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y«T V
A MvHy Arrsiiut of a Lively fight
Bttwt-cn a Mnngnow nd Cobra.
London Standard.
'jglt the present time, when th« pro
pose 1 introduction »f the mongoo.se
into Australia it- ut:dt-r discussi »n, per
haps the following extract from the
Leisure Hour (October, 1879), describ
ing a (virulmt between one of ttuve ani
mals ami a cobra, in y pn ve interest
ing to sonf of your reader?. A r*~
port of the ht, is stated, was sent t
the Madras lic-wspapers, signed by sev
eral Indian officer* who were eyewit
nesses, and dated Trichinopoiy, Jtily
15, 18ti3. It is a* follows: "The mon
goose approached the cobra with cau
tion, but dev )id of any appearance of
fear. The cobra, with bead erect and
body vibrating, watched hi* opponent
with evident signs of being aware of
how deadly an enemy he nad to con
tend with. The mougooBe was soon
within easy striking distance of the
snake, who, suddenly throwing back
his head, struck at the mongoose with
tremendous force. The mongoose,
(juick as thought, sprang back out of
teach, uttering at the same time sav
age growl- Again the hooded reptile
rose on the defensive, aud the mon
goose, no thioftd tun ted by the distended i
jiws aud glaring fjeaof hie antagonist. I
approached so near to the snake th-u
he was fo csd back, uot relishing auch
close proximity, to draw his head back
considerably this lessened his distance
from the ground. The mongoose, at
once seizing the advantageous opp
tunity, sprang at the cobra'* head, and
appeared to mtiiet as we!i as receive a
wound. Again the couibatuuln put
themselves in a position to renew the)
encountir again the snake struck at
his wily opponent and again the latter's
agility st-ved him. It would be
tedious to recount in further de
tail the particulars of about a
doten tuccessive rounds at the end
of which time neither combatant
seemed to suffer more than the other.
The tight bad lasted .*ome three quarters
of an hou and both combatants teem
ed now' »o nerve themselves for the
tinal encounter. The cobra, changing
hi« position of defence for that of attack,
advanced, and seemed determined now
'to do or die.: Siowly on his watchful
enemy the cobra advanced, with equal
courage the mongoose waited the ad
vance 01 his still unvauquished foe.
The cobrs had uow approached so
close tWa: the mongorwe (who, owing
to want of space b'.-'-.u «1. flirsn'ilinic to
spring ob of reach by iraping back
ward, as it had done in previous en
counters^ nimbly bounded straight u:
in the 'a r. The cobra missed hi* ob
ject, an 1 -"truck the {.round under him.
Immedia ely on the mongoose alight
ing, the bra, quick as thought, struck
again, an«
fangs in
je r
«!, toah appearauce. lixed his
the head of the mongoose.
v, as be cobra was with
s*/n»ad iJfier he had inflicted
the bit?, instantly retiliatcd by fixing
his teeta in tne head of the cobra. This
seemed conv'nce the cobra th.»t he
was no match for his watchful antagon
ist and uow, no longer exhibiting a
head e-rect and defiant eye, he unfold
ed his oils and ignomini- ualy slunk
away. Instantly the mongoose was on
his retreating foe, and burying his
teeth ir his brain, ended the contest.
The mi-tjgoose now set to work to de
vour his victim, and in a few minutes
had eaten the head and two or three
incht s ofihebody, including the venom
so drea« ed by ull. We should have
meutu -d belore that previous to ihis
encotiut tlie snake had struck fowl,
which within half an hour of the
inflectic- of the bite, showing beyond
doubt its capability of ii dieting a deadly
wound. Aiier the mongoose bad tatia
fied hit" anpetite, wj ptoceeded to ex
amine v a pocket kna the wounds
that h© ..ad received lrom the cobra,
and on «hing away the cod from
one of tb „o p'accs the lens disclosed
the liroken fang of the cobra deeply
imbedded in the bead of the mongoose.
We iave. had the mongoose confined
ever since (now four days ago), and it
is u^w as hcaithy and lively as e?er."
Jill is anecdote lends strong confirmation
the th* rj tbat the mongoose is
uuinjured by the venom of poisonous
A Ce.r Adopts a Litter of Pl?s.
The la* is AllowaysCreek correspond
ent o 'em (N. Standard adds
lo LH i. tough stories from that
section tills: A cow belonging to James
Stack house, having no progeny of her
-wn, lias ad pted a litter of pigs. The
pigs are four in number, and when
hungry thev give ^notice to taeir fo-t.»r
.notuer ub^Hiagainst her leg and
at th' .im» Jive vent to :ue well
*r' ,l w.-.uid of young swine.
^Hian at once lies down in
rer that the maternal fount
•"cessible^ anu t:-.en each pig
^tin a livelihood by seizing
Ths convinces us without
irwin was wrong.
of itf'r
on a teat,
debate tb«'
siting a Witness.
Jt lawyer hni. .-.en the ftoryol'the
.-'ituf.ih ho was coti.den* of n:s ac
curate n^Uo-. of time, aad was request
ed to give bi£! ideas of t^o minutes, A
watch was ueld, at the end of twenty
^conds h. ^cckred mat two minutes
hed elapsed.
'ITjie lawyer resolved
the experi-
m-'iHoa a saisor in the]
hospital whose
c'erKjaition ut was tukijl iu regard to a
oohjion, il I the time /hich had elaps
«.d Aer the V'-sel left \he wharf. The
s«-i|«uiswered, "Abou|4e:: minntea."
i V)f,»:dthe lawyer,Vhow long do
you minutes to bt?"
be lawyer's toh, he
said. "I'll teil you wnen tn begin and
you tell me when the ten mitmies ar
''Aye, aye, air," said the sailor.
The lawyer stood with his back to a
mantel on which a little clock was'
facing the Bailor.
After three minutes the lawyer
claimed, "See hew, k-« you oit*ft to
keep up ht-re all day?" i
No answer.
The hand of toe clock was on tho ex
act notch of ten miuuiex a* the ratlor
said carelessly, "Guess the time mu«'
be about up."
"Well," said the lawyer, "of all men,
dying or alive, that I evei »aw, you can
measure time the best.**
Tlie Cultivation oftVlery.
To most persons, a stalk of crisp,
white cflery is an always welcome and
delicious "relish." Those who hare
tried it find properly cooked celery
equally pleasit-g to the palate. No
more wholesome vegetable urows and
now that it is found to be not only gas
tronomically agreeable but of high
medical virtue as a ravine, its popula
rity is constantly on the increase. There
is no reason why every garden may
not have a supply of this excellent veg
etable, and The American Cultivator
gives pome seasonable hints on the best
mode of cultivating it ou a small sc*le.
Tho»*e who only care to raise a little f
their own use are adv^ed to buy rather
than raise the plants, as the cheaper
Land that was heavily manured in
the spring and a naturally rich soil is
the best adapted to this plant. A few
years ago it was thought necessary to
dig trenches in which to plant it now,
however, thi-» is abandoued, but it re
quires very deep tillage, and it is best
to draw two furrows, the same ai for
sugar-beets or mangolds, and set them
in the bjttom of the furrow. The land
best adapted to it is a moist soil, an it
is a salt-water plant.
The time to set it out is
middle to the last of July.
should be from four to five feet apart,
and the plants separated ten inches in
the row. After the first of September
the soil should be drawn up to the plants
to keep them compact a*, possible, and
prevent the branches from spreading.
The more and oftner they are hanked
up the better, so as not to cuver the
center shoot or bud if this is covered
the plant will be smothered. There
ares, number of diiLr'Tt varieties in
CU Uvatlon. •Mitt'.icy riittn- 1«hn ia
than any other vegetable.* lhe *oe.
lence of this vegetable depends more
upon culturo than upou variety. About
the h-.-'t -»f October a trench is generally
dug eighteen inches deep and twelve
inches wide, in some dry place where
water will not stand the plant is then
lifted with an much dirt around the
roots as possible, that it may keep crisp,
and it will continue to grow some. The
raw, when properly packed, should be
covered with boards, over which a lay
er of straw or leaves should be laid to
keep out the frost, and its preservation
lor the winter use is secured.
from the
The rows
b'oed Hunor.
Good humor is rightly rtckoned a
most vaiuable aid to happy home life.
An equally good and useful faculty is
a little fun along with the humdrum
cares and works of life. We all know
how it brightens up things geneially to
have a lively, witty companion, wh
sees the ridiculous point ofthi'!g-, and
can turn an annoyance into an occa
sion for laughter. It does a gr*fct deal
better to laugh ever me domestic
mishaps than to cry or ncold ab ut
tnem. Many homes and lives are dull
because they are allowed to become
too deeply impressed with the cares
and responsibilities of life to recogiiize
its bright aud (specially ltd mirthlul
side. In such household, good, but
dull, Ithn advent of a witty, humorous
fr:'nd is like sunshine en a cloudy iay.
While it is always oppressive :o hear
persons constaa'ly striving to saf witty
or funny things, it is comfortable, see
ing what a hnghtener a little fun is, to
make an eitjrt to make some at home.
It is well to turn (ii an impatient ques
tion sometimes and to regard it Irom
a humorous point instead of being ir
ritated by it. ''Wife, what is the rea
son 1 never can fine a clean shirt?"' ex
claimed a good, but rather impatient
hu-sband after looking all through the
wrong drawer. His wife looked at hini
steadily tor a moment, half inclined to
be provoked then, with a comical look,
she said, "I never guess conundrums
I give it up." Then he laughed, and
they both laughed, and she went and
got his fihirt, and he felt ashamed of
himself and kissed her and then she
felt happy, and so what migi.t have
been the ceeaoion for hard words and
unkind feeling- became jiiKt the con
trary, a!l through the little vein of
urnor that cropped out to the suriace.
tjome people have a peculiar faculty
for giving a humorous turn to thio^
when they are reproved. It does just
as wdl oftentimes to laugh things oti hh
to fcold them oil. Laughter is better
that tears. Let as have a little more
of it at home.
Extraordinai Dixorery t'lamly
London Pall Mali Oazcttc.
The bodies of seven or eight infanta
were found last evening buried in a gar
den on N-w street, Gloucester. Thi
ow.'ier of the premises is a man named
Keen, whobe wife ih monthly nurse.
Both are in custody. The discovery was
made iu consequence of complaints
made by neighbor of smells In tne gar
*'A Sort o Expectln' Look."
Boa nn Trunscript.
A New Haruj shire countryman ItLat
summer used to do a good deal of ob
servant saunteiing about a house where
boarded wine city ladien. One of them,
not very young, but of rather attrac:ve
the prefix Miss fore it. "Well, I be
hanged," he remarked, "ef I hain't
pnz/.'ed over that a bit. I wouldn't ask,
for I kind of made up my mind long
i'gi I could most, always teli. Some*
thin' about ye didn't look married, 'n'
then agin somethin' did." "W'hat was
did?" she asked. "Well, it sou ol
ook'es t:f you had iibnut settled it it
wus contented, 'n' done fur, 'n' didn't
ask nothin' o' no man!" "Is that look
so unusual?" Well, yes here abouts
'tis but I've seen that look afore in
women from down your way (Bjston)
I used to s'pose them e» hed it wus
always married, but seems not. Well
all htv to say is 'tain't natmal! A
woman ought always hev a sort o' ex
ptctin' loolc about her till she's hitch
ed. It helps her market It does, no
Odd Stories About Anlna!s.
In its fright, on being chased by a
hawk, a y-rtridge flew against Joseph
Beck, of Sullivan county. New York,
with such force a* o bre-ik its neck.
Caa«. Hedrick, of LQxiugton, N. C.,
shot an eagle with black back, wings
and tail, and neck and breast as white
as snow. It measured seven feet from
tip to tip.
in a burning building in Franklin
county, Ga., two colored children per
ished, and a dog which had been left
with them refused to leave tnem and
was burned to death by their side.
A buzzard dined on a lamb that had
been killed by* dog at NewG vrden.G*.
In some way it got fast in the. strap
fastened the bell around the
lamh's neck, aud has goue jtnglirg the 'ns»
bell about ever since.
There are people in Nor 'icb, Conn.,
who believe that a robin in that town
fastened a string to the limb of a pear
tree, wound the string about its neck,
and then dropped from its perch, and
in a few moments died of strangu'ation,
while its unhappy matt sung a requi
A Franklin, Mais,, dog saw a mail
di'.p bis handkerchief in the street.
The dog picked it up, ami going to the
door of tue house iuto which the man
b:td entered, made his presence known
by repeated raps. When the door was
opened the dog presented the lost hand
kerchief to its owner.
families n One Room.
From the 1'all Mult (iu/.Hte.
Mr. Bright's appalling statement aa
to the number of families in Glasgow
living in only one noai apiece is tup
ped by ^he atatistics of overcrowding
in French cities given by M. Nad aud
iu support of his bill dealing with un
healthy tenements. Acrordio to. M.
Nad aud there are 21W 70 house's in
France without any window whatever,
and to which light and air are admitted,
when admitted at all, only through the
door or a hole iu the door, which has
to be stopped up in wet or cold weather.
Allowing live people to a family, more
than 1,000.000 persons altogether, must
be housed in this execrable fashion.
In Paris, although tiO.OOO tenements
have been dealt with in tho last iU)
years under the act of 18?0. there are
still between 8,000 and 4 000 families
living in oinele rooms without means of
warmiuc, and between -.IKK) and 00O
in single rooms with no aperature
for light anil air—cupho -rds in fact.
Between L'o.OOO and habitations
consist of a single room only. "This
said of tne social question," says the
report from which these statistics are
drawn"—a conclusion which is gradual
ly forcing itself ou tlie minds of mm in
other countries besides France.
Our Knowledge.
Tcjus bifunfp.
"Do you kuow of your ow.n knowl
that the accused threatened to
beat Henry E. \bbey the first time he
caught him out?''
"Ob course I know it ob my own
knowledge. My wife's hrudder Jim waa
ober at de bar-room on Austin avenue,
and wh le he was dar he heard Blyford
Smith teil Bob Ferguson dat his wife
l:ad it ftraight from Sam Macy dat de I sably you."
prisoners had promised to sault Harry 1
\bbey de fust time he cotched h.itn out.
I knows hit ob my own knowledge, be- yfby jj|,e
cause I heered dat from bam Adauis or
ing," admitted the Mule,
from Life.
An Irfipressario once Approached a'
Kale ajid offered him Advantageous *'*"1.
".erroaCo be ome a Prima Donna.!
appearance, came in or much staring, "ihat is au Impossibility, for though I a boy five years of age fell into a well
shrewd rather than impudent. Once it
came in his way to do h«r a service by
which he discovered her name and sl.*o inquired the, Iroores^ario
Uveiy J'eerless." "Then," exclaimed
the Impressario, "you have the High
est s laJitication of a Prima Djnna.
Consular yourself Engaged.
focdsh Showman once Adv rtised
for the Following Curiosities: a Print,
wuo carried Tobacco, a Negro Minstrel
who Did not wear n Plug Hat, a Wcv
man who did not Wash her Face with
a IIig, an Editor who Had Ten dollars
in his i'ocket, and Dog whose Hind
lees weiein Piumb with his Front Legs,
Business Manager who did no' UOK
sider the editors Robbers and a Pair of
Shoes th*t were too Small for the Lndy
who Wore th«m. The foolish Show
man die.l a Death of Bitter Disappoint
A child, having sustained horizontal
Relations with His mother's Lap, was
heurd to Philosophically remark that
Spanking* not only Developed the Bot
tom fact/i of a Slipper's usefuiiu-ns but
also Affiraed the Spaukee an admirable
Opportunity appreciating the Beau
tiful and Wondrous Intricacies tf the
carpet Pattern
HiH Wave No Bonds.
WaViin^ton Telegram.
Sine* the Murch invef-tiuation began
the ffice of supervising architect of
the treasury has been looked into with
critical eyes. A very startling fact has
been ditwivered, namely, that the .su
pervising architect givts no bond, »ud
is only responsible, and that in slmost
a nominal sense, to the secretary of
the treasury. The bureau is compara
lively small. Ttee whole force, includ-
enut rrt
about 18 per-
i-ons. Miliions of dollars are yearly
disbursed by the chief at his discretion.
In live years his dinburSemenis were
umward of $40,000 001). It is evidently
more important for him to be an expe
rn need ace mutant than an experi
enced architeot, aud most impd^tant
and lucrative, saya one of'lbe.craft\ur
him to !e a shrewd and not an ovdr
iscrujuloRi politician.- O a ing to these |wl
defects in the system, supervising arch-1
i Meets huve had a full automatic sway
over ^»utilic buildings. It is alleged the
entireotlice seems little more than a
political machine by which million*
intended for art are .• quandered for
politic*! purposes, or hnd their way
into thp pockets of favorite contractors.
The perming investigation will bring
to hght these and other facts.
It is hard to see how an official who is
practically only responsible t« himself
can be reached, even if disclosures of a
most dmuaging cnaracter are made.
Nevertheless a full exposure is needed
to effect a much-wanted reform in this
important bureau.
Weag^Fat's Mistakf—He ha* Lost Caste
With the I'elest als.
San Francioo Chronicle.
Bill Perkins, 1
disremember which, wid A New \ork beauty, whotecom
mv (jwu ears pleXion at 00 was fresher tnan that of
cur women at 80, told her secret this
summer, and it wm divided into two
collector of autographs,
once wrote parts: First—She never used washrag
to Gent :a! -"herman for his Rutograph or *owe' on her face, out wasueu :t
a»jd a lock ef his hair, aue received the with her hands, rinsing it ctl with a
following reply: "The man who ba-v i soft sponge. She used clear water in
been wilting my autographs has been the morning, but whitt' castile so.ip or
discharged, aud, as ray, orderly is bald, i ve.y warm water Rt night, untl after
I cannot comply with either of your dry.uu it ou i soft towi 1 she would take
rtquesls." a flesh-brush, end rub her cheeks. hiu
Bfc^tovernor Pillsbury, of Minnesota,
is soentJTng it few weeks at his old home
in New Hamp-hire, and it is said that
he is the bearer of an invitation to ex
bsnator Patierson of the latter State to
become President of the Minnesota
State University.
The gorgeous drum-major at the
head of tbe procession yesterday
c*r.-ed Wong Fat to fall into an egre
gious error and greatly prejudice his
-tand:ng among tne Mongolians of his
pneiner ai an infallible authority on
all American matters, civic and mili
tary. The lrquacious laundry man was
explai ii ig to Loo Fun ard a group of
Oeastnls'.b e ok set of the Decoration
Day exercises, when the gigantic drum
mtjor afores.iid came in view, brand
ishui„- his tat-seled badge of authority.!
"A-h-h—who you callee him?" in
qui reel Loa Fun.
"Him—him big so'jee man, allee
same Genlee."
"Wha Genlee—Genlee Giant?
"No Genlee Giant muchee old man.
Him Geulee Barnes."
Henry Watd Beecher is coming west and fore head. Second If she was go
next month. He is announced to lee- ing to be up late at night she always
ture in Evanston, 111., July 11. slept as many hours in the day as she
expected to brt awake beyond her usual
You thiukee you know him good?"
Yeh me know him heap well,
Gftnlue allee timee swingee stick, keep argu$iit of endless lawyers is
off gollee."
"Me thinkee you no sabbe me. (lea
lee him no go head him soljee!
"Why no him go head?"
"Ciuse him no wantee get kill.
Meluar. Genlee him neva get kill.
H:m no made Genlee to ii^htee. Him
stay 'oeh.u', lettee soljee get kill, sojsim
him come
foolee too
home lr.n toh (11k
mnohM Wong Fat,
Y ou
time. She finished her little- sermon
on beauty preservation by saying:
•'Salt water and ho-ind sleep keep ofl
wrii kles and spois, and girls should
givj more attention to this than they
do, for
With the comis* of tlit crows' ftst
Ij th« going of the U*«x feet."
Strange Happening*.
A girl six years of age, who said she
bad no home, and neither father nor
las," quoth the Mule with a Sigh, At the Children's Home in Cincinnati
have a^i E*r for Music, my Voice is, forty-five feet deep, at tfce bottom of
."-.idly Attuned." "Bat
you can Kick?''.whicha
man was digging. Tne boy
and did not know her name.
found in tHe streets of
''At kick-plighted on t:.eback ot the well digger,
'lam but neither was hurt.
A root of a pinon-tree found by Ed
ward Austin in New Mexico is Is knott
1 and twisted so that it forms .* perfect
esemblance to two human beings stand
ing face to face, with hands clasped and
irni!) exlendea.
A Chinaman made a bet of $8 with
ne of his fellows, that he could swim
ro«"« the Sicram
(into River at Led ding
return. As he failed and went nn
his opponent clapped his ha: ds in
g^at glee and quietly pocketed the
n splitting a log of black oak Berja
mn Marvin, of Watertown, Cm, saw
oithe smooth grain in the heart of the
trl a perfect picture of a clump of
trt's, with trunks and branches and
tv4 clearly defined. The picture is
abut four inches square.
.wo Mexicans living near Salado,
Te., killed eacn other with the same
ki|e. Ooe stabbed the other near the
hi^-t, leading the knife sticking in the
wand. The wounded man jerked out
thfcnife and plunged it into his a»i*er
safs heart, and both fell
Tlie Star-Route Failures.
Wa^hin^ton Dispatch,
le star-route trial for the second
tirrithas resulted in flit failure. The
jurjiave returned a verdict of not
Muil for all the defendants. It has
beet running for seven months the
tentfiony and proceedings cover $000
oct» pagfs. For many weeks the
lawjrs for the prosecution and the de
fensiiave hammered at the juiy. One
iawj^-, Mr. Merrick, spok»- for nine
days The daily sessions of the court
begifat 11, and lasted ti'l 4, with half
'houti'cets from 1 till 1.30, bus con
Kumi» hours. Five mon were in
diet® fcr conspiracy to defraud the
eove^ment.—S. W. and J. W Dorsey,
hii. Minei, Harvey Vile and
J. B.")y. The crime consisted in a
corri$. conspiracy on the part of Brady
the lionri assistant post master-gener
al, a^these men to increase their pay
fvT'»r«eti r.« from .jomcthirg
),000 to over 1^00,000 or
s much, it.-ady increased the
certain stage routes from $41
en the receipts from the mail
over these routes were le.-sthan
and leaving out the railroad
ntatiless than $11 000. What the
indivit.il profits irom these enormous
frauduere, wiil nevor be known, but
Mr. Br found that Stephen W. Dor
sey 's ontracts for one year amounted
to $1000 over and abave the snb-con
tractsy which the maU tervice was
actua^ done.
Lilthe impeachment o? Warren
Ha^tis, which ran alou^ for seveu
vearSud ended in acquittal, the f^tar
rotite al has been terribly overdone.
JustUhas been literally lawed to death.
In tliurst place, Brady ought to have
heeu,,ipeached during the Hayes »d
miniiition. Impeachment is dilticult,
espetfly where the law gives authori-
ty tose public officer to act upon hia
discr^io but impeachment would
havoren eisy compared with the at
tema- convict of conspiracy before a
jury%ommon men at T/afhington,
D. 0» nispiracy is of all crimes the
mosttficull tt) establish. Mere reli
ance corrupt men on a common pur
posed motive of unscrupulous gain
is nulronspiracy, although for all in
lentiid puin»se« it serves the end of
con-jscv. We do not kuow that the
indigent could have been more wise
ly frfed, but it certainly set up the
harifc thing possible to prove.
Ttjesult ie disgraceful to the ad
minlkticn of justice. Taat such a
cohifcated case should be submitted
to n*of the capacity of the average
uryi confession that all the t-labu
ati.ff evidence and the line-spun
mm bug
and a* for naoght but to sustain an
inrtJ profession. Had Mr. B1 iss,
the i
aud Mr. Merrick omitted all
ig pleas but their closiog sum
p, the}' might have made some
ion upon a jury, but their tedi
n mation ot the evidep«te was
i n p|
A Sensation.
said Daisy to her mamma. "I
ie parlor last night, behind the
en tlie preacher came iu to see
tie, and they did set up too
anything, an' the preacher
iti»-, dear, 1 luv you,'
and Kate
oo,' an' then the preacher
•:ifs er right smack n the mout,
I. »rt
Chi it
Djar Katie how good th
to ti-i
poor sinners,' an' Katie
in' then—an' then—"
s.iid her mamma, "you wicked
v,icked child, what did vou
y, mamma, 1 felt so good, I
•'gl\i out, 'Let us pray,' au'
.it to have seen em jump."
osalind of a Missouri Mine.
Poto*i In^apiadeat.*
tart'iug discovery was made
night at Mineral Point, which
si the suspicious of many that
wvn the- "boy" at the mi'jes,
a boy, but a girl in boy's cloth
ing. Jany amusing incidents are now
relaf egarding "James," one of which
we relate to show how complete
was her disguise in the eyes of one, at
least: Shortly after her e.rrival at Sum
mi ville she pinde the acquaintance of
a Mir-s Black well. That lady became
CHamored to the soft-voiced "James,"
a:-id he gallantly returned her love, and
the couple were frequently seen in the
sweet pastime of love-making. Those
who did not know surmised that it
would all end in matrimony, but fate
decreed otherwise, and the deceived
young lady's family moved to another
part of the world at a time when her
love had grown so strong that separa
tion seemed worse than pulling an eye
tK)th. She shed bitter tears at having
to leave her gallant "James" behind.
A Little rl Sent by Express.
Tltusville Pena) HeraH.
At the Buffalo, New York and Phila*
4 delphia Station viterday, on the ar
rival of the 2.5o train, there stepped
down a pert little miss of possibly four
winters and as many eumiren. Upon
her hat was pinned a label with the
words "Titusville, Crawford County,
Penn.," aud a similar oue decorated
her waist. These labels told more of
her than she herself could tell, for she
only knew that she was Maggie, the
daughter of John Brennan. It s .ems
that Bhe came from Smithport, starting
yesterday morning, and though with
out ticket cr money, had come through
direct and without missing a connec
tion. Inquiry further d^ve'oped the
fact tbat several days ago Brennin, who
resides at Selkirk or Grand Valley, in
quired at the expels office for a little
girl who was to come through by ex
press. It was this knowledge that en
abled McVelia, of the express company,
to tell where the precocious child be
longed. James Pettigrew took her in
charge, and she will be sent to her
father to-day.
Sham Bntter and Cheese.
Profewar Shelil-m, in low HouiMtrad.
Can any one tell what dairying is
drifting tc? We bear of all sorts of
queer monstrosities, from lard-cbeese
to cotton-butter. No man knows what
he eats if he buys it. Simulation is the
spirit of the, age, and no end of science
and skill is employed to deceive. A.
elever imitation is what man prefer to
produce, aud the public are lead to de
vour. The simplicity of gejjuinenes is
out of the running, a*= things go in the
world. Tne public rntut" e\t what i«
given them, asking no questions. Tlie
oleomargarine men have done a terrible
Sot. of mischief, and offal i?j the god
whom th.»y delight to honoi arid xalt.
At all points ths.y aiiy to circumvent
the dairyman and swindle the public.
The tAfite of the people is degraded
by the sham batter and cheese which
seems to be real. Men's stomachs now
adays are sepulchres for strange abom
inations which they ignorantly, rather
than innocently, swallow. This sort of
thing is leading thpm they know not
whitaer, and posterity will pay the piper.
It is no longer that which cometh out
of, but that which goeth into, the mouth
thatdeHlen. Mea'-« i'rinks of many
kinds are what they preterio' w^be, and
there is a good deal of "tricks tb^ are
dark" iu what passes for dairy
Whose fait is thie'.' Well, in a
part the dairymen's, for they have
ed good nrlk. They have given
opening for the shoddy men of the dairy,
who are growing rich out of offal. The
law complacently lets men sell what
they like, and the sham is, often enough,
better than the real one. Shoddy sells
well enough to be eirefully rqade, and
so the makers of counterfeit butter and
cheese do flourish. Dtirymen who
make inferior butter ano cheese, no
matter how real the goods may be, are
out of the running entirely." If only
the plate of the public is suited, it mat
ters not if the article be real or pretend
ed, so careless dairymen can hardly
"make ends meet and lie.:' But one
tiling is c'.eir: th- makers of firn-claM
cheese aud butter cm hold their own
against the nefarious atuti that is made
in anv aud every country. A weding
out procesa is going on, and goods
which are mere simulations will take
the place so long occupied by the pro
ducts of milk that was spoiled. If, then,
th% oleomargariue business, the melted
tallow and other less creditable things,
shall re?ult in bringing about a thorough
reforiH in dairy methods, we chall have
reason after all to be grateful to men
for whom few of us entertain feelings
that approach to respect or allection.
But let the public have fair protection,
let them know what they buy: then the
dairymen will win—if they want to and
if they don't the fault is their own.
A Qeeer -Specimen of Hnninn Nature,
A frog boy, weighing nineteen pounds
and standiug one foot si" inches in his
shoes, was on expl .ibition in Lexington,
Va., last week. He resembles a frog
botu in face and form and in his
ner of getting about. The ioy was J0|
ored and in charge of a colored man*
A Lover of Flowers.
Sumoa-n i .1 urna!.
"Yes," oaid Mrs. Towser, as ihe ex
patiated upon the beauties of hei flower
garden, "I have given i care, and if
you comi over ir a week or two 1 ex
pect to be able to show you some beauti
ful scarlet pneumonias."
The Chinese minister states that he
left France ou account of family mat
ters, and that be will return to Peris
J- hn EcRver, a brakeman, caught his
foot in a frog at Dubuque, and was enft
in two by a locomotive befere he oooAl
extricate himself.

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