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The Sully County watchman. (Clifton, Dakota [S.D.]) 1883-1894, October 27, 1883, Image 2

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the police.
DENVER is in Arapahoe
f!ol jtiid itK mnid crmwth U ^ridi»ii-
l^oi., anu its rapm grontn is eviuen
graphy has been made by J. W.
Mackey and James Gorden Bennett.
They have at last signed a contract
for two cables across the Atlantic
Ocean with Siemens Bros., near Lon-
still a schoolboy.
FIVE counterfeit postal notes have
been redeemed at the Indianapolis
postofliee. They were on genuine pa-
per and purported to have been issued
at Youngstown, Ohio. The banks at
Indianapolis now refuse to receive
postal notc^
THE bird* are slow in takuig their
flight, the musk rats are not building
corn-husks are thin, all of which leads
a shrewd old trapper to the conclusion
that we are to have a mild winter.
But it will be just as well to lay in
coal and get ready the flannels.
THK value of the exports of
THIRTY iorsASt» min--rsat Wiga:IT
Eng., have demanded an immediate
increase of wages.
THE Minneapolis mills turn out
daily from 15.()00 to 1*0,000 barrels of
THE Prince of walos has lately or
dered a life size JK»rtrait of Miss
Chamberlain, the American beauty,
and has also tendered to Mr.. Mrs.
and Miss Chamberlain the use of his
yacht for atl Autumn cruise.
THE full name of a young1 woman at
West Fork. Iowa, is Iowa Dakota
Minnesota Bennett. The truth leaked
out lately when her young
of existing regulations. Lvenchildren
ern, lecently passed through the jet
ties at the mouth of the Mississippi,
and discharged a cargo at New Or
ed for a marriage license. home tlie inemlers found the citv lialf-
Moody and Sankey opened tur.
revival meetings in Cork. Ireland
yesterday. A mob gathered outside America was celebrated with gnat spirit
of the building, and hooted those who 'n the Opera House at Madrid, where
entered. The mob was dispersed by
SKSSIONS, now on
THE mob that assembled around? ROBINSON BROWN, a wealthy farmer,
Benton County (Ind.) jail at Fowler, }vas i'"»rdered andI robbed in "a low sa
i* tt i- *1 n ii loon, at place called Coal Bluff, near
with the object of lynching the fiend
lla-V- Wl,e"
nine miles to water and twenty miles
from wood. No grub in the house.
God bless our home.''
OFFICIAI. returns from all but one
county in Iowa make the plurality of
Governor Sherman 'i."j,061.
TJIR Odd Fellows and United Work
men have institute! a search for Henry
Kooltuan. who mysteriously disap]eared
at Dubuque, Iowa, a month ago.
Neiling, who confessed to the recent the body placed on the railioad track.
atrocious murder of Ada Atkinson in
that county, was repulsed by the sher
ift' and his assistants and finally dis
persed without carrying out its pur
has a beautiful home on the Madison-,
ville pike, in East Walnut Hills, near!
Cincinnati. The Iloadley household
consist of tlie Governor elect, Mrs.
Iloadley, Mr. George Iloadley, Jr., I
Miss Hoadley (who is at Farmington Oshkosh.
at school) and Kdward Mil!*
such thick walls to their nests,and the recently finished a term of imprison-
stuffs from the United States for Sep
tember was $10, l'.n'.'.MiO, against $21,
'02,01)0 for the same time in 1882.
A GRAND n RV at Baltimore lias in
restigated the circumstances attend
ing the loss of sixty lire lives at a rot-
., .. rest escaping. Detective Cherry re
or the nine months ended September ceived a bnllet in the fleshy part of the
th the total was $130,130,-136, against, right arm.
$134,937,890 for the same period in
1882. i ACCIDENTS.
ten wharf near that city tli^ee or four I
ago, and indicted the owner 11,-HiyD. Oak lev, of Chicago, to cover
and the lessee of the premises for man-1 liabilities of ^i:io,ooo.
anniversary of the First
Congregational Church, of New Haven,
attracted an immense congregation.
President Porter, of Yale College, de
livered an address.
THE Pullman Palace Oar company re
port net earnings of 10 per cent, for the
year ending with August, and will de
clare a quarterly dividend of 2 per cent,
with an extra return of 1^, payable No
veniber 15.
Tin* Garfield assivifitionof Cleveland
invites the artists of all nations to fur
nish dusi^ns for a granite monument in
1-nke View cemetery, to cost not over
THK Athletic Base Ball club, of Phila
appli- 'Mpbin.
the championship of tin
American association, and on returning
raj ted and illuminated in their honor.
Statl frontier complain of the severity Payers coujd scarcely reach their car- had l»een drinking tw cxccss, kilied hiiu-
u i.W0 guests participated in the banouet,
aml i statu« 0f u lnnihus was unJlUnl
The Opera House was brilliantly illum-
livej| Gf
ced by the fact that the taxable prop- present. The company included states
erty of that county has increased in politicians of all parties, literary
two years from $25,000,000 to $J10,600,
men, artists and diplomats.
trial at
Albany for attempting to brile As
semblyman Bradley. t»stilied that in
their interview nothing was said
about money, and none passed between
objects crossing the Rus-: Broad street was so choked that the was short £1,000 in his accounts and
players coujd scarcely reach their car-
vM i riages. The niavor received the proces-1 self with'morphine.
T,wi,ini»t, iollfV, hull ,,
must Inns formal passports. THE Society of the Army of the Ten- lirothe. Iowa, jumped upon a train near
5 n e s s e e e e e e n e a W S e a n O u w a o s e a k o i s o e e
THE steamship Si 1 vert own, which president. General Grant orator, and conductor, and at that instant the train
ranks next in size to the Great East-, 'elected Lake Minnctonka as the place to wt»nt under a bridge and knocked his
hold the next reunion. It was resolved head entirely off.
that the wives and daughters of tneni
liers shall hereafter IM admitted to ban
quets of the society. A telegram of con
dolence was sent the family of General
Steedman, and a hearty greeting to the
ex-prisoners of war assembled at Deca-
Th„ anniV(rs!irv of tho dist.ovorv of
inafted and decorated with flags and coats of tlie Czeich party in Austria is dead,
of arms of Spain, and Republics of North THK Government of Alsace-Loraine
AUSTIN CASK, of Muncie, Indiana,
night clerk at the United States Express i
$•1,000 package from the safe on St^item
l*r M.
MARTIN DEHPSEY, the last of heillict
distillers in eastern Arkansas, lias been
fined and sentenced to confine
ment in the Detroit penitentiary for
eighteen months.
AVENGEI: (1) »NM:LL has been in
dicted at London on charge of mur
dering Carey, but the trial was JK»st-,
ponod to November 21, Food of the*
best kind is daily sent to the prison wires and receiving board ^of'trade quo
from an adjacent town. Gen. Roger
A. Pryor is an object of considerable found connecting the main line with an that country
curiosity. upper room at the stock yards. i BISMARCK has submitted to the Bun-
OFFICIALS of the Western Union com
pany at Chicago have caused the arrest
of C. F. Van Winkle for tapping the
was captured in Montreal, and has leen the commercial treaty of Srpt. 4.
committed to await the arrival of an ex
tradition demand by tlie governor of
EDWARD G. WALKER,the colored law
yer, has entered a liln-1 suit against tho
i Boston Post Publishing company, for
don. The liew Imcs arc to ljQ in oporar defamation of character, contained in
tion next sunimt-r. an article ill that pajn-r Monday. The
————m damages are laid down at $10,imh).
Haute, Iml., Saturday night, and
tial party were crossing a dry gulch to the extent of $«,5u(). cholera epidemic, reports having discov
in Northern Wyoming, they saw FLORENCE II. PETERS, eashier for Lyon «red that cholera is due to a living
written in charcoal over the door of llealey, Chicago, confessed that his thread like a microscopic organism, re
..... cash account was $1!),(KM) short, and was ambling that seen in cases of phtsis,
a vacant cabin the following "Only
been mixed up without any criminality.
PATRICK Cox, a saloon-keejter at Bur
lington, Iowa, while in an intoxicate!
condition, killed an umbrella-mender
INFLAMED by jealousy, and angry at his
mother-in-law's interference in domes
tic matters, William Harrison shot dead
his Ki-year old wife at Denver, Col., Sat
urday, ami then killed himself.
11.0. PiutE «S:Co., pool-sellers at Pitts- village that the corpse of one of their
bur», were the victims of liogus dispatch- number should le buried in the church
es from the Jerome Park races, and paid instead of in the cemetery.
out over 14,000 on the wrong horses. DR. KOCH, of the German Commission
The piMil-rtumis i„ St. I-oai.welo caught which tu KKv,4 to •nvcs.iwlc the
and committed to jaiL His at- THE British schooner Otome caught
torney declares that the books, have
In thr Milwaukee criminal court Mon
i i i a y o n e n i k s I i i a a e a n
the Chicai
ru i age anu
were recently arrested for highway rob
lery, were each sentenced to six years
in State Prison at Wan nun. John Man
ning, horse thief, got three years, and
Annie Blong, a female thief, four years.
CHARLES BUTLER, the son of a rich and
influential citizen of Columbus, Ohio,
ment for assaulting a policeman. His
wife was at Princeton, Indiana, visiting
relatives. He went thither on his re
lease, and after a few words with his
wife lodged a bullet in her brain, from
which she can hardly recover.
A Sv' AL) of police in Toledo got on the
track of a gang of crooks at a place in
Oliver street, and demanded their sur
render. Both sides soon commenced
tiring, the resuit being that Robert Day,
a notorious character, was shot through
one of his lungs and cannot lire, the
S. R, WARREN & Sox, of Toronto, fa
mous as manufacturers of organs, have
been compelled to suspend.
CHARLES D. RIIOPKS, who owns the
of a
., i i- i Mu lligan, has made an assignment to
^urua" ''ompany at Bangor,
Sunday last, Edwin Fair, aged eleven
years, picked up a loaded gun at Ida.
Douglas county, Minn., when it went oil,
killing his little brother, Horace.
Os Saturday last, James Sumner, a
brakeman. while coupling cars at Plato.
Minn., was seriously if not fatally in
Dr. H. Baumuller was found dead in
his office in Durand, Wis., Wednesday
FRANK SMITH, a New York printer,
whose wife and 14-year old boy died
within the past nix weeks, killed himself
Tuesday from trrief.
A. II. I .KIT WICK s two tobacco factor
ies and 200.U00 pounds of tobacco burn
ed Tuesday at Lynchburg, Va. Lose
$45,KM, with $30,000 insurance.
THK new round-house of tlie Canadian
Pacific Railway and three engines at Rat
Portage. Manitoba, were destroyed l»y
fire Sunday. Loss, $100,000.
Warren & Son's llouring-mill, in Wau
began. 111., was burned Saturday night.
Iiss, $10,000 insured in the Wisconsin
Mutual Union for $-1,000 and in the Mill
ers' Union for $H,00U.
Fou injuries received in an accident
on tlie Louisville, New Albany and Chi
cago road, a verdict of £4.000 was given
to Mrs. John Jones, of Bedford. Ind.
DANIEL T. HRISNOIS. cashier of tlie
Missouri Pacific road at St, Joseph, who
sion at independence hall. ON Mondav last. Will Bush of Chil-
A WAUON, containing three men named
Henry Carson, Martin Kroch, Charles
Schworchow and a IHV named Thomas
Indiana, Bloomiiigton and Western
Hoad, near Castaria, O., last Saturday
night, and the thr»*e men were instantly
killed and the boy badly
hurt. Tike horses
escaped injury.
Da. SKREISHAWSKI, fornnrty loader
South America. All the represent a- has prohibited the publication of nine
the American Renubln-s were
French papers in that province,
AT Krinslelien, Saxony, 180 iiersons are
suffering from trichiniasis. Four deaths
have occurred.
THE sultan of Turkey gave a banquet
,to Lord and Lady Dulferin. and confer
red a decoration upon the latter.
company, has been arrested for taking a -A resolution condemning the
tations. A warrant is out for the appre- hinted in a sjjeceh at Havre that Ameri
hension of William Alkorn. A wire was
,THf conference of English liberals
house of commons for refusing Brad
laugh his seat.
A OANU of 150 Anamite convicts, en
gaged in the erection of a light house in
the China sea, murdered a Frenchman
in command and made their escajie.
i A TLTL K bill for murder has l»een found
against O'Donnell. the slayer of James
Carey, the informer. O'Donnell is not
allowed the use of tolacco.
I G. C. WHEELER, charged with swind- desrath a bill extending to Italy the
AN important move in cable tele- ling many Chicagoans in tho piano trade, reductions of duties accorded Spain by
bacon would soon be readmitted to
DURINU the hist few daya arrests of
naval officers have Ix'ttn made at Cron
stadt. Several armV officers and soldiers
were also arrested at Riga.
Lame, Ireland. Monday. In consequence
of his |xjJitieal tour in Ulster he wiis
presented addresses and entertained at
AT the Parker house in Halifax, the
police arrested two strangers carrying
loaded revolvers and dynamite car
tridges, and in sackels in their room
was found forty-one jjounds of dyna
A LARUE number of Portuguese peas
ants assembled at Valencia do Minho
and had a conflict- with the troops, lie
cause of a demand by the women of the
who refused to leave when ordered held as prisouufa.
AT Oshkosh, an old man giving th
name of John Ca!e was arrested for trav
cling through the country and si-lling
Inigus tickets in the l^m'i.-inna lottery
which he palmed olf at $2 each. He
I.EWIS HORAN. Martin Cruise, Patrick
Kelly and James Wal.-di, have Iwen ar
rested at Scranton Pa., on a charge of
passing counterfeit money. It is believ
ed the principal agents of the gang of
counterfeiters are in Itoston.
confessed to having sold over fifty in the San Francisco, New Orleans, and
poaching scales otr Behring island was
seized by Russian ollicers, its furs confis
cated for the lenufitof the Alaska Com
mercial coni|«iny, the vessel detained,
and the captain, crew and tmsKciigurs
THE treasury department has purchas
ed 420,000 ounces of silver for delivery
Philadelphia mints.
THE remains of a large number of con
federate soldiers were disinterred at Ar
lington national cemetery, near Wash
ington. and were escorted to Raliegli by
military companies of Virginia.
IN his report to the secretary of the
interior, (tovernor Tritle, of Arizona,
i 75,000. He asks that the C'hiricaliaua
now in the mountains be treated by the
army as liostiles.
IT IS said positively that there is nnlaw
on the statute liooks which will author
ize the dropping of Maj. Nickerson from
the rolls of the armv, and before this act
""'i«•"»»».- Krt'ss-
be.perforined by the president, con-
lrfIiUld- W1" h:m*t4
provision, which will cover such cases
as Maj. Nickerson's
THE statement that the president has
directed that the annual rcjiorts of all
bureau offcers of the different depart
ments l*» withheld from publication un
til after he shall have sent his annual
message to congress, is ofllcially denied
at the executive mansion.
Liev-.t, Charles K. Ilargous, Fifth in
fantry, stationed at Fort K»*ogh, is under
orders for trial by court martial recently,
charged with duplicating his pay orders.
Maj. A. E. Bates left Washington Thurs
day night, to apitear a» a witness in the
he is preparing n bill for introduction nt
the coming session of Congress, relating
to the settlement of the condition of our
merchant marine. He has given much
time to a careful and exhaustive study
of the whole subject, and the result of
his labors will deserve treatment equal
ly thoughtful and conscientious.
Surgeon General, U. fc. A., lias applied
to the President for the position of Kur-
geon General, just made vacant "by the
death of Geueral Crane, on the ground
that he is the oldest officer of the medi
cal corps. His application has lecn very
favorably received and has almost tho
tindived support of the otlieers of the
corps. Tin- ap|Miiutment will almost cer
tainly Ite made this week.
addressed a lett'r to an Arkansas col
ored man, stating that it is much to be
regretted that imjediuients should he
thrown in the way of colored men de
sirous of improving their condition, but
flint certain hinds in Arkansas upon
which the negroei desire to settle arc
the property of the State and not of the
National Government. The Attorney
General concludes that the only remedy
lies in appeals to public opinion within
the limits of tho State itself.
the depot bv Atty. Gen. Brewster an^a
committee of the Bar association. The
Chief Justice was given a reception at
the house of Secretary Frelinghuysen.
Among those present' were President
Arthur. Secret a riws Folger, Teller, and
Lincoln. Postmaster General Gresham,
Atty. (»en. Brewster. Justices Miller.
Bradley, Harlan, Blatchford. Gray, Mat
thews and Wood, of the supreme court,
the British, Japanese, and l'ortuguse
ministers, and the Swccdish charge d'af
Salt fnrthe Unman System.
Lannam. was struck by a train on tho but in almost every part it constitutes in^ her earnest face to the reporter,
great bar dinner about this time last
year. It was then given as a happen
iug in church, and the notice was,
does his best." This remote American
The London fAttm't combats the hope he would never get over it, never
folly of some would-be improvers on —but he has."
Galfii, who decry the use of salt as a "Nell. I don't think that is fair in
food condiment because it is a mineral, You," said a little women, plain-faced
The Txxnvet says that common salt, out with that undeniable charm
chloride of sodium, is the most widely which belong.? only to the happy
distributed substance in the body it possessor of a sweet disposition. "You
exists in every fluid and in every solid:! know lie was nothing but a boy or you
and not only is everywhere present, wouldn't tell us, I don't think,'' turn
the largest portion of the ash when i "you will never find a true woman
any tissue is burnt. In particular it is who will tell you the facts about her
a constant constituent of the blood.
and it maintains in it a proportion the least. Indeed, 1 don't believe she
that is almost wholly independent of could. She might tell you the sur
the quantity that is consumed with
the food. The blood will take up so
much and no more, however much
we may take with owr food, and, on
the other hand, if none le given, the
blood parts with its natural quantity
slowly and unwillingly. Nothing can
demonstrate its value better than the
fact that if albumen without salt is
introduced into the intestines of an
animal, no portion of it is absorbed,
while it all quickly disappears if salt
be added. The conclusion therefore is
obvious that salt, being wholesome,
and indeed necessary, should be
taken in moderate quantities, and
that abstention from it is likely
be injurious.
An Ague-Shaking Male.
Philadelphia lYww.
A boat, a
territory a population of
of which is afllicted with The
Captain of the boat said that the ani
mal has regular chills and fever, and
exhibits all the symptoms displayed
by human beings atllicted with the
same disease. The mule has been
nearly cured by a Jiet of quinine. He
was tirst op|Hsed to taking tho bitter
drug in his oats, and consented to
swallow it only after a voluntary fast
of live days, when the pangs of huii
i ger conquered the objections of his
sensitive |Milatc. He seems to under-
skeleton, but since taking so veal do
ses of quinine he is gaining
stand tlie pur]xse of the drug, for protest, saying he was possitive that a
whenever he feels the chills coining gopher was a gray burrowing squir
011 he now eats, without winking, the I rel. lie had often seen them. A
oats covered ivith the pungent pow-1 heate-! discussion followed, in which
der. He has been reduced to a mere the words gopher, snake, sqirrel, rat
and turtle figured prominently. The
money in the stake-holder's hand
soon amounted to It was a 'reed
that Webster should settle the dis
puts. The gentlemen alighted from
the car, went into a hotel, and a
copy of the "Unabridged" was pro
''Crol-gop-p-p-gopher—here is is,"
said the stakeholder, as he ran his
linger down the page
(iopher An animal of several dis
tinct species. The name was orginal
ly given by French settlers to many
burrowing animals from their honey
combing the earth. In Canada and
What Im noncy
Weighed against that liciilth it »t often fall* to
buy? Draws 11.I, While u can none of ua
claim a total Irmn Oiut nn-aifst «.f all
ills Id wliioli llcsh is Iwir ill hi-itith. mmay it
1111u-li t• i It *.-*•!) the i-lnutt'o, «f iiiriirTin^ tt, ami
tliis rnl liy the iul|)(iiiii .f Mjeli sanitarv
lneaMires »u, mi- tn 1m- f..uikI in dailv e.vereiw*.
rejoilur hours. nruileii, i« in eatui ,'iiii.l .iriukiiik'.
ami u wlnjle.soiiie diet, hut also |y t.vi. to
judieioiis|iivv.*utive meilH-iitioii wliei. (heAVxiein
is threuteiieil ly iinliealthlill uiltui iices. rur in
xtauce, ri»iili*nt, or Mjiuriien« in malarious hwuli
ties hIiouIiI usi* Hosteller Stoiiiai li|t(eri as a
(iefeii.v airaiu -t chills and Iev r. and |n-rsoiis who
llliMir much out nt door e.vj»p,ure should employ
it as a Riifexuard u^aniM i heiiinatisin. Travelers
in the tropics find it invaluahle ai^o
a meaus of
errestiMK livur uuiui.)iiiiit aud coiiniipttliuu, uh1
counteracting Uie debilitating intlueouo of a tor
rid climute.
"Mamma," said a little Covington
boy, "what does "helutl'a" liieau?'"
"Why. my child, I don't know. I
never heard such a word. Where did
you hear it?" "Papa said it. "When.'"
Sunday morning. I heard him tell
Mr. Jones that church was a helutfa
place to go when fishing was so fine."
Ifovr lie Doubled His Trade.
Mr. lienj. W. Pyton. pharmacist,Qlobe
Village, Mass., says that the miraculous
pain cure, St, Jacobs Oil, has greatly
helped his other business, and the sales
of the remedy have doubled in one
month. He keeps a large supply always
on hand. Otlieers of the Army and Navy
pronounce St. Jacobs Oil, to be the great
est pain-cure of the age.
Star-tish are doing irreparable dam
age, it is said, to growing bivalves in
the beds oil liridgeporl, Conn., har
My* About the All-
Important Qiic»tlon.
"How do men propose?" asked a
Journal reporter of a bevy of fair
"They don't propose at all, that is
not very often, now-a-days, came
the saucy answer from one pair of rosy
"They don't get down on their knees
to it as they do in novels. I'll impart
that much information.'' cried a
dashing East side hurnette who, if
rumor tells the truth, knows all about
"But you want some bonafide ex
periences, don't you said a bright
young widow* of the persusion vul
garly termed "grass." "Now, I'm go
iinr to tell you one of my own. It was
going home from a party in tlie rain,
oh. rain! and he wasn't the sort of a
fellow who indulged in hacks either.
Well, he made a regular business of it.
I wouldn't let him put his arm around
me liecause he was so horribly young,
so the p»»or fellow hud to come to the
point a drizzling rain, with one
hand grasping an umbrella and me
making frantic grabs at mv dress
every two minutes. He insisted he
loved me and he was sure, quite sure,
that if I didn't tell him there was some
proposals, if her heart was touched in
rounditigs or tlie date but the words
where two people are really in love
with each other then1 a
re so few words
"A woman never forgets the man to
whom she has said no," sighed the only
matron of the party, with a tender
light in her eyes, "and if he goes to
the bad afterwards the sight of him
will always send a pang toiler woman's
heart at tlie thouglit his hopeless love
for her might have had something to
do with it."
"She'd be a goose to lay at her door
his wrong doings.''
Th is from the same saucy maiden
to who lirst spoke.
"If a man is going to the dogs, he'll
but i do think thev like to
... i go anyway
"omnn Jose. i p]ace tjie blame on a woman, and con
rull Mall cazettp. sider themselves in irtyrs. rive me a
Mr. Oscar Wilde's American Story, man with some 'get-up and get' about
which we noticed yesterday, was first hitn. who takes you by storm and
introduced to England, or at least to i won't let you say no. He'll win the
Ixmdon, by Sir Charles Bowen, at a
day every time."
"Please do not shoot the organist he °ne
town, which possessed at least one fourth, a Hue.
church and om organist, and evident
ly a high standard of taste in ecclesi
astical service, was not improbably the
same which on another occasion boast
ed of three places of worship. Kacli of
these, as a rule, was crowded, till on
one Sunday morning, when the as
sembling worshijiers found each
church or clmpel fast locked and in
ment, no resource but
loiter in the day, however, the mystery
was solved. A young lady in the
town had sent an anonymous letter to
each clergyman in the following
terms: "All is discovered lly.' And
they tied.
u, tH
Squirrel, Another
tt rhlrd
Turtle and
New York Sun.
business men sat in a i'hird-
evenue car on their way down town
yesterday. Looking up from his
newspaper one of them said:
"Here's an item that says gopher
holes makes horseback riding dan
gerous on the plains. Now I'd like
_r to know what a gopher is. any way/'
for the mo- looking around inquiringly.
disperse, "A gopher is a striped" squirrel,''
said a tall man, in a tone of quiet as
"You're mistaken, sir," said his
neighbor. "A gopher is a land turtle,
that burrows."
"I shall have to dilFer from you,
gentlemen," interprised the fourth
man. "A gopher is neither a strip
jM'ii squirrel nor a turtle. It is a kind
of rat."
through Lackawaxen, Pa., on the
Delaware Hudson Canal, drawn by had listened to the conversation' with
two mules, each four years old, one evident interest, said:
A man on the opposite seat, who
"Excuse me, gentlemen but you
are all mistaken. A gopher is a
suake. I've killed lots of 'em, and
I know what I'm talking about."
"Are j*ou willing to back up your
opinionf' asked the gopher-squirrel
man, taking a roll of bills from his
"Certainly, sir. Here's $5
says a gopher is a snake."
The money was put into the hands
of the gentleman who started the
discussion. He accepted it under
Illinois the name was given to a gray
burrowing squirrel west of the Missis
sippi and in Wisconsin to a striped
squirrel. In Missouri a common SJH:
cies is a nouched rat of a reddish or
chesnut-brown color, with broad,
mole like fore feet.. In Georgia a
snake is called by the same name,
and in Florida a turtle.
As the stakeholder refunded the
money, he said: "Gentlemen it appear
that we are all right and all wrong*
But we hare, at least, learned some"
Long Term in i'ongrtit.
IiotiUm Traveller
Of the seventy six senators, thirty
had been members of tlnihou.se before
their election as senators, and three or
four had been members of the Con
federate Congress. Yoorhees, Gibson,
Allison, Beck, lloar, Lamar, Van
Wyck and Pendleton had served a
probation of eight years each in the
house before entering the senate.
Sawyer served ten years in the house,
Frye and Morrill, twelve each Con
I ger, fourteen, and Dawes eighteen.
Thirty members of the senate have
been'elected more than once Ran
soni, Morrill and Sherman have been
'elected three times each, Edmunds
i four times, and Anthony five timvs.
Anthony has been longer in the senate
than any other man there, having had
I twenty-iive years of continuous set
vice in that body. Three senators have
seen longer congressional service than
he, however. Sherman and Davis hav
ing been twenty-six years in the house
and senate, anu Morrill twenty-eight
years. In the house Kellcy has had
twenty-two years. Cox twenty-one
years antl Randall twenty years. In
the next house there wili be 1('»7 who
have served in congress before, 1 is
having been members of the last house.
Four have been members of the senate
—Pryor of Alabama, Eaton of Con
necticut. Poland of Vermont and Kel
logg of Louisiana. Singleton of Mis
sissippi is the oldest member of the
new house, having served
in the thirty
third congress.
A Few fliat Should he Eliminated
from .Mo
tier ii .Tlcloriramn*.
Puck publishes the following listof
pet phrases that it wi*hes to see elim
inated from all dramatic productions:
Aha! I see it all now.
Flinty-hearted monster I
I had a dream last night—
ave me I would bo alone.
You shall bitterly rue this d.ty.
Another step, and you are lost!
Must we then separate forever?
I could have sworn you loved me.
I will defend my honor with mv
Caramel la, my darling, we part no
yoa know not of what you
Battled! and by a boy—a beardless
Listen, Margaret—I am not the
man I was.
Would you thus attack a defense
less woman?
This, then, is
the end of your boast
ed affection.
For years I have hugged my awful
secret to my breast.
My time will come—and then, Rod
erick Alwyn, beware!
The blood of ray murdered father
cries aloud for vengcnce.
What is this? BLOOD!
Ere yonder sun
There has
been foul work here!
Take care, Vernon Ilarcourt—be
ware lest I lose my self-control.
The escutcheon of the JL« Pullissys
shall never be smirched by the act of
a dastard.
Ha! A knock! I must hide I But
where! Ah, in this recess I will be
Do not trifle, with me, girl! You
shall marry Herbert Do Lancey, or
leave my house forever!
I will go with him—I will fall at
his feet—I will entreat him to give us
time to pay the mortgage.
has sunk behind the
western hills
How cold it is! The wind cuts
a knife. My limbs are failing. 0,
God. must I die alone?
Tlie Distressed Wott
Detroit Free IYOKS.
A Wolf had the misfortune to
break his leg, and being unable to
hunt for his food, Wiis soon reduced
to the verge of starvation. One day
as lie was uttering lamentation a
Haiti came along and inquired the
"I am almost at the point of death,"
was the reply. "I haven't had a mor
sel to eat for day."
"Indeed!" exclaimed the Hare.
"I'll go at once to the Hyena about
When the Hyena was consulted he
stroked his chin reflectively and linal
ly said:
"Are you certain
that he
is a
of good morals
"Well, then, I'd better see the lion
about it before we do anything."
The Lion heard the story, winked
in a wise way and remarked:
"There ought to be a committee ap
pointed to investigate his character.
I 11 see the 8tork and mention the
The Stork was informed that a
Wolf lay dying of starvation, and she
"Well, well, that's bad. I'll see
the Ox this very ffterneon, and
have him decide whether we ought
to send in tracts or chieken-broth,"
The Ox was duly informed, and
the next day he walked over to see
what should IHJ done in the case.
Arriving at the lair he found the
Wolf dead, and the Owl hud already
been there and written on the rocks
"Philanthropy is a
thin tonic for
empty stomach."
"Woman's rights!" exclaimed a
man when the subject was broached,
"what more rights do they want? My
wife bosses me, my daughter bosses us
both, and the servant girl bosses the
whole familj'. It's timethe men were
allowed some rights."
Why She Cried.
Road In Arkitn.savv Traveler.
A little girl sat on the tloor, crying.
After awhile she stopped and seemed
buried in thought. Looking up sudden
ly, she said:
"Mamma, what was I cryin'about?"
"Because I wouldn't let you iro down
"Oh, yes," and she sot up a howl.
The £vangelist tastefully remarks:
How to Attain the Life Beyond' is
the title of a lifty-cent book. \Ve don't
want to disturb the author s right to a
monopoly of the book, but as lie fail
ed to mention the toy-pistol and the
early apple, we think he did not ex
haust the subject."
As the clouds roll by, and only a (tansy
blossom are going out of society.

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