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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 30, 1908, Image 1

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Our Advertisers Get
the Rent Results . . .
. 11. .11. i . .
KlimMn '
Yeah, N. MO.
Price, 5 Cents.
ifoeer Hood Considering Proposition of
u Spur to
. .i... I .....Htm WitilH Inmiri' Wiitui f'jtniiii I Sun
iuai " "
With Trnins Ihroughoul
nel Seldom freeio lo That Pluto
E0lMl ''""' "' "' """"""
bow lu "I"!" 'Hltmriii
4iU nliflHiy leeirr iii-i...
ll.ll.tMat IMIHIIHI' "I ' CaUdir".
P" ... i ..i i . i.i
K-tl.ilin. "" '"-
U. Bi-ii IMi irlvrrypruiai.i
isfllrtllrit "I ' X'r " 'to"
flL,Maril w III come, lolhe land-
k) connect "Hit I''" " '"r ,I,U
, urrfinenl llfii IbeGovellf
lia4llirrViitlieiii I'aclllc Company
I to Iks cruttiinf il lli channel
r matter that may caum delay
tocslnf llil rlir. and I" "' I"
llfctroaJ to iiatiKiblr water "III
t thfnl Winter, row-
ku I"" mUhiHm! In the H.I'.
i 1 AM Aly l'i r tin apur In
(f' Uti'Iin along tint
Jkittw iil along thf rltaiibrl.
I tpur tiu'ill i"1 nine over i
iii imiIi "'i """''I '" ry "
iMlt """ill requite ery Utile grad
ltd nclltlly no limiting.
If. Usui haa previously staled and
lftsTeedthal II a large Mwinlll
I last Teeter', lm would construct
rtolliatIM to Unl nut Iht pn
I ! tU mill. A ainrement I on
ittfetlnthla uilll In lli nearfu-
I II tli rii)tlll"ii It carried to
ifdllaiue the spur nlll I nrer-
Itffniiiriit between Ida H. I'. and
tfltrnnmetit provides that Ilia rail-
I csany (till ut In solid till
Ithtclufinrl, an I out to him tide
I (III ! i lirUtp and sluice way.
tbndfitt alii I liuiUr In thi one
ItbtUUol tU Main canal and will
I ol flu lint y gates. The Govern-
at till maintain pumping station
About Your Summer Suit
We will not charge you a cent
That Point
- " -
L'ntire Winter-Chan
Hi I In- floating In reg-uUt the hull i on
rtllxT llr n( tlirillk. II the water !
como Iiki high Hid K'lva will I raled
In Irl It lluw mil, mill II il e,et t'i low
Ilia pumping ttalloii will Ui IiioiikIiI
IiiIii llto, Tlia till that mint ! made
(till laVv a meat ilral ol luatrilal anl it
la umlrnlo.! ll.at tlio nk lakm liom
tlie tumifl will Im ilr.l at tlili -,lnt
Tlio till wllllrata tlie clialinrl navltiaMc
f jr mall lioata on l,lli tiili ol ll,o illkn
lull will itoi iial(atlon at tin- lallnm.l.
lliaK, I. willimt in ilillriKt lirra and
maintain a ilil'llig jlut and dmil,llc
a mall town will iIok iii aa oii at
tlm inarili Ii rrclalmiil.
Il will ln IiiiiiiIMp In put In ll.e Oil I
and tlio liradtcatra liy till Kail and tlir
clmiuifl ntar tin )lnl wlierfll.r rul-j
road criMra It Irrnra up iluilnif tlie.
Winter lotliat U-aUrannotnot lliiounli.
OwInK In llila Hi)' rtim,lctloii ol tl.n
road to tlir watrr at tlili point will not
Inaiirp water ruuiiertlnua tluoillioilt
llie entile Winter. T avoid any ul
blllly ol not liavlna watir loiim-cllou a
ileteinilnel effort will lv made lo lian
III Iplir built In Treter'a lieloro Ilia
cliannel Innea otrr.
Auction 5ale
A. ATnnld will wll at public
on Saturday, May tub, at 10 a
in., at
the llird I'KMley place, near the tunnel,
the follow Iiik lleuit:
Two wmtom, banieM, ono plow, two
harruw'a, all Hilda nl household (no,
and other article. Teriua rih.
W, T. HI.He baa U-fii at I'm t KUuiatb
(or n lew daya atlemllliK l buaiin'
There are poor, dood, bet
ter and best makers of
clothes We represent
the latter. : : : :
Our Invitation for you to look
over our choice selection of Tans,
Browni, Fawns, Blues, Grays,
Mouse colors, Pencil and Shadow
Stripes Is an invitation to see
Quality that Justifies the Price
When placing your order
with us you take no
chances on getting just
what you want, because
and Satisfy You
No Experiments This Year
Il It not likely that anything will I
done tlilt )Pnr on the mnrnli liml t;r-lim-iil
ntntion. Tim mllroml vinlmrk.
infill In iiiiu,lce.l In a K,iul wlii-ra It
inn I-' ii.nl m w (or 10 re,m.
I"K ol tin1 Ininl lew I tlm K'niTiiinent
n r(iiliimntal lurin ly AUI Ally.
'Mill lun.l Han leukcil a jrar uy,, lull up
to tliU Uiiir in, tiling Into Irt-oii iloiut to
liilatiii it no Hut riTlinriil iiiIkIiI m
In 'i"U'i'. 'I lir praon la now- loo far
ailvanml loratry on any riwrltiientl
ii r-lioiiM tlie Inii'l lie iwUIuis llila
Hiiniiui'i. Mnn. (, eoiiiiltltiii ol Hie
lolliijn.l ,lih. Ii will taU my little
li'trx noil. Id i-ihIom tlm lauii,
In Need of Light
I'arilr oiiiiIiik In from I-nkerlcw lay
H,r 11W ,1P, , tUitc -wl.r ,,ltBl,
Al ltrKlli ,m ,,mll , wu10lU gll(
and power will l nec.lo, to operato tlio
new mill Uiinic rontlrucled. Tlie old
elettnc pliht, l(-le, at New I'ine
Creel, wa detro)i-l by Hie lail Fall j
ami bat uetvt been rebuilt. I.akvlew
l In iUiLiii-' ! for lauipa nud can.
Muney Uros. of Winnemucca, Nevada, Awarded Construe-
lion of South Branch Canal-Large Outfit Cn-
roule Here-Will Begin Work MaylOth
Secretary of the Interior tiarfleld liaa
approietl the bid ol Maney llrotbera A
(inipany, ol Wiiineiuurra, Nevada, nn
the South llinucli canal. The. contract
include the roiintroctlon of live and a
hall uilleaol tb canal, the name to lie
eompteteil In live uiontha time. Tiiry
bao alien, ly tailed about Heienty head
ol hone toitellier with all the luachiii
ery they will need on the work for tlili
place an, I npvcl In l-itin actual con
tiiiftloii wmk al,nl May 10th, H.
Weill, n uieuilN'r ol the llriu,Ia now In
the city and U malliiK arraniteinenta
(or thu arihal ol the oullll. Hit will re
main heieilurini: the .Sunnier and will
aiirinteiid the work, Thu bid ol
! Maney llrotheri A Company on lhi
if we do not fit
High School Ball Team
Tlie atudenta ol tlm High Hcliool rorn
ploleil tlm orKauUatlon ol their liai
'It team and tlie aKrfP'Katlon ulionld I)"
able to put up oiuo fant Ki'uca. Tlie
Ica'.n went lo tlie Axenry where thoy
will play Urn Indian. Saturday tliey
will play tlie Fort Klauialli team, le
tuinlng Ii'iiihi Holiday. Tin; Unit up ot
the team la aa followa
('. Yaden, cutclior; )iurtt, pludivr;
Cronemlller, lit bain: Nolan I, '.'ml
bam; Hum, :ird lute; llayden, abort
top; IV iKiI.np, lo(l field; 0. Kel.ap,
center Held; Van HIh.t, rllil Held;
and V. VaJen and Hammond inbitl
Will Gather Data
Deputy fiaina Warden, Mont K.
Iliitcblaon bai Uen advlied that
Meairt. Itohliuaii and e'lnley, repreent
atlvea ol the American Hclioot ol
Natural lllitory, would apendlbeKreat'
er part ol the Hummer In Klamath
County KthcriiiK Information nod data.
iTIray will arrUe here In July or August
and will put In eeral week on the
contract waa $78,117, It belnK the low eat
ol the two blda received by the Itccla
mation Service.
The coiitrartor are well known and
are now conilrucllng 290 inllea ol road
(or the WeiUrn I'aclllc Company in
Nevada. They wilt bring in enoua.li ol
their outfll lo complete tills work on
(chediile time. Juat at aoon aa they get
the work atarted they will employ a
f,,rrc ol about 160 men.
Thla lame firm alo placisl a bid nn
the Clear Ijikedaui, but aa the bid la
much higher than that of Mahoney
llroi., ol San Francisco, Il is not likely
that they will he awarded the contract.
Chamberlain and Cake May
Visit Klamath
Governor George K. Chamberlain will
open hit campaign it St. John, where he
will deliver the first speech of the June
contest. II. M. Cake hit opponent, hat
leu lor uoot uay.wncro ue win mauguraie
hla stumping tour at toon at he arrives.
The rival candidates will stump the
statu from one end to the other. Tlio ill
nerariea have not been prepared, as Ihuio
require, time to figure out train connec
tion to the various points. W. M.Cake,
brother ol the candidate, will not com
plete the Itinerary until alter the meet
ing of the Republican Slate Committee,
as it is Intended that several speaker
will assltt Cake on the stump, covering
such places at Cako cannot reach con
veuleiilly. Chamberlain doea not ex
pect to have a staff ol tpcakert with him
although ex-Unltod States Senator John
M. OVarlii may maku a few sioeclie.
Owing to hit campaign, It nil! lw ln
pomlble lor Governor Chamberlain lo
attend the conclave ol Governors, hich
hat been called to meet al the White
Houso May 13lh. livery Governor in
the United States haa been invite I to
attend and bring three advisors. The
object It to threih over the important
mattert now before Hie country. Gov
ernor Chamberlain hat written to Presi
dent Roosevelt, explaining his Inability
.- .. j ii..i .. i.i. .H
10 aiiana, aim uai ajwiuieu " y
resentativM H. W. Pcolt, Supreme Jus
tice R. 8. Bean and 0. 8, Jackson.
Alter flrelng hit opening gun In St.
John tomorrow night, Chamberlain will
probably start for Eastern Oregon, and
will tour that section before returning
to the Willamette Valley and the Coast.
He will probably close bit campaign in
Portland, and thlt It also the Intention
ol Cako.
Decision Of Assistant Commissioner Is a
Lemon For The Settler
J. L. Yaden loses Valuable Claim to J. L. Buell If Decision
of Assistant Commissioner Is Not Reversed
On Appeal fo The Department
Oueotthu uioil liopirlant Klamath
county land contctU hat been decided
by Aailitant Coinmitnlorier S. V. I'roud
fool, of the (leneral Ijind ollice. The
rate la the one olJ. I.. Itucll va. J. I..
Yaden, and Ii a contort for the Yaden
homcitcad north ol Illy. On June '),
11)03, J. I. Yaden filed upon a quarter
ecllon of land covered by a growth of
timber, ettimatlng according to the evi
dence introduced about two and a hall
million feet. On June 10, 1007. J. I..
lluell Tiled an al!idalt of contest, charg
Ing that the defendant hail lalhei tore
ride upon, cultivate and Improve the
land at required by law. The hearing
wat held before County Clerk Chaitaln
on Auguit tl, 1H07, and .both partlei ap
peiired and submitted teitlmony. Upon
thla lentlmony the register and receiver
ol the Kakevlew- land office rendered a
tdeclilon In favor of the defendant, rec
ommending that the conteit )- dli
uiliaeil. rialntiff apcaled the caeto
tlio General I.nnd Ollice, and now the
Atalatant Commissioner revenca the de-
cltloii and orders the entry ol Mr. Yaden
cancelled. However, he lui the right
id appeal to the department.
At the hearing before Clerk Chaataln
Mr. Duell testified that lie had ecn the
land bul oriceTlliat Ihere tfaa acablif
on It; that about 10 or lfi acres were
free from timber, apparently naturally
no, and fenced ,and that them Is a grow tb
of about two and n hall million feet'of
tlmlier on the remainder. He did not
ee anyone living there at thu time he
impeded the place, but admitted that
be did not examine the hotiro cloeely.
( He Introduced fl witnesses, none ol
whom had eeerflho land, aud their teitl
mony was chletly In regard to the de
fendant's residence In Klamath Falli,
from which placo the land Is probably
tUly miles distant. It was shown that
Mr. Yaden is a mall contractor, and that
the Klamath Falls postmaster reported
to the department that he resided in
Klamath Falls. It was also shown that
he was a mail contractor at the timo he
j mtit mng 0 t,l0 Umli am, tmU tm)
I )0U, regutllon ,!., a contractor to
. ,.,,, mion . ...,. .., . .... r.
sonal supervision.
It seems that from the evidence the
Assistant Commissioner deduced the
opinion Unit Mr. Yaden and his family
Use the
.- M,ti-i r ,
- - -- -i--ic
'-HS:, 4l
oor Trcrut. 1
Roberts & Hanks
Hardware Dealers
used the place as a summer home, but1
did not actually reside upon It. Ha
states in his decision that occasional
viiits lo the land are not sufficient to
establish and maintain a residence, lie
alao states that Mr. Yaden may have
done the best he could aoder the circum
stances, but there are certain require
ments ol the homestead laws, without
the compliance of which an entry can
not be completed. He also holds that
the fact that a homesteader Icavea hii
place to send his children to school Is
not sufficient reaion to eicuae him from
maintaining a residence.
This decision, a many heretofore
rendered, show conclusively that the
homesteader, in order to hold bit claim,
must comply with the land laws In every
respect. It also establishes the prece
dent that a man in the employ of the
Government cannot be away from his
land because of such employment. It it
very probable that Mr. Yaden will ap
peal the ease to the department.
Resolutions of Condolence
Klamath Lodge, No. 99, Knights of
Whereat the Supreme Being haa
enured our.eaatla and-tesntsred -from
oar midtt the esteemed fellow Knight,
Dr. Q. W. Matton, therefore be it
Itetolved, That by his death the
order lott a respected member and that
the heart felt sympathy of the lodge be
extended lo the bereaved wile and child.
Resolved, That the charter of this
lodge.be draped in mourning for period
ol thirty days; that a copy o( these resol
utions lie sent to the grief-stricken wife
and that a copy be spread upon the re
cords ol the lodge,
J.L. Yaols
Wm. Wauxib
F. L. AaMSTBoxo
Dorris will hare another big day to
morrow. The first regular train pulls
out of the town at 3 o'clock in the
morning, and the first one to arrive will
pull In at four o'clock in the alter
noon. Several Klamath Falls partiee
expect lo be there to go out on the first
John 0.' Hill President of the Hoi
comb Realty Company, arrived in tbo
city last night to remain several days.
Hooks, Hies, Trolls,
Spinners, Reels, Silk
and Linen Lines.

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