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he Greatest Inland Empire
MATH COUNTY I In Koiiltmrii
Triton on lint ( illinium ami 0ro
lulu Unit.
o Miutli iirt of llm county It atv
Mwb in Hum from l to wi'tl, ami
in inliMIn It I nun IiiiihIiihI mllr
lioulli In north. PniHilntlon about
It I'ontnlin within It Ininlaraa
pinna varlrtv u( iiifiiiiilnliiiaiiil nl.
of l(tkrK ami atrvuiii,l hot aining
irinya wiiirn niu ire ruin, 01 aa-"
i plain, anil tulit luatalii-, of lnt'
UK MlMllllllllllU HI wllll KKIIII', HIHI
mini atrvaint Iraiiilnit m III llli,
(llio nortli'Hfil 'rt of the roiinly
fiir ijikii aauonai rata, i.ruinr
I la uiw ol tho wunilet of tliu I'm Mo
II you want to make it trlu that
I BBllll tuiaiMl.il ia a lift I'tAla I uLi.
.will ivmvM.wvi, f, ... v,.i.i -i
Uiialli Kalla I tlm county rat : It
Itnl at llm month of Link Itlvir
i Iwaiitliul little lko Kwaima anil
Jiiiwr KUinath Lake It ! luck!
la lul lilllt ami mountain while
ike ami valley in ad away In front.
I a Kiillllllliil 0 alMJIIliTJUU. it
new thirty IIioumihI dollar 1 1 lull
i)l Midline ami a line alonn lm ill.
lor thn (ia'l-d arliixila which roal
K I2U.UUU. Ilia rliutclit am I'rta.
rlau, .Mi'tlnxllil. KiUroMl, llatlat
, (.'atlu.llc Tlir all ham fair
tli hiillillnif" ami regular pa.ttm,
vlirlatalrt Hilcntl.tt alwt hoM rruu
ellina. It lit. I ilv Imtik ainl
which wotilil I' a crrtilt to any
ail county aral loan. It In, tarn
I aaw liillla ami ouu attain laundry,
i one rlty water nuuitiliiat nlant.
tilanliiK mllli anil tiali ami door
Ira, Ihlnt mrat markrta, Hiiro
aiwra. ono nk crualicr. on Hour
If lUO-harirl ca.arlly, one machine
ami momiry, one amnniv mill ami
ltwnter Imii, all tun hy elrctilc
neloiwl hy water imtirr. Via now
Iwatvr tKjtiar avallal.le for thn ilrlt
I inaclilnriy to llm atuoiiiit of Mil
Miwar ami win m in pj)
i l"jwcr moir We haw iilrmlitl
rli- Htflit, water woika ami trie.
latitemt. Our city water rouipa
Ittrat. clear, pure, aull water
la near town. Wn hai like duo
four dent lila ami ten Uwtrra
i am two Keneral aturra, thtre Klir
. ala drv wiMala and fiirnI.Miitf..
iharUwarr. Ihrre ilniu atotrt, ll" eland the
am lolil that il Inia Ix'en known to go 1H
ih'Urei'a helow. Tho apring am aonie
what latu, thna making thn urowInK aoa
ami almrl. Tlinru la liability to damage
hy froal, which limy occur, at one time
in onu iiiai-o anil ui milliner iii.nj in an
other ilce, hut we lnwi heard of nolle
liiK like failure or wMeapreail ilaiiiaif
from thla ihiiwi, To n Kauaaa man
llmra aeema to I hi very few illaiKreeahly
wimly ilaya, ami vnar littlk thumler
ami IIkIiIuIiik. Them am no tornadova
or fjrlonva, ami tuem tu lx mi hard
atorma nor eitreme rhaii(ra of tciiitwr
iitille. Cropa
Wheat, iiata, rvo ami hailey yield
heayy cropa of the II liiualltvofKraln,
from a amaller amount ;! aetHlthan we
lme ever reli aown auvwhnru elae.
Wliral irolilt'IU( K to Xi liuihela tier
aire without Irrigation, ami 'M to M)
hllahela with IrrlgHllon, Uata, 40 to IIW
huahela, ami harley 40 to 00 huaiieU
uiiuvr irriKaiion,
Alfalfa, timothy, red clover, white
clutcr, Kentucky I line (Iraaa, tr.1 top,
and hrome yraaa all grow luiiiriaiitly,
The fattening ipialilie of the hay liiKle
here la of a very high order, Cattle are
fattened on allalfa hay alone. Ilorart
work on alfalfa without grain and keep
In good condition. The yield of alfalfa
la three to all tuna per arm, Timothy
two or three tort. There are alao natu
ral meadowa on land which are wet In
the early part of tho araaon, which
make line hay.
Vetfrtablea do well, ami the duality uf
all grown here la ol a very high order.
ilaloea am inually grown without Im
itation, ami the yield, while not eitra
large when they are grown In thla way.
la good, and the quality la ilnaurpaiaed.
Cahhage dora etree.lliigly wel), and
tin y are the tine at In quality that the
writer ha over eaten. Union nrudure
norinoiiity. The teat on augar heet
grown here ahowa aa high at Si per
cent augar, and aa high a Vi per cent
purity, ami thl under very ordinary
ron.lflloiia of gmwlng and the growth
waa Very aatlafaclory to augar lret e-
I iiarunarr, iiure ihiih ainirv, ll
ir tliuix, ill livery ttm, twulm
tin nouaea, two ltkeriea, lour
ainlth ahoi.t. four iewrlrr atore
rtwn furnituie atmea We hav
tgol new ilpamuoat alnl Kiinn
per crall plying on the Klamath
r ami uiarr Kiamaili iJike, ami
i kuI new atramhoat and amalltr
luii the Upper Klamath l.ake. The
lion la 40) levl.
Th Vallty
rra la a heautlful valley eitemlinu
feveral mllra to the Kaat and houtlc
ami Mouth, ami other v alleya eiially
llful and plctureaoue oiwu out from
pne through gaa in lie motintaliia.
are live or ail of Iheae valleva. all
the tame elevation, ami all aur-
nl hy mr.untalna, mnat ol whlrli
avllv tlmla-ml with vellow iilne.
Id ceilar.
at of the valleva are covered with
bruah. The eoll of the aaim hmah
taa rich lava aah and uaually very
much oi ii varying inn very iiiiiu
Ijiaanince Horn the auilacn to a
I uf two to four feet.,. Home place
andy, while III uthett ll I ipilto
Th Latki
er Klamalli Lake I a Iteaut fill
I of water, aUiul "'i to 30 mllee long,
faiouniauia rearuuig m mo aunm in
part ol it. l-'roui lla lower end
Klver deacemla In a aurcetaiun of
l about a mile and a half, falling
1 03 fret In that diatancc. and How-
tto Ijike Kwanna at the lower iart
n. Klamath Idler hevlni with
iKwauna and tklrtalhn valley and
DUiitafn lu the aouth and weal,
t the valley at Keno. A channel
lie river, aomo al or eight mile
the valley to Ixiwtr Klamath
, counecti the two.
Tula) AUrah UmU
i laket are Joined In tdacea by tula
lliei, Theae luarahra have for cell-
beon receiving: depotiti of tilt
1 tu them by the watara from the
utalna.aiel have for perhap ecu-
been urodiicing Iniiuenw crooa of
I, gigauiic nun inauea, wnirn grow
D2 feat high and m thick that It li
I impoaaiule to gel tnrougli tliem.
i uecaying each year navo a-iuea
able matter to llm till. Theae
hea havo alto for agrt been the
gat of Inniimerahio water fowl,
Mi havo added vaally to tho richneai
i ton, tiiii inn we neiiuvii to no at
i there It in tho world,
, S. RecUrMtlon and Irrlfitlon
le Unlteil Htatet goveriiinenl hat
irtakvii to drain theto niarali lamia
to Irrhnto them, touvther with tho
bruth limit, the cott ol which it to
Mia.ior in ten annual m,ymeiit,
out intorett. Tho tuntiol and tho
nine mllei of the canal are all cone
and waior It now ready for the
Ono uerian cannot iret e water
I for more than 100 acre. A hut
I and wife and each child may own
ree ei:n, anu eacn gel a water
to the aame. Irraaoertlvti of the
f the child. Non-retidant owner
na cannot get a water right . They
reelda within tbe boundi of thft
im irritauon. The water for ir-
i u lure, ana very abundant.
hero are practical) no homotteadi
re wai iireaem, ii tspectea
I Ultra will La Mm land opened (or
iteadi uter on.
i lammeri are delichtful. verv law
idayi, and thote hot only (or a (ew
In In the middle of the day. Tbe
bum li fine, gradually growing a lit
(cooler and alruoit ImDarceDtahlv
ling into winter. The wlnter'i have
re or mm mow. Dome oi mim hive
going mow, and tome do not. The
ary aaioom rtacnei aero, dui wt
I'liilla in favored locatlout do
lllillty la iineicelled.
J lie
keeping iiullt) of ipplea giuwn here
urpaaara that ol any which the writer
naaevrr Known oriole, iiiackuerrira,
raapherrlra, lugau herilca, gooaeberriea
ami tei curranta proluce very large y.
in - . ....I ..i i'... . ..
Mho. Ylnn wachea are grown, hut they
am inn aure. iviamaili i.uuuty carrle!
on IIWO in prlrea at the great Irriga
tlon Congri'ia at Hacraniento, (.'allfor
Ilia, laal fill, among Ihrin leing the
great prim llolitein hull for the lt
dlaplay of piuducta fiom ono Irrigated
Slock Hattlag
All cluax-a of atnek do well and ire
very henllliy. Ciltln run on the range
wnrm lliey nave plenty ol room, aeven
to nine montha In the year. Many
noraea run on ine range I lie whole year.
Hhccitare held In verv larire hamlt and
am aald to Im very profitable, grating
about Ihnaaine piuMirtlmi of the year
aaraiue, mga nrn very neaiiny ami
very limrlleble. The climate and feed
hem arem to Le particularly adapted to
ine proiuciioii oi a very line quality ol
milk and butter. Cowa do eicredlngly
well. There valley a are, In our Judg
ment, dcaliued to become a dairy coun
try of a very high order. Cattle are (at
i alone.
leiicd on all,
live du eiceedliigty well. The dual
ity of honey .produced in thrao vallryi
cannot l turpaiaed anywhera.
All poultry ia unutuilly profitable
aim very neau
1'ure water can utuilly be had in the
valleyi very eatlly at a depth of from 1ft
to 30 feet.
Water Powtr
Tho Klamath Hiver. after It leivn
the valley, It aald to fall 1000 feet In the
noit twelve mile. The immenie water
liower of all thrao atreami hoi to tome
vltent been approiiriate.1 by the govern-
uieiit iur una irrigavioii avaieiu. uu
iower which can be developed and tnna
inltted all over thrao valley by electric
ity it aliuoit incalculable.
KooiU are utuilly good, eicopt In the
breaking up of winter, when they get
very muddy. In luinmer they alao get
very duity.
The country I very healthful. Them1
i. luijr iinio uianria, anu ii n ciaiuieu
by aomo men who have lived here for
yean, that there ii none, only ai It ii
brought here by indivlduili. The doc
tor! iy tint the lunimeri arc .viiwclally
linn for tiinll children. W havo the
unit! (over hut there doe not leein to
bo much of them,
The nearett nllroad itatlon ii l'okeg
ama, Oregon, on tho Klamath Lake rail
road. Thii ii 30 inilei diitant. The
Southern l'aclllc I building thla way aa
(ait ai It can, and It li expected that it
will reach here next (all.
Hunting aid FUMag
Klamath County li indeed a great
place (or tba tportiinan. .Thar art
plenty of deer, and among other tptclta
am to be found tba large Mule Tall dear,
tome of which art told to drttt aboat
300 lot. There art bear and alio vartooa
kiadi of imall game In the woodt, and
In tha fall and winter tteta and ducka
art abundant. In tha valley are to be
round quail, lage bent, grouto ana
uheaianti. Our laket and riven have
an abundance of Lake and Salmon.
Trout and other flth, while tht imalltr
mountain atreami have mountain Trout
In abundance.
J Price
ltottr.8Mptrcwt. Frthbte(,Bcto
lou per Ih llreikfaat baron, 18c to I'x.
Huller. 36c, Kgg. 1kj to 60c. Milch
row. 136 to W, Firm hone, good,
1100 to 1160. I'lugi, cheiier. Dry
goodi, clothing, hati, loot and ihoea.
nlwut 10 to 'ih per cent higher than In
the Ml.alatlppf Valley.
Tt Kaach KlaasaUi I'alli
In order to reach Klamath Kail, leave
the Hotithern I'aclflc It. It. at Thrall,
California, and take the Klamath Lake
It. It, to I'okegama, Oregon, then take
Iheitiue. 35 mile, to Klamath Full..
Or leave the Houthcni I'iclfle at Weed,
California, take the new roid t Hray,
than itage to Tetera Utiilliig. on Klam
ath Itiver, then take thn ateamer for
Klamath Kail.
Price of Land
Haw land In the 11 rat dlvialun :t In 1"
mllei from town. 'Ht to 40 tier acre.
Improved landi $.'M to I00 racre;
lioar town. 176 to 1160 tier acre. Riint.
of theae are already Irrigated hy govern
ment Irrigation. Tub mirth lindt
vt hlch will come In liter, poatihly not for
lliree or four yearn, hut it rich a them
are In the world, 110 to 126 per acre.
Alio lit bruth lind Jutt at good a that
In the flral dlvialun, but farther out, and
thenfore wilt come in later, a low ai
f 16 per acre. Fine timber land IK
to 12600 per quarter lectioii.
ProfeMlonil Card!
Office over Klamath County
c. r. I70NI
Attorney at Law
Offilce over poitofflce, Klamath vlli,
H. IV Hotoiu
, Or.
n, V. KuviiMnati.
KkvnaUi Fall. Or.
Attoracyi at Law
Klamath Fall and Donania, Oregon
An Up-to-Datc
Many have been the re
mark about our New
Stand. Htranger coming
Into Klimath Fall have
remarked about the com
pletencM of thii line of
our buiine. A moet
complete line of Map,
Charti, (look, Magasinti
Newipapera, eti.
School of Dramatic
A thorough course of practical instruction in
Elocution, Public Reading and Speaking
embracing artistic execution and technical
knowledge of stage business and
Lessons to a limited number or especial
attention to juvenile classes. P. 0. Box 261
The Cream of the Best
Old Continental Whlakey
Normandy Rye
T. r. V. Rye
eVriiUwIUatlcr the IvBcnrltJoiiJ of Uw OorcnuMM
. . . None Better . . .
eii y
C. D. Willson
Wholesale and Retail Liqior Dealer
Bennett's Feed Stable
NexUto Martin'i Mill
Now Open for Business
The Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
getting their fiill, has been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
The Eldred Company
F. C. ELDRED. Manager
Bonaasa. Ores)oa
Saddlei, Harneai and Suppliet
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Irerywkere SoUcttad
YOU are the pilot of your own purse, and unlets you
read the advertisements you will freqeuntly stear it up
against the rocks of high prices. '
Klamath Lake Railroad
In Connection With Straw-Mclntire Stage
Line, Between Pokegama and Klamath Palls
Effective Thursday,
January 16, 1908
Stages loavo Klamath Falls and Pokeg
ama ,ovory morning.
K. L. Train leaves Thrall Daily at
3:00 P. M., after arrival of Trains 15 and 10
from North and South on Southern Pacific
Arriving at Pokogama at 5:05 P. M.
Loavo Pokogama at 6:00 P.M.. arriving
at Thrall at 8:20.
Southern Pacific Truins leave Thrall for
Portland and Way at 6:04 A. M. and 1:32
For San Francisco and Way at 2:25
P. M and 5:50 P.M. v
Passengers who miss eonneotions at
Thrall by reason of delays n above Stage
Line, or K. L. R. R. will be entertained
free of charge at the Hotela at Thrall and
Rates of Fare from
Klamath Falls to
Thrall - - - $5.50
Hornbrook - 5.65
Ashland - - 6.75
fledford - - 7.15
Portland - - 17.05
Montague - - 5.90
Weed - - 6.75
Dunsmuir 7.50
Red Bluff - 10.50
Sacramento - - 14.20
San Francisco 16.50
No Other Line WilL Give
You Theie Rates
Telephone for Pullman Reservations FREE OF CHARGE to Agent
K, L. R. R, at Thrall, California
'h ii
aaajtaeal " '-s.fl
. ' -rj '
' .. Ayl'
,Sji---ftSjiSJiiV J
aR"t'. .B

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