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Storage Batteries
Telephone 323
A 25-Ton Triple
Tandem Triplane
By WM. H. HUNT, In tne May
Popular Mechanics Magazine.
That the evolution of commercial
aeronautics following closely the
Uae* of maritime developments is
apparent to all who have given
the subject even passing attention.
The early airplanes of limited power,
which by "a supreme effort and under
iHiiri handling succeeded in
struggling aloft with three or five
passengers, may well belikened io
the oar-propelled open boats of the
Tlkings. Likewise, the later ma
chines, capable of transporting 2.»
to 10 persons on St to 100-mi
fligt&ti, may be compared to the last
of the sailing liners which crossed
the ocean in the phenomenal time of
three weeks to a month. Following
this line of thought the latest
product of Gianni Caproni. one of
tfco most daring of the aerial en
gineers, finds a parallal in the
"OreatBastern," the original "ocean
greyhound" and the largest ship of
Its day. In the "Epocha," the most
gigantic heavier-than-air creation
that nan has ever •attempted to fling
free of Mother Earth, nine great
planes of 100-ft. span present a total
sustaining surface of over 7,000 sq.
ft. On account of the wing arrange
Meat the huge machine nay be
called a triple-tandem triplane, as
^hree Independent triplanea aire at
tached to the fuselage in a tandein
formation. Eight 12-cylinder, 400
bp. Liberty engines drive the craft
at a speed of 90 miles per hour when
their total 3,200 hp .is drawn upon.
As bu( a part of this immense power
Is needed to sustain flight, it is only
la taking off, or in emergencies, thar
all engines are used at once. The
passenger coach seats 100 persons
besides having space for a reason
able amount of baggage. Sleeping
berths fold up into the upper sides
of the body and are so arranged
that tbey lie crosswise, instead of
eMwIse, when let down.
Not alone in point of sice and
power is the design a daring one.
Another departure from the conven
tional is that it is tailless, the slight
loss of' stability on this account be
ing more than compensated for by
the immense wing area.' The elimi
aation of tail elevating wings has
necessitated equipping all the planes
with ailerons—movable tips.
As may be supposed, such an im
mense craft requires huge rudders.
Feur of theBe occupy the full verti
cal distance between the planes of
tbe rear group. However, after all
la: said, enormous proportions and
clever tricks of design do not neces
sarily Imply excellence or practica
bility. The question that Invariably
arises in the mind of the world is,
''Will It .work?" In this caes the
answer is an unqualified "yes." The
MS machine has made two succesa
ful trial flights over Lake Magglore,
pi the shore of which it was built,
one on March 2 and the last March
4. On these trials only 1% tons of
ballast and the pilots were carried.
As before stated, this gigantic ap
paratus is the heaviest weight that
has ever been launched from the
•artb. It is therefore not surprising
that some difficulty was experienced
la handling it.
Far-vlsioned and Indomitable as
every true originator,'Signor Captynl
Is not resting content with haying
realised the "Epocha." He has be
CM the construction of another ma­
says the Good Judge
chine of the same design, but of still
greater size and power, for the
United States Navy.
Township Meetings
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support to the end ttiat it be a com
plete success. Remember, that if
your township meetings are up to
standard, this will put the county
conventions over the top, and like
wise the state convention.
Now don't allow your enthusiasm
to lag in this matter, but awake to
the importance of personal effort.
May 3 is the date for your town
ship meetings, so keep this well in
mind and see that you are present
when the roll is called.
Townships are allowed one dele
gate for every fifty votes cast for
Bates at the last election.
Live Stock Drop
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other cuts usually regarded as "low
grade" brought the response that
they had nothing of the sort on
Even the once lowly liver manages
to retain the high caste to which it
was elevated during the war. Al
though the price of the live animal
is just the same as it was ten years
ago, when enough liver could be
obtained for a nickel to feed a fam
ily of six, Chicago butchers were
charging 15 cents a pound.
Mr. A. Wetzig and family, Henry
and Ferdinand Meyer, F. W. Wein
kauf and family, Aug. Weinkauf
and mother and Burnum Coffau,
made an auto trip to Detroit, Minn.,
April 15, where they took part In
the celebration of the 25th wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Weinkauf, who are now residing
near Detroit, but who formerly lived
near Hammer, S. D. All report hav
ing a good time with a large num
ber of relatives and frelnds present.
The happy couple were the reci
pients of many useful and valuable
presents, and those present wished
them many happy returns of the
Rev. Oberdoester, of Hankinson,
N. D., gave a very good talk and
Rev. Fitle, of Burham, Minn., ad
dressed a few words to the gather
Supper was served after the
speakers had finished.—Contribut
WASHINGTON, April 22.—Stor
age stocks of eggs, apples, and but
ter on April 1, far exceeded the av
erage for that date, the department
of agriculture announced today.
Eggs In storage amounted to 1,
884,000 cases as against a five-year
average of 250,000 cases. Barrelled
apple holdings amounted to 300,000
more than last year and 85,000 bar
rels above the six-year average.
Boxed apple holdings on April 1
were the largest on record, amount
ing to a half million boxes more
than were held last year and two
millions more than held April 1.
Creamery butter exceeded last
year's holdings by two million
In Eve^y Respect"
get more genuine chew*
ing satisfaction from the Real
Tobacco Chew than you ever
got from the ordinary kind.
The good tobacco taste
lasts so long—a small chew
of this class of tobacco lasts
much longer than a big chew
of the old kind. ^That's why
it costs less 'to use.
Any man who has usedboth
kinds will tell you that.
hU afrfe tw atfUt
GUT a drntscut tobacco
Topics of the Day
By Herbert E. Gaston
The contract for building Nev
York's state-owned grain elevator at
Brooklyn has been let to a Min
neapoli firm. This illustrates again
by what strange coincidences things
happen in this world. The contract
has been let to the same firm which
has the contract for building the
North Dakota state-owned elevator
at Grand Forks. Of the two state
owned elevators that at New York
is to be the more expensive.
It was only a few weeks ago that
Wall Street brokers, with offices only
a few miles from Gowanus bay, where
the New York state elevator is to ha
built, were telling Spurgeon Odell.
representative of the Bank of North
Dakota, that the state of 'North Da
kota was "getting too socialistic".
They knew a great deal about af
fairs in North Dakota. They ad
mitted it themselves. But they
knew very little about affairs in
their own state of New York. Mr.
Odell told them about the 1,800,000
bushel elevator that was to be built
at Gowanus bay and the other two
sate-owned elevators that already
have been built on Lake Erie and
they expressed surprise. They had
been too busy finding out about
what was happening in North Da
kota to learn about the affairs of
New York state.
They had heard so much about
North Dakota that most of their
knowledge was wrong. They were
sure, that the bonds of North Da
kota could not be sold, even in the
relatively trifling amount of $6.
000,000, because of the "publicity"-
The officers of the state of North
Dakota have decided that the rem
edy for publicity. Is more publicity
and they have 'undertaken to let
the people of the nation know
about North Dakota and its bonds
which Wall Street can't sell be
cause it is "socialistic" to build
state elevators, although New York
state is spending several times as
much for the same purpose.
The campaign
have its effect.
Anierican citizens
why it is that a
"If It Comes From Holt's Garage It Must Be Good77
Dodge Brothers and Buick Cars
ill beginning to
A great manv
are questioning
boycott of the
government of one of the states of
the union can be carried on and
the organized financial power of the
country be brought to bear to com
pel that state to change its gov
Common sense tells them that the
excuses given for refusel to handle
the North Dakota secui'ties by
bankers are the flimsiest of "alibi"
stories. Bankers and bond dealers
who fear the money of the people
of North Dakota is going to be
wasted in "socialistic experiments",
have never before shown the slight
est concern what the proceeds of
public bonds were to be used for.
They have freely and readily soil
bonds for works of public improve
ment from which not a cent of rev
enue was to be expected and pay
ment for which would have to be
made solely by tax levies. They
have sold bondB In amounts equal
to the North Dakota issue for gov
ernmental units with not a tenth if
the taxing power or assessed valua
tion back of them. -V
The only real objection to tho
North Dakota bond Issues has been
that the state industries they were
to establish would "invade the field
of private business," and that they
were likely to prove successful.
The private business which they
threaten to disturb has been highly
profitable. If It had been an un»
profitable business, the st'te would
have had the enthusiastic co-opera
tion of bans"!'.* and bond dealers In
tbe effotrs to Hk* It-over.
New York state goes Into the
terminal grain elevator business
without a thought of objection from
bankers or chambers of commerce,
because tho state is spending Its
money to take trade awt/ from
priflt in. other states. Pti /ata cap
ital didn't dare to take the risk of
attempting this. And New York,
the state wh^-e this "socialist!-!"
step can be taken without objection,
is tbe state where they exp ailed
socialists from tbe legislature, so
keen li V.»:r (t.slike of them.
Confidence In the sense of Just
Ice of the American people and
their bellef ln democratln gtfrSrn-
ment gives rise to the hope and
the belief that the North Dakota
bond issue will be fully sub
scribed by the people of the na
tion. The dollars of the workers
should be sufficient to make up the
total, but the dollars of the workers
should not be necessary. There
ought to be enough people with sur
plus capital to invest in America
who believe that the political gov
ernment should be superior to the
business government and that acts
of government which are to benefit
all the people should not be resisted
ljierely because they may interfere
with the profits of a few.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received at the office of
the County Auditor of Roberts
County, South Dakota, at the Court
House in the City of Sisseton in said
County, until 1 o'clock p. m. Wed
nesday, May the 18th, 1921, for the
purchase ol the following road
1 Russell Mogul Grader, 12
foot blade in excellent condi
1 Stockland Quick-lift Giant
Grader, 12 foot blade in excel
lent condition.
The Russell Grader can be seen
in operation at or near Rosliolt. The
Stockland Grader can be seen in
operation at or near Section 12,
Enterprise Township.
Bids should be made separately
for each grader.
Bids will be opened by the Board
of County Commissioners at the
Commissioner's Room in the Court
House at the time and date above
Each proposal must be accom-t
panied by cash or a certified check
in the amount of 10 per cent of the
The Board reserves the right to
reject any or all proposals.
Dated at Sisseton, South Dakota,
this 26th day of April, 1921.
A29-3t County Auditor.
The Board of County Commission
ers of Roberts County, South Dako
ta, will receive bids for building one
30 foot I Beam Brldgef in Bryant
Township, said County, steel and
gravel to be furnished by Roberts
County. Plans and specifications
may be seen on file at the offices of
the County Auditor.
Bids will be opened at 1 o'clock
p. m. Wednesday, May 18, 1921, bv
the Board of County Commissioners
at the Commissioner's Room in the
Court House.
Each proposal must be accom
panied by a certified check in the
amount of 10 percent of bid, as a
guaranty that contract will be en
tered into.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all proposals.
Dated at Sisseton, South Dakota,
the 27th day of April, 1921.
A29-2t County Auditor.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received at the office of I
the County Auditor of Roberts
County, South Dakota, at the Court
House in the City of Sisseton in said
County until 1 o'clock p. m. Wednes- I
day. May the 18, 1921, for furnish
Inga 12' Blade Grader with a back
slope attachment.
Bids will be opened by the Board
of County Commissioners in the
Commissioner's Room in the Court
House at the time and date above
Each" proposal must be accom
panied by cash or certified check I
of 10 percent of the amount bid,
payable to the County Treasurer of
said Roberts County, as a guaranty
that contract will be entered Into.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any or all the proposals.
Dated at Sisseton, South Dakota,
this 26th day of April, 1921.
A29-3t County Auditor.
English morning service at 10:80
Sunday school and Bible Class at
noon. Luther League at 6:45. Eve
nlng worship, at S. Subject: ''Wba*
We Owe Out* Parents'*. Congrega
tional meeting Monday evening, May
2nd, at 8.
,the Board of Supervisors of Easter
Township, Roberts county, South
Dakota that the said Board will re
ceive sealed bids for a man with
engine or tractor to draw a twelve
foot blade grader at full capacity
upon the public highways or roads
in said Easter township, Roberts
county, S. Dakota up to and includ
ing the hour of 2:00 o'clock In the
afternoon of Saturday, May 2, 1921.
That full information as to surveys.
Sisseton, S. D.
The Garage of
plans and specifications for grading
may be found at the office of the
clerk of said township and that said
bids must specify the price per mile
at which grader will be drawn. Sev
en miles of crowning and four miles
of road to be built. All bids to be
considered by the Board must bo
accompanied with certified check iu
the sum of One Hundred Twenty
five ($125.00) Dollars. The board
reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
Dealers in Farm
Implements and
Automobiles. A
dollar buys full
value here.
... ... •. .....
Sisseton, South Dakota
HEN you have something to
corrected or repaired about
your automobile you want to feel
that the work is going to be done
RIGHT—by first-class workmen.
You want to feel sure of tbe job
when it is finished. That's the
kind of work we do. Our machin
ists are experts at the business and
we guarantee satisfaction.
We are selling the National Battery
Ford special, with an 18-month guar
antee, for
We hare som^ of the biggest bargains in used cars to be
found in the state. Come in and look them over.
AU Kins of Auto Accessories Sisseton S. Dakota
c.s.*too *»tor-1Standard "Want Ads" are Producers

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