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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 15, 1908, Image 4

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,"f I
.' Jul
Reliability Success
With Pride I Can Point to Both
Reliable and Successful Watchwork
Reliable and Successful Jewelry Repairing
Reliable and Successful Optical Work
Nothing but "High Grade" Goods
carried in my stock. Phonographs
with a written guarantee for one year
from the Factory. Cash or Install
ments. You and I run no chances.
G. Heitkemper, Jr.
Let Us Measure You for a Suit of
Famous Tailor-Made Clothes
-. 500 Spring and Summer samples just in.
This is their gaurnnty: "Should one of our
Coats 'break' or lose its shape, we will make
a liew coat for you without charge." .. .
""" ThePantatorium
All framed and unframed
pictures at half price until
February 22, except Klser
Photographs which will be
25 per cent off.
Star Drug Store
"The Store llial Saves You Money"
To the Traveling Public
RejKuls are being generally circulated by inter
ested parties that no passengers will be carried by
the stage company handling the mails on the route
between Pokegama and Klamath Falls. The same
is being done for the sole purpose of injuring the
stage company, for passengers by the mail wagon
have one-third less staging than by any other line,
the distance between this city and Keno being cov
ered by a fast and comfortable launch.
Manager O. & C. T. Co.
(Special CoirTpotlinc. i
Coiigrm In I'lliulnutluK I In frock
CPAt habit. More than tinlf Hie mtut
i lew of the now waitress haw shown
their disapproval nf the time honored
coMumn liy nppeartuit im tlw-rloor nf i
the tioiie In ttie rewilatlon lmilhen
suit of txxvd, lied niul lavender iiwl.
tie can poll n larger voto than tho
koiiiIht lilncli utrttig tie, mill old motii
Wr, lojal to the fiwl; iimt nml lit
mvTMorlei, nrv iIIoii"Iiik wlllutoapnir
the fiilmv of eoiiKWloiial tnu shoe.
Pasting of th Frock Cot.
'lhoso sartorial W'lllRereiita declare
Hint the revolt HK.tltut llu unwritten
law iMiuvriiliiB the frock ctut hnlilt Ii
I clilelly In the IntcreiiU of comfort.
Whether Ihe) would nppoiir to MltT
iiilvAntiiKe In solemn black or lifom
Hut Wue. they lnNl, U n nmtler of
noeoudar) consideration.
Ooukiym iiovcr welcomed a larger
number of well tnlloreit member. Hut
tin Ir Undies ore creased and pressed
iri.'i- the lilet I'lftli incline fashion
plate in plaic o( the miilininililll.ii
I'eiir oipremed h meml-vr of the
limine foi the ilooiti uf the frock coat
li.ii nlicady ilintiirlxsl the equanimity
of the senate h the upv.iriitice of
couple of MlliCifrcut In the tanks of
thH black o- jtt',1 hud)
Th tnu JuimJ.
The liiltle lietwcell toevds and
broadcloth. Mack nuil l.iwii.lrrJ, Kiddy
walitcoats nml Henry Clay eontrria
I III on, top lint and soft hat, ha tieeti
nggnivatel hy the Kviicrnl )oullirnl-lii-H
uf the lieu mcliiU-m, who. Mill)
wardrobe lawr tliuii a New port bride,
I declare they are prip.mil to ilulit the
I ltie to n llnlili
, Mnuy mi-uihcr object to the legula
tlon ilnii became of their fiiltli In tho I
i hew M'lentlllc color tlicorl. . ami uieu
wlm wear red waistcoat lceaui they
li:iu I cell I M ly oclentl 14 mul au
trii!oi;i'r that red was their ntral iiil
or nhiiihler at the tboiiiiht uf puttliiit '
on the iiiiilH-r Marl, funeral loollinj '
Bingham a Ratormir.
AlnoliK the ilellalit one In the hoii.e, I
who ha U'i'll iIiiIiIn'iI lemliT of the
ilre liiinrKentii, l Itlohiuomi Yanon '
IIoImiii. I'nle looklut; tilel thin, I'njf!
tn lit llul, on rlKuroiuty nhiiii the Murk '
co.it frock. He U'Ioiik to the eon
itltlleucy of nil necktlea, which Im '
weara with n well llttlui: ack eont null ,
of granite gray, with gra; rpatu mrr
patent leather), ami ulint ulia)
wrarn lavcmler haiiilki'lhlvf.
i:rii ijencral I lenrj' II lllnstnm.
known an the "father of I tie huii.e,'
has Joliutl the ciiiigrenluiial ilni re-1
funnviH nml Joyfully luirli-il the frixk I
coat Milt ho wore with pride when
dm ilecled tu the 1'url) JlMh coll
greK, (ienernl lllnghnin a.liN to Hip
I new rolnr kchrme nf the Inline !
wearing n Jaunty hlue i hevlut nark
coat Hilt with iriloreit wahtcuat niul
riillaili-lphla'4 clii.Uc.t tie. :
WinUr t th Capital.
The tnOKr.iphlral altu.iil.ui uf Ihu
rapllal It muh that Hi w tnt.-r climate,
to be hummed up In u Hit.-, in.iy I- r;,
to Ihi romparatltcly mil. I .unl hmcliii;.
It In alino.t ciitlrel) free fr.nu the pru
I'lratliig, Lnr-li rant ami iwHli uln.'.s
which ant-ep ilottii f ruin l.'ic Nun
fouuillaml LuiiUh ulotu r.- i,rllit-rii
tejlKianl ami which ore . il.-.tiuctlie
Ik prroun r.llh wuL'tuugt ami Irnll
couttltutlotui ami ohjectlonahle p. the
G. Helming ft Co.
Fur Merchants
AdJrtM MrhfliM, Ortgon, or
Klimalh Httt, Onion
Public Auctioneer
At HnriiHon'rt Sucoml
Hitml utoro. Sixth Rli-out,
or niltlrewt euro of Hox 110
Klamath Falls Oregon
Klamath Falls
Machine Shops
PECK 6 BERRY. Proprietors
Wo nro now prepared to do iniichiiui repair work
of nil kinds and guarantee all work lhl vines
and prices reasonable.
Open Day
and Night
Private Dining Parlor
Oysters Served In Any Style
Klamath Falls G Wlnema i
Truck & Transfer
lutnltiire ami piano carefully
ni'n-til. Ilaggage wagon ami
general ilrajii.g. All wink
given prompt attention, Hum
to ami from nil boat" I'lioneliti
We Make Little
i ni mi i n,8:
I e I I !,.,
The American Bank mid
Trust Company
Caollal SliXk 1(W),(MM
llrfn for bualiiri vrry Uy In I he year turpi nmniava anj
lral holldayi. lnlrrl raid on RavlitU i)cpoiu
a m. wonni:
,cj 1 I , r,
Tlio laAtn Restaurant und
A1IV 4Vllt Lodjjin Home
Regular Meals
25 Cents
The Hcsr of Meals Served at Ml M
Hut there is always
something doin at
ourplaco in tho House
Furnishing lino. We
carry the largest .stock
of I louse Furnishings
in Klamath County.
Sec us for a Square
Al the Urldtfc on Main Mrcrt
Heavy Freighting a Speclclly. barfrftirie Orders Art
Given Prompt Attention
0. K. Transfer & Storage
Having up-to-date plino
trucks we solicit your
fine piano moving
Olllcf "tM
KolJcwr Cii
Mclntire-Straw Stage Line
In Connection With
Klamath Lake Railroad
Pokegama Line
Stages leave Klamath Falls daily at 7 A. M.
and Pokegama every morning.
Sure Connection at Pokegama
Klamath Lake R. R. Trains
Leave Thrall daily at 3(P. M. and arrive at
Pokegama at 5:05 P, M.
Leava Pokegama at 0 P. M. and arrive at
Thrall at 8:20 P.M.
S.nJino Prtitrvti.
Ortell one Mlilu-i In irrnl hoiiiu pr-
Hi-rf, Inittem or J-llle tu frleinN at
n unianoe, ji-t tiic wry iIidiibIiI of
lirnkeii Jara, etc. n-iutiiiM iin f o
wreckage wpial tu (.mlliii; xplinltet
liy mall. Ami )et It N Hie eaaleit
nutter III llieWiilM tu H'li.l one or
two iiiurlH nr k'allnin If cclni liy
lailli Ilie fnilt III tin lanl l.lhkell
nml renting aroiiml the iiIkh nf llio
rim will pauM-parloiit paper l.linlliiij,
In IliU mauner fruit can lw vent from
n.at to coam ami no iIiuibku ilouu. I i(,n.Leenlnif.
ii Mb-,, . mini.- ii (.-mi ijv iiacru in
Jam nntl prorly M-aliil Toinatoea
can l catiiieil uml paste par I out placed
oer Ilie neallin; wax. nml tliev ulll
not nerd to n tuki'ii fnun lln CiinH. J
In fact, they ronM not, r,.r they would
ipoll. Th U Ih ii ,vl ll.M for eoiiniry .
Try 'im for pluinliiri,;.
li'yoor pipe fret'ioiip, eallon Zim ;
Wanted ,V iP'O'l uriille inllrli row
S, K.OIe, phmie III.
H4-rlal pilrefiir the nril thirty dy,
at llntni'4 fliull'i.
I'ltCi: All ko(I liandnoinely pii
k'ravi-t at liilrm'. j
KiiiSar cuiel inm and i lilcken at the j
i:.it Kml.Me.it Matkit. i !
.Viu i Ihe lima lui'.'l niie lilrn plat-!
Intim phMoraj.ln, Tho prlrn ulll aur
li'O Mm nt lu llnlne olndiii.
i'liiiilalinl nml nndirnlihiil rooinn lor
liKit'lreodl. K. IVUk.
corner r.lli. and 1'inn itreoti.
All lilnda nf fancy china warn at
llnlduin'n Hardware Store, !
I'irlnre.i hiloiv eon nt Star Drug
Kloie for ni'tt :!ililny, (Irt ynnr.
pnreiilH nlm wonder Inm they run Kid you know llul Wlnlera dan ono
Mini iln-li' ihlldriii dlffirent LIiiiIm or "I Urn Urn l'l unlrli nmkem on thp
'fiulls riiiin home nml Ii mi)tlilui'oat, nml oii ran ei onr mirk done
In,,,., m. I.I..K .....
i'i'--ii"ii . nrritniit v; .
AutomoLilo Firo Patrol.
fliMtun'M llru iKhtlii.' RlreiiKtli lina
l-vvli Imleamd liy the mhlltlun of mi
iiiitoiiiutillit Urn pilrol tvnuoii, Ihatu lir
Ihe I'lialmiiury tvnl fur llu chaiitTeui
uml ii M-at 14-nlile Mill fur ono niiiu. In
llio rear nro uirrled ihe other men nml
IliC Die Ihilillni; eiiiiliiuii.iil. I i.r.ll.
I nary utu tho whkoii lll tarry four
iiiwi, I. ut In mi i-nivrKeiiey It ean carry
lx or I'lahl. IIh eiulpineiit lncludva
eluhteen cm era, nxcn, rclllnic pike,
plabttr hol.k, two i-xtlnirulaliera, two
lite foot extc-ublon ladden, aprlnklor
IjfjYt'll With Krifllibl,. Iiun.lj . ,
ii Detroit door opener and a life net.
Ill ,1.1a l a .
..i. mi j Biunni j-w-jy m uoxet, the
itfo net lK'Ing carried ts j Ux under
tho rc-nrntfp,
S. P. Trains at Thrall
-. North Bound south Bound
6:05 A. M. and 1.32 P. M. 2:25 and 5:55 P. M.
i py-ty?as
I. 0. 0. r. Attention
There will U work In the Second De
gree fiaturday, February 15, nod all
member ato requealed to bo prcaent.
A. Ketahrier. N. 0.
The Royal Neighbor nave a verv de.
llghlful dance at Houiton'a opera bouie
last evenlnif. The grand march wai ltd
by the ladle ol Ihe lodge and tho team
of the Foreiters in full uniform and pre
sented a very pleating spectacle.
Sixtecn-lnch und four-fiKit wood for
aalo in any quantity. Jave ordera at
lloltkemiicr'ri Jewelry Slorf nr New-
, torn and Underwood'a Drug store. t
llyonrwalili Is nick aeiid It In Win.
Ion,' lloipiinl. Wi. mill Kivo it the host
I of lu-alinenl. All work -.'Maranlroil, J
flhiildeii lour limm, ulil, .,.,..,. ,i
......... ..,,,, n.,,,,u ,,.
tlimo pliliirea at Hlar OniK Hlore, while
Ilie prices are way iIohii.
I'nr Hm Imsl tiic in limn call at Ihe
Mmiiniolli fatal.lcs. II.W. fllraw, I'w
prielor, f
HAY FOR 0ALK-1W tons ol hay
for sale in quantities to suit. Phone
furs Wanted
(I D. Willson la In tha tnar.t tn. .11
kinds of furs, for which he will pay the
'iKiioj.iiiBiKei price. Aaaresshim at
Klamath Falls, Oregon.
That New Home
Of Yours . . .
Interests us mightly. We want to furniali it
for you so we ask you to consider these ivoinU:
That wo have au unexcelled stock, both in
medium priced goods as well as in tho higher
grades. '
That we have furnished .some of tho nicest
homes in Klamath County, largo and small, with
complete satisfaction to the owners.
Hint wo are prepared to fill orders promntlv,
big or little. ' ' '
That wo sell goods for cash or on easy' pay
ments, as suits your convenience.
Tiimi in 1
Vice Prealdent
AI.I.RN .Slil
Cabbage and Kraut
Jim Straw wants to close out ,.
Cabbage and Kraut he has left and of
ters Cabbage at 2c per lb. In CO lb. or
over and Kraut at 28c per gallco.
nesiMnc., west End Bridge.
Telephone 823. SS-UWwk
Mapg, runt, Mix ttlnit, tie.
Klamath County Abstract Co.
Surveyors and Irrigation Engineers
,,0N,iKT'c-K- M.n.Wll,.u,c.K
. .. .. Tri'iimircr
mamain raiia. Oregon
Plumber and Steamfitter
Kiniuth FaUi. Orcg
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
: MiMum, 3M; (, E04

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