.50
('has. Mullen, water for
court house 4.00
.Maud Carter, salary dep.
county auditor, Feb. 100 00
Myrtle Carter, dep. clerk
of court jsii.Ou
George Cray, salary jam
tor, Jan. and Feb. ___ 140.00
City of Sisseton, sewer
connections, 1917-1S
lii ^!7ini
Lamport Lumber Co..coal
for Mrs. Steele 31.70
Wuletich & Pint. mdse. V.i 9 3
D. E. Ryan, meals for I)r.
Keagv, rejected 21.00
A. A. Davis, damage to
car. rejected 66.00
Cora Robinson, dep. Supt
of schools Sf.0o
Cora Nelson, steno. audi
tor's office. Jan. 30.25
C. R. Jorgenson, pre
mium on bond of O. K.
Sather 3.00
F. C. Carriel. salary and
expenses 204.15
Burns Wolff, mdse..for
Hans Langager
Burns & Wolff, mdse..for
Hans Langager 15.00
On motion duly made and car
ried the meeting adjourned.
O. K. Sather,
R. C. Richert. Chairman.
County Auditor.
Poultry Dept.
The profitable chickens are the
ones that lay in winter when eggs
are high, but to have them lay the
coop must be fairly warm and free
from drafts. A well ventilated coop
has no frost gathering on walls or
Feeding is also very important at
this time. A varied grain ration is
necessary. A good scratch feed is
composed of 50 parts cracked corn.
30 parts wheat and balance whole
oats or barley, or both. Keep
ground feed of most any kind mixed
with shorts or bran and about 10
per cent of fish scrap or tankage in
a hopper before them at all times.
A warm mash at noon with a condi
tion powder well mixed into it is
good. Some green feed such as cab
bage leaves, mangels, sprouted oats,
can be fed at noon in place of the
mash. Always have good gravel
and oyster shells before them
Feed goes» a long way toward egg
production, but do not overlook th3
necessity of warm, clean water. An
egg is 85 per cent water, therefore,
water is surely the greatest item.
Any of the standard non-freezable
waterers will pay for itself in a short
time. If you want your chickens
to lay get one.
At the present price of grain
there is very little excuse for not
getting eggs this year.
Do not overlook the possibility
of the turkey. The price mounts
higher and higher each year. They
will roam the fields all summer,
picking up the injurious insects that
are damaging the grain-yield more
than the turkeys. They do
trample the grain as some suppose.
Just get a few hens and a gobbler
and let them go their way, the re
sult will surprise you when you sell
tlieni in the fall.
Sisseton will have a poultry show
in January and you should put one
or more of your best birds in this
show. Not so much for the prizes
you might get as for the good of the
poultry business on the farm. If
you join the association and put up
a bird or two your neighber will do
the same. Let's all do it and help
put Roberts county on the poultry
map. Let's just see how our stuff
compare with the rest, maybe it's
better than we expected.
Last, but not least, let's all feed
up them hens and pullets and get
some eggs this winter. It can be
done. Get busy right now and see
what you can do with that flock.
Let's go!
Business Directory
Special attention given to pbstetrijr
and Diseases of Women and Children
Phone 120 Sisseton, 8.
DR. A. R. SORBKL, 8.
Sisseton, S. D.
BOUTS 8:80 to 12:0(^—1:00 to B:Oti
Office over Red Cross Drug Store
Bldg. PJmhm
Sfaaetoiv So. Dak.
.American waol growers are not
bowing to a depressed selling
market without a struggle. Their
latest plan Is for a direct cooper
ative marketing plan which In
cludes manufacturing blankets
from the virgin wool and with a
saving to consumers of at least 60
per cent.
Through the National Wool
Growers' Committee of the Ameri
can Parm Bureau Federation the
plan Is to manufacture woolen
blankets, made from three
eights wool grown In Iowa, Michi
gan, Wyoming. Texas and other
western states, and sell direct
from designated mills to the con
turner Tho wool growers are
Poindexter Bill
(Continued from page 1)
affair shows limt the enemies ot' la
bor are on the alert and ire deter
mined to rivet shackles on the work
ers if such a thing be possibl
J'lwvi.sioHs of l'uii!ii\v(v Iii'l
The first section of the Poindexter
bill provides that whoever with in
dent to obstruct, delay, injure, of
prevent the movement of commodi
ties in commerce with foreign na
tions or among the several states,
shall, by word ot' mouth, or by th_•
presentation, exhibition or circula
tion of written or printed words, or
otherwise solicit, advise, induce or
persuade, or attempt to induce or
persuade, any person or persons em
ployed by any carrier subject to the
act to regulate commerce or amend
ments thereto, in any capacity in
the production, care, maintenance
or operation of any means or agency
of such commerce to Quit such em
ployment shall be guilty of a felony
and punished by a fine not exceed
ing $10,000 or by imprisonment not
exceeding 10 years, or by both such
fine and imprisonment."
915,000 Fine and 15 Years
The next section provides that,
any one who attempts to prevent
any person from engaging in em­
ployment incident to interstate
commerce shall be punished by a
fir.e not exceeding $15,000 and im
prisonment not exceeding 15 year.
or both. That's intended for the
leaders of labor organizations.
The third action provides that
any one who shall injure, disable,
destroy any car. bridge, track, ship
or any other means or agency of
commerce, or who shall persuade
others to do so with the intention
of preventing the movement of in
terstate commerce, shall be subject
to a tine of $10,000 or imprison
ment for 10 years, or both.
The foregoing sections deal with
the activities of ordinary employes
and officials of labor unions.
Deals Gently With "Highor-ups"
The fourth section has to do with
officers, directors managers, attor
neys, etc., or railroads, who may in
terfere with interstate commerce.
The bill is much more considerate
of the "higher-ups." They may in
terfere with interstate commerce as
much as they see fit, but they shall
not be punished by a fine exceeding
$500, or by imprisonment exceeding
6 months, and their offenses shall
be considered a misdemeanor and"
not a felonv
The history of the Poindexter bill
is full of mystery. After it had been
Let's settle
this right now!
No man ever smoked a
better cigarette than Camel!
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any cigarette in the world at any
price because Camels combine
every feature that can make a
cigarette supreme
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tobaccos puts Camels in a class by
themselves. Their smoothness
will appeal to you, and permit
you to smoke liberally without tir
ing your taste!
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cigaretty odor!
You'll prefer Camels blend to either
kind of tobacco smoked straight!
Camels ere Bold mvmrywhBre in •cientifically aeafod
packages of 20 cigarette* for 20 cents or ten
the home or office supply or when you travel
desperate, a:t there ts absolutely The pictures show wool interests
no market for wool and all ware-1 from various territories backing
houses am loaded »r. the roofs. I this nlan
introduced by the seua'tor from
Washington it was referred to the
Senate Committee on Interstate and
Foreign Commerce. It was givea
some consideration by the members
but Senator Walcott of Delaware, a
member of the committee, declares
that no formal vote was ever takea
on it.
Slipped Out of (Vmimitti'r
iHe insists he does not know iiow
it was reported to the senate. Ap
parently it was slipped out of the
committee last summer while Sena
tor L/a Follette was undergoif!? an
operation at Rochester, Minn. La
Follette is also a member of the com
mittee. and when in good .health is
always on the job. He did not know
that the bill had been reported by
the committee, and the first infor
mation he had to show it was be
fore the senate was when he was In
formed that it had been slipped
"I shall certainly vote for the mo
tion to reconsider the bill," said
Senator Walcott. "Whether ona
favors the measure or not is not ths
question now at issue. A bill of
vast importance to so many hun
dreds of thousands of our citizens
should not be permitted to go
through the senate until it has been
fully debated."—Labor
flsfey 200 cigarette*) in a glassir.e-papcr-covered
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