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! Mostly Rd Paper in
Our Advertisers Gat
thf Best Results . .
Klamath Falls ....
bono Ybar, No. 474.
Prick, 6 Cents.
fanel Is Exhausted
in Corpron Case
ise Will Be Taken Up Again
lomorrow Afternoon at
One O'clock
1 The (')tinii murder rant reme up lor
Ll) tills morning, and the entire- day
k. roiicmiiird In maiiiliiliig Hi Jul)-
hrri. At thieenclock Hi Jury lUt mm
haii'led, with only all men accepted.
the Judge otderd a sprilel tetilre, and
LlJoiirnrO rourl until Worlock to-morrow
Lotalng. The continuation of the Cor-
lion rae was wi lor l ociock.
Thn accepted Jtiryuenaie;J. II. Ham
htoti, It. M. '. Hrnwa, F.luier Muorr,
leruee ligue, Chailee Hteenman and
vn Ifenltls.
iver lake Valley Must Grow
Larger Amount for Home
Itcports itii that grain Is selling lor 3
if tin r pound Inftllrsr Lake, although
in excellent crop was railed In that val
ley by all who sowed grain. Tli acre
age aieeilaxl was not unVleat to produce
inough to aupily the horn demand,
however, hence the high price m grain
moil I hauled from Rummer lake.
finer. Ilia purchaa nl Ilia n Ihriwhlng
outfit last summer by the farmers nl
Mlverlakr, many in that aactlon hart
decided to Inrrcaan their crop acreage.
aud It U In llnroi that another season
wilt soo rnnujli grain ralcd to supply
Itio home demand at reasonable figure.
KUmilli county lariutra raltod
g od crop ol grain last year but Ilia proa
cte (or an Increased demand neil
)earwll prohthly result Inanlncteeeln
price over llm present. An Ilia tmrley
crop was oturdone this yrer It It only
bringing K rente per hundred. Wheat
It l ml uau 11.25. flour la telling
fur IJI.QI per thousand.
Hie Herald liaa rrceved a largo num.
her ul iilocriher (nun Dairy Ihla week,
who am anxious to gat fall reporta ol
l the Circuit court trial now la
U. II, Mala, ol Montagus, a member
ol llio firm ol Melaa & ArroanJ ol llilt
Ity, la linm looking altar hla buelns.
eBBaaaaaaCfsaaaaYr BBasaaaaVasaaaaVsaaaaBmaV aVBBBBBH JjaBHV BsaaaaaBBaaaaameaePnaBl
aaVaaaBaaaaawSP aaaBaaB t3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai flsaaaaaaaaar saarVJBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVLaaaaaaaaaaU'JsV
UWMtfiW-Wim. VIlllBaaSuaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaWaaaKZaaBfl
iTaaaamTTaal-T satmamBaaaaaaaaa
Harriman Family Will Spend the
Summer Here
Larqc Party Will Accompany Them and Arrangements Are
Being Made With WiH G. Steel for Visits
to Crater lake National Park
California Wool Growers Are
Ordered to Dip Hocks
Beqinninq March 1st
Vt. Kraor, California date i't-rl-narUn,
liaa Issued an oitlrlal circular
announcing tint ho ulll nidei nil the
sheep In the stale illi ni ofti-n ai
poaallila, lie rrinrt tin- rn(iTatkm
ol all lirptnrn,
Tliaillpplrig willroniini'iicn on llnlt
of March) ami will l raritcl nn umtcr
tha dlroction of an ln-rtor In rncli
coanty. Tlila courrr lii lii takrn
liacauae ahrcp illxawt tlirrntrti In liini'j
to kill off th wool Kmolni; irxlii'lry in
tl.la ilala.
Till Itclilon mill aflrcta iiumlicr ol
Klamath ami l.Vr roiiuty thrrp tiifii,
ho run U.rlr ntrk a irllonol rnrli
ytaracroMtha ('allfoniia lini,
Tha Oregon lax proMr for tin illp
plognf all ahrrp, whether ihry aio nf
fol with illaeaM or not.
Withrow-Melhase Hall Will Be
Permanent Abode
tor to male ai rnpiil proicn 1'ulton
hai. It ha f ri"iiently lcn remarked
that he i the nll-t Kenator from
tin I'acifir Coail. t'onirre"man Kllla
' l In frl itiuii for mlrnncemcnt be
caner.f hla Mo nro.n.iintnnre, foriool
In the llouc
Musical Organization Has Steady Growth and Plans for
the Hit ure Will Give Klamath Falls One
of the Best Bands in the State
Johnstone Is Acquitted
The Jury after an all night acnlon,
brought In n rnlirt nt 5 oclock thlt
mornlnj, nrn,tilttiiiK lc Johnston of
trui rhari;u of ftrallnu ,t horae from
Henry JncLfou. The llrt liallot rtool
7 tri "i for nrniiltt.il It then went to
0 to n, then minimi luil 7 to !.
jorlall(. wore, 8 In 4, 10 to 2. and
finally after ntnily fifteen ballots had
. In votitl, the Jury nrrlvnl nt n erdlet
"not liiilltj". The pri-omr hat been
uiri'ii liii lilxily, after reiving four
month In the county Jail awaiting trial.
Biijs Received For Plume
Tha l'M eir 0riinl hy lh Kcchm-' tlru .-..ni.
atloo Htke tm the huildiiiK ( the 4300
loot flitmu acro lt lder to day,
Tha follow lajf blila wcro leceived
No. ! Adam Miorlp'ii, ItieKiilar, o
mount, i'i,3y.fil.
So" 2- J. It. Crewp, J. It, Nelaon nnd
J. II. Ilainmond, U3,li'0,HI.
No. Campbell and lluflmaii, t'.M,.
No. 4 Wm. AiiKUit Flail.il-, T.M,H.'U,.
Tha blda will bo aent tn rorlland and
clad upon then'. It la not eacted
that It will be iieccaiary to forward them
to Washington,
Jar. Ilughea and wlfu left today for
their naw homo near Doria-
aTaTaTaTaTaY anQBraTaTara araT
ajaaaaaaf bm. aavaapBjj aaM
araraTS S'taraTaTaTl BBS
aaaaai awaaf iuBbbbby
aaaaai m Jovaaaaa
aaa EH A
Tailoring Co.
You will uva yourtwlf Umt, trouble, worry and many
othtr discomforts of "saoafing around" if you will
ordtr your Spring suit or ovareoat of us. 800 new
Spring and Suauntr SuIUags to make atlactions from.
'AndwawmNfurriiwaMMy with a smile if the
cloth .don't fit and are not satisfactory. Try ua.
MajMUraikfaahton Ihop
The Klamaih l'.ill Mlllitni) Jl.jnd. In
not In ho lelt in lluMinr In llm inarcti
of pri'iirem. At the nnniial me'tluK
Thurxlay cinliii In the nlllcea of the
Klamath (Viiiuirri'ial acency, it was tie
I'idetl to mure iH'rinanent ijuartcn,
nod n leao mm conlrarlivl with ('. II
Wllhinu win! Kiel .Milhaae fur the rii-
lliwir il tin It hulMinir on
I'ourlli mid Kliiutlh. The hulldiuit
will be fin,..-1,"! and iiitl with club
rnoin. UniiUi't and tlaming halls and
ill Unnol for r-orlal affairs glen by
the lm.
The Ihhi of the hand haM studiously
diotl all of their titiiu to making it a
rucieis and hae leen constantly add
I in; now matt rial, until they tme close
to 2j pitrea amoni; which thiy have a
quintette of taxaphonce, which are I
.Mm. K. If. Harriman. wife ol lha
railroail tnaxnatc, an J family and a
large parly of friendi, will enjoy tba
beauties ol IVlicsa Bay and Crater Lake
this summer. D. M. Griffith, of Odeaaa
who recently returned (rom Tortlaad,
stated that he was shown a letter from
Mrs. Harriman to Will O. Steel, making
arrangements for a trip to Crater Lade,
during her stay at the Harriman euav
mcr home, at Pelican Bay this sum
mer. The Crater lake company, with which
Mr. Ftec! is connected, Is not doing any
exlenshe advertising, at they expect to
have all the travel they can accomodate
under their present plana. Next year,
with tlio advent of tha railroad, this
company wilt be prepared to handle all
the tourist trade that cornea into tba
Ready For Tourist Trade
I) M.Giiflilh proprietor of the Odessa'
dom found In amature bands and imiil-Jn.ort on the Upper UVe, is in tho city
ly In only the larger professional orga
nliatton. Tliay are no w in communi
cation with, and expect to secure, on
ol the Ix-st claronet player on the roast
and a la.) will secure another cornet
player. Il i their intention to Increase
their membership by the addition ol all
the good ruusciane they can secure, and
tale that Klamath Falls can soon boast
ol the W-st nilllltary band In the slate.
Tho following officers were elected for
the ensuing year: President, Hoy llama,
kcr; Vice-President, M. D. Miliaros;
Secretary, Charles J. Martin ; Treasurer,
F. I.. Houston ; Advisory Board, Geo.
It. Hum, J. K. Bodge, John Hamilton.
To Extend City Limits
(Ulnik'to court being In kcmIoii the
meeting of tho Civic Federation last
evening adjourned from tho court house
to the Chamber ol Commerce rooms.
A largo number ol members and iioii
mi'mbers nero in attendance.
Mitili of the uwning uai talon up in
dlacuaainn of llio question na to how
and when In proceed to enlarge the
houudaiiei of Klamath Falls by unmix
ing adjacent lerrilniy that has lcn
platted nnd that la bopellltoJ b.rar.se ol
clone proximity to Klamaih Falls.
It nun concluded that this would help
sulvn thu question of revenue for munic
ipal expenses nnd it committee was np
I oluled to confer with the city council,
with a view to taking action. Thu ques
tion of n municipal water supply was
disuoscil Hoinutthat but owing to laik of
accurate duta nnd reliable Information,
not much head way. was made. The
committee was Instructed tn secure
theso and the question will bo further
considered at future meetings.
Tho meeting adjourned to meet on
Tuesday evening with the Climber, at
tho court houso, II not in use, otherwise
at the looms ol the chamber.
Cabbage and Kraut
Jim Straw wanta to close out what
Cabbata jand. Kraut ha hat Uft and of
fers qabbaga at 8c par lb. in 60 lb. or
over anu Kraut at c.per gamm.
Residence, West'End Bridge.
Telephone 823; , 2-12-lwk
Hornets Vs. White Stars
The first ol tho championship games
of basket ball has been arranged (or to
morrow night, at the opera houan, be
tween the Hornets and White Stars.
Tho proveeda of tho series of gamea
will be given to charily by the choice of
the patrons of the games. Kach ticket
ofadmlition Is attached to a stub with
the wordh Library, HighScoool Atheist
ic Association and Fire Department,
printed thereon. A blank space in lelt
opposite each word, in which tho mer
i an denoto his favorite charity by mark
ing an x. The proceeds will be given to
theehaiily receiving the highest num
her of votes. Admission: gallary, 2'cj
stage, 35c. ' " o
Following is tho lineup (or the first
Fred Cllf t
Geo. DuFault
Roy Fouch
Howard Bogga
Will North
White Star
Oscar Wright
H. B. Kirkpatrick
Virgil Noland
Austin Hayden
Perry DeLap
Vernie Clift
Oregon Weil Represented
Cougressman W. C, Hawley, who fa
la Oregon says :
Tho Oregon delegation has been for
tunate all around on committees. Sena
tor FuUun li ery popular and atone ol
the Senator who 'uuide committee
assignments, was able to secure good
plaota lor Senator Bourne, who wata
new Senator. It is very rare for a Sena
In day. As tho "fxlgc"has been closed
to tho public, Mr. Griffith will undoubt
edly hate to accomodate all the tourlits
who visit Pelican lla iiV'on. Hesajt
that his prrretit accommodations are suf
tlclent for 50 to CO a day, benldes which
ho hss.rereral unfurnished cottages.
Theso can be fitted up to accommodate
25 additional visitors.
I. 0. 0. r. Attention
There will Imj work In tho Second De
gree hatunlay, i-ebruary 10, and all
members are requested to be present.
A. Keiihner. N. G.
In reporting tho trial yesterday the
name of Ed Wakefield wan used instead
of Hd Copperfield in referring to the re
ported flight between tho Indians, Cop
perflefd and bkeen.
Senator Abner Weed of Punsmulr,
who Is heavily interested in Klamath
county property, is in the city.
Stockmen Eater to
noaeTTnuoo) tweeaaaaaja vse
SaperintendcntH.G.Wlltoa, ol tha
Indian reservation, who la la tows, taya
that tha Indiana have cosnmeneed tlgo
log leases (or the grating of cattle.
Over two hundred leasee have already
been given on that number ol allot
ments. The new eeaaou cosasBtacaa tha
first of May and by that tlma the I sates
will probably exceed (our hundred.
This will accomodate over 90,000 bead
of outride cattle, besides tha stock own
ed by the Indians thefMelvee, and will
mean an income ol cloaa to fSS.OOO for
the government wards.
For Joint Senator
I wish to state that I am a candidate
for tha Republican nomination for Joint
Senator to represent tha district con
sisting ol Crook t Klamath and lake
countiet. II. L. HOLGATE,
Bonanza, Ortfon.
Attends the Flshermaa that
Fly Hooks, Spoon Baits, JUels,
Lines, Steel aadBjujoo, loisa.
They arc conatrMCtad for acta
tlflc flanlBi and io autter how
wlU attead hlseffortalf hei
our tackle. ..' .. .. ..
Roberts 6c Hanks
Phone 1 73, bni Block

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