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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 20, 1908, Image 4

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Reliability Success
With Pride I Can Point to Both
Reliable and Successful Watchwork
Reliable and Successful Jewelry Repairing
Reliable and Successful Optical Work
Nothing but "High Grade" Goods
carried in my stock. Phonographs
with a written guarantee for one year
from the Factory. Cash or Install
ments. You and I run no chances.
G. Heitkemper, Jr.
Let Us Measure You for a Suit of
Famous Tallor-Made Clothe
500 Spring and Summer samples just in.
Thiss their gauranty: "Should one of our
Coats 'break' or lose its shape, we will make
a new coat for you without charge." .. .
WeGuaranteeaFlt The PantatOriUlTl
AU framed and unframed
SIctares at half price until
ebruary 22, except Kiser
Photographs which will be
25 per cent off.
Star Drug Store UTht 8torctht SVM You Mo"cy"
I Mclntire-Straw Stage Line
In Connection With
Klamath Lake Railroad
Pokegama Line
Stages leave Klamath Falls daily at 7 A. M.
and Pokegama every morning.
Sure Connection at Pokegama
Klamath Lake R. R. Trains
Leave Thrall daily at 3 P. M. and arrive at
Pokegama at 5:05 P. M.
LeavD Pokegama at 6 P. M. and arrive at
Thrall at 8:20 P. M.
S. P. Trains at Thrall
North Bound South Bound
6:05 A. M.and 1.32 P. M. 2:25 and 5:55 P. M.
-- VT-gW,. M
(Concluded from First I'aitc)
teat In tli court room as occupied and
the Me ciomlitl. Everyone was on the
tip toe t eapeetaney, i"l Iim l'llilct
Attorney Moore aiore to iul.lre" the'
jury, the silence ot a tnmli rvvatled.J
The lung ttriiitle " 'rliijr an end.
Mini tlir tlnal effort t I 'i forth !)' ,
c nnrel on each side nnM U tin' great. '
est In llirlr live. '
lltrlcl Attorney Mooie called tin',
ntlrnf Ion ot tlir jury to tlir solemn illlty f
they had to iwrtorin; the necessity nl
dispassionately rclenlti! the testimony.;
lit then went cr briefly lh testimony
ot each witness, carefully liinglnii outi
the Mllcnt points of tin' evidence. Ilej
was fallowed liy All. miry Smith. Hilt
i Urn ;tnt linir .Vr. Scull li hn ml
dres-ed a jury, mill in hi. i ff.ir! lie cov
ered hlmael( tilth ijlii'y. Ili plea w '
reasonable, ctiiiscrvative and to tde
point, lie dWecled (lie evidence !'.
ne liy witness, lr iriKltitC ' the illei.t '
point with force and telling ritiit. It
was an able effort Mi. I ineiiiel llieion
rnliiUll.m giwn lilm. '
He Mat (ollimeO liy Altuiney Nulitnd. .
G. Helming & Co.
Fur Merchants
Addrcat MirahtlaM, ogon, or
KUmath Fall. Orttfon
Public Auctioneer
At Harrison's Second
Hand store. Sixth street,
or tuUlrcss care of Box 110
Klamath Falls - Oregon
Open Day
and Night
Private Dining I'-uhr
Oysters Served In Any Style
J. V. HOUSTON, Prop.
Klamath Falla R Wlltema
Neter wa lie In lielter (or in. He la
rvcojtnlied asoneol theablesi alloMic) riUniilr ft 1Sattcf At
u.i. .1.1 i.u,,.iniCK oc lransicr
Mr. Nutaiul l.n tienrly an hour held
I lie ilie atlenllon tilth J ity . lie
aent oer tlie cane point In M.int, .! ,
vaneing wry nl.ly llie llienit t llie il
tense, that Jnhnsiui Intlicti-d llie ii.J.ii)
on himself. Following Mr. N luiil, .
ststtint l'roeMilliii; Atlnrnr) Mime wsile j
the el i nine argument lor t .tale.
In hi talk to the Jury Mr. St. me In.
slstrd I lint the Hate proved i .inclusively
that Corpton ai millly ot Indicting the
Injury that caused Joliinxui'. ileath. lie
dwelt particularly on tin statement
made to Mr. Johnson ami Mr. Illton
andlackcd It up with the eurrntratlve
testimony ot the itate'a wilneMe. Il,
livid the clone attention ot tl.rjiry frnm '
I beginning to end. Ill address a
mailarlul effort and rehVcletl much I
credit mi him ai a Uwjer and orator.
Knllnnlng lliecloeof Mr. Stone's re.
maika the jury was eirusisl In admit'
ot the argument on the iii.lrurtinna to
I given the jury. The il.f.-ne atkel, '
and the Mute approved, that the jury
llve not the .ame weight tn Johnttin'a j
tatemenit that it would Kie to the te-l
'timunyota ilnei on the tUnd. '
It ii quite likely Ihatthe j.iry will ie-
turn a venlii'l thiteteulny. :
Furniture and pianoa arrtully
ui'.ved. KaKiraKe waton and
general draylfi:. All work
Klvcn prompt atlentinn. Hum
to undlnim mIIIkhiU. rhoneHU
We Make Little
(Continued From Kir.t I'ace.)
Opposite American Hotel
This muddy weather calh for Linpleum. We have
it 0 to 12 feet wide. It saves time and hard work.
Make wash day a pleasure by using one of our
1900 Washers and Anchor Brand ball-bearing
Every good book seem to have been written especially
foe.the.man or woman who is reading it. Every good ad
; Wtiaement will have something of this quality. See which
of thi atore-ads. today appeals to you mo3t directly,
t!ie Koverrimunt ulli.Uli work out miiiiu
dellnite plan of action and make the
people n proportion ol tome kin I. It
u in tieliel that many am in fav'ir nl
Irrluali.iii hy the xovcrnun'nt, and It
would .ceiu tint aouie plen could Ixi ill
vived atI(aclory to niir ciiiieu.
The rily cniinril niH on the Cut Mon
iUy of i'.i.Ii inoiilli, and I Mould t
pleaned to rei-eive any oimiiiiltre nho
might ih In favor u with thtilr prei.
ence, and ahould anything dnelop n(
ufficlent Iiuportancc totlieiteneral puli
lie to Jmtlly, I would be glad to oiill
special mcetiriK ot the council tn confer
with you. Yoiiik lteKi't(ully,
II. Sr. (Si'i. Iliiiiui'.
To tlm llepuhlicariH ot Klaninlli, l.tke,
! Crook wn.l Grunt rniirillei:
I wih to Inform Iho ItrpnlihraiM lit
' Klmnalli, l.uLe, t'rixik uudiir.tni i-nin-
' lire, -ontilul!nK the 'IMentj.fir,t trp.
j le.enUlht llmtrh't o( OieKon, llut my
i name vt 111 U pnnnl-.l tor jour tnnflJ.
uralloo .nt I l.i' ptimniy rh'i'ilon to ho
held Apiil 17, ItliS, imklii)i ;our miffmn
I for aeleellon t ono of the Itrpiihllcan
liouiineea (or Joint l(cprerenlatle In to
, lullnlcl for on .limn I, HUM.
II. I'. liclkunp,
frlnCvllle, Oregon
I I Mill be a candidate lor the offico at
Prorecollng attorney for the aecoml
proietutlog attorney UUtrlct of th atata
I ot Oregon conilailng ot the countita of
Lake and Klamath.
U. V. Iluykeudall.
HAY FOB 8AI.E-1W tout ot hay
for lale in quantilivi to luit I'bone
1. f
1h"Clav Dakar" has been poitpooed
until Monday night, on account of tli
illnm of one of the roemlxriotlhecait,
The atata tutva already been placod on
ale at the Perfection, and the large ad
vance reservation, indicates that there
will be packed bouse.
Wriaht'a coodenced imoke for curloa
peats at tsVStar Drug Store,
But there w always
something doing at
our place in the House
Furnishing line. We
carry the largest stock
of House Furnishings
in Klamath County.
See us for a Square
At the Brldtfc oa Mala Strut
Try Zim for plumbing. i
V.llitel A f.l yentle milch i'iiw.
H. K.t'Kle, pi. "lie IH.
Hierial prices Inr the tint thirty iU)a
at HuUr'a In.ll.i. !
KltKK 111 k""-!' hnn.U'imiily eu
Kravol at Winier'. I
Kiirnlnhnl and iiiiliiriiinlnil rromt fur
hr.unrLeeping. lml'irenl II. II, I'rlli.
corner filli. and I'ine rtreets.
All kind ot fancy china ware at
Ilaldwin'ii llanlware Store. I
I lid )Oii know thai Winter I. an one
ot the the heat walrli makers nu the
coast, and you ran yet your work done
promptly? t
Sixtcen-inch and four-foot wood for
aalo in any quantity. Leave orders at
Heltkemper'e Jewelry 8tore or New
aom and Underwood's Druit store. 4
It ymir wnli'h Is hick send it to Win
tern' llonpllHl. We will dive It the best
nl tre.ilmeiit. All work iruarantevd, ;
Tor the'Wtt ri( In town call at llie
Mammoth Klahles, II. V. Klraw, Pro
prietor, t
Cabbage and Kraut
Jim Straw wanta '.o close out what
Cabbage and Kraut he has left and of-
' frs Cabbage at 2c per lb. in fill lb. or
over and Kraut at 2T,c per Kallcn.
1 Residence, West Knd llride.
, Telephone 821. 212-lwk
To the LadieA
of Klamath Falls
All Interested in flue China, I would
cordially Invite to call at toy studio,
Tuesday and .Saturday afternoons, to see
my new Ifoe of white China and studies.
Orders for weeding and birthday pres
ents solicited, Instruction given In
China painting. Firelng very reasons
bl. Ma. A. S. Wasson,
With Mrs. Ida, Hubbard 0:1 Pine
street. Phone 734.
Work was coinaeuced this afternoon
tearing down the rulnsof the Van Vale
tnburg and Ky Taylor buildings, pre
paratory to rebuilding.
--This U the Isst week of the Picture
Sale at the Star Drug Store.
Klamath Falls
:: :: Machine Shops
PECK & BERRV. Proprietors
Wo are now preimrcri to do machine repair work
of nil kinds and guarantee all work first class
and prices reasonable.
(has. 1:. WOUIIHN
Vlv I'ri'dili-nt
The American Bank and
Trust Company
Caottal Stock $100,000
Open for buslnctuvcry day In the year isccpt Sundas nnJ
Ultsl holidays. Interest I'ald on Savlnrt Hcposlis
A M WOlllllN
I ItKIl S( II A 1 1 mi;
r A I I .i.lii.r
rpi. A f am Hestouranl and
lIlC VJCIII Lodtfind. House
Regular Meals
25 Cents
The Hest of Meals Served at Ml Hours
Hesvy Frighting a Spcclcliy. Uuggaric Orders Art
Given Prompt Atlenllon
O. K. Transfer 5 Storage
Hav.'Rtf up-to-date plsno
trucks we solicit your
fine plsno moving
otfhre 7I
KrsldcrtCC 04J
That New Home
Of Yours . . .
Interests us nightly. We want to furnish it
for you so wo ask you to consider these points:
That wo have tin unexcelled stock, both in
medium priced jjoods as well as in the higher
That we have furnished jsoino of the nicest
homes in Klamath County, largu and small, with
complete satisfaction to the owners,
That we are prepared to fill orders promptly,
big or little.
That we sell goods for cash or on easy pay
ments, as suits your convenience.
HiRT K. Wmiimw,
Vice I'renldenl
Abstracting '
Maps, Hani, Blue Print!, Etc.
Klamath County Abstract Co.
Surveyors and Irrlsjallon Engineers
Do.W J. KtlMWal.T, (.. K.
M, 1). WlMJAMH, 0. E.
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Plumber and Steamfitter
Klamath Falla, Orcgo
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
rnoneu Business, 396; Residence, C04

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