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MawaMu Law or Obboom.'
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this SM. WtUMMl
MARSH LANDS jegon's , richest soil
Klamath's greatest bargains at $20 per acre and upward!. lasy Tirana.
50 per cent, vegetable matter.
J A GambKna Episode.
a ardar laamf ar, nIi M.saiaiiai
la b. a sift, a4 n. er kltrt
m anlaM aaak tania. mUtim
What Bryan said to Johnion
and what Johnson said to Bryan
in the heart tohtart talk they
had on the train speeding to
Washington remains a deep, dark
-mystery. Each has come out in
an interview, either directly or
inferentially pledging support if
the other should be nominated at
Denver. Johnson aaid: "I will
support Mr. Bryan or any other
democrat who ia nominated, for
I want to see the democracy carry
the country." Bryan said: "I
think my record will answer that
question." It will be recalled
that Bryan supported Parker in
1904-to a certain extent
In an opinion given Saturday
Attorney General Crawford holds
that the railroad commission has
no authority to compel railroad
companies to fence their trackt
in this state. Numerous com
plaints have come to the Com
missioners asking that railroad
be compelled to fence their rights
of way, and the commission re
ferred the matter to the Attor
ney General, who states he has
been unable to find any authority
under which the commission can
enforce such an order.
Halt century ngo what 14 now tho
middle WMt wae tbe far treat. Parts
If Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky wore
Inhabited by a very rough people. I
west oat there to tell gooU when I
irai Terr young man, being about
tbe flnt Mleeman to vl.lt vthe region,
0( couree 1 traveled armed mul kept
my money In a money belt triHl
around my waist I wai rather n llu
ty boy and not averse at time to a
mall game while traveling. Indeed,
( carried a puck of card, nnd dlor.
line erenlug I was on a atiiKivoai-h
that putled up at a tavern in a tunntl
town tu Kentucky on the Ohio rler.
t had gone there tu lake the tlr-t
tteainboat that would pan. up to Cin
cinnati, where I ronld I.Ike n railroad
train for the east. .No one lonld loll
lust when a boat would Mop thriv and
I hnil fli lifiiMtu.'t uf ilr..,ri- tlm..
ahead of me. In Iboae dayj In th.il n
glou gauibllug was open tin llu- Nut
and In the laverus. During Hie v ru
ing of my arrival I watclml n parly of
men ahaklug dice lu the ti.tr. which
was In tbe miiio room with the otlhv
The neit day I 'nt my time wnicli
tng for a steamboat. A iiiiuiIht of
boats aaed. but none of ihetn had
freight or passengers for that hindltiK.
for they did not stop. In the etcnlrti:
I went In and watched the dice Ihniw-
lencIion jou." The tneii who hnd
illsgorceil looked tery URly, but a I
could ln seen by those on the boat k
Iiir from the Intern to the Irtiidlutf I
felt nfe to tvnlls there with my buck
to Ihiwe- who I knew under other clr
rutnutniicet would shool me.
nnontiK DIS.NT.Y MIM.S.
Humor an? Philosophy
When Leslie M. Shaw was sec
retary of the treasury, he held
that frog legs were poultry. The
question "Is an egg livestock?"
is now raised by G. F. SUtter of
Sioux City, who has imported
from England two settings of
Black Orpington eggs. They were
valued at $100 in the invoice and
duties of $25 were assessed. Mr.
Statter paid under protest and
appealed to the department
on tbe ground that eggs are livestock.
Adjutant General Finzerof the
Oregon National Guard, has giv
en assurance that Astoria's peti
tion for a company will be grant
ed. Aa the state has at present
all the infantry companies it is
allowed under the military act,
the Astoria company will be called
tbe First battery coast artillery,
but its equipment will be identi
cal with that of the infantry com
panies, ajwillitMrill.
Two aged Crow Indians. Old
Coyote and Bull Snake, are made
pensioners of the government by
a bill passed by the Senate plac
ing them on the pension rolls at
$60 a month. Both these Indians
went to the relief of Generals
Custer and Crook in their fight
with the Sioux Indiana in 1876
and both were badly wounded.
The political campaign recent
ly decided upon by the American
Federation of Labor will be di
rected from Chicago. A number
of speakers will be put in the
field and it is also contemplated
to pursue a vigorous and wide
spread fight through the medium
of campaign literature.
Some of the Republican leaders
of Indiana are authority for the
statement that Representative
Charles B. Landis of that state
will be put forward as a vice-presidential
candidate at Chicago if
the Republican convention nomi
nates Mr. Taft as the party's
standard bearer.
e ,
A Washington report says that
Rear Admiral Winfield Scott
Schley, retired, will be offered
the Secretaryship of the navy in
case William J. Jryaa it elected
Now, 1 defy any young man of or
dinary spirit speudlug hta time lu mirli
a place watching a game without long
ing to be In It. I reflated for aoiue
time, for the men were a bad looking
lot, then pulled out some coin nnd call
ed for tbe dice box In my turn I
played far Into tbe night and when I
got up from tbe table bad parted with
every cent of mouey I bad for my ex
penses, some $300. I wa not quite o
much of a fool as this confession Indi
cates, for t bad noticed that my op"
ponents knew exactly how to roll the
dice to that the figures they wlahed
should come up. IleaMes, I una not
specially timid. When cleaned out I
reached for the dice and put them lu
my pocket Tbe men who bad won
my money looked threatening, luit
Mid nothing. To object would have
been to confess that they were load
ed. 1 had no Idee, of recovering my
money by an exposure. I wlahed to
satisfy myself aa to whether 1 had
been swindled.
Taking my candle, I went upstairs
and to bed. Undressing, I threw my
trousers on tbe back of a chair, not
thinking, since .1 bad loat all my mou
ey, to take any precautions for -their
safety, but 1 didn't care to lose tbe dice
till after I had a chance to break tbem,
to I took tbem from tbe pocket and re
placed tbem with my own set; then I
went to bed and to sleep.
I waa awakened during the ulght by
some one tampering with my door. I
lay still and presently beard the door
open and a atealtby step In my room.
A. figure passed tbe window, and I
could bear It searching among my
clothes; then It went out 1 got up,
felt la my trousers' pocket for my dice,
and they were gone.
Tbe next morning I was not especial
ly surprised to aee some of tbe men
who bad my money still about tbe
place. Uad they not, aa they supposed,
secured tbe dice they would have got
out of the way. After breakfast I told
tbe landlord that I suspected that I
had been swindled with loaded dice.
Me professed to be very Indignant and
wore that If ancb were tbe case be
would make tbe men who bad won my
money disgorge. I torn mm to can
tbem la and I would prove my charge.
They-came, and 1 could see by tbeUr
assumed Indignation that they were
confident that they bad tbelr dice and
I could prove nothing.
After they bad expended sufficient
verbal ammunition tbey called upon
ne to give a reason for assuming that
tbe dire they bad played with were
loaded. I asked the landlord for a
hammer, and 'when be bod produced It
I put my band lu my pocket and pulled
out the dice I bad kept under my pil
"Hold on." said one of tbem. "Those
are not tbe dice."
"Why sor I asked.
"Because" He stopped abort lie
couldn't own that I bad been robbed
of set of dice.
"Crack 'em,H I said to tbe landlord.
tteluctantly be put one of tbem down
oa tbe hearthstone and cracked It.
There was the lead plain enough.
Tbe men and tbe landlord stared at
one another, surprised. Meanwhile I
bad backed to a safe position and had
my band on my pistol. Hearing tbe
itroke of a steamboat bell-a signal to
bank flret-I knew that a boat was
about to land.
"Ton men produce, my money," I
said, "or I'll see what I can do when
that boat lands."
Tbe landlord .was In no mood for tbe
reputation sucsTa charge would give
bis place, and after a few words wltb
tbe others be returned me my losings.
I don't think I should have bad tbo
courage to demand my money bad I
not beard that stroke of a steamboat
bell. It came In tbe nick of time. I
stuffed tbe funds Into my pocket, ran
pstalrs for my belongings and down
again, keeping a sharp lookout and my
haM on my pistol. Tnen before going
to tbe landing I said: "You've done
texMttbjnx .teCXUSattU
A Btviit many men ml nil re illHirence,
and when the dllltreiuv reside In oth
ers aud they get n kohI fnt rnkcoir
their admiration auiouuta to mi uhea
The let ou know n man the more
may .ton aiouuie an iH-tpintutniici' of
men lu h-rueral nud freely tpe.ik )our
tulud to lilm.
M n n y Hople
Kpviul, Ihelr gray
matter irjlug to
dig out a creed
that doc not call
for anything re
aemlillng n deed.
The only ipiar
re! we hate with
dlfflcultl.-. U
their ierff clly
horrid habit of
being familiar.
. y.i m waapgaaieateaaTTrT-
Tut Wantotl
I). Wlllaon l In tho market for all
kinds of furs, for which ho will pay the
Mi:li."t market price. Address him at
Klamath Full, Oregon.
Manutlh tax rw.Nc library
The Klamath Kail Public Library Is
open etery afternoon from 2 to (WW
o'clock and each evening from 0:30 to
10 o'clock. A cordial Inflation Is ex
tended to all.
IM lint buy blended whl.key. When
ton want puio ttlil.Vey see that It l
. . . .i .. i . i
put up under Hie government a -nonum
ttnrehnu.otamp,"aa l the toniinen
tat MliMev. Water Mill ttliltkey, .Nor
tuntiilio no and K. I'
f. I. Ilium
I'. V. rte. N"id by
A good way tu keep frlcmN l not tf
need any.
I'roliatily the nrr of coming ipth-k
ly to n ilocNInu dot ut much to nr
friction in the power to xl.n iho k
Petition for Liquor License
coi'itT or tiii: stati: ok oiii:-I
We the under.lgtied, renidcnt. and i
legal voter ol the precinct id Wood
ICixcr, In the (.utility of Kliinmlli, Male
of Oregon, anil actual re.idelit. tli-reln,
and who hate actually u-.-idrd llieieni
for more limn thirty da). Iininiillatrlt
prtx-eillng tho date ol .Ignlng and tiling
till. Iflltlon, do heieliy ref'Ctlully
petition your honorable Imj- to grant
and Inne to Jauie. II. Wheeler, a resi
lient nl aid ptt'i'iiicl, n lirciiMi to 'll
(Iritotix, vlnoii", feriiienti-it or malt In)
lu Iho Circuit t'ouit ol the flale ol
Oicgou lor Klamath County,
John KnonU plalnlllT, t. Amanda
I'.llu Koonttdclrmlitnt, ulllnculty lor
lu the inline ol the ttalool Oregon t
You ate hereby itipilrvd to appear am!
mutter the complaint Med aitalu.t you
lulhual.ito entitled Milt on or Molt
sturdily. June 1.1th, IWW, Mug the
U.I day precilUil lu the order for pub
lication ol llii Miuiiuou., the llr.l publi
cation ol tthkli IhIiik on -'atiirday, May
'.nil, lims, and i( you (all mi to answer,
(or want thereof, the plaiuttfl will apply
In the court (or the relief demanded in
the complaint, tiled herein, Io-mIi: (or
a decree din.olviug the Uuul. ol matri
mony eliding L-tttecii plaintiff ami de
fendant. I'lil. .illinium. I" .erteil by publication
in the r.teuiiig Herald, by order nl Hon.
Henry l. IU-iimiu, Judge ol the'Ulrrull
Court lor the lint judicial di.triwv'of
Oregon, dated May l.t, llW, which or
der lfiilln- .uinliion. tu U puhll.hcd
once n ttiek (or.it iiiiimhuIIh' week.
In. mi the 1. 1 day of May, UUt.
a. i.. i.KAVirr,
Allorney for I'lalntlft.
Professional Cards
Olllce over Klamath County Dank
Attorney at Law
uora In ltf iiimntiliii than one gallon, ' ., . ... .. ,.
In the precinct af.m-rald f..r n ,ri.-l .,,;0mlee 0"T K"lolTlce' KUmlh lMt
ix nmntlis, from Hn-r.nl, iUj- of July, ! Oregon
Kotiic I. hereby given by the under J
.Igneil, that till. lition nlll U pie-j
enteil to the County Court nforcrnid
at tbe court room in the city. of KIs-1
matli Kail , Oregon, fn tin" l.t, day i.f
Inly, A. D. IUH, nt the hour of II)
o'clock a. tu. of raid jlay or a. .noli
tbeieitfter a.rald etitiou ran Iw beard.
Dated tliit I'itli day of May. IMS.
Jame II. Wheeler.
C i:. Hoy l
Itoy It. Wiie
S. J. Johnion
David liamley
.S. II. Gardner
J, K. Vo.u
(I. F' Vim.
K. X. Dompii-r
Frank Unnipl-r
I'aul I'ir.on.
J. II. Hnmrt
M. 1. Morgan
W. M.TIiomaiiou
l)uU Ilrannau
l O. Drain
It, A. Moon
U.T.0 ray
Walter Dixon
C. (iray
M. II. Ill-M
0.0. Hill
O.K. Hot t
W. J. Jauiliuiii
It. M. .Iiimlmn
J, I.. Vomi
.lull n (irny
M.F. 1'urkir
I. W. Colo
II, P. Jo'iea
O. I.. C'livii
I.. 8. Ileraig
.1. M. Kuiery
II. II. INl.-y
O. II llunrli
Am Hkijki
Italpli II. I.-innlim
f . ('.hI,iii
Ira Knglt-Wi-.ley
Win. M. Pkei-n
D, 0, Courtney
D. t. Noah
W. If. Noi ton
A. I.. Mellia.ii
.1. A. OIIluu
Win, Denton
I', M. Denloii
U-e Denton
l C. l.iuoro
.1. II. Ilex.lg
K. J. OiTen
Jo.. Ileraig
Ituhe Wlillii
I'm nk .ilvcm
D. liyau
W, II. Clark
I.. A, ('ran in
C. (J. IJrophy
J. II. lierry
H. II. King
Attorney at Law
Klamath Kail., Oregon
American Hank A Trust Co.' Ilulldlng
Open Daj
and Nlgkt
I'rivatc Oining I'arlora
Oysters Served' In Any Style
J. V. HOUSTON, Prop.
We Make Little
Notice For Publication
Department of Iho Inlvrlrir, U. H.
IjiiiiI Olllco, l.akuvlttv ( regon , May 15,
ItKW,' Notiru I lierehy given Ihat Albert
Harrison, of Klamath Full, Oregon,
mIio, on Nov. K, 1UJ7. iii'ido llmliur nnd
.lone application, NoVll)iri, for NB'
NW'W, -'ecllon 'At, TiiHimilu :t7 8
Hangu 0 ;,( Will. Meriilimi, Iiiih died
notlcool Intention to make I'liml I'roof,
tocntalillali claim to tliu laud aliove do
criled, befoie Coiiuly Clerk Klamath
Co., at liia olllco at Klauialli Fall, Ore.,
on tho litis day ol Auguit, 1!X)K.
Claimant name an ttllucm'ea: .lolm 0,
Hchalluck, o Klumalli Kalis. Oregon,
T, J, Btatcn.of Klamath rTTTrf; Oregon,
Albro JamUon, of Klamath Falls, Ore
gon, Win. Carlisle, ol hlamath Fall,
J. N. Watson, HegUter. fl-18
But there is always
something doing at
our place in the House
Furnishing line. We
carry the largest stock
of House Furnishings
in Klamath County.
See us for a Square
At the Bridge on Main Street
Klamath Falls a Wlaena
Truck & Transfer
Furniture and pianos carefully
moved. Baggage wagon and
general dravfr.g. AH work
given prompt attention. Duss
to and from all boats. I'hone 103
Incorporated November 28, iooq
Statemeat of Condition
of the,,.. ,
Klamath County Bank
Klanath rails, Oregon
DKCIMPIR 31, 1007
Loans snJ Discount - $340,03o.no
Bonds and Securities .. . (13,525 fu
Iteal EsUto, Bulldintrs ami
fixture 14,745.10
Cash and Sight ExchntiKc lflO,217,flo
Capital Stock, fully imitl $100,000,00
Surplus and Profit 2l,7G3,ir
Due Other Banks 32,000,04
Dt'lKwiUi u 431,205.40
I, Ales Martin, Jr., Caablor nf llm al., umi.,i
lnk, do solemnly swrar tlmt tin- l.v, ,i,,..
mrnt la true loth brat uf my iinl.il(. ni,.iWi11f
AI.KX MAltTIN. Jll. lasMrr
Subarrlbrd and swum In lfun nic tin. r.i,,l
i.r January, liwt. ''
ISralf V,. II Wnin..
Nularjf Cubllr fur O c..n
- President
- Ass'l Cashier
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
E. H. DuFAULT, Proprietor
Choicest of Wlnea, Liquors and Clrtare
Catera to tha better rlaaa of trailr, with nothlr. locSroi
tbe moat criticaL You'll notice tho li(Trrrnte hnj
try It. Just the place to drop In fur n rcfrrsMrg lin
age when you need a stimulant. I'urr ll'unri t( s9
kinds for family trade a sprrlalty
Ready for Inspection
Our line of Carpets, Matting, Tapestry,
Linoleum, Art Squares, Table, Lounge
and Stand Co?ers,is ready for inspec
tion. Something entirely new
Also Silk Floss and Feltolene Mattressc
Brass and Iron Beds-Adjustable pen
cil woven wire Springs, the only thing
for hot weather.
Polshed Oak Dining Sets and all oak
Successor to B. St. George Bishop
Phone-Store, 61 Residence, 155
' Cashier
The American Bank and Trust to
TT r n I'
rf , IPSalf tfBtassSk ""ai aWsasaBKi inifaajBBjNl Un' msh mm 1
CAPITAL, $100,000.00
Car.Stfeaaa Mala Street

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