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So. Dakota Leads
in Gift Corn One
County Beats
HURON, S. Dak., April 21 —A
trainload of thirty cars of com was
donated by South Dakota fa -rners
for the re'.ief of the starving in
Europe and the Nea- Eat.
The South Dakota Kami Burea.i
federation feels chei'.y o'«»r the fact
that It has made good the boast (hat
It would sponsor th» giving .if a
trainload of corn in this state. Of
ficers of the federation are elated
also because South Dakota will
-thereby receive at least $1,000,000
worth of advertising as a corn state.
Nothing more sensational could have
happened, they say, to prove that
South Dakota Is in hte corn belt.
Early reports from headquarters
Indicate that the South Dakota gift
of corn leads all other states in the
nation in proportion to population
and amount of corn produced. Fur
ther, according to a representative
of Carl Vrooman, who visited the
etate last week, a South Dakota
county's gift of seven carloads of
corn established the county record
for the United States.
W. S. Hill, president of the South
Dakota Farm Bureau federation,
who was gift-corn director for thi3
state, asserts that his record was
made possible by the whole-hearted
-and unselfish cooperation of the.
county chairmen appointed by him
andi the county agents who gave
largely of their time to put the pro
ject across.
Grant News
Ingval Steen has bought a new
Ford runabout. The girls will now
be given a ride.
Miss Florence Hagen is working
at the Commercial Hotel in Sisse
Theodore Willberg is working for
Nels Holmberg through spring'3
Invitations have been received by
relativs from Mr. and Mrs. Iver
Steen of Brookings announcing the
marriage of their daughter Mina
April 14, 1921. Owing to the busy
season no one was able to get away.
Oscar Holmberg was absent from
school the last two weeks on account
of sickness.
Vern Calberg has been out here
plowing for the farmers with tractor.
Halvor Cide of Hammer is visiting
his son John and family.
Now Endorses
Well Known Minister Feels Its Duty
To Tell Others How Tanlac Re-..
Ktorcil His Health.
It is seldom indeed that men of
prominence, especially ministers o£
the Gospel, willingly express their
indebtedness openly to a proprietary
medicine. However, when a medicine
obtains of that uniform purity and
efficiency that is shown by the well
known preparation Tanlac, state
ments from our "best citizens are to
be considered thoroughly commen
surate with the good that is actually
being accomplished.
Rev. L. C. Seemann, of. the Evan
gelical Lutheran Church, whose ad
dress is Fessender, R. F. P. !. W«!ls
County, North Dakota, prominent
not only as a Minister of ths Gospel,
•but who is popular
a m-.tn and a
citizen who has been true to hw
friends and to every trust imposed
in him, said in speaking of his ex
perience with Tanlac:
"I had a form of stomach trouble
for three years and was much dis
couraged, as the treatments I tried
did not help me. My appetite was
poor and the little I ate gave me
great discomfort. My back hurt a
good deal, too, I was nervous and
losing vitality right along.
"I didn't get much help from Tan'*
lac at first, but, fortunately I per
sisted and the good results have been
far beyend my expectations. I eat
what I please now and am never
troubled with Indigestion I sleep
better than I have in years and In
fact, feel quite like a different man
than I did before taking this re
markable medicine. I believe it is
my duty to tell this experience of
mine, as I know there are many who
are in need of Just such a medicine
as Tanlac proved itself to be in my
Create a demand for your mer
Hammer News
Mrs. Ira Smith and children visited
at her old home last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and family
Curran Bros, and mother visited at
the Paul Rudolph home Sunday.
Mr. Cromheiker and family visited
at the Paul Rudolph home Sunday.
We are informed that the dance
given at Reinece's last Saturday night
was not well attended on account of
the dance at Claire City and New
Mrs. H. T. Birdsall has the mumps
at this writing.
George Birdsall and family are
moving to the S. W. Birdsall place.
Paul Sworts, Alice Gunderson and
Krogstads visited at Chas. Olsons
Henry Johnson hired out to the
Curran Bros, to haul rock, denoting
a very strong man.
Roland Manely hat the mumps
this week.
Miss BelUngham, a relative of Nate
Manley, has been visiting here for the
past two weeks. She is planning on
returning to her home in Davidson.
Canada, this week accompanied by
her cousin Rolland.
Lizzie Holland has finished her
school term in Norway township and
is visiting at the Gorsuch and Man
ley homes a few days before starl
ing for her home in Spokane Bridge,
A baby girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Iver Hammer last week.
Floyd Shildon is a victim of the
small pox.
Mr. and Mrs. John Moln were
Hammer callers last week.
Oscar Sundahl called at the Kaple
home Thursday.
Selma Hammer spent one nigitt
last week with Esther Garsuch.
The people of this community will
have to keep wide awake from now
on, owing to the stealing that has
been going on lately. Last week Mr.
Harstad lost about 10 bushels of
wheat which he left over night in
the field in his wagon the Whipple
trees and neck yoke were also taken.
Ole Seising was nearly minus his
Chevrolet car one night last week.
Fortunately Ole had the gas turned
off and the thieves were unable to
reach the road. They became fright
ened and left the car.
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Manley visited
at the Clarence Hextell home last
Sunday. T.-
Goodwill and Saron Lutheran
Morning service in Norwegian at
Goodwill Church. Sunday School
and Bible Class at noon. Luther
League at 6:45. No evening service.
The Ladies' Society will serve lunch
Thursday afternoon, April 28 th.
Everybody Invited. At Saron Church
there will be service at three clock
in the afternoon next Sunday
C. S. Vang, Pastor.
Adventures Prove
Expensive for This
Man Wife Seeker
A North Dakota man, by the name
of John Anton, has been treading
a dangerous path of late, and up-hill
road full Of briers and pitfalls and
all owing to a false step which lie
made in the matrimonial direction.
Anton 'Was enegaged to Miss Pickel.
For spme reason, he decidede to
marry another maiden, probably
coucluding that Miss Pickel would
mourn for a time over the rejection
and he should glory in the fact that
two women worshipped at his shrine.
But Miss Pickle concluded that her
traitor lover was good for $6,000
and she straightway won it in a
breach of promise suit. Anton then
declared that this sweetheart of his
bachelor days was Insane, and
cause her to be locked up for the
malady. She remained incarcerated
for six days.when she was adjudged
sane, and freed. Anton then must
have concluded that the sweet pickle
of courtship days had turned into
a sour pickle, for she sued again
for $6,000 for mis-representation,
and obtained it.
Business Directory
Special attention given to Obstetrlut
and Diseases of Women and Children
Phone 120 Sisseton, 8. I'
DR. A. ft. SORREL, 8.
Mssrtoa, S. D.
1:80 to 18:00—1:00 to 5:00
OMm ow
Red Crow Dm* 8tore
AUGUST 24, 1018.
Of Sisseton Weekly Standard, pub
liiihed weekly, at Sisseton, South
Dakota, for April 1921.
State of South Dakota,
County of Roberts, 88.
Before me, a Notary Public in
and tor the State and county afore
said, personally appeared J. F.
Bowers, who having been duly
eworn according to law, deposes and
says that he 8 t:ie Edit r-Manager
of the Sisseton Weekly Standard,
and that the following is, to the bevt
of his knoweldge r.nd belief, a true
statement of the ownership, manage
ment, etc., of the aforesaid publica
tion for the date shown in the above
caption, required Ity the Act of
August 24, 1912, embodied in sec
tion 443, Postal Laws and Regula
tions, printed on the reverse of this
form, to wit:
1 That the names and addressee
of the publisher, editor, managing
editor, and business managers are:
Publisher, Roberts County Press,
Inc., Sisseton, S. D. Editor, J. F.
Bowers, Sisseton, S. D. Managing
Editor, J. F. Bowers, Sisseton, S. D.
Business Manager, J. F. Bowers, Sis
seton, S. D.
2. That the owners are: (Give
names and addresses of individual
owners, or, if a corporation, give its
name and the names and addresses
of stockholders owning or holding 1
per cent of the total amount of
stock) Roberts County Press, Inc..
Sisseton, S. D.
3. That the known bondholders,
mortgages, and other security hold
ers owning or holding 1 per cent or
more of total amount of bonds,
mortgages, or other securities are
Fred Archambio, New Effington,
S. D. John Anderson, Peever, S. D.
Otto Anderson, Peever, S. D. Axel
Anderson, Sisseton, S. D. H. Bird
sail, New Effington, S. D. Chas. Bu
bak, Sisseton, S. D., Will Benson
Sisseton, S. D. Sigfred Benson, Sis
seton, S. D. August Bartnick, New
Effington, S. D. K. K. Bue, Gren
ville, S. D. Emil Bartnick, Claire
city, S. D. ohn Benidt, Lidger
wood, N. D. E. Cummings, New Ef
fington, S. D. Nels J. Clausen, Sis
eeton, S. D. Eggen Bros., Sisseton,
D. O. C. Eggen, New Effington,
S. D. Fred Evander, Rosholt,'8.D.
H. M. Fellbaum, Hammer, S. D.
Charlie Fonder, Peever, S. D. Hans
Frandsen, New Effington, S. D.
Nathan Gorsuch, New Effington, S.
H. P. Hansen, Sisseton, S. D.
Iver N. Hagen, Sisseton, S. D. J.
M. Hanson, Sisseton, S. D. H. .J
Heinicke, Sisseton, S. D. Albert
Hoist, Lldgerwood, N. D. Rudolph
"Hanke, Lidgerwood, N. D. A. O.
Johnson, Hammer, S. D. D. John
son, New Effington, S. D. Ivet
Kringen, Sisseton, S. D. F. Kapld
New Effington, S. D. August Koep
per Hammer, S. D. Willie Krause,
Lidgerwood, N. D. R. H. Krause,
Hammer, S. D. Henry Krone, Sis
seton, S. D. Mrs. James Lynd, Sis
seton, S. D. Carl Leckness, Sisse
ton, S. D. Henry Lensen, Peever,
S. D. Barney Lotzer, Sisseton, S.D.
N. Martinson, Sisseton, S, D. P. O.
Moe, New Effington, S. D. Peter
Moe, New Effington, S. D. C.
Monnie, Sisseton, S. D. H. L. Mu«
setter, Sisseton, S. D. Tom Nissen,
New Effington, S. D. H. B. Nelson
Lidgerwood, N. D. Halvor Oien,
New Effington, S. D. Swan Okeson,
Sisseton, S. D. Peter Olson, Sisse
ton, S. D. J. F. O'Grady, Sisseton,
S. D. W. F. Oletzke, Sisseton, S.
H. A. Oletzke, Sisseton, S. D. L.
Pistorius, Browns Valley, Minn.
Carl Peterson, Browns Valley, Minn.
Gallen Plant, Rosholt, S. D. F. E
Parker, Sisseton, S. D. William
Peters, SisBeton, S. D. Gust Polnau,
Sisseton S. D. Rinas Bros., Sisse
ton, S. D. Dan Rinas, Sisseton, 8.
D. Ole Rinde, Sisseton, S. D. Ben
Risedorph, Browns Valley, Minn.
Carl Rice, Minneapolis, Minn. Hans
Rognlie, New Effington, S. D. Leon
ard Ruckdaschel, Claire City, S, D.
Louis Rteck, Sisseton, S. D. Frank
Smith, Sisseton, 8. D. Albert Swan
berg, Sisseton, S. D. John Stol,
New Effington, 8. D. J. Sundall,
New Effington, 8. D. Henry Sehram
Lidgerwood, N. D. John SJorgiln,
Grenvllle, S. D. Fred Schacher,-Sis
seton, 8. D. D. O. Sauby, Rosholt,
S. D. Jacob Stelz, Milbank, 8. D.
Frank Staulfer, Sisseton, 8. D. M.
L. Simonson, Sisseton, 8. D. Quitch
Solon, Sisseton, 8. D. William
Swedlund, Sisseton, 8. D. 3. 3.
Stewart, Peever, S. D. Paul Slevert,
Sisseton, S. D. Tom Trelstad, Sisse
ton, 8. D. Knute Tasa, Sisseton, 8.
D. Charles Tisch, Claire City, 8. D.
Ole. L. Vis, Sisseton, 8. D. Pat
White, Rosholt, 8. D. Christ Tost,
Sisseton, S. D. Louie Zakerias,
Rosholt, 8. D. T. J. Allen, Sisseton,
S. D. A. M. Anderson, Sisseton, 8.
D. Sivert Bothum, Sisseton, 8. D.
1. J. Bothum, Sisseton, S. D. Char
lie Carlson, New Ellington, 8. D.
E. E. Currence, Peever, 8. D.
Conrod Carlson, Summit, S. D. O,
C. Ellistad, New Effington, S. D.
Chris. Gedras, Claire City, S. D.
Frank Grimm, Sisseton, S. D. A.
J. Hanson, Sisseton, S. D. J, J.
Holm, Victor, S. D. J. O. Johnson,
Siseeton, S. D. O. C. O. Kvernes,
Grenville, S. D. Ernest Krone, Siar
seton, S. D. M. H. L. Krone, Sisse
ton, S. D. August Lindquist, Sisse
ton, S. D. Michael Mikkelson, Sisse
ton, S. D., R. 5 Chris Nerlson, New
Effington, S. D. Wm. Neiderbaum
er, Sisseton,
D. Louis Nigg,
Browns Valley, Minn. Gust Nelson,
Sisseton, S. D. Laurits Nelson, Siss
eton, S. D. Hans S. Nyborg, Sisse
ton, S. D. B. F. Oppem, Claire City,
S. D„ Ole Oppem, Claire City, S. D.
George Oetken, Claire City, 8. D.
Louis Otto, Claire City, S. D. Peter
Oppem, Claire City, S. D. M. L.
Quaal, New Effington, S. D. Wil
bert Smith, Lidgerwood, N. D. Al
bert Twite, Claire City, 6. D. A.
E. Wickard, Sisseton, S. D. W. P.
Wohlhetter, Sisseton, S. D. Knute
Walstad. Claire City, S. D. A. L.
Romo, Claire City, S. D.
4. That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of the own
ers, stockholders, and security hold
ers, if any, contain not only the list
of stockholders and security holders
as they appear upon the books of the
company but also, in cases where the
stockholders or security holder ap
pears upon the books of the company
as trustee or in any other fiduciary
relation, the name of the person or
corporation for whom such trustee
is acting, is given also that the said
two paragraphs contain statements
embracing affiant's full knowledge
and belief as to the circumstances
and conditions under which stock
holders and security holders who do
not appear upon the books of the
company Us trustees, hold stock and
securities in a capacity other than
that of a bona fide owner and this
affiant has no reason to believe that
any other person, association, or
corporation has any interest direct or
indirect In the said stock, bonds, or
other securities than as so stated by
Sworn to and subscribed before
me this 30th day of March, 1921.
(Seal.) N. C. KLEIN.
(My commission expires Nov., 1921.)
Unusual Opportunity
for Right Man.
A large brokerage firm doing a
successful business with well-rated
concerns throughout the country,
wants a capable man at once to
develop and handle their local bub
The opportunity is an unusual
one because of the possibilities of
fered for substantial earnings in a
highly respectable business which
will steadily increase as it becomes
more firmly established locally.
The position requires a man pos
sessing executive and sales ability
with business experience and having
commercial banking connections, al
though no investment is necessary.
He may devote only a portion of hia
time to the business at first if
desired, though we prefer a man
who Is able and willing to give the
business liis entire time and best
The local branch should pay from
$1500 to $10,000 the first year, ac
cording to population and the ability
of the manager, as the commodity
which we handle is a staple, always
lin demand, and which our large
buying facilities permit us to sell at
less than average market prices.
Owing to the demand, we mnst
fill this position at once. Send your
application to Guarantee Coal Min
ing Co., Como Bldg., K. No. 894,
Chicago, 111., but do not write unlesp
yon can satisfy us as to honesty,
reputation and business ability.
Is a communicable disease char
acterised by a swelling of the parotid
glands, most prevalent in spring and
fall. Halt grown children seem to
be most liable.
Symptoms—chilliness, loss of ap
petite, slight fever, pain below one
or both ears, swelling of parotid
glands, difficulty In swallowing and
a feeling of tension. Little pain ex
cept when talking or laughing.
Swelling lasts about seven days.
Nunlng—Rest in bed to prevent it
possible complications. Soft and
liquid diet.
Hot applications to swelling—-This
can be done by using a small piece
of flannel wrung out of hot water,
shake before applying to neck,
change every halt hour.
The patient should be kept isolated
one week after all swelling subsides.
No Job too big, none too small,
send your printing to the Standard
office. It will receive prompt and
careful attention.
A Democracy
of Merit
Standard Oil Company
910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago
these days. In other words, it denotes pleased customers, who come back for more
iof that good stuff. Prices? Well, they're reasonable and reminds one of those days
before the war.
t"" If you haven't given our store a trial you are cordially welcomed to come in.
Yes, we take butter and eggs for cash.
Indian Cash Store Company
Geo. B. Selkirk, Manager Sissenton Indian Agency
The city of Sisseton will lease to
the highest bidder the hay land on
the spring forty.
Bids will be opened at council
meeting held Monday night,May 2,
1921, at 8 o'clock p. m.
The City Council reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
City Auditor
Bids will be received till May 2
1921, for the erection of a school
house in Minn. twp. Specifications
can be examined by calling on clerk
of said township.
A certified check tor 10 per cent
of the bid must accompany each
bid. The board reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
FRED KOEPPE, Clerk A1 4t
If you have any kind of shoe
repairing to be done, bring
them to me in Prindiville build*
ing.—Chas. Cardwell.
ROM the Chairman of the Board of
Directors to the man who sells you
Crown at a Standard Oil Service
Station, the entire personnel of the
Standard Oil Company (Indiana) consti
tutes a Democracy of Merit
When there are vacancies on the Board of
Directors, which occur from time to time, the
men chosen to fill them are taken from the
ranks. They are men who have proved their
value to the Company and their ability to be
of service to the customers of the Company.
Where the Company comes in contact with
the customer, there are other men who have
proved their worth. The operator in chaise
of the Standard Oil Service Station is on the
job not because he happened along when the
station was ready to open, but because after
careful, painstaking consideration he was
selected as the best man obtainable to serve
the public in that particular position.
The efficiency of the Standard Oil Company
(Indiana) is due to its system of promotion
according to merit. Every employe knows
that if he makes good at his job he will be
given opportunity to advance.
The high quality of Standard Oil products
and service is due to the loyal enthusiasm
of the employes. The Company's policy of
rewarding special endeavor promotes this
Many of the processes of value to the
Company, the public, and the petroleum
industry generally, have been evolved by
Standard Oil Company (Indiana) employes,
working with the facilities afforded by this
When you buy Red Crown Gasoline, Polar
ine, or any other product bearing the brand
of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) you
are receiving the fruits of this enthusiasm,
and may rest assured that you are getting
the utmost value for the money you spend.
Red Crown is the highest type motor gasoline.
Polarine lubricants are the result of infinitely
careful adaptation of the principles of lubri
cation to the various kinds of motors and
motor parts for which these lubricants are

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