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itiuHttnn Wzvvdh
Tonight niul II ii ml ny, fair. Iliiln
In (tin Northwest portion nt the,
Member of the Associated Phkss.
Fifteenth Ycni- JS'o. (II It-!.
hi ih h ajaj -am bjb
&. -I
" -. I
Draft of Proposed Pact
Formally Laid Before
Arms Parley
A draft of I tin propound Irmly be
tween thn United Males, Ureal llrlt-
In. Franco ami Japan, whlrh la In
supplant I I.D AliKlo-Japsnrsa tlt !
Mtirn Mini pavn llm wax tor Hit no
rKptanrn nt llm Aiuei.ean proponiln
for. a naval reduction, was formally
laid bnfnro llm arum conference to
day liy Senator I.oiIkc
TniYmr Agrr-rnirnt
ll la n tenynar agreement. In
whlrh llm four natloni hi ml them
nnlves In respect their existing
rights In Inaular ponrxloiu and
dominion III llm Prflc, ami In
irnin nf dlnputrs wh(rh rannut lin
settled liy illpliiinary. It I asmed
t,i Imli! u Joint ronfereiir,. ninnnK
thniuelrm Any una of llm partial
may withdraw nu : iiionlh' no
tiro after Ilia eiplraltou of ten
I.eulrt-i Coiifliiualloii
Thn trraly requires confirmation
by senate.
Presenting thn treaty Henator
I,odga aalil he was gratified to lay
the: draft before, tha conference, de
claring It full (,f meaning and tin
portanrn to tha world's pcaro.
llnnn Vlvlana, hiad of tha Kratich
ilclrcallon, ilix-larnd today that thn
ronferrnrn had "fully and rnllrrly
urrai'drd," that Kranra had ad
hered to tho pact prnM'llInd liy Hen
ator I-oiIkh without rmrrratlon.
Arthur J. Ilalfour, head nf the
llrlllah deliiKalea. anaiirlrd that thn
now arrangement would hem fit In
ternational rvlatlonahlp
Henator Hchanier IxNipokc llaly'a
Mlnlaler Hi, of China, rxpreaaed
"(treat aallntnctlou" over tha new
Thn cunfcretim adjourned today
without dlKUaaliiK tho naval ratio
Promoter McDonald stated that ev
ery dotall was complete for Ilia 21
round holing card which had been
prepared for tha sporting fraternity I
of Klamath Kails tonight at Mellon
aid's hall l.cry fighter waa ex
mined by physicians and pronounc
ed to bo lnlhn pink of condition.
I.'very man wan eugvr for the time to
coma when tho gong would announce
"limn" and that the Injunction of the
boxing commission, "fight or no pay"
would bo lived up to hy each and
ovory one of them
Thn first bout will shirt ut ! 30
o'clock sharp.
Order Proven! Decision Against
Pennsylvania II. II.
CIIICACIO, Dee. 10. Judgo l.andls
today Issued 'a teinporury Injunction
gainst tho 'United Htutes Hullroud
Labor Hourd restraining llio hoard
from Issuing decision against the
Pennsylvania railroad In thn recant
railroad shop controversy.
Tho board had cited tho railroad
to show why It had not carried out
tho board ruJInK dlroctlng tho mil
road (o hold negotiations with em
ployees over shop rules,
This Is tho first legs! action In
federal court against tho railroad
labor board,
Tho Cyclo-Htormogrnph ut Under
wood's Pharmacy recorded qulto an
even pressure during tho last 24
hour porlod, buthfts' fallen it little
this morning. However, Iho readlnr
Is well within Iho. "fair, weather"
zono and no change In weathe'r con
ditions eeoms Imminent. " " ,
Forecast for tho next 24 heurs:
Fair, with modorate temperatures.
The Tyeos irocordlog therraomster
registered th following maximum
and minimum; tomporatures today)
High iinu 42
. , i I-OW ii...-... ....,.-. 19 '
AdltKCMKNT IIH.U'ltl'lt
I in i'ivinci: c().mmhti:i;
1 ON IICITMIIMJ (!' 111:11 r
.An intrmnii'iit una riniliml
tnitny by I tin Menutii flnim i
ri.iiiinltli.o mi thn hill fur re-
fiinilliiK ll fiirelgn debt lulu
obligations whlih would ma-
turn nut later than Junn I.".
1917 mill Interest, which
rwnuld bn five per rent, pay-
nhln npiiil-iiunimll)
Aridity nf Halillng Kqiiml lit ItiRt
ltuli of lluliie-,- In
Hell ('. TliiMlin-.
I'nllpd Hlulm I'uiiiiuU'iloiiiir llnrl
Thuuiaa l nvnrrrowded with work
and till officii now. III u fmlilon. n
aemhlea thn Portland loiiinilnloncr'n
officii from Ilia awaiuii'd rondlllon
dun to hearing of aliened ilolatura
of thn prohlhltlou and other federal
lawa Hlnrn thn lieKlmilna of Decern
her. ironern havn fllid Into IiIn of
flrn foil and thn plan l ne.incll
cleared KlW ii nnotlier hitch of nlli'R
rd vlolalora arn turned In hy llio rnld
lug niuail
tliarRi' htrlikni
AiiiunK Hie rat dlnpoaid nf yen
tirday by thn ronimlulonnr. thn
rhnrre axalnat Mr MnrrU Johnea
bnrit waa atrlrken from thn do'ket
Hotti Morris Jolinctbcru abd Mm
'Johneaberx ero tnknn In n raid le
rrinber I, near Kloenth and Main
aired on a chance nf nianiifarturlnK
tl'iaor ronlrnry to federal atatuti's
A barrel uf fernientlnu rorn tnnali,
concealed on tho hack porch with an
electric titular near ll, n copper roll,
and bottles In larnu quantities were
sel'et and the pair ur rented. Tho
coiiimlnlnnrr dUinlimid Mrs Johnes
borK after hearliiK Ihn eildenrn hut
bound her hunhanit ovrr to the feder
al nmnd Jury under fl.ouu hnndii
Onn boniUmnn win aarured and an
other one was holnc unuRht thin af
ternoon Itl'llNlMlt OH lUlllll
Karl Davison of Chlloijuln was re
Irascd on tSSO rash bond and Ills
hoarlnc set for January 10, I92S
Marshal Hwntland arrested Davison
on a federal warrant charKliiR Mm
with tho Introduction nf liquor Into
Indian territory Palon waa or
Liisod pf itlvlnie Ihrra minor Indians
liquor at Ohlloquln In Ortuhrr.
l-nrge Nu tuber of Farmer (lather
to I'nitoJt Taxes
The meotlng of tho Water Users'
association today In tho city hall
was called to order by Chairman
Kberleln al 2 o'clock, and tho
plarn was well filled with peoplo
from all oer tho county who are
customers of tho Klamath Irriga
tion district.
Chairman Kberleln announced
that a committee report on tho
district's financial condition was to
bo read to the Water Users' asso
ciation showing that tho budget
law was not being compiled with.
Levies established, ha said, for
construction charges, whlrh would
have to bo returned to thn United
States government; 'also operation,
maintenance and tho general levy
for district purposes wero not In
accordauro with Iho law governing
such IuvIch and changes should bo
made, Tho lory of 10 per cent for
delinquencies was Illegal, Khorloln
said, nnd l' stated that w rocom
mondalton had been niado by Iho
committee that suit bo entered In
the rourt to enjoin further collec
tions under tho 1920 roll, hocnuso
of nllcgod Irregularities nnd tho
Illegality of Iho nssessmont. Thn
sanio allegations wero recommended
In enjoining Iho collection of tho
1921 roll. To allow tho collection
,to procood wonjrt work n hardship
upon tho wator usors, as tho de
linquency would ho extondod
gainst Iho property and become n
BT, PAUL, Dee. 10 Purchase of
the Portland, Astoria & 'Paoiflo
railroad by the Oreat Nprthern and
Northern Pattflo waa announced to
day, The "price was siren at a p.
proximately IliSOOiOOO.
Seize "Snooze Medicine"
Concealed in Stove;
Two Arrcitf
Tho raldltiK squad hist nlKht
axalu esecuteil n siirriasful (novo
ajcalimt llm Illicit liquor traffic
whlrh Is beliiK curried on In tills
county and city when they nwopimd
down upon the shack, ocruplnl by
LoiiU I'louf and Patrick (Irlffln,
bark uf tin- Klamath creamery
riii rim guitii.
A search of tho hoilsu revealed
that flvn quarta of nllmad moon-
shlnn whiskey was on tho place,
Onn liot tin was found Inside a bed,
whlln tho other four wero concealed
In thn nven of a small rook atom
When askml why tho liquor was In
Mich place una of thn men u muted
thl...l IhAl Him li.ltlln ll. llm licit
G 1
waa "anoom medicine." whllo tho Amrrle.n profession, and hopo they
other four in thn stove wero for the!"' 00 reconsider ami .crept the
chills- or shaklnr Bun." the um.p.ro"erl bAnd .f """.Wp w lib
rrrs reported
OIrm Mini) Vl'llor,
Members of thn raldlnc. squad
stated that for a week past numer
ous paopln havn been observed Ko
ine to tha shack, and yesterday a
cherk upon the visitors showed a
number of Indians Kolnr; there
Thn Indians warn reported aa visit
ors on three, different times ilurlnfi
the day, thn officers said.
Tho two prisoners will ho ar
raigned In tho federal court soma
time today if thn United States
commissioner ran arranitn to side
track nther hrarlnxs scheduled for
tha day.
PrrrrnlRr fur till-. Count)
Olirn nt .III I ICO
KAI.K.M. Dec
10. -Tho state lax
commission today fixed Klamath
county's percentage, of the stnte tax
at 011020.
Tho rnmmlsslon announced that
until the supreme rout decided on
tho validity of tha bonus act. tho
rommlsston will be unable, to mako
Ihn annual state toy tax.
The per rent uf sttto tax Is
based n u perrentugo of tho equal
lied value of tho taxable property
In each county to tho total taxa
ble raluo of the state.
(IIiiIin for 1'iMir ('rlppl)M Will II.
CoBllniiril; llrrtlvrs n
Of fir I'runi College
I SFfW VOIIIC, Doc. 10. Although
kicnly hurt hy thn cokl ahouldcr
I which ho nalil thn mod Ira I nrofes
sion t America had turned toward,
"" vwoiph i-orenx. famous
'Australian, Indicated tonight hoi
I Wfintit fnrrv on llU frml ellntrM for
cripples here.
Til stay, .If they don't throw mc
out," ho said.
Dr l.oreni attributed 1hu tcellnK
aKalust hltn to animosities bred ny
the war. Thn peojilo an n whole,
tliouxh, had boon wonderful beyond
description In tlmJr reiepllon of hU
work," ho added.
"Whether I K home to Vienna or
I stay Is entirely up to thn health
' commissioner of New York ' hu de
clared, , I t
Health (.'omtnlarfloner I'opelanit
said ho would sen to ll thai Dr
I.o re in remained.
llarlMir .No MaUrr
"I harbor no malice, aiulnst tho
their Austrian brethren,'
said Dr.
!orens In a statement
"My groat mission wax to thank
the American paoplo for alt they
have dono for tho starrlna: little
children of Vienna. I did not fall
In this"
Dr loreni did not disappoint 75
crippled children who had KatheroJ
at Health Commissioner Copeland'a
office today, leaking hliT'atd. Ho
wgnt through with tho examina
tions, dlagnoilnr; and mdvlslne
modes of treatment for tho little
unfortunates which will bn carried
out by American doctors.
When Dr. Iircnt stopped t0 rest
and sip gomo tea, Dr. Copeland said
to him:
"Wo have. In America a typo of
rllltens wo call 'damn fools.' Don't
be disturbed by them."
Olfrr From I'lilvrrrUj
"I have received word that my
lunlierslty. tho University of Mich-
lean. Is open for you
Tho health
officer of Newark. Dr,
Charles V
Craster. Is here, and hu wants you
to go thero and assist In raring for
tho crippled In that city"
Dr. Loront replied:
"I have done what I could with
a clear conscience and a good heart.
I will continue. If Ood assists mo."
POIITI.AND, Dec 10. Wheat,
$1.03 and $109. Livestock steady
Kggs weak. Duller steady.
I See WHecelrie'ie
JocKeY-S Siioe me
i i .-Till j n-z ,-r ss w
I ,.
iniifin lliiiim
LIUUmt fflflMHb::
Two 'Charged With Robey
of Uperatinjr Mill on
Midland Ranch
A now -niiKlo was Injected In the
rase of tho federal government
against, Itlley Tobvy, commonly rail-
cd "Crooked Jack Riley." charged
with unlawful manufacture, pou
csaloii nnd owning of property de
signed for nse In the manufacture
of liquor contrary to tho fideral
ntututcs, when J M. Nlchol, pro-
rlotor of thn Hlxth fltrert liakcry,
nnd l.'d Dalr, nf Midland, ware col
lectively luarmd iby tho traldlng
squad with tho commission of the
aboin named trlmu yesterday In
United States Commissioner Ilcrt C
Thomas' office.
Itobey waived examination and
asked to Iw taken to Portland at
once whern ho could pload guilty to
tho charges preferred. He will Icnie
In thn morning with Marshal Hwct
land. Itobey was bound over to tho
federal grand Jury under 11,090
Hair's story referred to an alleged
potato deal between Nlchol and
lUibey IlaJr said the two men
rented ten acres of ground, also
tho bssement of his home for ISO
a month He denied that ho was
Interested In the moonshlnu plant
When ho discovered It In operation
thre-u nights before tho Tald, he or
dered Itobey to desist and remove
the materials from tho farm, he
said Commissioner Thomas set his
hearing for January 11. 19S3, and
rvleased him upon $500 bond.
NIcIioI'k for. -al hearing was sot
for January 11. 19S2, and bond was
fixed at f 1,000. Harry Poole and
Curlvy t'nderwood signed Nlchol's
bond, and tho latter was released
Through -alt error the advertise
ment of tha'ltex Catering company
wan made to read that the orchestra
would bo In attendance at tho ITcx
Cafo this Saturday evening, from
5:30 to S-30. Instead of readlDK
'tomorrow evening." the advertise-,
mvnt should have read "Sunday eve
ning." It Is the plan of the manage
ment of the Ilex Cafe to haavu tho
orchestra play there between tho
hours Indicated, and this correction Is
mado to remove any misunderstand
ing that might have arisen through
tho advertisement of last evening
(XJlI.tClfj WILL .INK I'Olt
WV8II1N(JT0N, Der lo
The Farmers National Coun
cil today announced that Con
gress will bo asked to revlvo
tho United Hlstcs drain Cor
poration with a government
guarantee, probably of 11.50
a bushel for wheat
Indication-! Arn That the ProM-nt
Wholcalo Quotations
Will Ifulil
Wholesale butter prices have fall
en In Klamath county,, according to
Jnck Furbcr, of the Klamath Cream
ery nutter here now I quoted
wholesale at 11 cents a pound and
Indications are that It will remain al
that figure, lluttcr dropped in Ban
Francisco and Portland following the
shipment of 375.000 pounds of butter
which arrived In San Francisco last
week from New Zealand and Aus
tralia Another Milpnx-nl Ktp"rtil
Another shipment Is expected in
before Christmas from the same place
and one more shipment In January.
The butter Is landed, duty pxtd, at
3C cents a pound at San Francisco,
Furber stated, and tests better than
93 per cent It Is said that over
1,000,000 pounds of Australian but
ter will soon be onjhe Kaclflc coast
wlillo a like amount will be dumped
on the Atlantic coast from Tv'orway
and Denmark In January. The cause
of the butter delivery In this country
Is due to the value of the American
exchango rate, the highest In the
world, Furber stated.
William lUnUy Held for Alleged
Attempted Outrage
This afternoon, William Uarkley
will bo given a hearing before V a
Commissioner Thomas on the charge
of attempted outrage upon an Indian
woman at the home of Mrs Kmma
Duvnll on tho reservation on October
29, and threatening to murder Mrs.
Duvall when sho Interfered In the
Indian woman's behalf.
Had llc-n Drinking
Uarkley had been drinking liquor,
tho arresting officers stated, und took
tha Indian woman to the tluvall
home. Whilo Mrs. Duvall was out
sldo tho house, the attempted outrage
was made and the screams of the
assaulted woman caused Mrs. Duvall
to return aud Interfere.,
Maddened, Uarkley Is ulleged to
have tried to shoot Mrs. Duvall after
muttering theruts against her If she
did not "get out."
Uarkley was recently released from
the penitentiary for a shooting crime
committed teu )oars ago. the officers
W. C. Vau Kmoa last night was
a victim of an unfortunate auto
mobile accident whllo on his road
homo from his office. Pressing
work forced him to remain In his
offico until utter midnight, and
when he drovo past the Klamath
1 Laundry on Main street, tho steer
ing gear on his Dodge Sedan buck-
I led. ho said, and the noxt bo knew
tho car had struck a telephone pole.
i Tho car bounced from tho lm
pact w.lth tho pole and ended Us
; career In a ditch near tbo railroad
j bridge. Despite showering glass
and crumbling woodwork, Van
i:moi mnnagod to escape with but
'slight Injuries. Tho car cost $2,400
I lat.t car nnd was Insured for $1,
500, It was reported to bo a total
I loss,
I m
United States Marshal Swetland
I plans to leavo In tho morning for
Portland with Manuel Rivers, Tom
I Martinez, Riley Robey, Gerry Harlow,
arrested In the present cloanup ot the
Illicit liquor traffic going on In the
county. A number ot other, prison
ers waiter In the federal court at
Portland, from the Indian reserva
tion, will be taken alone when they
are .brought In this, afternoon, the
authorities announced.
i t
Spokesman- InforaMti That
Bread and Water Dial
Will Contkua
The strike of the ;County OawU'
Association" bar been off.JIljr de
clared oft following a cew ot
nine ot the leading expose! of
the recent strike declared aaatBei
workng on the county wood !
Under direction of BnerKf Loir.
This action was taken yesterday
morning and aanouncesaemt !
to Strikebreaker Low. eat Uo, tet
ter was In no mood for eoaclUaUry
measures, owing to the prean of
other matters.
Jailer Mark Howard iBfonaed
the spokesman ot the aMoeteUea
of the status III wtilck they were
placed .and that their ration were)
t0 be the same i In tho' Met
plenty "of wholesome bread and gal
lon of refreshing water.
Htorm of Protest
Storms ot protest broke forth,
from the members, and t one an
other caucus wax called to consider
the new phase which, had efrnag
up. Each member of tea aaaooU
tlon 'stated hi beliefs oa tha mv
ect .and when the heated orator
ical outbursts wera erar, oa of
'the well-ted unconvicted gaeat ot
the county said: "Welt, what
are you birds going t0 do about M
Yon can't get ont to get eat, and
none can be given you by frieade.
Hot air doesn't fill empty atocaaeas,
and our cats today were better than
IIIovv Shatters Hebo
That blow shattered tbo remain
ing hopo of the strikers. Three
members then more dtbat tho asso
ciation bo disbanded, and that word
be sent of a full acknowledgemeat
ot surrenders to the terms outlined
by Sheriff Low, "Work or no eats."
A pounding on tha cell doors
brought Jailer Howard and tho no
tice of absolute submission was
conveyed to "headquarters."
Bhcrifx Cheesed
When Sheriff Low appeared taia
noon and stated that he would ac
cept their surrender and put thata
to work this afternoon on tba aaraa
old Job,, sawing wood, tha asaa
cheered the news, and even gave
an added "tiger" tor tha "bully
boy, our sheriff."
"llo)s, you honor me, but let xae
tip you off. If you get your stom
achs full and then rebel, I deubt
whether the Jailer will bo strong
enough to carry oven four lovaa
ot bread to you. Watch your step.
that's all I can say," tbo sheriff
told them emphatically.
Rules for Winter
Sheriff Low stated to tbo Braes
that the rulo ot working prisoners
would bo carried out all winter,
and that whenever rebellion took
plaqo as In this last case, tba days
ot the "strike" would be coualad
In on the prisoners' sentencav, Two
men lose ono day each who wera
to bo released this evening. Tba
two aro Indians, and they planned
to witness tho boxing matches at
McDonald's hall.
"Won't those birds grunt when
thoy learn that they wilt not be
releasod until tomorrow." tba sher
iff reflected.
i .
Pelican Itey Plant la G4ve Tryeat
This Mornksg . ,
W.Uh tho completion of tba 'blow
pipe system by a crew of pipe' men
from Seattle, the Pelican JJay ,Box
factory was given a test tryout this
morning, according to,H. W.tBrtdg
ford, manager of the plant. Tbe'pUnt
has been under construction for the,
past few months by tba eltean Sa
Lumber company in conjunctiva. wita(
their mill at Pelican City. t ;
Other tests of thevoprtlag ifa-,
chlnery will ba made and it r,e-T ,
!leed regular work wjil beg'lnjs) tai,.
new plant Jn about aweejj.riaff I
the remainder of (ha yeafa asssir sf-"
ju men aro eipecisa le aw empssjf-aa
turning out boxes. v

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