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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 04, 1912, Image 2

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VanNBpcr Bros.
llarad Praatdant Taffa alcctloa la ai
cartala aa that tomorrow' aua la
rUaa, WIU!aa F. McCovba la aura
that WlUon aad Marahall will earnr
avary atata with thraa or tour aicao
tloM, aad Joaeph M. Dlsea'a horUoa
coatalB Bothla hut plctur ot tha
Mttar trtaaqth ol Coteaa) Tanedora
la tha aaaUra traap or atataa ooa
dltloaa ara tapajr-trrr torUag aa
la Malaa. tha Rayahlieaa oraaalaa
tloa la alaraat cat la halt aad tha
daaocrata war aupraaMt cealdaat
today at awaeplac tha atata, although
tha ball atooaa anaalaaUaai waa act
caacadteg thla raaalt, hat p to tha
vary lt ailaat had Ma haat tghtara
ta'Uo geld. It aaaaiad alaioat car
lala that tha matt hara waa hatwaaa
Wllaoa aad RoeaavaU. aad that Praa
Maat Taft would Bala third. Ver
oat. MaaachuMtt aad Caaaactleut
wara tha other battta groaada la tha
Nawtlteglaad group. la'thaa three
atatea tha fight haa haaa aioat bitter,
aad the outcoaie ao certalaly reata
with tha way tha alleat vote la caat
that all report of poll lubailtteJ to
headaaartara ceatalaed two aata, the
drat rery'reeir far public eaaauaip
He, aad tha aaeoad, very pelatlatlc.
bmU If very plata to the party aiaa
agara that tbvy had beea unabl to
gat aay Uae oa the feeUag e(.the
rater. Thar will he aa early Uae
oa New RagUad teaiorraw. R will
la tha atUraooa. It will be poatlblt
We taTe arerytMag you
aaag far that laflag trip:
Haek, Ha, rid, reel.
aaakHB, ttaf We ritt
leata. gnaaad eaaiplag
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Wwd Wood
mm WM aaUMaadal
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cobm (raaa Maaaachaatcta, i
oata or, tha foiling pUeeielaaa
la tha afUraooa. It will ba no
I to larejwta r4R'la the ataU be
f ot4 J' faleak; aad' If, WHaea,', Rooee
rek WrwaaWMc ganW la the
rat fragaMBtary Iguraa aaat out It
will be likely, iudglag by paet aiperi
aaaac that atl of New Bagtaad wttl
toU about aleag thla, lla. Rhode
IaUad. a great auaufacturlax atata.
aad a tAgk rtt coamualty. haVaeea
gaaerally coaceded by all at tha oa-
palga aMaager a aiorally cerUla for
Taft, but durlag tha leat fortnight the
buft moo orator bar tried to atlr
up MatlmoBt for Rooaerelt, aad bare
tlalmed to ba , aueceaif ul.
New York gee. o goaa the
nation," baa beea a alogaa la erery
campaign. Only three tlmea ta tha
aUtory of the country haa a presiden
tial candidate beea elected who failed
to get tha electoral rota of tha Em
pire atata. Tha aght la New York
haa 'beer very bMter, aad party llaea
I haat beea aauahed la ararr aactloa.
TfMd time republican bare aided the
- bull mooee eampalga up atata, while
below the Harlem Rlrer, la tha ball-
wick ot Tammaay Hall, old lla dem
ocratic warhorae bare beea shouting
for Rocaerelt and Johnson. Tam
maay will poll almost lu normal rot
la Manhattan aad the rBeu, but
there Is grare doubt of what the out
come will be In Kings county, where
Timothy L. Woodruff, admittedly one
of the cleverest of campaign man
agers,, has devoted bu entire time for
the. but' three month to organising
ta Amope force. Moat of his
Mi-eagta, the democrats say, has com
from the regular republican organisa
tion, "if thla utftrua. tliMilhJl.
-v-qaraU aught) $ aarryj; Kiaga Wbwty
ii f u was we wvwi avaaami vaaf
La nips
Vacuum , ,
Clearters. etc..
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I SIOlManMM u3-
r,..that vhla.Mnoaal, Bell .Cadi-
cab,- t.ahah mH t poll
aMre.rotaa. la xtaga thaa'bou the
eld parties combla'ed. Queen aad
Richmond, which make up the re
mainder of the greater clty,twill prok-
' siiibi normal lines, ana in
outcome aaould be at toast a aermal
greater city plurality for. th demo
cratic candidate. What will happen
up state la bard to aay, In' addition
to noosevelt's personal popularity, be
ba beea aided la th state by tha-
streagiMf Oaaar g. Straus, the pra-'
graaly guberaatorwl eaadldat, who-
, vary .popular 'la tha cltle of'ta
sUte.iavJag baeafa CUrUad dem
ocrat until ha lafftha party oa tha laHawari, Nebraska, Colorado, Hon-
mill tiatsi ali,Aa U.. IM.. aa & 'I f...xe
ticket Is fully m Interesting as on tho
national. When Tammany got con
trot ot the legislature following tho
election ot Uovemor !lx, they
amended ;tUe atata option law so
that a separate ballot I nrovldod tor
the presidential elector and tho state
ttcket, Tht was to "sax" the ticket
ta a presidential year, when th "corn
etda" voted their full strength re
publican. With the split In tho re
publican party 'the democrat have
greatly regretted the new law, and It
may complicate the result so far as
the slate ticket la couvcrnfd, aa It
make splitting easy,
Roosevelt, Wilson and Taft man
ager have beea claiming pennnyl
vanla because ot the mlied up con
ditions prevailing there. It seems
certain no matter what tho outcome
on the national ticket may be, that
the ropabMcaa atata ticket will be
elected. Whit the aght oa national
Isaur la tkreeAwatrcd, on the state
ticket It w only n two-handed con
t'lct, and tho democrutlc state tnan
pger prtrntely havo admitted tbnt
only a taadeHde will pull their ticket
Ixlaware and Maryland are debat
able ground, a In former years, al
though tha deaMcratlc organisations
arc mora united than over before,
and McCema Insists that hU reports
iKo a iweeplag democratic victory
ertaln. Bo far aa New eJraey la con
cerned, although tho bull moose sen
tlmeat haa beea very strong here,
the general expectation ot the cam
palga managers has been that local
irlde wlH result 4a Governor Wilson
pvlHag; a plurality ot tha vote, and
getting tha state's representation In
the electoral college.
It I not believed there will be any
break' la tka Solid South. Tho bull
luobso leaders bare beea claiming
Ibat they would make great Inroads
ou the democratic control In Georgia,
North Carolina and Tennessee, but
privately the managers have admltlrd
that tbey did not let started early
enough this year to svep tho control
away from the democrats.
West Virginia Is In the doubtful
column, and the silent vole here will
decide. Th sentiment for Roosevelt
waa so strong a month ago that the
state was generally coaceded to blm,
but bard work by both tho republican
and democratic organisations has or-
cned up the Bgbt, and It appeared to-
( ay to be aay body 'a rac.
Ohio, th haaa of the president. Is
rlalmed by the democrats by the big
gest plurality la II history. All of
the poll aobmltled have shorn n the
democratic organisation reunited and
putting up n strong light, and the re
publican strength almost equally di
vided between the regular republican
organisation and Ita younger rival,
the bull moose. But the managers
of the Roosevelt candidacy Insisted
todny that when the votes are count
ed another "democratic dream" will
have been shattered, while the men to
whom President Taft entrusted his
campaign say that nt the very last
ktate prldo la certain to prevail, and
that be will pull through, although by
a very small plurality. Tbo returns
from Ohio will probably be late, and
the result may bo In doubt until
Illnols seems to have been conced
ed to Roosevelt during the last cou'
pie of weeks by some of the repub'
llcaa managers, but, according to the
confidential reports sent to National
Committeeman Wade, who baa been
handling the Middle West fight for
the democrat front Cbfcago head
quarter, th sentiment kfor4 Wllaoa
has been spreading' like wildfire in
the last few days, and he claims the
state for .tha' New Jersey governor
by, 60,90. Th state right here Is
most Interesting because of the break
that came between Colonel Roosevelt
and Oovernor Ocneen, This Is ono
stai that tbe slleat vote will abso
lutely decide, and where tbe claims
of campaign managers seem to be
based entirely on hope rather than
definite Information.
Indiana, claimed by the democrats'
even before the campaign opened, bos
beea' the center of great bull moose
activity. With former Henator llev-
erldg making the light as the guber
natorial candidate,, nnd with a flexl
bte and very strong organisation In
every .county In the state, the right
ha been very bitter, and It has been
only In the last month that tbe Taft
men have started to light.
Michigan and low, because of tbe
condition prevailing, are debatable
territory In which local matters will
cut a great deal of Ice.
Wisconsin will occupy the canter
of the' stage, so far as Middle West
ern state uro concerned, becauso of
IBe'attltudo taken by Senator I,a Fol-latla.'
Minnesota, the OakoUs, Kuntu,
His Life Story leads like
Chtciuo, tlvstun, Paris, New Oh
lenns, Ban Francisco, Honolulu, Mex.
Ico these ate name only U most
people plmes on tho map. Hut to
one man theje. are milestone In nn
eventful llfo-journey, rhapter In n
life-story that rends like n roinniue.
To th discerning Ihls History Is
an Illustration of the fuct that life
Itself Is a constant preparation for
ami's life-work If one bv so fortunalo
t to find his We-work-tlie oeallon
for which natuio Intended him
A tabloid account of thla man's life,
so far. Is ilven lr the Atlnutn foil.
Dilution, lines Crane's prvpaiallon
and equipment for his llfowoik
platform cartoonist are most unusual
Ills college tralntnx lends the pies
Inc literary quality to his speech' his
theological tralnlnr fitted him for
QaO BtvNl9ftMtGr,W.ri 1
I OriQvSA'MrtSiMaf.TiK M
I -'m
Ross Crane at Work.
platform werk: his art studies re
strength and vigor to his drawing and
painting and sculpturing wurl, while
the remarkablo blmess sint swfines
of his cartoons was Rained In the
hurlr-butly ot metrolltan newspiper
Ills )cnrs cf travel In many lands,
his association with all sartssnd cou
dltlons of people, havo added lo hl
breadth of lew and aharpened hit
natural keen perception of the ludi
crous. It has seen life at first hand and
behind tho scenes; from inlnliie ramps
as a mine ontlneer, to the toll mi
fields of Alabama, aliete h lauxht
Open Hwiso-3 Ninhis-Slirlitf Friday Eve Nit, I
The Great, Raymond
The world's greatest Illusionist, presenting poslthelr ih mm.
novel. orlgfWl and startling MAIIIOAI, I'KIU'OIIMANCi: eftr eea
reived. ttevemV Ions ot magnlrlrent scenery, stsg setting m
pnrapliruatla.Just conclsded third triumphal 'llaundllie-WerU
Tour, First appearance fn America In six years. Mailer of )r
cle and missionary f mHth. King of entertainers and entertsleir
ot kings, I'HICKM, Me la 91,
saxmaV V vJataaaamlBl aaamamamaaV
JrF'MaHr mw
fy'i $fJtimmmW I
gold and silver issae. Tka arst re
turn la New York twill edas absat
o'clock at sight from Buffalo
wbers there ara raOag auaiaa. aad
will bewitke,wiaT. ulf Wllsea car
ries BaaTata ha wlU prebabiyi swep
tbe state, assardlag'-to daa party,
votsss who aava kaat.la.toaeh' wltk
thesltuatloa. Tkaigkt ea tks state.
taaa.-iaano and Nevada, are all
elalmed by tbe democrats, who say
that' tha' progressiva there will split
tha regular republican vote, and that
Taft I bk will vote for Wilson be
cause tbey fear that unless tbsy do so
the Roosevelt men will csry the state.
aad thas. disrupt tbe regular repub-
iMaa arfaaisatioB. " aa far as Nearss-
school In n rotten warehouse, from
straw hut life cf tbe Kanakas n the
Hawaiian Islands.
He hn traveled In o'sn palace,
lllsslulrpl tlver itennbcnts, aid (lie
ratsmarsiis ut ita tloulh H Itlatnls.
on a jpcclal train vlth a prraldcntlal
candidal and In a boirar crnwdeJ
lth netro refugees from the yellow
fever districts of liulslsnn. For
twelin monllis In ilia nr 1m trawls
from costt lo cosrt and from Canada
lo the gulf dclit montha of tho lm
living In hotels and railway trains,
uui auriiig Uio summrr months travel
ing nnd living (u his own floating
home the studio houseboat, "Crsno's
Artist, student, muslclsn, cosmopo
lite an or iii pse and more Is Ross
Crane, (ho cartoonist.
Stud t Undcrwood'i and
get a bottle tf NVAL'S
White Piife and Tar
It will relieve the Irritation, loothe voir tltrttt
and top the Coiufh. Oct a bottle and lavf
well tonight. ' Large Bottlf 90c
Corner Main aid Seventh
ka Is concerned, there Is much Inter
est In whether llryan can let hla man
Hr fall on the shoulders of Oovernor
The Rocky Mountain state are ad
mittedly debatable ground, and tho
problem I Just how strong the Rooso
tvlt sentiment Is,
Interest oa' tho I'sclflc coast will
ctntor on California. Tho Taft re
publicans here ara disfranchised bo
cnilie of the action of tha election
oflicjals In refusing to placo their can-
dldatea for elector on the ballot. Con
sequently many of the Taft men have
openly announced that they will voto
for Wilson, (lovornor Johnson has
not duvoted much tlma Iff tils homo
stnte, believing that his personal pop
ularity will be suMtleBtia sarrr the
llnte for the nrnvnaaliMriiaiM t r
- - '- . ,..wa,. r i
A general Impartial review af th
election nation wlde.'therefete; shdw
thut existing dope will Wove usJs
In forecasting tomorrow's rai
There Is bo way of foraeastlaar ska
client role, and It will be tlie'dstsr
wlnlng factor, Rarfaca ladUaataas
ore for a landslide, and "'task party
manager will ks able tcos?rt him
i.elf by tbe hops that It will be to hi
candidate rlgbt.up to the stesa of th
poll taatomraW alght, ..
OAlre FtNHn IMI. KfsMratre I1uw l.
Faaeeagers FiehM Va aasT aVIIvrml any I'lscs Is Tows
IMIX J, LIU Al-, FresMsat. K. M. Utmil, Vlre-IVs. and 1
Klamath County Abstract Co
"v ,
Sluvftf mv
surveyoraraiia irrigi
d Irrifttloi tnglnccrs
Klamath ralli, Otm
We Welcome Small Deposits
i IH 'jqu over stop to thin Ihst a hundred small accounts maM, I
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(ui ursinn inu man ui nwiisq mmitH iu , - . .
Largs acijouts ars weleaaw, too, for,lt, l our ijurpose - , ,
y 1 .
h. .
"l .IZ whaar you have to pjJjJ
will accept It at thla aaakV W wsWbbi ths small dpoal?Jr, "5'
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our patroas, ' ' ' n
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