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The evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, January 04, 1913, Image 2

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f (Si..
Tk Temptt TheMtre
n ' (unm aUBLY AT tSO
' all ucxxmm noicw
"Ike War ef ake MiaaHmaV
Labia Drwt
rBfda WeBr.
Cerraat KTMti
"Claptela BaraeefcN fclmwr,"
Vltagrapk Comedy
MA TkiMUt Mm by Cart Maa,
daw, Ciaitf
Publlahad deity
Herald PubeteMec Olamir at
Kleaatk ffkMa. at 111 Fvarak
IBia aBBtAaaVa1aai
Fata, OraBaa, w
tkrougk tk laeUe
. Drama
law 4a Fade,
awaaaar Dreaa
lailkc rtraaaaVi WHa,
Kalea Drama
We bare everytklag yuu
ant far tkal aoktec trip:
aaakea. eta. w real
teat, cava and ramping
k; ' , -aaaaBBjaaa
: i- - SBa
V ' '-teLV 'MM
fl 'f 4a U
f I
Waal m. S2.5ICi
kjSkkUmi & IMA
m cirj
List ate My wtad
., Itia L2ti
Laave oHeler at
O.K. Tran.fer Co.
FfcaaaBji Car. daad M
P. C. Carlson
Babecrlrtloa terae by mail to Bay ad-
dreaa la th Ualtad Btatea:
Oa year . . n
Ob month ,i,. .. ."0
January WmUnt CoadlUe
Mai. Mia. Weather
....3S IS Clear
34 10 Clear
Tk feUewiag realty tnuwfar.
ceatracte, deed, mortgage. &, ra
eeatly died with tha eeuaty dark,
art ruralead hr tk City aad Couaty
Abstract eaanaeay:
H. C. Spink to Mabel at. Bagl.
deed, 1190. let 511. block 101. Mllte
A. Ia. LeavIU to Arthur R. Leavltt,
warranty deed, 110. lot 6. block 101
Klamath additlea.
W. P. Johnaea to S. 8. Johaeea A
Cau. warraaty dd, f 10. lot 3, 4 aaa
S. block ?. Caaal a441Uoa.
Klaauth Watet Uaara AaaociatloB
to Harry O. Wood, raleaa of cevtract.
U HGU. 8WK NEU. bc 3-3-
L. H. Bha to A. R. Watchoaa,
warraaty dead. 110. lota t aad 4.
Mack IS, KlaauUk addltloa.
Tk Klaawtk DaTalaan t laaifa
ay to C. H. Oaciatt. warraaty dead.
110. lot . block 45. Hot Seriaaa.
Good Resolutions
H? Bt. 4. . mahbliaild, Paa MrM Pmhitrctaa Charrh
Mill """"""f'VIV""?',?,
14,1 ,,J " at tm: chch;ii I
Matt. 14:33 Thottfh aU
ahatl b offaadtd boeaua o( Ua. yat
will I atrtr b ofaadod.
ThU la th aaaaoa for good roaola
tloaa. Maay of th good raaolaUoaa
aud Uat Wcdaaeday hata atraady
beta broken. IVoplo do aot ordlaar
tly think much of brokaa raaelatloaa.
A broker would hata a hard tla die
poalag of brokaa reaolutloae ea Wall
(treat, avea It ka of erad tkaaa below
par. Today, 1 auppoe. ther ar aUI
lloaa of brokta reaoluttoaa ta thai
couatry Uat could b atckd aa far a
little laaa tkaa aothlag. 8oa a4
bar aa Idea that brokaa raaolaUoaa
ar won thaa aothiac Maay aa
weald lira a f4 deal to kav tkalr
brokaa raaolaUoaa takea C their
kaada or heart.
Oar text hi a reeolutlea. It at ea
of Pater good raaolaUoaa. It wa
aude ta tha early part of tk aigkL
Wkea Peter gar aipraaalaa ta It
Jeaaa told hiai that it would be brok
aa tare tlase before the dawalag of
tha atoraiag. Now, whea It retTd
th third fracture. Peter abed a few
tear orr It. but bugged It all th
cloaer to hla breait. ThU tctulution
had to do with loyalty to Cbrlit.
Tbre daya atlrr thlt rwolullott
waa all shattered to l'lKra. tha d wl
plea were told of the reiurrtctlon, and
le(er raa aa fat he could iu to
the empty tomb. II puttlnc
forth aaother eSorl to be loyal to
Jeau. Thto effort rtated upoa a
brokea raaolutlan. but It wa effec
tual. Th Rlbl do not ph of
Peter loyalty m ttaterlng again.
Ptlar had th good ni to hold
oa to thta broken rraolutioo. and It
helped to make him oo of the great
eat of all apeaUra. It takra a lot
more grit aad aunhood to hang onlot
a brokea reeelutloa thaa to itand by
ea that baa arer bren broken or to
cat oat tk Mtlro proportion of good
If a New Year resolution truly baa
BMrR, H U worth koldlag onto after
yea a aroaea it ia tinea, or
aeraaty Usm aerta. The value of a
rlNttea deeeadi upon It merit, per
a, upoa tk deelre of th heart that
prompted It: upon the cWaraeea with
which th intellect graip It; upon
the power of the Individual will, and
upoa th iadUldual'a relation to hit
Oed. Paul ald he could do all Ihlngt
through ChrteL
x -.V ..( i.rarer will be opened
k. ih. lrleaUhl chutch of Klam
ath rU nexl k. I nll, UhJ
uUenance all or Ibe eauwry
union prayer irl hW h
nl.ht durlnc Iha wwk al different
'ehurthve. and a eertlce will be coo
i (ducted by each of Ihe plof. The
1 iotder of rlc arrne4 folio!
Mondr alght lUpllit cnuren,
lleT, tleorg II. reM of (Iran . -church.
lll (lak on "The Trinity of
Tunday night ChrUlUa church.
liar, i, W Hrrn4l of lint ptut
church lil lk oa "QuaUBcaUim
for Prayer.1
Wedneaday nlhl Church of the
Itedecmrr. held at (lte M, K. church
lUv. J. B. BtubblerteW lll ! on
"Prayer Unnerd and AMeered."
Thunday night tlrace M. li
churcb, Dr II C, Collin of Ihe Church
of Ihe lledeemar will ! OB The
Hptrltual I'ba of Prayer."
Friday night Preabyleiiaa rhurcb.
ilce to be conducted by a rerreeo
tattve of the ChrUllin church.
Ckarla Robert, who la
wkk tk grocery Una of Robert A
Wkkaaan, laara Maaday for Pert-
A. where k wiu eater a fcaalaaa
mm hikes
anm ixstaxt Rauar. cvum
that I will begia the
'iVciv Year
r t
by irttlnf fetch
'K -
fr 191 j t
Vain Riper Bros.
1 $
afi .
idc s
' t n - -a k - -
aac iw
1 1'" ! m
Th quleteat, beat aad aafaat way to
cur cartarrh or a cold la th head U
by ualag a remedy that will "touch
tk apot and. do tla work quickly
without looting aay bad effect. Ely'
Cream Balm, wbiek U BBUd lo tk
aeatrila ar rubbed ea tk throat or
cheat, gel right at th root of l
areubU aad taataatly roller erea th
werat eaa of eatarrk or ceM. A few
miaul after applied yea aaa faal a
tooeealag up I tk kad. tk pate
aad aora ar go, th aaaa of
taat. amaU aad haarlaf tea back.
aad yoa feel Ilk a dlffereat aanea.
mj'u Craam Bala claaaaw, kaala
aad etreagtheaa tk iaaaaMd u
urmsee. ma away taat atuffed up
feellag aad dull pala la tk aaad, r-
lieTet tk tkroat aoreaaa aad atop
th aaaty dtockarg whlck i tk eaa
of the diaguatlag kawklag, apKUag,
blowlag of tk bom aad foal breath.
Hay frr vicUma wbo ar mad mla-
rabl by ffu of aaeealag. cougkiag
aad wheealag get teataat aad perma
seat relief by tk aa of tki alaal
Uoa't MiLr aaoUer miaata. aiy
Cream Bala will roller yea lam
dlatoly, aad a SO ceat beUle wMl aer
than 'likely work a complet ear. All
druggtou aall it Adr.
.Antique Bookkeeping
Methods are Censured
Count j Conn Qdli Attention to Sys
tem now in Vogue and Promises
an Answer to the Grand Jury
freakf terUa Chart fe
rine and Third atreeta.
Ktv. J. H. Kiubblefield. paator.
Huoday echool al 10 a. .. J.
Maeon uperlatadnt.
ChrUtUn Kaleror at T30. Kraeat
Nail. preaideaL
Preaching al 11 a. m. aad T:10
P m. by Ihe pator.
Morning ublt. The Work We
lfare t'." At tbU MM Ire Mr. A. A
MehaBey will pek for the MltlB.
ry Beciety: Mr. It K Wattenburg
tor the Aid oclty C C, Home for
Ihe church (tmIob; Prof. W. It.
Paughl for Ihe Iruiterc, J, II. Maoa
for the Sunday actool, and Krn4t
Nail fur the ChfUlUn Cndeator o
clety, and the ork for the coming
rwr ni p nuiimeo.
Kvenlcg (ub)ect. "Our HeMiulioaa
You are cordially lattttd to attend
all thee MMlcve.
la a fraak (UtMaeat
Friday arteraooa, Caaaty Jadg Wor
dea. apeaklag for tk eaaaty eeart,
aaaouacad that aaawera to tk aa.
clge charge of th rcat graad jury
would ahortlytb gteea pabHeky. la
tk meaaUme, tk eeart alld at
teatloa to th praaeat aratea la eogu
far, th county eeart koa . aad ahawed
kow tk kaad el tk coaaty court
aad bee tied by tradition la meth
od. BUtaat regarding- lata featar
U aa follew:
"While we do aot queatloa tke ao
tire of the graad Jury, we deaire to.
tate In the preaUe that, a a cona
ty eeart, our aeUra hat bcea good
and we have aought to do that wklek
w Lellered to be for U beat laur
eate of Klamath eeuaty.
"Very likely w have aada aie
take la aoaae capadtioa. W war
aot kaaaa war tki aet ao.
"W war eoaavkat chagriaed to
ad, howerer, that la tk wkl re
port there waa aet erne feed tkiag
aald of a. Wkll w kT doubtleaa
mad alataka. w could aet brlag
earaetve to feel tfcat w were wholly
"Aad whll we regret that w bar
beea placed la aa uaeaTiabl tight ee-
eaaieaed by tke report, w ar eea-
atralaed to aay tkat w botiev auek
good will com of It aad that dlrara
thug aay h Ulked about, bow, oa
aeeouat of IU laaaaae, wklck tk
eeuaty eeart could aet kafatofore dla
cuaa wltkeat a feeUag tkat aom of
It coaatltamU aigkt bollere that It
delrd ta eoatrol tk county polltleal'
ly or raak aaadrlaadly late prlat.
"Tk eeuaty aeart aad eeaaiaetea-
era ar ieutlT oacer. They ka
bo book aad kaadl ao aoay. Ta
eouaty clark la by law tkalr aaeretary
aad bookfcaapar, aad tk eeuaty traa-
rr tk eaafdiaa f all tk f aad,
Tk syatea of bookkeeping la
regit I obaolet and data back over
Deputy DKtrlct Attoraay Charle
i. Ferguaea I espeeted koa today
froa 8aa Fraaeueo, wkr he
beea apeadlag th (.olidaya.
tweaty year. The county clerk U
alao circuit clark, recorder and audit
or. Ill vault I too (Biall and utuafe.
aad ceaaequeatly bU record In a
Jumbl. Ill method of bookkeeping
la eut of date, aad a aaa too much
to do.
"Tke book ar aow kept esactly
a they war kept during th period
of th former eeuaty court, and bill
ar paid la Identically the tame way
Thar I a form of bill ued which
Cfcertk f Ik lacf4
rirat maa. with abort laatraU,1
at 1:30 a. m.
hVcond maa. with eeiaoa of tk
(UximiI of the Sunday, at 10.30 a. m.
ffuaday achool at s30 a m. .
All are cordially latlfrd to atltnd.
Iter. WllUam McMtllaa. paator. !
Ctiarth of Ihe Kxtw ixr Kplrppal.
Ur. Ileary C Cotltna, rtctor.
Hereafter aervlce w be held la
the Library Club building. laaUad of
I. O. O. r Hall.
Morning Mntce at 11 o'clock.
Choir practice for the ChrUt
ervtcee at 3 o'clock.
e e e
ibc Claimant ilgae aad (wear to be-'Orre MHleodfet rptocatMt I
fore th county clerk, taylng therein. I Huoday achool at 10 a. m. Ur. W.
T'. .
j " -Mt.
Oil Bnaltiita
far ,
Simplicity, aeeeaawllUy, aafety,
durability aad ecoaoay. Bura-
r teg heavy ell, two-tkird lawar
ta eaat tkaa faaolla.
' Bfor aaklag a purekaM w
Invk yea ta aaM.aad aa ear .'
' Baaiii M dtaptoy, .,
WKMVS'lWT'alOlfRy t,
( '.. 'aaaaaaai re. ,.
Iwltlteka ac, Onaaat TeU
Cut ffowera at No. I Wart Mala at,
H la a aped) aaa aa aba year (a
aiailata, rw Ualak a MtUe abeat aba
fadawe. Tke
aa w wfN.
aaH ( a
fa own
Ik -aaar 1MB nratt ha
araiaakaat. U w ar
at aaaa- ha that th feat
xfar Mw
on hi oath, that the above claim la
Juit aad true aad the amount claimed
la due aad uapatd. TBI lay blm
Hall la eaa of fraud, but ha long
been recognised by th law, and by
former couaty clerk aad eouaty
court aa tke proper way to preeeat a
kill to tk eeuaty eeart. Tke eeuaty
court tkea pea ea tke aaaa at Ha
regular meeting, aad. If K feel aatia
ed tkal It I Juat aad proper, allow
the Baa. If aot. tt diaalleaa M."
KegardlBg the eipertlag of the
kookaythe utaeat read:
"Aa per recoameadatloa of tha
preceding graad jury, tkat parti re
dding ouuide of Klaautk couaty be
cured to eipert th book of th
eeuaty court aa they are kept by th
eeuaty clerk, It waa espeeted by th
eeuaty eeart to eeaaeace ipertlag
oa November ISta, a geatlemaa frea
8aa Fraadaco hariag beea eagaged to
commaac at tkat ttae, kat after
waiting uatll December 1, it wa a
ertlBd tkat h oeuld aet perform
theaervke. Aa aaTart waa thea aad
to aecure the aervle of Mr. E. kf.
Wllaoa of Med ford, waa aaaually t.
pert fer Modoe eaaaty, California.
He adviaed a that K weald be lapoa
Ible for him to eommeece work be
fore Jaaaary II to 19, la the mean
time, Mr. C. L. Parrlek of Portland
wa called to eur atUatlea, aad w
have engaged hla aervleee. Hi work
commenced January 1, 1013."
Thar are fuad ta tk eUy trtaa
ury for tk redaaftlea ef gari
fuad waraau pretaatad m aad prior
ta Aagaat 6, 111, lateraat mum
rrea data baraef.
Dat4 at XlgMw, FaHa, Oragai,
mi ei aay ef fJ bor, 1I1S.
J. W. WMaWf, OHr Trrr.
aa aad) gat th paat at aba aUcy,
Offlc of tha Tfeaaurar ef Ktaaatb
Couaty, Dabor 37, lilt.
Notice la hereby glvea tkat thar
ar fuad la tk aouaty traaaury fer
is reaeapiioH of all gaaaral fund
a-arraaU pretattad prior t April 1,
1111, '
lataraat will frea thla data.
Decaaber 17, lilt,
Couaty Traaaurar.
13-17-1 Jtk 1-t-l-llr
A. lonard auperlateadeat.
Divine Mrvkee. 11 a. m. aad 7ll
r bl, by lb paator. Geo. II. Feeee.
Morning theme.'Th Cad of 1913."
Ktenlng theme, "Uad or Drlvea,
the Spirit of Oed Determine."
Claae meellag at 11:10.
Jnalor League at 3 p. a., Mia
Hsl Summer, auperlaUadeat.
Kpworth Uague al 4:30 p.
Howard Cleavelaad, preaideaL
Ualoa Meeting beglBBlng Monday
Bight at the llaptltt churcb.
Cordial elcome. Obliging uher
llood mualc.
e e e
HapUet Ckarek
Klghlh aad Caaal rtreeta.
J. D. llrendel, paator.
Sunday achool at 10 a. a., o. R.
De Up, luperlnteadeaL
Preachlag at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Good rauilc.
Cordial Invitation to all to war-
hip with u. A hearty welcome to
fhrkKUii rharck
Corner Ninth aad i'ln atreeta.
Bunday achool at 10 a. m.. t. L
Elliott, tuprlatadBt.
Chrlitlaa Kadaavor at 1:10 p. a.
Prtachlag at 11 a.a. Bad 7:10 p.a.
Hraafara aad frlead are cordially
Invited to worahlp wltk u.
. e
CftrMlaa fklear Mawlety
Meeting m Library bulldlag.
Sunday aervle at 11 a. m.
Hunday achoel at II a. a.
Wodaaday avealag meetlaar at 1
a imweaa
Block Wood, 3.50 load
rcucan Bay Lumber
Co. Wood Yard
. H DOMJU, Kg,.
Lara order at
liaaaker Grocery, Mm, M,
waa ater. raea
The Big Window
At tha tkeMwte) ,Hwar Ca. far
Swritr While EimmI Wire
A Superior Wkltt I3namtl Cua jclvcn
wllkmch IHIKMM
aWfw ail atiwiaiiwaj
Baldwin Hardware Co,
fiaiR .trcd, aciwcafi 4Mi S
You will Bvr, ef fr ft
ThU coM aad gloomy year
If you will vff Madly lake ay ad vires
Por you IkU tie U aetUa .
Jul IK thing for whlrk ?'r MUtac
And a'aiogvtary dara W lU, 5
W handle what I hoa ,
Up here In thl cutd. told a
Aa Oil iHote that U cheep and aaf aeaad.
Il' name U Ihe 'I'et fee Ilea."
Aad It due mi b4 (vrrxtWa.
Por if It did iouWIbI hav It rad.
M. K.ll'13
dilarfjta I
A Jt-
IVBaaaaaaaaaaaaV I" I
laaaiaaaV Baa!aaaaaaaiaBaaBaaVBBaaaBBB
ir YOU All
f ar to raa r' kl
do net kaaeUto to tal
FHat Traa aa4 BavUt
aad aak Ibeea let a ka.
not aaly aad aa read; t 1
you. bl wa aba will immi
yoa aaytktag yam wth I I
rUUt la aadjerk b4
dale baahtaat baeta-. lv
ar ttctraltr aaektfed
First Truit and Savings Bank
KlaaMtk Falto, Orfjafi
BwaBawaaal t," mJ
B4 Mipnaalatlta af aw
CUy A CV,a
Meinway aa4 eahee taaaag r
aam, tXker
ale aeitea.'
Agwary far atdauyap aal ak!
Mowtag kUebiaea, Tia
wrMeew, VMaeaail
Ikarry aa4
wa wa)eaajaW(Fif
Jwt aow, rttom dHntaate Neruola, gc
81 c.
WE take care of our cuatomara
WE can aupply your avcry aNtakiaff
WE with to serve you
Capital 1100,000
Stud to UnilBmood'i arid
Xtt a bottle of NYAL'8
White Pine and Tar;
It will rellevt the Irritate? if yaw ' tkredit
well tonight. UitellotUaffBK
Comer Main aid faajth
Jffc ,., tIfiB
2 1 - 1 '

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