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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 29, 1921, Image 6

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Proceedings of
Bond ot Frank R. McKenna, with
the State of South Dakota as surety
in the amount of $1000.00, given to
cover the office of States Attorney
ww, on motion, duly made and car
ried, approved and accepted.
Bond of D. F. Stevens, as Clerk
of Courts in the amount of $1000.00
with the State of South Dakota, us
•surety, was, on motion, duly made
and carried, approved and accepted.
Bond of D. J. Pricdiville, a3
County Justice ot the Peace, in the
amount of $500.00 witlt Leo J. Lu
kanitsch and M. O. Eikum as sure
ties was,, on motion duly made and
carried, approved and accepted.
On motion duly made and carrier
the Board adjourned to Thursday,
January 6, 1921, 9 o'clock, a. m.
M. A. LEVERSEE, Chairman.
Attest: R. C. RICHERT,
County Auditor.
Sisseton, S. D., Jan. 6, 1921.
The Board of County Commission
er's met in regular session, pursuant
to adjournment. All members pres
ent. On urotkm duly made and car
vied*' the Board proceeded to check
the books of the County Auditor
and County Treasurer from June 1,
lit*, to date.
Oa motion duly made and earned
the Board adjourned to 9 o'clock a.
en., January T, 1921.
M. A. LEVERSEE, Chairman.
Attest: R. C. RICHERT,
sx County Auditor.
Sisseton, S. D., Jan. 7, 1921.
The Board of County Commission
ers met in regular session at the
Commissioao.r's Room in the Court
.House on the above date, pursuant
to adjournment. All members pres
Oft motion duly made and carried
tbe Board proceeded to further
check the books of the County
Auditor and County Treasurer, fin
ished said checking and found alt
accounts regular and balances cor-i
The matter of the appointment
of tbe Superintendent of Highways
was taken up and motion was made
by Metcalf, seconded by Herrled,
that. Mr. F. C. Carriel be appointed
Mid Superintendent of Highways for
the term ending Dec. SI, 1922. Roll
call on motion, Metcalf fes, Herrled
,Yes, Twite Yes, Negaard Yes. Mo
tion declared oarrled by the Chair-
A petition signed by residents of
Grant Township for the construction
of a bridge between Sections 13 and
14 and Sections 24 and 23 in said
Township was, on motion, allowed
and granted.
A petition signed by residents of
Enterprise Township for a bridge to
be constructed on the east side of
Section 30 in said Township was,
oil motion, allowed and granted.
Bonds of J. O. Swenumson as
County Treasurer in tlie amount of
$7000.00 with the Inter-State Sure
ty Company, as surety, was on mo
tion, allowed and granted. Bond ot
J. C. Swenumson, as County Treas
urer, in the amount of $25,000.00
with the State of South Dakota as
surety, was, on motion, duly made
and carried, approved and accepted.
Bills were, on motion, allowed or
rejoeted a3 follows:
Joues Beito Lumber Co., Mdse.,
Co. Road $1.90
Anton Jydstrup, Coal to Mrs.
Dale 83.10
Anton Jydstrup, Coal to Mrs.
Burdine 1.80
E. O. Jackson, Mowing weeds
Road No. 7 10.00
Fred Evander, Dragging rv*ds.
Road No. 7 34.00
E. O. Jackson, Freight on road
drags blades 2.01
0)10 Road Twp., Election ex
penses 33.20
News Printing Co., Office sup
plies 8.55
Enimet Oliver. Wolf bounty 2.00
Palace Cafe, Meals furnished
Jury 43.10
Ale* Reil, Graveling road 27.50
Victoria Elevator Co., Coal to
Mrs. Bryor 27.18
Summit City, Election expenses 31.50
Security National Bank, Prem.
on Trsas. Bond 17.50
Heath & Toftum, Drayage wood
and coal 3.75
James Laughlin, Buckwheat
Co. farm 2.25
W. I. Longstreth, Service
Board of Health 147.60
Warring & Christianson,
Repairs Co. farm 10.68
McGowan Lumber Co., Coal to
Mrs. Steele & Mrs. Rose 36.15
F. W. Farrington, Official
Printing 23.75
Brown & Saenger, Office sup
plies 188.79
Ed. Kittelson, Hauling Gravel 211.50
A. C. Johnson, Dragging roads 66.50
Waletich & Plut, Groceries to
Murphy poor 105.28
J. G. Swenumson, Treas. sundry
vital statistics fees 126.75
Mrs. IM. Oletzko, Meals for
jurors 7.80
Otto Hanson, Salary supt. Co.
farm 75.00
Herman Johnson, Dragging
roads 22.50
Goodwill Twp. Board Registra­
More Price Reductions by
Harvester Company
Entire line of Implements
Now at Lower Prices
In view of the recent reduction in the price of
steel, we now announce lower prices lor our entire
line of farm machines and implements not covered
by reductions previously announced.
All lower prices take effect at once
The reduction in the price of steel comes after all
the material for the machines and implements we
will sell this year has been provided, and will there
fore have no bearing on the manufacturing costs of
such machines. However, it does enable the Com
pany to buy materials at lower prices for future
manufacture, and in accordance with our an
nounced policy we now qtfote those prices, the
Company taking the loss on machines already fin
ished and materials on hand*
Full information regarding our lower prices on
binders, mowers, and all other harvesting, haying and
corn machines, tillage implements, tractors, engines,
and all other IH farm machines can be obtained
W from any International Dealer.
tion expense 12.00
Albert Cardwell, Hauling
Gravel 16.00
James iMcGee, Sheriff's fees 43.00
Ole A.Teigen, Graveling road 250.00
R. E. Knoerr, Road work 127.50
H. H. Baker, Assistance to
Sheriff 2.06
Herman Schenk, Work on Court
House 1.15
J. M. Swanberg, Box rent and
6 tamps 14.55
Roy Steele, Road work 36.00
Gust Walter, Road work 275.00
William Davis, Graveling roads 49.50
R. E. Knoerr, Hauling Gravel 270.00
R. E.Knoerr, Hauling Gravel 258.75
Leonard Hanson, Work Co.
farm 67.50
Mrs. Leonard Hanson, Work
Co. farm 80.00
Claud Bennett, Janitor work 24.00
Earl Cooper, Dragging roads 54.00
Iva Erickson, Salary Clerk Co.
Aud. office 12.50
Ira Erickson, Salary Clerk Co.
Aud. office 47.50
Dorothy Grover, Salary Clerk
Aud. office 75.00
Mr. J. Hanvik, Salary janitor 70.00
Rose M. Otto, Salary Clerk,
Treas. office 75.00
Elizabeth Mikkelson, Clerk
Supt. of schools 76.00
Cora Nelson, Salary Stenog.
Aud. office S7.50
Peabody Hospital, Medical
services Bucklln family 60.00
Paul J. Linster, Stamps 40.00
Elizabeth Mikkelson, Clerk
Supt. of schools 75.00
Pearl Robinson, Salary Supt.
of schools 157.91
Cora M. Robinson, Deputy Supt.
of schools 85.00
Lucas Larson, Road work 122.15
Jacob Anderson, Road work 16.00
R. C. Richert, Salary County
Auditor 170.41
M. L. Swanberg, Salary Dep.
Reg. of Deeds 100.00
Nora E. Baage, Salary Clerk
Reg. of Deeds 75.00
Beulah Wilson, Salary Clerk
Rag. of Deeds 75.00
F. W. Weinkauf, Dragging
roads 33.25
Cleo Givney, Salary Clerk Aud.
office 75.00
Anderson Auto Co., Gas and
storage 6.S5
Waletich & Plut, Groceries Co.
farm 174.13
Thomas Thompson, Mdse. Co.
farm 6.17
Webster R. Anderberg, Witness
fees 6.00
Thomas Ryan, Witness fees 6.30
Christine Akre, Witness fees 1.10
Agnes Sateren, Stenog. fees 15.00
William Tew, Witness fees 2.20
Alex Murray, Witness fees 2:08
Waletich & Plut, Mdse. Court
House 8.60
F. E. Dudeck, Witness fees 2.00
Edson S. Laing, Witness fees 2.10
Ben Harris, Witness fees 2.50
D. J. Prindivllle, Justice fees 182.40
Taylor Flute, .Witness fees 2.50
E. E. Remund, Witness fees 7.00
Lalng & Hicks, Draying 1.00
O. S. Erickson, Witness fees B.00
Geo. W. Ennls, Witness fees 7.00
Mrs. T. Carlson, Laundry Court
House 13.87
Agnes Sateren, Stenog. tees 15.00
Peter E. Norberg, Witness fees 4.30
McGowan Lumber Co., Mdse.
Co. bridge 216.70
Western Drug & Chem. Co.,
Mdse. Court House 27.68
Wilson Chemical Co., Sweeping
compound 32.50
Emit Hostbjor, Witness fees 5.00
Halvor Oien, Road work 70.70
H. H. Baker, Witness fees 8.00
Peter Isackson, Witness fees 6.00
John A. Barse, Witness fees 2.50
D. F. Stevens, Witness fees- 1.20
J. L. Suffecool, Witness fees 2.50
E. Beechy, Sheriff's fees 7.50
Jacob Barker, Witness fees —2.30
Martha Abel, Witness fees 2.30
Sidney LaBatte, Witness fees 2.30
Sarah LaBatte, Witness fees 2.30
Clarence Anderberg. Witness
fees 6.00
John Anderberg, Witness fees 6.00
James Wooley, Witness fees.. 6.30
Wayne Wooley, Witness fees 6.30
Roy Wilson, Witness fees 6.30
D. F. Stevens, Witness fees 1.10
Harry Dumarce, Witness fees 3.00
Anton Olson, Witness fees 4.00
Mabel Jensen, Witness fees 4.00
A. E. Lundeen, Witness fees 10.00
P. M. Lundeen, Witness fees 10.00
Agnes Sateren, Stenog. fees 10.00
John Carlson, Road w.ork 75.00
O. Cooper, Dragging roads 30.00
Myrtle Carter, Salary Clerk of
Courts Deputy 85.00
Leonard Casonova, Bridge
work 32.00
John Carlson, Bridge work 36.50
J. P. Benson, Road work 32.00
Waletich & Plut, Groceries
Stapleton poor 70.00
John Benson, Dragging Roads 76.00
Farmers Coop. Grain Co., Coal
Stapleton poor 39.90
James McGee, Boarding Prison
ers 407.00
Golden Rule, Mdse. Nathan
poor 67.09
Nash Sales Co., Repairs 7.20
D. F. Stevens, Vital statistics 126.45
F. P. Maldaner, Mdse. Co.
farm 26.15
Theo. C. Mannes, 5 gilts Co.
farm 150.00
Peabody Hospital, Care, room
Olava Dale 96.15
Peabody Hospital Clinics, evir
ation Olava Dale f^O.OO
D. F. Stevens, Office box rent 3.10
Nich Weis, Blacksmith work 126.75
Burns & Wolff, Groceries
Langager family 11.00
Nich Weis, Repairing Lawn
Mower 1.00
Dr. C. M. Peterson, Prof, serv
ices Insane and poor 117.00
Lien Twp. Graveling roads 61.25
Henry Burg, Dragging roads 16.50
Claire City Coop. Merc. Co.
Mdse. Nathan poor 59.87
Goodwill Twp. Road work 252.00
Holt Motor Co., Repairs,
storage 121.17
Alex Lampke, Bridge work 33.oi*
0. E. Lien, Salary Co. Treas. 170.41
Vinnie Lien, Salary Clerk Treas.
office 75.00
Millard Lien, Salary Clerk
Treas. office 75.00
D. F. Stevens, Salary Clerk of
Courts 157.91
Maud Carter, Dep. Co. Aud. 100.00
Theo. C. Manves. Dragging
roads 102.10
O. R. Lake, Hauliug Gravel 33.75
P. H. Rachor, Dragging roads 40.00
J. C. Schleim, Iliultng gravel 7.00
Pearl Cline, Salary Dep. Co.
Treasurer 100.00
Dak. Engineering Co., Survey
ing Ditch 1588.76
Dak. Engineering Co, Survey
ing Ditch 49.00
Dak. Engineering Co., Survey
ing ditch 40.50
James McGee, Jailo/s Salary 251.00
J. M. Swanberg, Salary Reg. of
Beeds 157.91
J. M. Swanberg, Sab.*y Reg. ot
Deeds 21.04
Ory Hite, Hauling gravel 132.50
Frank Miller, Dragging roads 17.50
Roberts County Press, Inc.,
Official printing 15S.55
Pearl Robinson, Expense
visiting schools 10S.10
On motion meeting adjourned to
o'clock, a. m., January 8,1921.
M. A. LEVERSEE, Chairman.
Attest: R. C. RICHERT.
County Auditor.
Sisseton? S. D„ Jan. 8, 1921.
The Board of County Commission
ers met in regular session, pursuant
to adjournment. All members pros
Bills 'were on motion allowed
or rejected as follows:
H. L. Twite, Com. per diem and
mileage 28.89
M. A. Leversee, Com. per diem
and mileage 49.80
Olof Negaard, Com. per diem
and mileage 26.40
W. R. Metcalf, Com. per diem
and mileage 29.00
O. T. Axness & Co., Mdse.
County farm 66.90
John Butale, Mdse. County farm 1.38
Consumers Home Oil Co., Gas
and oil Co. farm 35.53
Ole Cliffgard, Cow County farm 55.00
F. C. Carriel, Expense Co. En
gineer 19.65
F. C. Cariel, Salary Supt. of
Highways 200.00
O. E. Lien, Co. Treas. Court
Script and expense 2887.97
Ole A. Vreim, Hauling gravel 31.25
James McGee, Sheriff fees 508.46
James McGee, Collecting
delinquent taxes 158.50
Frank R. McKenna, Phone
messages and clerk fees 11.60
Frank R. McKenna, Salary
States Attorney 133.33
T. A. Prendergast, Balance on
Bridge No. 26 2346.20
James McGee, Sheriff fees 7.14
Wm. Peter, Com. per diem and
mileage 13.00
O. K. Sather, Com. per diem
and mileage 47.60
Albert Herried, Com. per diem
ana mileage 12.40
J. C. Swenumson, Ins. Prem.
farm buildings 11.80
Midland Chemical Co., Scrubb
ing compound 138.50
On motion the Board adjourned to
February 23, 1921.
M. A. LEVERSEE, Chairman.
Attest: R. C. RICHERT,
County Auditor.
Bring your job printing to the
Standard office. First class work
and Prompt delivery.
A Rat That Didn't Small After
Being Dead for Three Months
FykesN.J.. I taw this rat every day: pat MOM
Rat-Snap behind, bane!. Months afterwards nw
wife looked behind the barrel.
TOM LEE, Prop. Sisseton,"S. D.
First National Bank
of Sisseton, South Dakota
Pay Your Bills by Check
Ward off inconvenience and wor
ry. A checking account in our bank
ranks with free mail delivery and
the telephone. It saves you many
long trips, and you have always the
right change. Your money Is always
available, payable on demand. No
expense—we supply check books
and necessary stationery free.
-t 1.,
The Security National
Bank of Sisseton
There it waa—dead.'
Cat-Snap tells in three abet for JSe. 65c, 61.23,
Sold aad guaranteed b?
Red Cross, Thoe. Thompeon and
StsMton Variety Store.
Is your subscription due?
If you need
an extra key
for any kind
of lock, just
mail sample
and I will
make a du
Henry Schindler
Sisseton, So. Dakota

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