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**{$. $**'4 ?j'~
IS.'w Imam
Pnbli^ied Every Saturday,
oistxidj^, s. i
$1.50 Per Year in Advance.
Offers hie services to the people of Onhl* and
OFFICE—First door South of Court House. 11
John F. Cole,
11 i- Complete Siiek «»f
and Toilet and Fancy Articles.
Also a full line of
Glassware ami Queensware.
Orders taken and promptly filled for
any article in my line not in stock.
Come and See Me.
JOHN F. COLE, Onida. S. D.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by times T. Lawrence on Sec,
10, 116-74, Cora township, Sully County,
South Dakota, one Black Mare Pony,
about 7 years old, star ou forehead, right
hind and left fore feet white, brand Ii on
left shoulder. When taken up had on
halter with strap stale. Owner can re
cover same by paying for trouble and all
costs. Appraised in rnv Court.
•Justice of the Peace within and for Sully
County, South Dakota.
Dated June 20th, 1892.
TAKEN UP. One full steer calf
branded 0 or a ^ircle on the right hip,
color red and white. Owner can have
same by proving property and pay
ing charges. JAMES STIPE.
N. W. 23-llo-?8.
All parties are hereby notified to keep
their stock off of the South-West of
Section 5, Tp. 114, Range 77, (Onida), as
I wish to get the hay this'year, which I
cannot do if il is used for a pasture.
Yours Respectfully,
Taos. DONER, Onida, S. D.
-i»parmers have no time to fool away
or experiment with a new-fangled no
tion, therefore buy a McCormick Mow
er ot A. A. Faust.
W. C. T. U, Convention.
The W. C. T. U. association of Sully
and Hughes counties will hold a con
vention in Blunt, on July 14th and
15th. An interesting program has
been prepared and a large attendance
is anticipated.
In his address to the Redfield con
vention. Tuesday, it is reported that
Gov. Loucks advised his people to let
up the war against local business men
and bankers. If not, defeat was in
store fr the party. Why this flop?
Does it point to a hidden hand of the
State Bankers' association, or does re
morse disturb the Old man's sleep.
De Smet News.
—jjas. A. Lang has resigned the of
fice of Sheep Inspector to which he
was recently, appointed. -While the
per diem, mileage, etc., are very good
and would give a man a handsome in
come, the whole sum must come from
the taxation of the sheep, which in
Sully county would amount to less
than £10 a year, aud, you know, Jim
don't care to fill an office with such
great resources.
—The Sully County Teachers' In
stitute will be'held in Onida beginning
on Monday, August 1st, and continuing
two weeks. All teachers in the county
requested to attend. Supt. Porter
is using every effort to make this in
stitute second to none ever held in the
county and if the teachers take an in
terest in the work there is no reason
why it should not be the best. Mrs.
V. M. McFall has been appointed in
structor, and Prof. M. Knight assistant.
Hay harvest time.
—'Now for hot weather.
—Wheat is beginnings head out.
—Onida was almost deserted on
tlie 4th,
—No regular preaching in Onida
CLOTHING New stock—goods
bargains at French's.
—Just wait till you see those new
Harnesses at Faust's.
—Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Barnes ofNey,
were callers ifihursday. ...
—Miss Louise Merrick of Pierre
spent the 4th at Turley.
—Farm implement agents are now
reaping a rich harvest.
—H. E. Kimmel has been suffering
with rheumatism this week.
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
—The Independents will ratify
Weayer's nomination to-night.
—Andrew Thorp of Troy township^
was an Onida visiter yesterday.
—Feed and CORN constantly on
hand at Hoffman's »tore at Blunt.
—Mrs. T. E. Weed is visiting her
friend Mrs. Mellette at Ft. Pierre.
—I. E. Earnest of Good water was
doing business in town Wednesday.
—A large invoice of the latest styles
of ladies hats just received at Hoffman's
—Oapt. Fisher and John Gerlack
were in from the north-west yesterday.
—Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Pierce are up
from Pierre on a visit to relatives here.
—The Potter County Politician
will be removed from Lebanon to Red
—Goods soli cheaper at Hoffman's
in Blunt, than any where west of Chi
—Your wheat is pretty good. Can
you afford to take the risk of not in
—Miss Emma Nelsonclosed n term
of school in the Hall school house
—John E. Lawrence of Morton,
was down doing business in town,
—A mosquito is said to have 22
"teeth" in th6end of its bill— 11 above
and 11 below.
—J. F, Hughes, of Pierre, came up
to attend a regular term of the County
Court, Tuesday.
—Produce taken in exchange for
goods at Hoffman's aud highest market
prices allowed tor same,
—Mrs. Norman Lyons has taken
the contract to carry the mail between
Onida and Milford post-office,
—G. W. Stine of Okobojo came
over last Ssturday and bought a Mow
er and Bake from W. N. Meloou.
—Remember that one week from to
day the Republicans will hold a Coun
ty Mass Convention and attend.
—Arthur L. Smalley and Miss Lizzie
E\ans of Pierre celebrated the 4th by
eloping to Blunt and getting married
—E. E. Brooking of Hartford, who
has been absent at Huron for several
months, returned home last Saturday.
—T. E. Weed of Fairbank is here
this week putting up hay. We under
stand that lie will put up 100 tons for
—Hyde county has two Republican
candidates announced for the legisla
ture— Edward R. Sheppard and Paul
—The Ney post-office is now located
at David Hall's, having been removed
from II. E. Barnes' to his residence
last Monday.
—John Bradley, Art. Harlow and
Philip Murphy of Okob«£? weieOnida
visitors, Tuesday, in attendance oti the
County Court.
—Joseph Wilding and M. F. Howard
of Cora township, captured five eagles
ou the 4th. Instead of one they made
five eagles scream.
—Why look an}- further or go out
side of the county when you can buy
near home. Just come and see tlio
Steel Headers at Faust's
—Mr. and Mrs. Owen Wheelock,
Miss Collins, Roman Spade and Leon
and Otis French spent the 4th at the
Cheyenne Indian Agency.
—Ex-Commissioner James Law
rence and Justice M. F. Howard of
Cora township, did business before the
County Board, Wednesday.
W. T. Neill of Okobojo, and J.
Gunsalusof Buffalo, members of the
Brand Commission, held their quar
terly session in Onida, Tuesday,
—Edward Barber killed a spring
calf Tuesday that netted him over $9
in cash, which -is considered pretty
—Hakan Persson, the portly asses
sor of Pearl township, was attending
the meeting of the County Equalization
board, Tuesday.
—Over a dozen Harrison hats have
been ordered by Onidains. Grandpa's
hat will be numerously worn in Sully
during the campaign.
—0. D. Euoe closed a 2-month's
term of school at Clifton last Friday
afternoon, with a picnic dinner which
was attended by the patrons.
—I am prepared to furnish a first
class Wind Mill so cheap that you can't
afford pumping by hand and sweat this
warm weather. A. A, FAUST, Onida.
—Road Supervisor Bert Lilly has
had a good job of work done on the
grade west of town, and is this week
devoting his time to backsetting the
—Born, July 4th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Michael Schreiber of Milford township,
a son. Everybody will celebrate on
the young man's birthday next year,
and ever afterwards.
—On their way to Bhittt Monday
morning the baud boys met with a
mishap, which terminated in the band
wagon being overturned, the boys
thrown out and the smashing of two
horns. Nobody hurt.
—Walter Mateer came over from
Llewellyn Park township, Wednesday,
and bought a new Ilodges header from
A. A. Faust. The Mateers have a
large acreage of wheat, and there never
was a better prospect for a large yield.
—Misses Lena Johnstou, Linnic
Cole and Minnie Porter spent the 4th
at Pierre. The girls were accompani
ed home by Miss Lillian Loudon of
Pierre, who is visiting her school
friends Misses Lcua Johnston ^nd
Minnie Porter.
-r-Lsat Saturday evening about 20
friends of Mrs. M. T. and Charles W.
Johnson of.Milford met at their home
and held a celebration or picnic.
Among the delicacies served was ice
cream flavored with the jucie of home
grown strawberries.
—The returns made by County
Assessor F. E. Blakemorc show that
there are 2,350 horses, 288 ponies, 104
mules, 5,999 cattle, 9,245 sheep and
225 dogs in Sull}- county, upon which
the people are assessed. This is a
pretty good showing of live stock.
The Fourth.
The glorious 4th of July has come
and gone, and the people have recover
ed from the affects of celebration dissi
pation and again settled down to busi
ness. As all are aware Onida did not
celebrate to any great extent, and had
it not been for the heavy artillery and
exploits of the boys early in the morn
ing our denizens-who remained at home
—might not have felt a patriotic pang.
Onidains scattered promiscuously.
The Band and quite a number of peo
ple visited Blunt, while others Celebrat
ed at the Westover grove, northwest
ot town, at Turley and Okobojo.
Blunt had a good crowd and varied
program, and Judge Bennett's address
is highly complimented.
At the Westover grove about 50
neighbors met and passed the day in a
fitting manner. A good dinner was
spiead and croquet and other games
indulged in by the older ones and
swings made in the trees for the en
joyment of the children.
At Turley there was a fair attend
ance and a good program. Orations
were delivered by T. M. Simmons of
Onida and J. C. Bogard of Fairvicw,
which are reported to have been well
delivered. Ilorso races, foot races and
other amusements were indulged in
during the afternoon and a sicial dance
in the evening.
At Okobojo the attendance was very
good and everybody enjoyed them
selves. The people of Okobojo pre
pared to make everybody feel patriotic
and celebrate in a most fitting manner,
and succeeded in cveiy particular.
The oiation was delivered by Rev. T.
W. Barry, Chaplain of the U. S. Army,
now stationed at Fort Sully. It was
very eloquent, patriotic and instruc
tive, and the audieuce were so well
pleased that when the speaker took his
seat all arose and gave him three
cheers. Those who heard the oration
will always have a warm spot in their
patriotic bosoms lor Chaplain Barry.
The usual sports were then indulged m,
the slow mule race with half a dozen
starters being the most amusing. In
the evening the large hall was crowded
with merry dancers. The celebration
was gotten up to raise funds to clear
a small balance due on the town hall
and the object, we understand, was
more than realized.
What hindered Simmons from obey
ing instructions bv offering a prohibi
tion plank at Redfield?
W ill that big wolf story the Onida
Journal injure the sale of Clifton town
site property?
Thq, Ruralist makes special men
tion of all their nominees, except G. W.
Everts. Was the omission an intend
ed cut
The Onida Journal says: "No won
der the Republican pi ess lute and lie
about Loucks." Well, how many per
sons in this vicinity have heard Everts
call him a d—d old rascal, or words
to the same effect More than one we
Cleveland's Free Tr&de policy, if
adopted in this country, would mean
millions upon millions to British
manufacturers and British working
men. Over there they are all spout
ing for him.
"When the board refused to canvas
Grand View precinct then it was the cTuty
of the people to compel the count at pub
lic expense. But the WATCHMAN and the
gang howled in unison of the great ex
pense this thing would be to the dear
people, but Smith said I will fight this
thing at my own expense if you (Faust)
will be the same. This they reluctantly
agreed to do and to show bad faith hardly
had the proceedings began until Crawford
shoved in a bill to the county for over $00
for Attorneys fees. It was no fault of the
gang that it was not paid. They pretend
to claim a great offense has been perpe
trated somewhere and want Simmons to
endorse a summons so as to make the
county responsible for any costs that may
The aboye is a part of an article
from the Onida Journal, the whole of
which is false in every particular.
First, the papers on file with the Clerk
of the Courts show that Smith brought
his action in the name of the county ou
his behalf and that States Attorney
Anderson appeared for the county and
secured an order releasing the county
and compelling Smith to prosecute the
case in his own name at his own ex
pense. Smith did not propose to give
a bond for costs but he and others of
the Independent "gang" boldly said
and still say that the county must in
the end reimburse him for his private
expenses, and he has a bill of expense
that will be presented to the county
board whenever the "gang" thinks it
will be safe to do so, Second, the $00
referred to was not for Crawford's fees
and was not sent here by' him and he
knew nothing about it, but it was for
court costs made by Mr. Smith at Pierre
and was sent here by the Auditor of
Hughes county and our County Audi
tor can testify to the fact. Our Repub
lican county board refused to pa}' the
bill and up to January last when the
political complexion of the boir
changed neither Faust nor Smith was
allowed to burden the county with
their private affairs, and this is also of
record. Third, the Independent-'gang"
through their States Attorney ap
pointed for the purpose—have been
piling up costs onto the county on
Smith's complaints and the grand jury
refused to indict in a single instance,
and these costs already several hundred
dollars are of record.
Fourth, while Smith's majority On the
face of the returns is only 10, Grand
Mew and Pleasant precincts scut in
over 20 illegal votes. The people
want to know how the balance stands
with these votes eliminated.
Mr. Faust has a right to know and
he offers a sufficient bond for the costs
but the Attorney of the "gang" refuses
to let the illegal votes be investigated.
He prefers to pile up more costs
against the county by resisting the in
evitable order that will issue requiring
him to indorse the papers that will
give Faust a hearing, and he says he
will appeal from the Circuit to the Su
preme Court, thereby adding more
If it was "the duty of the people to
compel the count at public expense"
is it not their duty to grant the use of
the county's name to eliminate the il
legal votes when Faust gives a bond
for the costs At first the "gang's
weakling'' agreed to do so when a bond
for #250 was given for costs which was
right,"but when furnished he refused
to sign and demanded a $500 bond.
That being furnished he refused and
demanded a copy of the complaint.
That being furnished he refused unless
Judge Fuller so ordered and so the
people will be taxed for the transporta
tion of his corporosity to and from
Faulkton and Pierre, no one knows how
many times, in resisting a just demand
while the "gang" will continue to
preach reform. But anything to pre
vent a fair count is the program and is
a fair sample of their campaign of ed
—If you want a new suit of clothes
for the Fourth, go and price flhose at'
the Bargain Store.
i $ k
Onida, S, 1).
Next President
If he gets nominated by the Democratic Convention and receives more votes
than the Republican Nominee.
We Are Elected
By the people of Pierre and vicinity to furnish them during the Spring and
Haire XI
To do this—and promise bj'the moon (not the "inconstant moon' and by
yonder elm (not slippery elm) to do it satisfactorily.
We Have Defeated
All competitors in our contest for public favor. We thank you all for good
will and hope to greet thousands at our counters during the next few weeks.
D« & CO.,
The Clothiers of Pierre.
Collections Promptly Made and Remitted.
Canned goods and Dried fruits,
©u.rT0P are Choicest.
GERMAN SOX Reduced Priees.
But You'll Always Find Us Here Ready to Supply Yon
WitH the Best Grades of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware,. Queensware, and almost Any
thing You Want at
m. z- numon.
I have the Only Abstracts in Sully County.
Title Examination a Specialty.

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