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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 02, 1908, Image 1

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u.otly Ita"1 r",or ln
Klimath I'nl'rt '
Our Advertisers Get
the Rest Results . . .
ondYkah. No.r,i2.
Price, 5 Cents.
Niers Have Hear
ing in June
iHnlMioner 01 oenerai
lind Olwu tonceoes
Kigtits to Settlers
ITU'Wnet" '" ''"' ''"' ""'' "'
trail kate ittmr-l lln'lr first point.
Ihrr malaappliratinii ""'
klUUkftlfx ,IU" ,l,n "'nrl' "
I In rerelte tbelr filing i-aoaiiap
lillefe-l settlement before the land
llironn " Wllun ami
lltlaarnl 1 ll' ""I" "' '" Haerelary
! U Interior Tli mailer wae Hi
tarpealnl " (I'" Cuinmlaalnner n(
aCroeial lwd Ollice. Some lime
oll(lir"lted that Ilia Ijikevlew
ihi.lUm InilriKted In allow
arlof, and ii tit ta rrrt la run-
Law) I; nollrea to all ittlea concern-
IiUIIIip lirarmi: ill incur tha mid
of June, turtle! participating In
ffBihilU nut ifimidrr Ilia auonclr.
io the; lurr lrn granted hear
UtIH figure mora prominently
llkt (lit (or tli mit valuable plecea
tlaUlin the entile aerllnli restored
7r. Tin munera unit unt Into
Ul bug Wore llir Secretary mad
artstArttl Murder and liullt cabin,
I notlrri i( arttleiiienl mill resided
ithtUuli. The iitlnratlnii order
iImJ I claitae prohibiting tlill, lull
mdmm cllin hey are nut effected
kUorJf at Ihrr had alia! aa.
11 residence upon Ilia land belore
i SpJer wat iiivIp, ami they argua
iMimol villain a law before
UanliK Tlio llo tiilng-Unplun
ttannviila ti-nlUr nalrna , Ml
iloj, li i mi Hi contral aa rrnl-
It iar, ai aim o.Mttc I iinn Ilia
M btliritll ai lettorad til entry.
iM.at ot tli- rUiius rl.-. on hy Ihe
irtlurna llin'cr ami atone filing
fill llinm alul Inn n It..... I.. -i. . '
.... ifi ,, fi'i ,n. in mm iiiiiii Hlfll
filings, Tlirau arc llii' nimt cumpllinlcd
caaes arriulliK liom llm null, Nome r.l
the Interested partlca mvi already hud
heerlliga, ami III HKml Intlaure. Ida
raipliau Inwii iIhIiIh In fatnr nf the
parly hi iirlng Ilia llil llllng, leganlle.a
III It Ix-llltf tlllllirr nil.) alone urlllilna
trail. Ill umir (! tin,. , who gut Ilia
ilri'laluil (rum tliu Ijikekle iilllrc Imp
lcl nntliia on llm lUliiiauriliiriiit;
Ilia nlliat rltlii In iciiiuM-llii'ir llii
(iKurinrlil. .if ir) mimiIiI aiiniiiiitr I
Ilia aina. r lint u ltn- itcli,na .
Ill Ilia can't air miilriel iii.cnl an-,
lakan In lliiiOrm-ral l.ari.l (lll l,i. ,
ai lira m Im data Im-cIi cinnilillrii; unions '
llirriiK-hn Inrllic lamia mutt uti Uri
tlia Kmiirii, lur In ifiaiillnit llirm n ln-ai
IliK Ilia C'linilnlaaluiiar ailmlla tliat ll.i)
liata ifilatn rl(ilil In llir maltcr
WnithiK fur Machinery
'Ilia W'latl liver Imal la mil rinnii.'ti'l
anil U awallliiK tlia Inttallalhii ul Ilia
uiaclilnory. Tin Iwllar xaoi.l.Tr.l (rum
Ilia Kail ami la ilrlayol mi Ilia ruail
Aa arani a II airlvra ami it Imtallnl Ilia
boat Mill la pill Int) M'lklia, OmIiicUi
ilia latrnrta i.l llio tiafin inily a lllllr
ilraliclriK lll l iluiia on Ilia ilvrr tlila
yaar. It la nut likely that Conniraa will
make an appnipriatlun Im Ilia uuprura
inriil ul Ilia rlrur llilt )rar. All ilia
wink that will t- ilnna uti Ilia ihir
III l tla irinuval ul tin- lnuth
ami thatlrarliiK ul Ihachaiuirl,
DircctorM In Session
Tha lloanl ol IMlrctuta ol Ilia Klaiu
atli Water t'tara' Atxlatlun U IiuMIiik
III tegular immllity meetliiK tlilt alter
noun. Mltli Ida aiieptiuii ul W ('.
Daltun tlia entile lloanl la prearnt
The rtit" routine i.u.inc. win be!
tranaarled ami comlderabla lime will l
gUen tu Ibaditriittloiiiil the Clear jiVr
Klumath in Com mission
The aliamer Klamalli gma on Ihe
irgular run In tha umrnlng lht'lia!
will bale at 4 u'rlurk and will ronnect
with tha atagu at Tretir'a (or iKinla.
Tlia boat hat been oil tlia tun lor auvntal
Heika and haa had all ul her iiiarhluur)
thoroughly nterhauliM.
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liaaaaaal W mrgLiwt r mi mm km aw amr f
Left Bonanza Yesterday Evening for His Home But Never
O.ntihnA Thra...Clinc
iiiuun,u iiii.iv uiran caiiw onus I VUIIU Ull
Hunk of Lost River by Searching Parly
I. U Rid hit-, who a luriuetlj
I.K-ntc.1 at Meirill, i now in tlilt city
and la i in plo) it) in Ihe O. K. luiber
aliup. lie ti'lit ilia Winter in Cult
land. I. I. Ruti, ul 1W Vallay, It in the
lly lodat on butlueaa.
if we do not fit
jmA C.W,. r..-A
Itoxasit.OKK. May2"AudrewNlcliola
a (anner living about three inllea (rom
here, carno to town jeaterday to transact
buiim-ri, and after be had completed all
lnirltnt malleri he Imbibed pretty
(reely ol tliu Uonanta whlaky and when
ha ataited (or borne that erenlng he left
town with Ida horae on the dead run.
The laat aeen ol the man wai when be
wat taking Ida departure. Tliia morn
ing Ida team turned up at borne, and a
aearch wai at once begun (or the man.
Searcher, (ound bla ilioei and oocki on
(he bank of Um( River about two mllea
Iron) town. The auppoalllon if that he
waa thrown from hia wagon while In an
intoxicated atato and attempted (o wade
(he rher and wat drowned. A party ol
about (ourly people hat been out alnce
Ihli illuming draglng the river. Nichola
la a man pan fifty yetia of ago and haa
a family.
Rules Governing Homesteads
Under The Canal
The Secretary of the Interior baa
iaaiusl through (hu Uoneral Laud Olllce
initrucllona to KegUtora and Receiver
governing tlio hoiueateAil entries made
under the Reclamation Act. There are
a number ol ihcmt entrlea under the
Klumath Troject which will be ubject
to the new ruling and Instruction.
The II rat provlalon I that the Secretary
will determine the number of acre ol
land that shall bo embraced In an entry,
and hu.wlll determine upon and fix Ilia
chargea por acre againat llio landa in
cluded in (he entry for reclaiming the
aanie and for maintaining the irrigating
ditches. The charges so attached are
sgaln.it (he landa (heintelves, and as the
annual Installment accrue (hoy become
fixed charges against the land iu the
nature ot a lien. If at any time an
entry is cancelled (he party flllug on the
lands next must pay all charges that
have accrued against the land.
The Instructions also provide that
when one parly bao filed upon lands
ami haii compiled with the law and the
entry It not held (or cancellation he
cauac ol back charge! atich party tray
M'llnqulrli In lavor ol another pcraon
and the pviaon tecurlng tha filing
through (he relliirjiiltlirnt'tit will l eriv
titled to credit (or all n( Ihe payuientt
that hae been mailn under thn Rerla
inallon Act.
It la alto providid that all psrilei
making humealead entry tinder llio
lieclamation Act uiiit in addition to
pajing all charge! rctlaim at least one
hall o( Ihe Irrigable area oltho land In
cluded In the entry, ami mutt realde
upon and cultivate the lamia according
j to the hoioctttad lain. Any (allure (o
I make two ol the paymer.ta when que, or
to reclaim the lamia aa provided herein
thall render Ilia eiiti) atihjrcl to can
(ellatloll, At tha end ol lite )ear cuntinuoui
leaidenre a homeatvader under the
Reclamation Act can make proof of re
clamation and residence and alter tliia
he need no longer realdo upon the land.
All partlea having aoldier rlghU (or
claim credit will bu alloaed to uw the
rame under the Reclamation Act, but
they will not be able lo nccuro patent
until all charges apilutt the landf have
lieen paid. Ilelra ol entrymen under
the act will not be required to reilde up
on the lands, but they tntiat comply
with the reclamation clnuie and mutt
pay all chargea More patent can laaue.
The method ol final prnol on landa
that are entered tubject to the Recla
mation act li Ihe tame aa on otbe
hoiueatead entrlea except that final
prool muat be made aa to reclamation In
addition to rcildence and cultivation.
Signing Up Lands
K. R. C. William I in the city to at
tend Ihe meeting of the directors of the
Water Uters' Aiioclallon tlila afternoon.
lie aaya In the Upper Project about
3000 acres of land bavo been ilgned up,
In the past mouth. He lays that a
soon as certain deals for lands are closed
the ace rage will be Incieared. They
hae been making an actlto campaign
in that tectlon to get landowner to
sign up.
High School Loses
Yesterday afternoon the High School
baseball team played the Klamath Star
at the Agency and wai deleated by a
core of 15 to 11. This morning they
played team made up of the Agency
employes and in the eighth inning the
core stood 11 an J. The game was won
by the Agency team. Th Is afternoon
the High School and tlio Stars are play
ing another game.
The baud dance laat night wa largely
attended and all who were there bad a
very pleasant time. The dance of the
band ate becoming very popular. ""
Use the
I Ipv Trout. -I
Roberts & Hanks
Hardware Dealers
Monday Night at The
Opera House
Central Committee Arranges
for Speech at Merrill in
Ihe Afternoon
Hon. II. M. Cake, the Republican
nominee for United States Senator, Isle
phoned L. Alva Lewis today that he
would arrive here tomorrow night and
would speak In (hi city and at Merrill.
He will leave on Tuesday morning so
that it will be necessary for .bim to
peak at both places on tbe same day.
The Republican Central Committee has
the matter in charge and the present
plana are to take Sir. Cake to Merrill In
an automobile, where he wilt tpeak at
2 o'clock In the afternoon, returning
here in time to speak at the opera
house at 8 o'clock In tbe evening:. An
effort will also be mode to secure large
delegations from Bonanza, Fort Kla
math and Keno for the Monday night
meeting. C. T. OI!vcr,chairmanof the
Republican Central committee went to
Merrill this atternoon to arrange for the
meeting at that place Monday after
noon. Election Day
Voters of Klamath Falls should
In mind that the iolls for the city elec
tion open at 9 o'clock.Monday morning,
and that It is the duty of every resident
of tbe town to go to the polls and par
ticipate In the selection of the men who
are to take charge of the city's affairs
for tbe next year. Despite the latsnets
ot the hour there is no perceptible stir
in the situation. None of the candi
dates I making an active campaign.
The nominees for Mayor are apparently
willing to have the people decide. Tbe
councllmen are making no active can
vas. F. E. Ankney will likely have bo
oppoelton in the First ward. la tbe
Second ward Silas Obenchaln and II.
Bolvin are In tbe race, and In the Third
ward F. T. Sanderson will likely not
have any opposition.
Mayor D. St. George Bishop la making
arrangement for an extended camping
trip through Lake County. He wlU
leave here sometime in June and will be
gone a month or sis week. He expects
to visit all sections of the county to be
come acquainted with the lands of that
section. It I his Intention to acquire
lands If he finds anything that is satis
factory. Fishing
Hooka, Flies, Trolls,
Spinners, Reels, Silk
and Linen Lines.

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