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The Sully County watchman. (Clifton, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1894, September 29, 1883, Image 1

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Published Kverj Saturday.
$2 Per Year, in Advance._
Delegate in ('onpn »s— J. B. Raymond.
Governor—M. G. Ordwwy.
Sivrrtury—J. H. Teller.
Treasurer—W. H. MeVay.
Auditor— (lenrge L. Oniway.
Surveyor (ienernl—Cortes S. Feascnden.
Superintendent of Public Instruction—
W. H. H. Beadle.
Chief JuHtire of Supreme Court—Alonzn
*J. Jidirerton.
Associate Justiccn of the Supreme Court
—Win. K. J. Church, J. P. Kidder, 8. B.
I'nitcd States District Attorney—Hugh
J. Campbell.
United Staiea Marshal—HnrrUon Allen.
Commissioners.—U. J. Mdfclt. Sr..
ttftnver. N. H. Yiunjr.
Sheriff —(J. J. Milletl. .lr.
Tn •usurer—Charles Airur.
Coroner—Dr. J. A. Sloven*.
Surveyor—William Ashley Jones.
Assessor—Orr W. Ijoe.
Clerk of Court—II. \V Kdiferton.
Judge of Probate—Merit Sweeney.
Superintendent of Schools—David S
Register of Deeds and Ex'Officio Count*
Clerk. J. A. Meloon.
Justices c»f the Peiu*e—Wm. P. Ross, G.
W. Everts. P. Keily, D. I). Bryant.
Constables—Henry W. Spraj UJ. George
Bowers. Geo. H. Pease.
WM. P. ROSS, Proprietor,
First-ciass accommodations. Hate* rea
sonable. Livery iu Connection. 18
Contractor and Builder,
PIZE22. DA£0 a k.
Parties who contemplate the erection of
bu!l«iinc*. cither in town or country, would
do well to get my tiirurea. Estimates furn
ished on short notice. i om
Wm. P. ROSS,
IVanMU-t-s a encrul Laud Bu»tne»*.
Locating a Specialty.
Office at lifton House. Xvi
S. H. NEAI,7~
Att»rn y at Law, and
hi, Lw aal h:un&ce Agent,
Q&A3!? & EOBSETS, Huron, D. T.
Contests carefully prosecuted. Final
Proofs made.
to Loan on Fi­
nal Proofs. Some excellent, claims on
hand. iT-im
It. P. F. K. Itaudolpii. J. A. WUtu.
Alu •rnt-vs and Counselor* at Law uiif
Land & Loan Agents,
With offices at Blunt and Huron, «r«
e*p«.ciallv prepared to di prompt and care
ul work I fore
U. S Land Office. SGO.OOOto Loan
•'inal Proof*. See them.
ful work 'in' Land matter
on Sully county
8.E. D1CKOVER, Proprietor,
Headquarter* for all Stage Linen for the
north and northwest. Good bath rooms
la connection with house.
EsiiU ui loan Agenl,
Fitial Proof. attended to. Locate par
ties on lands in ilughen, Sully, and ad
joining counties. xvi
W M,
K vli
\M, PRFS'L. N. I.i
ICK*, i a-lii'-r.
Itl.l .NT, KAKOTA.
Refer by permission to Union National
Utuik. Kacine. Wis. lion. Win. P. Lyon,
Aaaoeiate Justice Supreme Court, Madison,
Wi lion. li. A. SI a well. State Treiue
•irer of Hew York, Albany, N. Y. xvi
W olfiale and Ret .il De .er» in
firiseries, Frtmioss, Crockery, filau
ware. Cigars and Tobaccos.&8.t
By wiling good goods at smull profit*
mid by fair deidin-*. we hope to merit the
.ntidenec and esteem of our patronH and
•i -tid*. Call and «e»» u*. augS-y
—An occasional prairie scoonersails
through town.
—Money to Loan by O. W. Lee, Clif
—Messrs. 1
"otter and Butts are pot
ting tip hay.
—Chas. F. Smith pulled the ribbons
over the Clifton and Blunt stage team
last Saturday and Tuesday.
—Geo. Carstonsen, M. J. NHlson
and Henry and August Rush, of 3*ieixe,
were in town, Monday.
—The laying of the corner stone of
the new court house in Hughes county
is to take place at Pierre, to-day, with
appropriate ceremonies.
—L. J. Chatinan and John W. Le
gally left, Thursday, for their old
home at Bowling Green, Ohio, but
will return early in the spring. A
pleasant time to them.
—Don't forget the opening of Steb
bins Opera House at Blunt by the
Peerless Dramatic Co., next Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A
thintf-nrmv tW ltwlitKI lor
he school loard baa Itought the
late Sun building from Henry Potter
and will fix it up and have a school in
Clifton this winter. The term will
doubtless commence in about fo
—Go to O. W. Lee to get money on
Final Proofs.
—The HarrwM Towrwfte Company
gives 24 lots for the purposo of supply
ing the town with water. This is Un
kind of a spirit that will win. and could
lie imitated by other town sites in the
Territory with profit to themselves.
—F. M. Chamberlain, J. C. Thomp
son and M. H. Pritchard returned
from Fort Bennett Wednesday night,
whither they had l)een to witness the
distribution of grub to our hungry red
brothers, the Government pets, of
whom there were 3,300 present.
—IIeeon 1 the fact that the first hard
frost t»visit Sully county made itso
manifest Tuesday morning. Sept. 25th.
but it came too late to do any serious
damage. Old "Jack" visited tin
Suites nearly a month earlier and raised
the deuce with vegetation.
—.Just after sunrise Tuesday morn
ing the hills on the other side of the
Missouri could be seen with remarkable
distinctness, 25 miles away, every out
line coming out clearly, and one could
almost imagine they saw the Indiana
on the rest-1 vut|on. ptirminft -ajxund.
Theai*-wfis very pun.- and ru rifled.
V—The contract of Frank A. Lee.
for carrying the U. S. mail between
Clifton and Blunt, expires to-day. Mr.
Lee# has given excellent satisfaction
-ind we wish that the same route was
to lte coutinucd, even if we were call
1 upon to "put up" to help the Gov
quuent pay the bill.
—Pi. J. M.Otutfh, Dentisc, wFio owns
a farm in Waverly township, hasojx'n
ed an office in Pierre for the practice ol
his profession. He has fitted up an
elegant office in Hilger's new building,
corner Pierre street at id Dakota avenue.
Any one in need of anything in his line
will find him ready to wait on them
and perform all operations in a first
class mannei.
—For liold-faeed. malicious and un
abashed lying, C. C. Frost, the snivel
ing. pusilanimous little red-headed
puppy who has his name at the head
of the misnomer called the Clifton
•4 Sun," a paper which dies not give as
much light as a ftre-Hy, discounts old
Ananias himself. Kditor and Pro
prietor he subscribtis himself, having
kicked his I n it her, a tygger dead-lx'at
and rascal than himself, if possible, out
of the business. Without an ounce
tv|e or a ivnt's worth of any kind of
printing material of his own, he is mak
inga big swell as proprietor." With
a clioek that would alutsh a Govern
ment mule he has foiscd himself u|on
the people of Sully comity, and with a
dirty sheet published at Pierre is try
ing to blackcn the name and character
of our people and drag them down into
the slums to which he has been relega
—Have you made that fire break?
—The Injun has got to have his
summer, yet
—Final Proofe made by O. W. Lee,
Notary Public.
—S. H. Neal is having a oeilsr
under his house.
—Frank A. Lee has been in Pierre
on business this week.
Henry Potter, the merchat, went
to Pierre after a load of goods, yes
—Many of oar people have visited
Clifton during the week on final proof
—Prof. David Staples, County Supt.
of Schools, was in- town Tuesday in the
furtherance of his duty.
—S. B. Carson was in town, Monday,
proving up a number ot parties, and
favored us with a call.
—Judge M. Sweny has our thanks
for securing a number of subscribers
to the WATCHMAN during the past
—The Bower brothers are down
Pierre plowing fire breaks atound
quantity of hay belonging to
Andre* McFall will build in
Cliflfon this fall, and, with his family,
e up a residence with us. Wel
come to all such good citizens.
—R. C. Fosdick left the first of the
week for a visit to his old home in
Minnesota, and Dame Rumor intimates
that "some one" will return with him.
—R. H. Hoover, after a two weeks
sojourn in Clifton, visiting his brothV
crs, departed, Wednesday, for his home
on the Pacific coast, the land of al
most perpetual summer.
—Andrew McFall, C. O. C. Barker.
Walter Mosher aud W. H. Cornell
visited Ft. Bennett the first of the
week to witness the Government dis
tribution of ratious to the Indians.
All kinds of blanks printed at this
office. Leave your order.
—Miss Flora Rounds, of Yankton,
reached Clifton, Thursday, and will
s|K«nd the winter with her sister, Mrs.
B. P. Hoover. A pleasant acquisition
to our society.
—A prairie fire, caused by the care
less throwing down of a cigar stub,
burned over considerable territory and
a numlter of hay stacks in Waverly
township, 113-79, the first of the
—Probably one cause for the delay
of papers from the Huron Land Office
the fact that the officials have been
npellcd to make in the regular reports
to\Washington. They have unques
tionably been a very busy set for some
weeks past.
Some of our exchanges talk of
tUe grand auroral displays taking
daee nearly every Sunday night, but
we lielieve it only a scheme to en
courage matrimony by getting the
young ladies and gentlemen to ait up
and spark.
—A convention of township school
officers of Sully county is soon to be
called for the purpose of taking action
upon adopting a uniform series of text
books for the county, and ascertain
where the best school furniture for the
least money can be obtained, and we
suggest Clifton as the proper and most
convenient place for holding such a
meeting. The idea is a good one, and
Su(Mrintendent Staples is interesting
himself in the matter. Due notice will
be given in the WATCHMAN.
--The blatherskite who is runnings
|ai»er under a name bought by and
belonging to us, called "The Clifton
Sun," calls the people of the commun
ity thugs." He is the biggeat would
IK» thug in the country, and we can
prove tliat he howled around Huron
last spring aliout how he was going to
put a head on some one before he
left then*, but no one ever heard of his
doing it, nor ever will. His first at
tempt should lie in "putting a head"
containing a few grains of sense and
decency on himself, for a tumble-bug
wouldn't be guilty of rolling the one he
now has.
—A Mr. McArthur, in the eastern
part of the county, was thrown from a
horse, last week, and had one of his
arms broken.
—Parties desiring money with which
to prove up should notify us at least
ten days previous to day of proving up.
—J. B. Colton, of sec. t», 11-1-77, has
husked and sold to W.
Cotmto tofttciimrtn.
—This is a good time to disembowel
your potatoes from old mother earth.
—Carpenters have been in active
demand at Clifton for some time past
—Several people who make Blunt
their headquarters have been in town
proving up this week.
—John H. Hanson left, Monday, for
a two-weeks visit to his old home at
Lake Benton, Minn.
—A Norwegian named Brick Erick
son lost his life from noxious gasses in
a well near Blunt, last week.
—Dakota got there at the Min
nesota State Fair and carried away the
first premium on vegetables.
—W. P. Ross has the large addition
to his hotel about completed, which
will give him fine accommodations.
—Since the equinoxial storm, last
week, the weather has been fine, and
several weeks of the same kind is
promised by the old residentsrs.
—People sending in their i» '.(ion
to prove up will avoid detc tid
vexation by seeing that t.b».
rectcd to-be published in the WATCH
—The new Clifton and Pierre mail
line goes into operation next Tuesday.
The stage will make the round trip
twice a week, leaving Pierre each
Tuesday and Saturday morning, and
returning from Clifton each Tuesday
Saturday afternoon
—since our rejior*
lowing townships i is
(Vom the recent schoo.. el' d.
Director, J. W. Caselw
Thompson Treasurer.
and name of township S
79. Director, Taylor N«-.
W. Trumbull Treasure'
and name of township
Baty 30
bushels of corn, the products of an
acre plowed under the sod about the
first of June. Considerable of the seed
did not «me and the gophers took
considerable that did. This is proba
bly the first corn grown and marketed
iu Sully county. It was of the early
white dent variety and was well ma
tured and cut before Leing touched by
the frost, nearly three weeks ago. The
ears are of good size, specimens at this
office measuring nearly a foot.
Another Railroad Sumy for Sully
We are reliably informed that on
Thursday noon a Chicago & North
western survey party left Harrold,
Hughes county, to run a line to Ash
Point, on the Missouri river in the
western part of Sully county. A di
rect line between these two points
woufti take the road square' through
Clifton. The survey party is looked
for to-day and we hoie to give our
readers something more definite in re
gard to the matter next week, but there
will l)c one thing almost certain—that
there will be one or two railroads in
operation through Sully county one
year from this date. Stick a pin here
and see if we are not a good prophet
Plant Black Walnuts.
All persons desiring fresh, unhulled
black walnuts for faH planting can sup
ply themselves now by making their
orders immediately to J. .J. Novak, or
the undersigned at Blunt, D. T. They
will cost, delivered at the depot iu
Blunt, $2.50 per bushel.
23-4t I). W. ROBINSON.
Administrator's Notico to Creditors.
Nollr* U hereby Riven to all crMiltori of John
Wfilcjr Smith, (ieccstod, and to all prr*in.i holding
clat.ni axainnt him lu exhibit theui with thr mvea
a&rv vourhrm, the undentignat hi# rnidtncn
at lh« town Clifton, Sully county, 1». T., within
four mouth from the lac of thin |»jliliravion.
lattsl at Cliflan, wpUmiber K, 1HH3.
H. H. liliTTS,
Administrator of Um ElltU of Jubn Woo
ley Smith,
dacoMod. S3
—W. H. Baty, section T, 114-77, is
building a good barn.
—The court house has been topped
off with a brick chimney.
—The editor of the Ree Heights
Free Press lives on two pound potatoes
and other vegetables in proj»ortion.
No wonder he is waxingcorpulent
—8. A.
Travis, a genial young
printer from Aberdeen, passed through
Clifton, yesterday, with a load of build
ing material on the way to his claim
the north-west of 11,114-79.
—O. W. Lee will write up your pa
pers and loan you money on final prool
—Tex a? Sifting*:—A stupid look
ing tramp knocked at oue of the fin
est residences in Austin, and was n
ceived by the lady of the hous
•'Whatdo you want?,f Please, *en
give me a dime to buy a glass o
bread, 'scuse me, I mean a loaf 01
The county seat of Sully County, is
beautifully located upon the south bank
of the Okobojo—a never failing stream
—upon a plateau just sloping enough to
atford an excellent drainage. Though
only a few weeks old, it is already of
ie most importance of any place with
in a, radius of tlfty miles, enjoying a
steadv and permanent growth, and is
to have a lively boom as soon
as the dull season is over. Being sit
so near the Geographical Center
arge and fine a county as Sully
*ts seat of justice, it cannot be oth
ft-ise. The healthfulncss of Clifton
and suiroundiug country must com
mend itself to everybody, and, in select
ing a location, those who take this
great desideratum into consideration
cannot do better in the whole West
Lhan right here. Fine Government
Land can yet be secured near Clifton,
the county seat, and relinquishments
I ought at a low price.
Is situate on the east side of the Mis-
B. P. Hoov**, H. W. EdokktoN}
Money Loaned
Hoover & Edgerton,
souri river in the south central portion
of Dakota, and is conceded ^y those
who know to be the most beautiAil
country in this great territory—a dis
tinction of which it may well be proud.
It contains some 800,000 acres of as
fine agricultural and grazing lands as
the the sun ever shone upon, only
awaiting the plowman and stock grow
er to fill their pockets with easily made
wealth and their hearts with content.
's beautiful to behold, just rolling
rnough to aflbrd an excellent drainage,
/hile the soil is a deep vegetable
lould, very rich in the elements which
roduce wheat, oats, corn, flax, etc., in
leir highest perfection and greatest
bundance. While the past winter
rus the most severe for years, it is an
.bsolute fact that much of the stock
*un at large with neither food or shelt
er, other than that afforded by the
rairie and the canopy of heaven. Sul
y county is
Than many parts of the west, having
the Okobojo creek, Medicine creek,
Spring creek, Cow creek, the Arti
choke, Ac., beside its western boundary
being washed for some forty miles by
the mighty Missouri, with the great ad
vantage of being in the rain lelt of the
great Missouri Valley. Many well" of
good water are found, varying Tcvm
8 to 30 feet
To reach Clifton and Sully oonn$y^
buy your ticket and ship our freight
via the great Chicago and Northwest
ern Railway, the cheapest, quickest and
only direct route west from Chicago.
With prophetic vision this great com
pany foresaw the future of Dakota and
are offering every facility to those
seeking homes among us. If your lo
cal agent cannot t!cket you through,
get to Chicago the cheapest you can
where at 62 Clark street you can buy
cheap tickets clear through to Blunt or
Pierre without change of cars. This
accommodation alone is worth dollars,
particularly to the wife and children
who may be coming without an escort.
For information address the General
Passenger Agent, C. & N. W\ Railway,
Chicago, 111.
Final Proofs.
Improvements made on Tree Claims and Taxes Paid
for Non-Residents.
Collections Made.
Parties desiring money with which to prove up should notify as at least ten days
previous to day of proving up.
MR. HOOVER, having been a resident of Sully oounty for seven years, it
familiar with all lands is Stilly and Potter counties, is well prepared to do

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