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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 11, 1908, Image 1

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Our Advertisers Get
the Beat Results .' . .
iKhmnth Full"
oNI)YPH.Ni tf0.
Price, 5 Cents.
ockholders Are Satisfied With
Bonanza Creamery
viAi- ""
It Veiir s ()tt'riuons u msmtiiioii snow
lor I tinners Fngtiqed in l)iir inq Outniit lli .
Increased More Hum Ihreo I old
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(.'iiainri ( .mpnnv nii thoi-
iln licfi' . tt i- iiiiio In Auguit. Win ii
lln-r-icnUiy hu lit Hprlng- rieel. Ui
tear ho llifiitlni-tl .Mr. Mlvl. lli.it il..
,j Mlltln I " I'"' "ll11 "' ,ll,,r j Hint fiiilmilly , Imii ,b k.iuIiI f.i,il
inifnt nI t " 'Hie I'lfmiiiry jl, Mirollmi nt liU limit ni m l,, a 1.
llli.iiilkvi.lniil, nnr -Hill It lorMHitlfHiwul, viirii to vult Hip Kin
Lime but Hi- Milium U now mi ""' ""h !" 'I'll )er, it I. ien
rrniol an I II"' Mll.Uel.1111 (.fll'"'1'''- that h will i-ltlliu flahini.-
due to''" .on account i.l . " lr nn. .hiiuk.
Lltonrnl ' r r iiflHiro liar I .ill till ,
llirrnrllH l' t Men Kl.lul.i UK- 11:1.-1 OLIISUti .'iiCll.l 15UI
lUr nt llir iiK)ttillllty the
tatty cffn- ' '"" ".'"""H li wale deei ii in
lilClfin ' nlnpnny was organ- I hliwialli munly liet Utdiinda) hiiI
I In Ike " "" "' 'W' ''"',' Mi,''r""l"",-I"IIH'" ""''I .Smmilwr lt I In-
bilrr ! I Worllrpll)' I'" riitlrr m-hkiii for female dorr .tw-mmt nfii nn ,
nifstrrnt .t Hm limine", nml or M ''pteinlfr lt. Mid clotr. thf mint
;. llum slltlid.il to gathering the llliiras Urn mate hiii. N.i liilul.-r !
im,tliutl.ing parking atlil lIfili4r 1 atlJ--l In kill nmn than llwdrri hi
UK ml keeping the Ixiokt without one trawii and Iniuling Mill, dugt an. I
Thf.n. '.suing Inttliiri has 10 , liy ntoht ii prulnlilinl
imr s'&.
WMWM,. If-
UWB." ''
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litnonlli y rtfliiM il llic Com-
lt ilmul 3iO. I'.ir llir att
plhtlip nirr irn-ur.1 (nr litltlrr hi
Itnllnt llltf inlitt lirl, ilnlllclllIK
kuf lli'l.-ii Hint C'llillliltlloiK.
It itirciitKltrrtl athltiililo to innlii
b tli ilfi i.l liullrr-Ut Hi 14 i'nl
Itoiiiitlilt iii.h It will I nrrviiai)
ttrp It at tint tifl.n (or iiTrml
klbmitli tiit liUli.-r Imttrr iiiot
pi lint mi- rxfcliil.
Ihtfiowtii il tlm crram riipitv Ii
MA III tlie (tit tlmt itlllltlC tlin llllt
tb( llirxotriifi-, oiib )rr ago,
Molil uin,t (or lnillrifnl, at
ol 2.1 crtii.. uii. fi45. Iji.i innntli
rirlnlrr, tlm Inlnl m)iiiruta, at llit
of IS, cental km JIM1. !lllIM
pecrctnry to jjo Fishing
rtitikhihli-t llif proprietor n( U.o
luittiriit. Html, lauulliorlty (or tlm
ibrami tiiut .liirinv tlm Hummiir
tMaiydoriUM miIi n party ot tin
mJ, Hllliinl K-w ct'ki nt ila
polirtfirii l,iiMr,tBry ,,ni ,,
'ir.trroiilliil! In tlm iiiK), villi nr-
Prcr mr talil lu In- iikhh plilitllul hi
tlil (rctloii tlilt ).-jr than llii) Ii.ii-
lit'fii lor iptrral ).oriMl a iiiiiiiIkt i-l
litilitrt nia il..iinlii: In ,;n to tin liill
III tlm tally nr! jI tin rriioli. A I
rinl r If oi I uliunltl U inmlit to itvi-iit
all lllivnl iIiuOIIiik il 'l,,r " tliat tlif
iiiiinOr will not It ilirri-anil.
llnyinK Near Merrill
b'vwralnl lln lariurra.il ttilt cnil u
tl riiiuil) liat Mvun liM)ln,;. "S I - J
liiti riiji hIIi tint ! full oiif, lull tin .
imrclly nl liay will maku It moir viilun
lilf Dili rail than houM lit" the cam il
.my one Iml limnp.T nop. N.i
tmulile It mrt in m'lirini: liamU ami
the HK.-i lll 'm 1 1 .own !)' 'I'liit In
Wo. rliopcr thmi lit 'iri Mil tin
almiiil.'imc ol linmla rinl n Wfiicrnl milii
Kency nt the llmei c.me tlieili-niMM-.
Win, ILilton Ixkuii lnt MoniUy, nciil
ilncn then ninny ol the amallvr (anna
lme ataitril llielr Icllei". Mertlll
Southern Pacific Bent on Reach
ing Navigable Water
I ruins May Cross Hill in About One Month Three Steam
SIhuoIs .Now Working on Roadbed Between
Dorris and Marsh Edge
It ii ipiite urlilcut th.it llio .Suitliern I
I'neltlc Company i leiil on reaching j
the inuitsiitiiin H liter in time to estab-j
Mill lioat connection with this city lo-
hrutvht on to tliia city, nntl uion iti
urrival it is again taken In charge bv the
Mclntire Company ami II' delivered at
tho ftore iloor or narchouie the tame ai
foie the roiiilt become baJ. Tlueo fleam ' under the old method.
ihonlanie noivnii the work thit aide
niiiie "iioi-iii-iiii-GrouiM" hiu ami Boating on Crater Lake
llie!rtidu to the nianh w 111 lie com-i t
l..t I I..... u.K. P..II. i:ein.r nil tho I '' "ri! "'..... v . graven. rt
!..... .i ,. ilmi ii, .,,, turniV.jcitenlny evening Irotn trip to
I WUIUP ll' J niv- "I'll""'. - --...
We will make special prices all this week
On Ladies' Khaki Suits
Watcli Thin store FOR JULY BARGAINS
l.uiK''"! und int I'omptel.i line l IM
lion riionoi:raili mid rn-nr.H In Mime 0u, ,,(, ,10 XK, Blll ts will bo laid
ath county, at i: W .Mnllcr'i. corner jllcr0 tNU ,m Mu trnnrporlatlon lor
(llh and Mnln Uriel. allft L.0i,ttruotioii iiiirt"Mef h 111 then be es-
JtAhlMieil tiitheM.Uo lino.
f Tliur.i In n.i lliit chame thut thu
tnuieli kiikIo ill not be compleud to
the rliHiinel by the lime the mad I n-d It
lliiifliod. The eoiiluctiir mo Imvlnn
conridiTillilo tionhle with the new
dredge and mi iicrniiiit ol necldeiil
it hint been laid nil' (or ulniutt n lull
week. The old dredge which in doing
' tho iidviinco work Ii In good condition
, ii ml lit Hulking il aplen.lM ahowliiR. Il
In thought thai im himiii na the third inn
chine, which I tu bo enpeoially ad.uiled
tllnililng piirpo'fi, U put on the
woil; heller proie will be nnido mid
llieeiiginet'lii (eel confident that before
the llrnt o( the year the trains will bo
rnnnl'iK tn Ihf water to connect with
' the IioiiIh,
i , ,
! Store Door Delivery
ltecenl LliuiiEes in traiuporlatlon cir
cles have not affected the delivery of
(relght to Iheetoie door nr warehouse
an was nniioiinced pome few days ngo.
The only chinge In the handling ol tho
freight to thai Instead ol hauling to this
city with teams tho .Mcliitlre Company
hauls to Teeter's liiiuUiik wheie every
1 thing to trauelerred to the boat and to
Crater Like. They weie the tlrst part
ies to go don n to tho water this year.
They found the row boat in good con
dition und made the trip to tho Island.
The launch, which was wintered on the
Island, was not damaged by the heavy
enow mid appeared to bt In flrtt class
condition. They repo't croiiiug about
ten feet of snow in going to tho lake.
Duffy Gets Married
Wnid has been received In this city
that I. A. Duffy was uianled to u Sun
Ki.uii'isi-o lady a lew days ago and thai
ho nnd hli bride have taken up their
rciiitcnco In Snu'Dlegn, friends of Mr.
Outfy In thl city have not been able to
learn the name of the fortunate lady
that won the affections of the former'
Banker White Considers Oregon
in Splendid Condition
Reports I rom All Parts of State Show Deposits in Banks
on Increase Since Financial Flurry of Last Fall.
Portland Capitol Exceedingly Active
owned nil of the land cotnprined In the
Hot Spring? trad. He wns a nun ol
cor.idderablu prominencu In politics arid
waa rccogulrril as an able lawyer li. this
itate, he hnving practiced his profeaalou
bold In this city an I nt Portland. In
recent years he hiu cuitom hnuio col
lector at Port To'Amcnd and when n
mora active 'man he was Internal
revenue collector lor the Government
lor thirty consecutive yesrs.
Deceased to survived by one unmar
ried daughter, reMdinv In the WailFing
ton town, and by one ion who to an offi
cer In the regular army, and who was
rent to tho West Point .Military Acade
my from this city when he was a young
Putting Up Framework
The forces at work on the Govern
ment llumu luvo completed all of the
concrete piers and (or a dlitanie of 2700
feet all of the framework Is 'completed.
The flume will be u little more than
mile In Itngth and tho contractors are
making a good showing on the Hoik,
The conatructiou of the box n lit not be
begun until all ol thu framework to put
Advocating Early Closing
Since the jewelers ol this city have
Inaugurated the early i losing system the
clerks and mauv ol the proprietors In
other lines of business are thinking ol
following in the steps ot the jewelers.
It Is very probable that the movement
will result In closing all of the mercan
tile establishments ol the city by S
o'clock lu the evening.
Sunday Dinner
The new Houston Dining ltoom will
serve their special chicken dinner Sun
day (rom 0 to 8:30 p. in., table de bote.
Price Wc. Positively the best meat iu
town. Lunch from IS to L' p. in.
Frank Grohs was In tonn yesterday
Irom his Klmrock ranch' on the state
line. He reports the hay crop will be
exceptionally gootl this year and that it
will take his crew of ten men two
months to put up the crop. Honania
"Oregon to prosperous. Times are
good In all sections of the state," was
the statement made by O. W. White,
prealdcnt of the First National Bank,
uion his return (rom-atwo week) visit
at Portland. He continued, "The
r-'tate linkers' Association was well at
tended and the representative! ol nearly
all of the towns ol the stale were feel
ing Juhi ant ovir the prospects. In a
few small towns the banking business
has fallen off, but every town of Im
portance Is gradually forging forward
according to tho statements of the
bankers and in most places tba amount
of deposits are now gradually Increas
ing. Kastern Oregon town are much
lietter than they were last Fall and
Portland to growing everyday. A num
ber ol substantial buildings are going
up and in every part of the city homes
are being bnilt. Many ol the hornet
are substantial buildings."
When asked If he intended to build
this year Mr. White Hated that the
conditions wcro such that he cannot at
this time put up the kind of a building
be wants and that he wonld wait the
approach ol the railroad when it woold
be easier and cheaper to get the ntcee
sary building material! for a building
that will be a credit to the city for a
number of years.
Finish Dipping Sheep
Ed. Drown, the Cornell sheep man,
was doing business in this city last Fri
day. Mr. Brown informed the Record
man that he had about finished dipping
his sheep, under government inspection,
and in a (ew days would be hitting the
tall limber (or better feed. HeealdAp
plegate had also finished dipping, bat
that Harlloroadi had not yet begun.
"Feed," said Mr. Brown, "to beginning
to get a little short near water, bat
there will be plenty ol iheep grating
faitherback. I received a letter from
Lake Co. paying wool waa selling there
(or 13,V and 14 cents and at their mar
ket Is practically the same at ouri 1
believe these price will govern here."
Merrill Record.
Every singer and everyone who has a
(air voice, and those who are Interested
In music ought to attend the Summer
Music School.
Death of Major Brooks
Helatlvea in this city have been ad
vised ol the death ol Major Qulncy A.
Urooks at Port Townseud, Washington,
nheio hu had leslded (or eeveiAl years;.
Ho died on Monday at tho llpe ago ol
SS yean, und hiu leinaiun were laid to
lest In the cemetry nt the town where
hto daughter uow lesldes.
Major Brooks was for many years a
resident ol tbla city and at one time
m The proof of 1 is in the
m the freezer k i freezing
I The White Mountain Freezer I
makes mon; cream, belter cream, and makes it eatier
and tlir'aji'rr ilian any 'other fieezer on the market m'

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