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Mottly Rad Paper in
Klamath Falla ....
Our AdvertiMni Gtt
the Best Remits . . .
Ikcon!) Yeau, No. 107.
Price, S Cents.
jries of Ordinances
Increase City's Revenue
layor and Members of Council
Occupation Ta WMch WM Provide hinds
to Defray Municipal Expenses
FilTh first of what le believed t.i be a
rlee of orrllnencea lo Increase lli rev
lu ol the clly we Introduced ( last
ihl'e meeting nl Id Oily Council.
i ordinance) provtdee for Ilia teg ula
ml llcciiflni; nl the bushier ol
lying iiiiiu ii. dir. a ui oi r- is
ed for the lint truck or wagon, 115
r III second, nl IU lor etch addl
nit one, tinned by each person or for-
ration, whether urled by animal,
mi or electrical oor. Tha nalty
racli violation ol tint ordinance l to
I lino ol frntn 3 lo SS, or linprlm
nl iml lo rscxed Urn !), or both
I ami Impi leoiiiiiviit.
t A nuiubvr ol the Council, tllriilarly
Mayor ami Councilman ftlll, are
Itspuken lit lator ol an icuatlri las,
tilth will provide a revenue to lil.
rlclly rspensei. It I proposed to
v tlio City Attorney dinar up urdl
Incea lo Im Introduced, rtlding lor
I annual llcrnra tti on all limine. In
rlly, Ilia tat. In l lril oil the
nat nl dock- carried or hnelna
llecotder Ix-at lit railed lhr attention
the Council to the fact that In mat
r ol eight or tan year Ilia city would
called on lo ay Ilia (10,000 water
nds, which wilt Hun m Una. At yt
provision liad Iwen mada to lliiildale
l Indebtedness. Tlit Irauclilan lu I lie
Iter company provide (or Ilia forma.
i cl a "tlnklnic luml," which ! to ho
I In paying oil tha pilnctple . Aa yet
lilng has Iwan placed lo Ida credit ol
i fund.
layer Bishop ttatcd thai lie had
ilr consideration a policy ol Increaa-
lh revenue, which ha would prob
ly bring Iwloro itio next meeting. In
meantime tin would go over tha
r company franchise, with the City
ornry, and ha ready tomakesom
laatlona toward getting the city out
I debt.
Entertain Musical Club
At meeting of twenty odd member!
I musical organisation hld at the
MolMra. Krauia, In Madford, on
KIsmUi rails nakioa Shop
' ii 'r 1 1
to Be Enacted to
Are Strongly in Favor of an
Monday menlng of thta week, a name
waa (elected lor the organisation which
lelhe"M. M. M." club. What these
lallera loran liounol the principal se
crets of thn club, and wcret wl.lch
notncintier Is permitted to divulge un
der nalty ol eipulilon, Tlieie ato
now uliout Ueuly-fhe ineiiibera ol the
club, all IjiII.-k, nmt It l eilfctrd It will
grim to lull) lliiit)-IUe III the nrsr fill
nt. Thvy meet every ilonday night
lor from mm lo tun tinuis mualc (vocal)
practice. Monday evening Mrt. Krauee
served relrcaliincnta of candy, nut ud
lemonade, and tliciu waa alto an added
program ol local selections by Mln
Itliiillaiibaud Mr. Kratito, also a guess
I dk" contest in wlilih Mlir lleddru and
and Itllidlnuli nou pre. Medford
Wedding Anniversary
Mr. anil Mr, 11. Ilvltkempar, Jr., eel.
diluted the trnth anniversary nl their
marriage latl evening, and in honor ol
thn occatloii entertained a few ol their
filemU at their boiun on Kir anna
Heights. Tlieetenlng nm a most en-
Jojaliln one, inniln doubly ao by the
ludli-rnin gllla ili:ii by llio Kiirtti. In
addition In lbe,niany utelul artlclea ol
tin- llu fiitullr oin lurteiitril o the
boat mid hoitei. Whin waa idayed
and ilillcl'iin relieibmenla weri aervrd.
Tbauurttt Mere Mr. nod Mr. W. J
!lreiiiin, Mr. nud Mra. I. J. .uniwalt,
Mr. and Mm. tieoitt' Noland, Mr. and
Mia. II. M, h'liiilh, Mr. and Mra. Alei
Mailln, Mr. atii;Mr.0. II, Undernood
and Mr. and Mia. K.J. Murray,
Postof Ike Department Order
Toil card and poatal carda mailed un
der cover ol icaled envalopea, trana
parrnt or olberwUe, aro chargeable
with potlasp at the Drat claaa rale two
cenla an uiinco or fiaction Ihrrrof. If
encloae.1 In uuaraled nvcloH, they are
tnbjKl to poitago acrortllug to the
character ol the meaaage at Aral claaa
rata If wholly or .partly lu writing, or
third claaa rate If entirely In print and
fioatage ahould be tiled to tha envelop
covering the Mine. lVutage aUaape af
filed lo audi card ancloaad la envel
ope having an opening expoalng Ui
ropa cannot ho recognlted In pay
mont of poitage thereon.
Mike Dunhrr rvturnoil from th tlm-iMrlaatotenlng.
aExtra Special1
Wltb every Men's
Suit ordered latur
day, February 8th
AFaicySllk Vast.
New Spring SH
Inge to Make Selec
tloisfro. ..
Crop Failure Compels Domin
ion to Aid Settlers to
Prevent Starvation
Heveral hundred farmara who Ivlt
L'atlern Oregon and Ilia Walla Walla
and Palouaa dUtrlcl to engage In wheat
growing In the new pruvincea of Urltltb
Columbia will be InlercaUd lu the fo
lowing Ottawa diitch printed In Ilia
Oregonlan :
"The Dominion government baa de
cided lo loan a iam of approilmately
H, ,000 to lb farmera of the new
province of Alberta and Nackatchawan
whoae crop were a failure, to purrhaae
vl grain."
With utery thing favorable in the new
district mentioned, gol crop of wheat
can bo grown, but wheu the aeaaon la
unfavorable, a It waa laat )ar, the re-
lulling failure la ao much worae than
any failure of which, the Oregon or
VI aldington tanner hae ever heard, that
It ineane government aid orataratlon.
Another year like thn ono just cloead
ill aee the lrrliirn for America ol a
few Ihouaand avtllera who have been
drilling north lu acanli ol cheap land.
The adjourned rueeilug ol the Klre
Dapartuient will bo held at the City
Hall thla evening.
Wm. Monroe Is Captured at
Keno and Brought Back
To TMe Gty
Wm. Monroe, a recant arrival ia th
city, atolo two overcoat ftom Willaon'a
offlca laat evening, belonging to Bill Fee
and Tom tlrickcll. Ilcpreeenting theoa
aa hi own property ha aeenred five dol
lar on ono at Iho lakealde Inn bar and
two dollar for the other at Houaton'a.
About 11 o'clock ho reported aa hav
ing lelt tho city, gcliiK in tho direction
oIKeno. Mont llutchleon waa depu
tUed by the Sheriff, and armed with a
warrant left on Iho 4 o'clock boat In
purault. Monroo waa found at Keno
and brought back to thla city, and will
bo given a preliminary hearing at 0
o'clock tomorrow morning.
roa coumnr snau r
I hereby announce inyaell a candidate
oat the Democratic ticket, for the nomi
nation for aherlffi tor tha consideration
of tha voter at tha primary elecllou.
I hereby annoana mvaelf aaa candl
'data on the Rapubllcan ticket for the
aoaalnatloa lor the olio of BUIrlct At
tartM fr Klaaaath and Lake coaatiM,
Mhjaat to the dacUioa ol tha votere at
tha aruaary eieottea.
I hereby aaoBceayll aaa eaadt
dU 1m BoealaaUoa oa tha EaaaWleaa
ticket, lor County Aaeeeaor, ol Klaaaath
County, eubjeot to the deoltloa ol the
'JLaWlfl 1 (III IllnfflBweawBl laSVIIeawawawawawawawawawawaa
JRaWWeaaaaawKawawawawaT C awawawawawr
Mayor Bishop wants to do his own sweeping.
Water Tax May Be Paid In
Work on Uncompleted
Heltleri who are occupying Ian J a on
uncompleted Oot eminent irrigation pro
Jecte will hereafter be given an nppor.
(unity to earn at leaal a fair Income
while waiting for water to be turned on
their land. A plan baa been deviaed
by the lleclatnatlos Service, and ap
proved by the rtevretary of the Interior,
whereby theae eettlera will have ao op
portunlty lo perform aotue of the work
of construction, i uch a grading, hauling
applies and material, teaming, etc. It
la not propoaed lo pay tliera In actual
cath, however, but In cert i Oca tea, which
will I acccpteti later by lb Uorarn
sent in Ilea of caab payment for water
Under tbla plan, a eeltler on an on
flnlabed project may undertake work
under uch a contract aa described, earn
enough during the Winter to meet hi
payment that are likely to fall due in
tbe Spring, and thereby reeerve to him-
elf whatever caih he may Late other
wiae Intended to pay over lo tbe Govern
ment tor Ida water. Oilier may earn
ptrhapa lialf the amount of the charge
agalnat tbem. Hut whatever the meat
ure, the Reclamation Hervlre bellevea
tbla plan of co-operallon will tend ma
terially to lighten the burden on the
nWffaVw lvVIMw lnfaVUBJ eLpSv
Evenini firemen Given
The regular aatl-iaoaithly aieetiag ol
Iho City Council waa held laat eraaiag,
with every member preaaat, except
Preeldent Maatoa, wha waa granted a 30
daye leave ol abeeuce. The lollowlng
trill were allowed and ordered paid:
K.K. light A Water Co (140 31
K.F. Light AWaterCo. Jan... 13t at
StlluCo. (upplle IBM
Kenyon Transfer Co., drayage. . IB S3
Vt. Mcrryman, Johuaon eaae.. 10 00
T. E. (Irimth, watchman at
III1 aaaeaeeee HI
Sneclal pollen 73 00
O. O. Ixiw, Chlel of Police DO 00
Ja. J. Hart, pollee 33 00
J. W. Slemena, Treasurer IS CO
K. K. Jaraleaon, Police 73 00
Don J. 2umwall. engineer and
rodman, Dae. and Jan 33 37
.1. K. Qolier, windows, etc 24 40
K. W. Wakoneld, labor 2 30
Vernia Ilouiton, labor. . , 2 60
Dr. Stone, Johnson cae 10 00
C. F. Stone, city atty 23 00
Chs. Adatas, work on itret.. . 11 96
K. F. RolUr Mills, croee walk. . 6 00
W. K. Bowdola, printing 8 00
Eaat Sad Slackasaltb Shop, re
sain 24 M
Owaa teQulre, aharpealng
aawa 100
A. L. Learltt, pollea Judge 33 33
Total I7M74
PeUlloa were graatad lor sidewalk
Irorn tha ooraar ef Walaut aad Saraath
aloagthe property helonglng to WU'
deee, Catey aad DaLaa. Along north-
ffiOaiiaiiil aa kwtic)
Mayor Bishop Wants an Ordinance He
Will Do the Rest
Ordinances Now in Force Are Inadequate for Retjulatian
of the Liquor Traffic Mayor and Csundl
Should Have More Power
ecttlers and render it caaier for tbem
to meet their payment!. The plan la a
new one, and largely experimental, but
If it worka aa aucceanfolly aa anticipated,
It villi be per.'wtiiatrd.
Chamber of Commerce
The regular meeting of the Chamber
ol Commerce will bo held tbla evening.
Aa the matter of the conaolldatlon of tha
Chamber of Commerce with the Inland
Kmplre Club will be acted upon It la de
Ired that a full attendance be prvaent.
Cattle for Hawaii
J. Frank Adam ha th dlatinction ol
hipping tha first carload of cattle from
Bray over tbe new Callfornia-Kortbeaat
era Railroad. Tbe cattle were ahlpped
In tbe Hawaiian Islands.
Earl Whttloek ha baea maUoad aa
a candidate for Couaty Coroner oa the
Democratic ticket.
Mr. Kilgore.ol Bonanu, Is registered
at tbe Lakeside Inn,
Pitoae 17B.lMuus.lock
' I Mayor Bishop delivered hlsslf ca oa
of his energetic slngW-baaded talk be
fore the City Council laat evening oa
the saloon question. The Mayer eaaae
out flat-footed and stated fate poatUaa eo
that anyone could know where be atood.
There wm no hedging frees oaa alda ar
tha other. Tbe rcmarka were aaght
oa during the diacaatioa of tha aew or
dlaaaea for tbe regulation of the Mqaer
baetneee. v
The Mayor expraeaed hlraaaU aa la
favor ol the ordinance, with tha eieep
Uon that he thought that the CoaaeU,
being the granting power, hoald alao
have tha right to ravoke tbe lieaaa.
The old ordintuca doc not give tha dty
the power to regulate the nlooa or to
doe anything.
"II you will give me aa ordlaaaoe lo
regulate tha saloon," aaU .Mr. Slshep,
"1 will see that tbey ar regalatad, with
oat any ootaide help."
In regard to tbe uggatloa that tha
aaloen licenaea be raised, Mr. aaaaap
"Here I find mysalf again takiagtar
side of tlie saloon. It eeeau that I aa
alwaya on tbe aide of Iho aader dog. I
hetlete that any alUmpt, at tbla Usae,
to force the aaloonaot oar eJty to pay a
larger tax, would be a great laJaatUe.
it la a fact that durlag tha part year tha
eloon have practically beea tha oaly
ource ol revaaae th city hae had aad
a they are all heavy tax payer areata,
to doable their tardea after th area
eat financial atriageacy, woald aetata
quaredeal. It might be to tha advaa
tag of a law but I beUeta'K waaM
work a hardship oa saaay who have al
waya done more thaa thek ahara lar tha
Improvement of the eJty."
Word waa received laat etialag ftasa
MiM Bulla Caaapbell rta ting. that the
doctor did not consider her father oaa
dltioa aerioa, aad aaleaa than waa a
cJiaage forth worae, ah aad Mlae Ma
bl and Orb woald rataru to '"t -Fall.
John P. Ilasen 1 la the city free Dec
ria oa a baata trip.
the FislwmaM that
Fly Hooka, Baoou Darta. Kcat,
Llaea, Mtel aad Itvaiaoo lUda.
They axe cxvtracted for sKmm.-liflcl1addaffndaoBvatt4M'.
will atlead alaeffortatf hei
& Hanka
''' cmi
' -ViV (I
f JJfl
, '
U ' r .fevw
vowre at we primary eieetioa,
,. ei
Sa, 5v
,r-' HftfV
VV - ii
V eA'-r&.'vaiai

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