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iEv laiattttjg Hralii
A Clans Ad Will
Do It
Today?' Ncwm
Member of the Associated Press.
fifteenth Yvnr Sit. niilft
Mint Planting Is
1 Well Underway on
Caledonia Marsh
Airplanes and motor
Cars Used in Raid on
Negro Quarters; 10
Blocks Burning.
TULSA, Juno I. Mno whll"
UM'ti mi-it klllitl In (do rnro iIimIi
whlili hiriM unlit ii'xm today.
....Chief of Pollen liilofloii rt.ll
nulled Him ni-irrti ilnul at (in,
.Mujor Pull'', of llm pollio furio,
rMlinntnl tin' loliil ilnul nt ln,
Ik-IIi'iIiik Hint many iicjrroi'i H-r-llirt
when their lioimfi Imriiril.
l-'lro depart men t officials Milil
(lint llm ulillv renldenrn M-rtluii
tumid l Mttnl fniui I 111 flames
vtlilth lire Mill riiR'nit In I In- ncitrii
TI'l-SA. Okln Juno 1 Martini
In- wild declared hero nt noon to
day. foltowliiK orders of (lovnrnor
llnliiirlHiiii, ns tlin result of u race
wur which ntnrtuil hero early laat
nlKht. It In estimated thnt nix
whites and fio negnus Imvii been
killed In ttiu fighting mill score
wounded '
Nearly ten square blocks of tho
negro ix'cllon of the city wore In
flatnoH early today. At dnwn motor
curs fllli-d with whltn nu-n formed
clrclcii around the Monro flection and
a .half fc donn airplanes clrclod
overhead There wan much shoot
ing and shouting.
rive hundri'd white men mid n
thoUHiiiid negroes faced each other
last nlKht across tho railroad tracks,
Olio hundred and thirty acres nf
mint am planted on the Kluimith
Mini romimiiy'H tract on tho Ciileilo
niii murNli, and thu lompany expects
to Imvii no difficulty In getting COO
arriiM planted thin season, mild Mnnn
Ror Davlo hint evening.
The now plan tlru: machine works
perfectly tin said, covering thu ground
lin tlmi'H tin flint uh thu old hand
plantliiK method.
The company him flOO to COO acrcn
of olunteor rye which In up 30 In
ches ami hearting out. It appears cer
tain lo make a grain rrop, said Mr
Davli'H, Ilo brought In a few sample
stock which tiro on exhibition at the
First Htate and Halngs hunk
all is ny
K&gE' '?tsssm
mwr Tfr xtswMKsVmBKkwsmrm '
WlissWi&&is ''vr-B------BK' 4HNmHMN--H
I'rlfnJd of the TrrBldcnt nnd Mra. IfardlnB nay thin In the best phorosntph of tho two taken tlnco tho
iruuKurutlon. They call particular attention to Hnrdlnc'a characteristic imilc. Tlio plcturo m taken on
tho prmlilcnt's visit to New York.
School Field Meet
I At Par Frieav
The flnlnhlnr. touchex have been ' Klc memory schools of the city will j
put on tho hlK henoflt program hold a track and field meet Friday,
(hut Ik to bn nlwn at thu Mondnln' July :i, at the Modoc ball pnrk, with-
theatre Krldny nnd Saturday even- n proKram of varied athletic events
ItiRfl.for the relief of thu Irish nuf-1 Tho rawt ntnrtg nt 10 o'clock and
ferern .The picture Hfloctyd fir' will bo continued In tho nflornoon for
tho event In "Irlnh Kyen," one of the the finals. Thero In no ndmlMlon
greatest pictured nf Km kind over charge and tho public will bo wel
iicruened nnd one that hnn crowded como
.tho thuatroa whororcr It tun binm'
nhrwn. This plcturo will ho iihown
on both nlghtM and at n Batiirdny
afternoon matinee. Thero will ho
a camplelo change, however, for tho
rent of tho program, and tho en
tertainment promises to nil r push
'nnythlnK of Itn kind Riven In thli!
Tho plan of thono back of the! CIIICAOO, Juno 1. Approxl-
affair In to rIvo n iihow shut wilt matoly two-thlrdH of tho woro In-
i ma ic put
Piano Recital at
Academy Tonight
Ji vl(?orou-protct has bocnsent
to the guporrliior of tho Umpqun Ns,
' tlonal Forest Renerve nt noaoburj;.
I by tho Klamath Sportnmen's Aflsocl
atlon, opposing tho leasing of cottago
sites upon tho utioroa of Diamond
Ike. north of Crater Iako, and a
letter from tho secretary of this or
ganization, Wm. V. McNealy, was
sent lnt night with tho full details
why the lako shoro should bo kept
tho public. t.-kll.lnvKdt4o'::tUnd
The young nrtUta hare made fine
V progrcaa with tholr music and will
glvo a worth-whllo entertainment for
those who love music,
flrlne voIIiivh freniiiintlv fnnv -... " muiui; v-u-iinun ui iuu v-uu m- -
ne.rn i-i.il.,,. uern Jn ivin in'1'0 w,,r,h mttny ,lmP" ,h" '"'coensi! grontod railroad employees freo ' permanent camp.
I ho "no man's land'
opponliiK forces.
llnpnrtH of tho casualties
chnrgi'd. Tho only chnrlty ub.iut tho lnt July -wns ordered deducted by Tno association has taken tho
lying In
It, lh "-"rKiMi. inn ciniy ennruy au.i'it mo last July -wns ordered deducted by ,uo """"ciuuon uas innen mo
o ween n"ttffalr will como from those big- tho railroad labor board today, be- tand that, tho granting of such rights
'hearted nnd whole-souled nnimgh nlnnlnc Julv l i would be detrimental to the public
varied, one being that 76 persons.
Including whites and negroes, linili.,, ,, ,,, , ' .,
. .... . , ' nttendlnR will recelvo morn than 000
been killed
The riot started nftor u negro had ,,';,' for " c ,,
Iii,jm rhnppml tl'lfli i,Mwniillln,r n r
to glvo of their tlmo nnd Inl-' Tho nverngo decrease Is 12 por Reed, ns campers and tourists would
cuts to mnko It n succois. Thope c(nt nnd the cut will nffori 2.000.. bo excluded from tho best part of
men. tho aboro and would find It a dlffl-
pay for In high-class enter-1 cult matter to have access to the lake
fl rr ( In im ulna ! Iiam n a. t -. t m a m 1 ItiAlkn tAn mnn ml kM aaI la t n
white girl warn revision ot ranroaa rates par-i -".- i ' """
,, ,' i,, ,., ,., ,lnn on, "' Plcturo alono Is worth tlculurly on necessities, was discuss-' tho averngo lessco would on the rar-
i ,,' ,,, , .,',' the prlco lo bo asked fifty centH. cd with the Interstato commerco ly avorngo uso his slto not longor
I'or tho children u special mntlneu commission today bv President than two weoka at tho most nnd tho
Mipplomentlng tho local forco nf na
tional gunrdHtnon who worn endear,
orlng to presorvo order.
today by
will ho Riven fiuturday afternoon to lliiniim- Thu nrai,in,,t x.nii,i in balance of tho time, the tourist nnd
ulilMi fii tifltnlaalnti nf Ian .,., , I t . m .. tln.. ..). I kn 1a kah Hn An.
NV.-ro. .,n i,..in- rnn,i.ui .,n """" "" " ""'" v" ''""" lummiBsion ncnuqiiancrs tor mo -" --. " vt.. ... ...u
n.i ,-i-.i -.!. 7-n . ',wlll bo clmrgod. but at tho matlneolconforonco. I i Joymont of tho fishing
" v '"" '" "" '"" -""" null- llm nllnrn will hn ilinivn , 11...11.. . ....
,....... ..... .... ........... ...... iiuriuiiK inquired especially as to
.amission ror nuuiin to tno mutineotho possibility of reduction of tho
hall, baseball
park nnd other I
fj I T Y
will bo fifty cents
I Tho full program of tho bIiow
will bo published toinortvnw.
Tickets will bo on sale nt K Hugar
mnn's, tho Star Irug Co., Hectors,
Tho llootery, Connolly Urns., Marga
ret Callahan Mllllnory, K. K. K. Store rors
, nnd White Pellcnu lllouso Shop. j
existing rnto on fruit.
Tho commissioners nro under
stood to hnvfl told the president
that they woro making considerable
progress on a plan for obtaining
voluntary reductions from tho car-
Tho forum at tho Chamber
Commorco this noon was woll
tended by tho momhors nnd
presided by W. W. McNonly.
Tho first spoakor on tho pro
Jury Deliberating
I In Rodriguez Case
of Krnnk llodrlguez, charged with
at-'Issuing chocks without money suf
wns flclent to cover them 'was tried In
circuit court today beforo Judgo
Kuykoudnll. '
grnm was M. l Johnson, doputyl Tho .stnto closed Its enso nt 2:30
iiBsossor who In dotnll outllnod tho .o'clock nnd turned tho matter over
"" Tho Inst shipment of Honor
rolls has 'now- arrived nt tho
Herald office nnd persons who
ordered tho books may hava
their copies by calling or writ-
Ing. enclosing 12 emits postngo.
Tho books nro a flno example
of typogrnphlcnl art, containing
tho nnmes of Klamath county's
wnr heroos nnd workers In the
and other
shoro privileges.
Tho association has. In Its protest,
taken the future Into consideration,
being guided by tho result of Ilo:ky
Point, whero there Is only a small
opening loft for the tourist nnd cam
per to havo shore access. The won
derful fishing that Is now enjoyed nt
Diamond Lake will be bettor In years
to como and tho proper exploitation
of tho lako will attract thousands of
outsiders to this place. For tho bone-
Under tho dlroctton of Sister An
gelica, Instructor In music at tho
Sacrod Heart academy, a recital will
bo held at the academy tonight by
Misses Elizabeth Itamsby, Florence
Elliott and Opal Cardwell, on the
Dlano. assisted br violins.
. - . . v., ......v. , a..... ww.v, w.
No adnI-MlmwUl be charged anil Hector, Rom Nlckersoti, J, D. Cham
Officers and Commit
mittees .Selected;
Fund on Hand Suf
ficient to Finance
July -J, 1921, will bo a "red letter"
date in tho history of Klamath Falls
and orory effort will bo mado to give,
tho citizen of this city, as well as the
-visitors, the best run for tbo money
that can be had, according to the
sUtoment given out by Bert McDon
ald the newly elected manager of the
A large and enthusiastic crowd
faced Chairman Houston lost night
at tho meeting and the first matter
brought up for consideration was the
report of tho soliciting committees.
Their report showed that tho Klam
ath Falls women, children and mea
would bo well entertained on the"
great national date.
Election of officers and commit
tees to manage tho celebration were
made resulting In the selection of
Fred Houston, chairman; Jack Far-
ber, treasurer; Harry Poole, O. M.
N 0 H
A now cheeao factory and creamery
to ho ready for operation this fall, Is
contemplated at Malln. Half of the
$5,000 capital 'has been subscribed.
Tho stock Is divided Into 100 shares,
vnluod at JS0 each.
Tho enterpriso Is being promoted
by nieber & Woodmanseo, and In ad
dition to the financial support of tbo!
community they havo tho promises of
dairymen for tho milk supply from
400 cows.
Within n flvo mile radius the milk
will go to tho chceso factory, as de
livery can be mado dally. Outside tho
flvo mllo limit, tho separated cream
will bo sent to tho creamery.
Tho co-opeartlvo enterpriso wns
started at a meeting of dairymen at
Malln last Sunday. Another meeting
will bo held next Sunday to complete
tho organization.
Xew Home (Joins Vp
Development In Malln is speadlly
Innu f,.nlnri.n of llw, rirni-nn Ftntrtler.to tlio JlirV for a decision.
llonus I.nw t6 bo votod upon at tho' At tho closo of tho IlodrlRiio-. various campaigns, with photo-
oloctlon Tuesday, Juno 7. Following trial, Judgo Kuykondnll nnnouncol graphs. Thoy form a very com-
him enmo Hoy Fouch, who dwoltUlmt tho court would bo ndjournod ploto history of Klamnth's share
io cash fonturca of tho bill. I until Wednesday, Juno 8, when tho inMho world wnr nnd ns tho
upon tho
According to hlu holluf, riot uultu
ton por cent of tho Klamath county
boys would ask for this bonoflt.
Mayor W. 8. Wiley was called
upon to oxplaln tho foaturos of tho
first enso docketed, tho Starr bur
glary on no would bo cnllod.
Tho forum noxt Wcdnosday will
hnvo tho Miller Hill school, Conn-
city bond Ibbuo and statod that tho try Club bcIiooI chlldron for tholr
bond Ibbuo would work no hardship 'guests nnd milk testing and a
upon tho gonoral tnx payors, thoi demonstration will bo featured, six
burden fulling on tho dollnquont'studontB demonstrating, ono, loctur
tax payors, and oven upon dolln-flng. This club win bo roprcsontod
quoncy Halo, tho ownor would havo at Corvallls on Juno 10 as It has
ono'yonr to rodooin his proporty at I tho reputation of bolng tho ban
tho six per cont rato ot Intorost. 'nor club of this county.
years pass will bocomo moro
and moro valuable as a record. 4
Plonso call and got your copy,
or WTlto, Tho 12 cents postage
covers Insuranco. 4
4 Also tho Herald has many un- 4
called for photographs that woro 4
furnished for Illustration ot tho 4
Honor Rolls, Tho ownors may
regain thorn by calling, or writ-
4 Ing and Including six cents post- 4
Uer-l.Mr,Wctna,.executl-ft com
mittee; James uivens and K. u.
Henry of Dly, permanent county com
mittee. Tho permanent committee's duties
are to seek sultablo grounds for hold
ing of general county and city amuse
ments and entertainments, such as
rodcor, carnivals, horse and stock
shows, county fairs and motor con
tests and Chairman Houston will ap
point tho remaining threo members
within a short time.
There will be a meeting tonight ot
tho executive committee and Manager
McDonald for the purpose of making
up a program from the many sugges
tions offered last night, and whon
this matter Is arranged, tho program
will bo presented to the citizens and
promoters for approval at a special
meeting called.
Thero were no dead ones at tho
meeting last night and tho many
Ideas presented for tho program were
especially good but there was no for
mal action taken upon any amuse
ments nor plans, that matter being
placed cntlroly In tho hands of Man
ager McDonald nnd the 'executive
committee, to bo reported back upon
Tho big question settled at the
meeting was whether the money rals
od would bo sufficient to cnripr the
Fourth of July celebration over nnd
tho committee reports showed that It
would. Tho only innttor now will bo
tho arranging of tho program, tho
securing of talent and tho proparn-
tracts for tho erection of six cottngesj tIon of tn0 Kr0und plans for tho at-
nnd work on tho first has been start-, far uy (j,0 exeCutlvo committee,
Soldiers' Measure
Explained to Labor
As J. n. Chambers remarked, "Ev
ery thing Is over but the fireworks
and they will suro pop on July 4th.
Wo'ro off now let's keep going."
Klamath Livestock
I -O a IlillM
dler Honus bill will be very nctlvoj vmpuny "w ,
this week among tho local labor KemS KenO Ranch
Tho exponents ot tho Oregon Sol-
fit of that class, the shoro line should going forward. A. Kallnn has lot con
bo kept open except for public erv!co
station such ns hotels, gnrnges, boat
houses nnd such. cd.
Tho association suggests that It a
rovonuo is necessary for the mnln-
tonnnco ot tho grounds, a slight
charge could bo mado against each
car or wagon por day during tho
tourists' stay which would mipplytho
necessary nmount of rovonuo tojcep
thu place In good condition. 4
I m.IIh,-i Aa n ntnt Al All t-.fcf.-l.rT. hi I
nrcuruiUK iu a n.mi ..;... .....uu .., . ,, . ,, ,.n nf fhn
Secretary McNealy. Diamond Lake ..Ufforent ,aDor unlon8i tno American A deal In marsh land started a
now under tho control of tho Umpqua w. hayo . 8pcakef BddroMl 0EO by th0 Kmmath Livestock
1-orest.reservo and that body Is very tJio me on th. 8UbJocti M tno'com,)any of whIch Oeorgo Watt
anxious to keep It within I sjurladlc.(achlnl8ta. roeet(ng ,agt BgM At pre3ldonti ror th0 4000 acres
Ion despite tho In luonco ttmt Is bo- tornoy Carnaha tMy 0-p,0,-od tho'cwnod by tho Kerns estate near
Ing used to havo It Included In the Q them ThQ speaker t Bp..KcB0 wa8 comp,eted yesterday af-
CraterUnkoNatllonnl park. Over 1001. Mon ihQ carpontor8. unlon tornoon whcn tho tUIo and deed
nppllcatlons hnvp been mado. It li L, hM Qt boo announc)d nor waa deUvorci OTOr to the purchas
sald. for enrap Bites on Diamond Lake I tho .e,ecMo tor tno paInterB. meot-'ers by U. F. Chllcott, reprosontlns
should tho transfor bo mndo. .. ,, -.nin, 1 ,), nniif,,nin.TnMfin -riin nnd In-
Frlday night at tho labor coun- surance company of Redwood City,
ctl, this bonus law will bo oxplaln-j California,
cd to all members of the labor Tho land Includes a part of tho
OREGON Today and Thursday, bodies ot the city by a corps otjold Emmett ranch. Recently most
fair and warmer, speakers. lot tho marsh was drained.

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