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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 29, 1921, Image 5

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Market Report
Cox .08
Turks .25
Dux .15
•eese 07
The Ganble Concert Company.
Pat Kelley was up from Peever
Miss Hazel Lampke is assisting at
the Commercial hotel.
The infant chil,d of Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Heath is v$ry ill.
C. M. Jensen and Andrew Minder
were over from Wilmot Tuesday.
Mother's day programs, morning
and evening, May 8th. Don't forget.
Pete Carlson, grain buyer from
Eden, was a Sisseton caller Satur
An ad in the Standard will be
seen by ninety percent of the peo
ple in Sisseton and vicinity.
Oscar Floan, of Dry Wood Lake,
visited his sister, Mrs. Andrew
Jerde, Tuesday.
Wm. Swedlund and W. A. Hatch
returned Friday from a business trip
in northern Minnesota.
Mrs. H. Gough will entertain the
Gospel choir at the church Satur
day evening of this week.
Little Mable Olson, of Goodwill,
who was quite seriously ill last week,
is at present improving rapidly.
'Mrs. E. B. Bakke and five chil
dren, of Long Hollow township,
were doing trading here Tuesday.
Miss Hazel Schwarm enjoyed a
visit from her parents, who drove
down from New Eflington, Tuesday.
Miss Jennie Chilson was unable
to be at her post of duty at Stavig
Bros. Monday on account of illness.
stand of corn.
Bigger Corn Crops are
Guaranteed With the
The Ganble Concert Company.
Pete Greenfield left Saturday for
a few days stay in the cities.
Hans Pederson drove down from
Wist Saturday to consult Dr. Lep
Mrs. WiV.iams, of Long
Hollow, "isited friend he.t Satur
Art Jackson received word Tues
day that he had been drawn on the
Grand Jury at Deadwood.
Miss Horence Hogen, who has
been assisting at the Commercial
hotel, left 8unday for her home In
the country.
Mrs. Blanche Donovan and daugh
ter Agnes and Miss Pearl Cline spent
Sunday at the Homer Buffom home
west of town.
Mrs. Riviness, who has spent sev
eral months at Yakama, Washington,
arived Monday and will again make
her home here.
Dr. W. Lloyd Shepherdson, si
chiropractor from Minneapolis, will
locate in Sisseton, and will occupy
the rooms over the Rexall drug
The Trinity Lutheran Ladies will
serve a 25c supper at the church par
lors Wednesday, May 4, from 4
o'clock p. m. until all are served.
AH welcome.
The Royal Neighbor Lodge met in
regular session Tuesday evening.
Lunch was served by Miss Anna
Galan, Mrs. John Hicks and O. E.
Lien and wife.
D. B. Malioney arrived home Mon
day noon from a trip to Milbank and
the cities. He was accompanied to
the cities by his friend, Charlie Mc
Gee, of Milbank.
Dr. C. M. Peterson arrived home,
from Jaspar, Minn., Monday night.
The Doctor seems now on the high
road to recovery, which is good
news to his many friends.
The infant daughter of r»r. and
Mrs. J. W. Powell 13 suffering with
an attack «3? whooping cough. She
is being tenderly ca,-eil for at the
home of her grandmother, Mrs.
Mary Wilcox.
A number of friends of Ole Elle
son gave him a surprise Tuesday af
ternoon, thf occasion being his
birthday anniversary. They carried
with them the requisites of an ariiple
lunch and all had a fine time.
A large crowd enjoyed a fine
supper served in the Legion Hall
under management of the Presby
terian Ladies' Aid Tuesday evening.
There was an abundance of good
eats, which are spoken of in the
highest terms by the participants.
HE Hayes Four Wheel is today the acknow
"Champion of Mighty Yields." On
thousands and thousands of farms its wonderful
work is known.
In the fight for supremacy the Hays Four
Wheel won simply by doing better work, by pro
ducing bigger crops, consistently, on the acres
planted. Over 250,000 corn growers know that the
Hayes Four Wheel positively overcomes the "7
causes of bare spots." No other kind or style of
planter has ever been able to duplicate this service.
That's why the big crops have been grown on
Hayes Planted fields for 33 years. Records that
amaze even the experts are being produced each
year. Go into
Four Wheel Planter you select to produce
big corn growing section and
you will find the proof.
So positive has this proof become, so widely
are Hayes records known, and so certain are we of
Hayes performance that we
the Hayes
a better
If it doesn't you can return it and
your money will be refunded.
We should be pleased to have the chance of
going over the Hayes planter with you on our
sample floor, and show you the valuable features
of it, which are here claimed.
The Ganble Concert Company.
Phone 147—"Thi Twin
If you want some good Barred
Plymoth Rock hatching eggs at $5
per 100, see Markle at produce Co.
•Mrs. Paul Olson and daughter,
Hilda, of Veblen, are visiting thi-?
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Leo Haude.
Mrs. Nielsori, of P-.ever was here
to see her daughter, Casey, at
the Powell Hospital, ths latter part
of the week.
Jim Kane was called to Bruce,
this state, Saturday to attend the
funeral of his sister, who died in
Iowa last w.ek.
Memorial day May 30th. A great
community program is being pre
pared by local talent. The best
speaker obtainable will deliver ai
There will be a basket social Sat
urday night, April 30, in the Syver
son school four and one-half miles
south, and one mile west of Claire
City. Miss Lois At wood is the
Bert Persons, the unfortunate
blind boy, who is visiting his cousins
in the McGee home, has been
kept busy the past week tuning
pianos, in which work he is very
Little Clfford Russell, who suf
fered such a terrible accident at
Yankton, as recorded in this paper a
few weeks ago, is -visiting relatives
in the Jerry Wilson home. He is
able to be about with the aid of
crutches. His mother, Mrs. Andrew
Gunderson, accompanied him here.
Pete One Road, wife and two
children were down from One Road
township Saturday doing extensive
trading. The township which bears
his name received its cognomen
from the fame of his father, chief
One Road, famous in the early days
of the state.
The Luther grinder man, '"Jim
Sharp", wil be at Stavig's store all
next week. May 2—7, and will show
anybody interested how to use and
how to grind any cutting tool. Bring
your dull tools, knives and scissors,
and have them sharpened. Do not
send your children. You must come
yourself. A-29-l-t
Kenneth Carlberg drove out from
Minneapolis Friday mgni, arriving
here early Saturday morning. He
was accompanied by Mrs. V. A. Pet
erson and daughter Marcella, who
had been spending several weeks in
St. Paul. He returned to his work
at the Minnesota "U" Monday
Ed Linster and Niel Crosby ar
rived home Saturday from Milwau
kee, where they have finished their
school work for the year. Niel plans
on taking up his -former base ball
work for the coming season, and
went to Aberdeen this week on busi
ness connected with his chosen
Homer Robinson, who is attend
ing a chiropractic school in Daven
port, la., writes to the effect, that
there are 2000 students in attend
ance now and a thousand more ex
pected by May 1. He also says there
are more than 5000 idle men In
Davenport now and increasing in
number daily.
The literary society of Wist met
at the school house Friday evening.
April 22. The debate, "Resolved,
that the consolidated school is more
advantageous than the rural school,"
resulted in a verdict for the
negative. The debate was postponed
from April 8, due to a snow storm,
which prevented the meeting from
being held.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Allen of Good
will, Miss Eupliemia Schmidt and
Florence and Erma Oliver were en
tertained Sunday at the hospitable
home of Mr. and "Mrs. A. D. Gold
smith. Alice and I.ynden Goldsmith
of Enterprise township wtfre also
entertained at the same home, hav
ing come over the previous day, re
maining until Tuesday.
Mrs. Fanning, who has been car
ing for the children in the Ackerman
home during the absence of their
mother, who is at Aberdeen receiv
ing treatment, received word Tues
day that her father was ill, and
started immediately for Andover to
see him." She took the Ackerman
baby with her, but Margaret re
mained with her father.
Tlfe Thelin Tailor Shop presents a
very neat appearance,.with its large
shbw windows, filled with samples of
the excellent work done within the
estblishment. A new coat of paint
adorn the exterior of the building.
This week the structure next it on
the south is undergoing, some
marked improvements. The old
siding has been removed, and a new
cragstone front is in process of con
struction. When finished, the Sisse
ton Loan and Title Company, which
now owns and occupies the building,
will hav* a very pleasant and at
Dairy" for Milk and cream. A,1 tf.
Oscar P. Olson, of Sisseton, was
visiting homefolks at Veblen last,
week, returning Saturday.
The Ganble Concert Company.
Miss Edith Laing is visiting at
Fresh prepared horseraddish, 40c
a quart.—Mrs. Atwood, Phone 87 2.
The Zenith Club met in regular
session last Thursday at the home
of Mrs. Frank Parker.
Rev. Jones and wife, of Milbank,
were guests at the J. N. Spackman
home Thursday evening.
Sammy Wilson has been qui's
sick this week. Sammy thinks he is
meeting up with more than his
share of sickness this year.
Miss Pearl Robinson, the Roberts
county Supt., left Monday to attend
a State meeting of county super
intendents held this week at Madi
Mrs Grant went the edge oT
the hills Saturday to care for her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Cora Grant,
for a short time. The latter is suf
fering with tuberculosis.
Henry Waletich, who has been at
Peever several weeks, superintend
ing the work at the Opitz store, was
an over Sunday guest of his parents
here. He expects to soon complete
his work at Peever.
Chris Lenz, who has been em
ployed at the Waletich and Piut
store for the past two years, has re
signed his position on account of ill
health. His place has been taken
temporarily by Jack Plut.
The Auxiliary to the American
Legion met at the Legion Hall last
Wednesday evening, and a very in
teresting meeting was the result.
Refreshments were served by Mrs.
Arthur Tew, Miss Emma Erickson
and Miss Rose Thompson.
Mr. Schwartz expects to leave
this week for Burlington, Milwau
kee, and other points in southern
Wisconsin. He will visit an aged
uncle and aunt at the latter place.
It is rumored, also, that he expects
to act as bridegroom at a wedding
during his absence.
Co, Agent Buchanan returned Fri
day) from Aberdeen where he at
tended a very enthusiastic and pro
fitable meeting of county agents
from different parts of the state.
Ways and methods were discussed
and many new plans made for the
coming year's work.
Hollice Stevenson, teacher in
West Harmon No. 3, is holding eve
ning classes for the benefit of ap
plicants in that locality who are
seeking citizenship. Eight have en
tered the class, and the work that is
being done is gratifying in its re
sults, and a credit to the Instructor.
Miss Mary Fraser, state superin
tendent of public health nursing,
of Waubay, arrived Tuesday for
visit with Miss Radermacher. Miss
Fraser met with the executive com
mittee of the Red Cross of Roberts
county Wednesday. They left Wed
nesday afternoon for Veblen, whero
they held a conference with the Mar
shall county public health nurse.
Tom Osman is recovering from
the result of an auto accident in
which he was one of the chief par
ticipants, last week. In company
with Ed. Jordan, he was making a
journey to Britton. The steering
wheel of the car came off, the car
turning turtle. Tom was severely
bruised about the face, and Mr.
Jordan received a bad gash on one
ear. The third party, a farmer who
was driving the car, escaped unin
FOR SALE—Two Ford cars. Both
in good shape.—C. L. Compton,
Sisseton, S. D. J-29-tf
FOR SALE—Northland brand Si
berian millet, wilt-proof flax seed.
This is A No. 1 seed. O. T. Axness.
FOR SALE—Seed corn. See i".
W. Cahill, Sisseton, S. D. A22-2t
FOR SALE—Two well rigs, one 9.
Lesley and the oHier a Houlls. Fred
Scliacher, Sisseton, S. D., Route a.
Phone 13-13 A-29-tf.
FOR SALE—Hatching eggs from
pure-bred single comb white Leg
horn and white Orphington, Carl R.
Johnson, Sisseton S. Dakota, Phone
16-24, R. R. 5. A.l-June 1-pd.
FOR SALE—Seed corn, Minnesota
No. 13, $2.50 per bushel. Tests 100.
Also some wilt-proof flax seed. L.
Otto, Clair City, S. D., Route 1.
Phone 13-27. A23-2t.-pd
Fairview Farm will sell seed corn
as long as it lasts at $3.50 per bu.
old as well as new customers get
benefit of new price.
See Ole L. Vig.
The Ganble Concert Company.
J. H. Nergaard is spending the
week at Eden.
M. E. Crockett and Elvin Kromer
left Monday for a week's stay In
The Blue Bird club held a picnic,
at the Wilcox farm Wednesday even
ing after school.
Carl Lohre is improving his prop
erty by the addition of a bath room.
He is also having a cistern made.
Mrs. Clymer and daughter Margar
et, who have been visiting friends in
Long Hollow, returned to Milbank
Connie Class lias a uniqu^pet in
the shape of a baby fox, which he
captured a few days ago on the Ar
rowsmith farm.
Mrs. A1 Casey, who is a patient at
the Powell hospital, is still seriously
ill. Miss Okerland, a special nurse,
is caring for her.
Next Monday evening the Good
will Lutherans will hold a congrega
tional business meeting, which will
be followed by a social.
Miss Mabel Johnstad came down
from her home in One Road twp.
Tuesday for a visit at the home of
her uncle, H. L. Stavig.
Vern Bollenbeek and wife liiive
been visiting his parents for the past
few days. Vern likes his work at
Lake Benton very mnch.
Leonard Moshier, who has been
attended school at St. Cloud, Minn.,
came in Tuesday noonfor a visit with
his parents, brothers and sisters.
Miss Laura Rehnke came up from
Wilmot Friday night, remaining un­
are the4best from every standpoint
Advertisement* under thin head will be charged for at the rate of Ze a word,
with a minimum charge of 25c. To insure proper insertion copy should be in
this office not later than Wednesdry evening. Thousands of people read our
want ads each week, and if you have anythtng you wish to sell, or if you want
to buy anything, have lost or found anything, an ad here asaurea yon results
For Service, Economy & Solid Comfort
Why take'chances when we stand squarely behind
our shoes with the strongest possible
warrant of quality?..
We Have a Shoe for Every
Purpose: a Price for Every Purse
FOR SALE—Fancy Early
seed potatoes. W. E. Bollenbeek,
Sisseton, S. D. A-M-lt
LOST—Glass and the rim off my
Ford car on road north of Howie's
old place. Finder please leave at
this office.
WANTED—Salesmen for
mile guaranteed tires. Salary
weekly with extra commissions.
784, Chicago. Illinois.
WANTED Cattle to pasture.
Good pasture, good water, forty
acres that were not pastured last
year. $4.00 per head for season. G.
H. Tarvin, Sisseton, S. D.
WANTED—Horses to pastwre.
Have room for 29 head. Good
pasture, good shade and running
water. Located on Paul Olson far*.
John Ready, Claire City, S. Dak.
Phone 3 longs 13. It-p4
TAKEN UP—Large Duroc Jersey
hog, about 2 years old. Come to my
place about April 5. E. F. Twitero,
Sisseton, Ronto 3. A8-4f.
til Monday night at the home of -her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rehnke.
Old paper fosr Bale at the Stand'
ard office.
You earned your money in Sisse*
ton, spend it here! Patronize home
Magnus Stavig and wife, Mrs. An
drew Stavig, Mrs. Thorson and
"Grandpa" Stavig autoed to Rosiyn
Wednesday afternoon to attend an
Aid society tea at the A. M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. George Crosby at
tended a get-to-gether meeting of rail
road men held at Milbank Saturday
evening. There was also a fine ban
quet, followed by a dance, after which
Mr. and Mrs. Crosby returned to Wil
mot and spent Sunday at the Porter
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Bue went up
to their farm near Wist Saturday, re
turning home the folowing day.
Whilo there, they attended a fare
well gathering for Rev. Farncss, pa3-.
tor of the Zoar Lutheran church, who
expects to leave soon to take up new
work at Wilmar, Minn.
Northern Normal and Industrial
school, a state teacher training
school, Aberdeen, S. D. Summer
school of two terms, June 13_AugU8t
20. Special emphasis laid on pre
paring teachers, departmental WPW"
visors, and physical directors. All
regular courses offered. Faculty of
80 instructors besides 20 specialists
from all parts of the country. For
catalog and bulletins, address Harold
W. Foght, President. A23-3t-pd

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