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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 17, 1908, Image 2

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Isaaad dallr. aieaot SunJar, br tha
Herald Publishing Company
W. 0. SMITH, CdHer
suKtciurnoM rates
Ualtr, bmall,airar.
Ualt?, by mall fUKKintko,
Uaiir. by mail, Uiiot month,
lOllr. br mall. month, .
. ttAO
. . IIS
Jallr. dallTaml br rarrWr, a mk, , .It
HOW TO RMIT.-Bmd Poatnffic memr onlr,
apraaa niav, pmmnat chat on rir local bank,
tamea, caaa, or rurraner.
Nanrtm law op OasnoM.-Swtlon S8S3 o(
ih lawa of Omwn provMoo that wbvnowr any
mamCMitrallmit a Mwapapar ahall mall auch
nearapapav to any wraon In thU 8tat without
Ural rrnvtrlna an enlir Iharafoc, auth nwtparr
hall b doamnl lo br a lift, and no db or oblm
Inn ahall accrue again! auch paraon. h.thr
pakl Mfwapapor la ravalrad br U paroon to whom
it la aaau or ax.
50 per cent, vegetable matter. Klamath's greatest
Orerion's richest soil
.". .- fW unwardi. law TenM.
Bargains at v p - -- - -, ...
A Maine jury haa put the value
of a husband nt $7,000. Maiden
ladies with $3 or $4 each should
not be alarmed there is a very
large discount for cash.
Timber Land Notice
United Statea I.aml Oflleo, l.akeWen
Oregon, February IS, 1WH.
Notice I. hereby kIm' t lin t In com
pllanco nllb tho frolalons ol llio ait (
Congress ol Juno 3, 1878, entitled "An
act lor the n)o o( tlnilicr lauds In tho
states ot California, Oregon, cad ami
WaahitiKlon Terrltmy," a extended to
all the l'utilio Land Slates liy net ol
i Anitiist 4, ISO' Chailc It. DeUii, of
, Klamath Fnlli, County ot Klamath,,
Mate of Otvi!iin, In. filed In tliU 1 1 111 Co
lil sworn statement No -till'.', for the
purchased the sw'jnei.,, nwJi'p'f, ol
m. 3, tp. 38 S. rntiRO 0 K. W. M., ami J
will offer proof to show that the lantl J
sought is morn atiiahto for lla timber j
or stone than for nutlcultuml mrHwe,
and to establish Ilia claim lo said land
. . , A , ", .IMoie the County JihIko ol Klamath
President Rosevelt. the man of 'county, at hi. office m Klamath Kail.. I
peace, wants four more modern 'orrpm, on Wednesday tho iiihd) ol
would Mar IIW. j
llaaia.atiaaartattltl,i,fcaaa I k I fin
. I iv tinnii - iir inn ' .-...-
US . , ,1,-I.I. T..... II. II..1.H1 I
Mir, ... ... .i.v...(" .., .... ..-.,-,.
A. M. Jniiiloii, nil of Khiuinth lulls,)
Oregon. J
An) niKinii iHTroiiaiiniiiuncpiitoiav.
I.. .I.k .II... .. .I......1IuhI l.ul. y ,.,ii at- I
. , a . , , HICflll'UKIIVnillVI ,t,..'... ...,..... ,
veicwarc, is ine liuesv t:nir "i tJ tl, r.bMhelr claims In this i.ilii-.. on
the Democratic race for the m-u fore mid i.itinliyof May uws.
battleships. The fleet
then look more imposing on
next tour around the world.
Judge George E. Gray of Dover
preaidrntal nomination. Gray's
supporters believe he will become
a factor to reckon with in the
Denver convention.
2-211 S 1.1 J. N. Watanii, ti-!lftrr.
Petition for Liquor License
E. H. Harriman is sure of at
least one job for another year.
He was on Tuesday re-elected
mrtwrnr m inta nrptrnn .a-i.aninr-i
r..!, ra , therein for more
ma ii roaa avompany, wunoiii a, mftHirlv,1w ,.,,,, ,,,,,,.
dissenting vote. General satis-ml fillnj tla(. our iHtltion. .1.. henh)
faction with the way he had been I ,...i.-ctiuUT wiiiion mr honoiuhie
To the llonorahle County Court of
the State Oriuon for K Intuit li Couiily.
Wo the iiiiilerflKiiMl, real.lenta anil le-
gnl voler of tho rrveinct nl .siri!iir
ltlr, In the Cnuntv ol Klnmnlh mull
Ktate of OreKon, ami aitual mhlenta
therrln ami ho hao nctually n.-..Ie-l
than thirl) iln)a tin-
running the road, and keeping
Uncle Sam from taking 3,250,000
acres of bind grant away from
him, it is understood, was ex
pressed by each of the
stock holders present
lioiir to eranl ami touu to J, C. IMmIi
nndT. M. Etltull, of the firm of Kdmll
llroi., license to ell iirlton, lnoua,
fernutilcd or malt, llijuot In Ivn qifnn
I tltiri than onu gallon, In the preciiat
The primary campaign which
ends to day has been one of the
cleanest political contests in the
history of the county, and from
present indications it looks as if
by to-morrow, there would be no
hard feelings on the part of any
of the defeated aspirants. This
is as it should be and this policy
should be followed in the cam.
paign for the June election. Keep
not-annnl matfnrc nnf nf tho ram.
paign and 'let each candidate. ft' f
maice ma ngni on nis own quali
fications, rather than on the un
fitness of the other fellow.
The Civic Federation has seen
fit to nominate a ticket for the
city election, before the legal
time set for that purpose. We
cannot see any strong objection
to this if they so desire. Neither
can we see any good to be accom
plished. In a city of this size a
man is elected to office, not on
any promises or any platform he
may adopt, but on account of the
confidence which the voters have
in his intelligence and ability to
meetae many important qucs-.
tions which will arise during his
administration. There is no place
where the people rule more com
pletely than in a municipal elec.
tion, and we have confidence in
the citizenship of Klamath Falls
to feel sure that they are capable
of selecting their own officers
without dictation. It would be
presumptious for a few people
to declare that certain men were
the only men in the city capable
or fit to fill certain offices but it
might not bo amiss for them to
suggest candidates which they
might feel were capable. With
out Jtnowledge to the contrary
we'-take it for granted that this
is their only intention. This,
then, leaves us where we started.
The people will select their own
officers" according to the provis
ions jof the law, and will not
necessarily be controled by the
macMaatlons of any organization.
There will be no ticket to be put
through, but each individual
voter should vote for the man
jvhom he sincerely believes is the
most capable and. activs man for
.iach seoerate office. Jf all the
fitizens will turn out at the elec-
fioB, there need be no fear that
we will not get a good set of
Voting I aforraahl for a period ol one )ar,froni
the Cth .lay of May, A. U. lHOa.
Notice la hereby shell that thl a
titlon willbcpieavriteil to the Count)
Court of the Slate of Oiei;n, for ihc
County of Klamntb, at the coutt Ihiiii
in the city of Klamath Full, on the Cth
la) of Ma). A. I. lXW,at the hour of
on o'tloik P.M. or a. xxui iheiiMlUr)
At jM I. tili in can lie heard. .
Ilate.1 ihla'J-'itli.lny of Manh, A. !.'
l'JOS. '
O.T. Anderpon, !.. l Griffin, I. T.
Anderson, F. A. Campbell, W. W. Fin
ley. K. W. Wlietiton, A. W. Kn, J
M. SasM-r, M'm. II. Oairett, Rl llloom
iniccamp, John S. Furlier, II. J. Ijhik
kam, Itoaa . Finley, IV. W. finltli,
K. Gutter. It. r.
,nderon, C. It.
Mnrlir Anma l.undv. Mat I.awrV. J. A.
Wilaon. J. K Frreman, rptalt. Wella,
C. K. llerK. J- II. I5o)d, Jame. M. 1 er-r-n,
Frank Olmichain, I- A. Rirhard
roii, Georse lll(imlii!caiiip. tj. M. An
ilerion.Tom Iory. Jaima Hell, Frank
Shamlcy. J. A. 1'arl.cr. O. (i. IKjwk,
Klamath Lake
la Connection With
Stage Line
KFFI.CTIVE AI'llll. 10,100a
Trom Klamath Fnllt to frau Fran-
claco and all oliits U'tHecn
Thrall and lame.
Ix-aveKlnmath Fall 4: A.M.
Arrhe at hpenrert 7:30
Leae hpenceri H;
Arrhe at PokeKmn 11:
IavoI'okcifaina.K.L.H.ll :15
Arrhe at Thrall 1:11 P-M.
UmvcTIiiuII, a, i'. nu.
train No. 15 at 2:'J'i
ArrhoatSanFranclficoO:'.'S A.M.
29 hours and 28 minute?, Klamath
FalU to r-an FrancUco, Train No.
13 on S. P;. Jea, es Thrall S ;M p. mi
arriving at San Francisco 11:28 a.m.
Klamath Fa.Ua to Portland
l-eaie Klamath Falli a above.
Leave Thrall, 8,P. train Np, 10, 1 .32
p. in. ; arrive at l'orlland'7:M a. m.
27 hours andM minute", Klnmath
Falls to Portland.
San Tranclsco to Klamath Fal'a
Leave San Francisco at 2:20 p. m.
.arrive nt.TJirall at 0:01 a. in.
LeaVe Thrall at 0:30 a. in.; Ic-avo
Pokegama at 9 a. m.; arrive at
Klamath Falls at 6 p. in. Dinner
at Spencers, leaving-thera at 1 p. in.
Hhortcst time ever, 20 hours and
40 tnln, Ran Francisco to Klamath
Fa,lli. No other route does It. ThU
Is the cheapest and best way. Fare
tS, either direction between Thrall
and Klamath Falls.
-- l
YOU will never regret it. We always give you
the best and the most for the money. You 11
find us able to supply anything and everything in
the grocery line. Get the habit of trading with us.
Van Rioer Bros
Chase 6 Sanborn's Coffees a Specialty.
Orders Are
Heavy Frelrihtlnri a Speclclty. Baggage
Given Prompt Attention
O. K. Transfer S Storage
Having up-to-date piano
trucks we solicit your
line piano moving
Office N7I
turn 671
Realdencc 04S
The American Bank and
Trust Company
Caoltal Stock $100,000
Open for butlnei. avery day In the year .xcept Sundays and
lrnal holidays. Interest Paid on Savings Deposits
Ass't Cashitr
oaaaaaaaaaa.. an aaaaaajaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 461
or KKK Store, Phone 174
none 84
The Eldred Company
F. G. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Oregon
Saddles, Harness and Suppliet
We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established .reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Far
ties. The largest and best arranged eating house
in the city. Open day and night.
' Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
fromB. St. George Bishop I will be pleased to
meet all his old friends, and also extend a cordial
' welcome to" the many' new residents of Klamath
County. Our lino is complete, and lots of goods
-are oh the road from the best supply houses
the cities.
-i.;.i -,
Successor to B. St. GeorgeBlshop
Incorporated November 28,
Statement of Condition
of the..,.,,
Klamath County Bank
Klsmath Falls, Oregon
DICIMBKR 31, 1907
Ians and Discounts. . S34O.53O.0O
Bonds and Securities 63,520.04
Ileal Estate, Buildings and
Fixture 14,745.10
Cash and Sight Exchange 160,247.09
Capital Stock, fully paid. .. SI 00,000.00
Surplus and Profits 21 ,753, 1 1
Due Other Banks 32,000.04
Deposits 431,205.46
I, Alex Martin, Jr., Caatiler of tho alxivenamrd
hank, do solemnly swear that tho aUiw ,UU'
mrnt is true to the beat of my knowledge and belief
AI.EX MARTIN. Jlf., Ca.l.icr
Sobacrlbaxl and sworn to before me thU t.tli ,,v
of January, IMM. '
IHealf iX II. Wmiltim
Notary Public fur OrrKon
Ass't Cashier
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
are Advancing in Value
When blocks in Mills Addition were olTtrcil
at bargain prices a number of slireuil inven
tor bought; since that timo valtiiH hac
increased materially.
These Lota arc Bargain Buys
at present prices, and there is every reason
to anticipate an advance in prices. Itumni
ber these lots are FIFTY feet in width nml
deep-more than double tho area of most
town lots offered to investors.
CAPT. O. C. APPLEGATE Office on Fifth Stmt
Laad Sakaaua.
Plumber and Steamfitter
Klamath Falls, Orego
Strictly Fint-clau Work
Estimates Furnished
Paoats: Baslacas, 396; Residence, C04
.Beiuiett's Feed Stable
Next to Martin's MU1
Now Open for Business
The Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
getting their mil, haa been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
i ii t
, j y u r ,
East End Meat Market
CWSIW c tnLTt, fropri.tor.
" 1 Ktr
' 1 , 1
Priau B3ef, Vtal. Muttoa, Pork and PosW
i .....
Fresh and-LSiravl UmIi ami. Hauaaircs of " fr
Ti handle sjau-'ni la the Meet modern way ln
un... ..j .. , .... ...in be s
""" aUITOVaWlingl. IT US SU1U v "" 1 rjBBJ
A . Jiarir.. IIIMy U blVl VflU turn Aiiafmnar. tree W TfaTJ

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